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9 Home Feng Shui Tips for 2019
2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig, and by February 4, 2019, the nine feng shui stars will fly to new directions. With this in mind, grab a compass and let's go through the following 9 Feng Shui Tips for Home in 2019 that can help resolve or cure the effect of inauspicious stars and drive bad energy away, as well as boost and strengthen the impact of auspicious stars to invite good energy and prosperity in your home and life. Music: Jamie Nord - https://www.youtube.com/JamieNordMusic Tags [just ignore]: #fengshui2019home #homefengshuitips #unlockarcana home feng shui 2019, home feng shui tips 2019, feng shui home 2019, feng shui tips for home in 2019, home feng shui direction, feng shui 2019 flying stars, 2019 feng shui cures, feng shui 2019 earth pig, flying star feng shui, home feng shui layout, feng shui home design, feng shui home decor
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Feng Shui Tips for Wealth in 2019
Regardless of things happening outside our own control, it's still highly probable to draw more abundance into our lives by focusing on things we can control such us our thought patterns, maintaining good habits, continuously upgrading our skillset, and applying the following 9 Best Feng Shui Tips for Wealth in 2019. Though having a properly Feng Shui'd home and work environment won't automatically make you wealthy, these feng shui tips will help you develop your skills, unleash your natural talents, develop enough resilience, and clear your path to progress and abundance. Music: Jamie Nord - https://www.youtube.com/JamieNordMusic Tags [just ignore]: #fengshuiwealthtips #fengshuiwealth #unlockarcana feng shui wealth 2019, feng shui wealth corner, feng shui for money success, feng shui wealth vase ingredients, feng shui tips for money luck, feng shui wealth area, feng shui wealth cures, feng shui wealth colors, feng shui fortune, feng shui wealth bowl 2019, feng shui 2019 flying stars, feng shui 2019 earth pig
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9 Feng Shui Tips for Love in 2019
Did you know that feng shui actually has psychological basis that helps in attracting love, or at least maintaining good relations with others? Whether single, being trapped in an unstable relationship, or just want to spice things up after many years of being together, we hope the following feng shui tips for love help reignite that passion in your life. But here's a disclaimer though: feng shui is not the be all end all. You still need to put in the effort for your relationship to work, while at the same time keep on improving yourself, staying authentic and avoid immature manipulative mind games. With valentines day just less than a month away, these feng shui tips are just here to give you that little boost to make practical changes and improve the odds of getting genuine happiness in your love life. Music: Jukedeck - https://www.jukedeck.com/ Tags [just ignore]: #fengshui2019love #fengshuibedroom #unlockarcana love feng shui tips 2019, feng shui love tips 2019, relationship feng shui tips, feng shui tips for love in 2019, feng shui to attract love, feng shui love, bedroom feng shui 2019,
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How to Cleanse and Protect Yourself from Negative Energy Based on 5 Feng Shui Elements
With Valentine's Day coming up *tomorrow* (Happy Valentines!) and Spring season coming in a month's time, now is a good time to reassess both our inner well-being and our relationships with other people. It is often said that everything starts from within, and when it comes to well-being, there is a strong mind and body connection. Therefore it's best to start examining ourselves and do inner cleansing first for any residual bad energies and be free from negativity to welcome positive energies in, and hopefully this video can help guide you on How to cleanse and protect yourself from negative energy based on the 5 Feng Shui elements. Energy cleansing should be an ongoing activity, and its frequency depends on one's sensitivity. The more sensitive you are, the more likelihood that you haven't established strong boundaries yet, hence you may need to actually do energy cleansing daily. But for those who are capable of managing stress better and have already established strong boundaries, or those lucky enough to be in a nurturing environment and simply experienced a one-off intense and stressful situation, then either a monthly or bi-annual energy cleansing practice is enough. Some of the methods that will be mentioned in this video can be easily done daily both as an added protection and as a boost in welcoming positive energy in our lives. Music: Youtube Audio Library Tags [just ignore]: #cleansingnegativeenergy #protectionfromnegativity #unlockarcana how to remove negative energy, negative energy clearing, protection from negative vibes, clearing negative energy, 5 chinese elements, 5 feng shui elements, how to protect self from negative energy, how to have positive energy, how to avoid negative vibes, how to overcome negative people and environment
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2019 Fortune for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs
First off, 新年快乐! 恭喜发财! 心想事成! Since the year of the earth boar or brown pig is finally here, let's take a look at what kind of fortune is coming this year for each animal signs. But before we do, a little disclaimer first: The things that will be mentioned in this video are those with higher chances of happening, but doesn't necessarily mean that they will actually come true, with 100% certainty and accuracy. That means we still need to make an effort to achieve our goals for this year, and if this isn't your year based on the Chinese stars, it doesn't mean that everything is already hopeless and you can't do anything about your fate. Just like with Western and Vedic astrology, and even tarot cards, Chinese astrology and Feng Shui only serve as tools to guide us on what things to focus on, and what to watch out for--- something similar to a professional gambler using card counting to boost his chances of success. Whether you believe in Chinese horoscope or not, it's up to you. But this is video is also just for entertainment and general information, and doesn't replace an actual consultation with a Feng Shui master. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's proceed to what kind of luck is coming in each Chinese zodiac in the year of the Earth Pig 2019. Music: Youtube Audio Library Tags [just ignore]: #happychinesenewyear #2019chinesehoroscope #unlockarcana 2019 fortune based on chinese horoscope, 2019 chinese zodiac animals, 2019 luck color, 2019 chinese zodiac signs, happy new year, chinese new year, 新年快乐, kung hei fat choi, 2019 fortune cookie
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