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Woodward Fab Compact Bead Roller for Metal Fabrication (WFBR6)
Woodward Fab is known for introducing innovative metal working equipment that are used to manufacture various parts. These equipment are of the highest industry standards, and thus you can rely on them for all your metal working requirements. One such revolutionary equipment from Woodward Fab for its customers is the compact bead roller WFBR6 https://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfbr6-2/. This equipment is mainly used for metal fabrication. The main objective of the machine is to strengthen parts. The machine is a manual bead roller with 6 sets of dies, which include 3 bending dies, and 3 step dies. It is easy to operate, which makes this popular. The overall weight of this machine is 57 pounds. This equipment is designed in a way to clamp into the bench vise. The machine features an 18 inches deep throat, and has the capability to easily handle 18-gauge sheet metal. The compact bead roller WFBR6 is mostly used to strengthen the sheet metal, and this is done by adding bead or step profiles. The strength and overall appearance of firewalls, floor pans, race cars, trunks, and sheet metal work are enhanced with the help of this equipment. You can easily convert flimsy pieces, into rigid metal parts by using this bead roller machine from Woodward Fab.
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Shrinker Stretcher -- A Metal Shaping Tool Ideal for forming Complex Shapes
Shrinker Stretcher is a metal forming tool by Woodward fab which produce curves. It includes jaw sets and changes jaw in seconds. Free-standing, adjustable height models. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Tube & Pipe Notchers for Pipe Fabrication (WFN4 01)
Portable tube notchers as per your application requirement. It notches pipes and tubes as per your need. It can be easily repair and maintain to for long life. For more information visit our website: http://www.heckind.net/
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Tube & Pipe Bender (SPBendkit)
Pipe bender a metal fabrication tool by Woodward Fab. It is best for easily bending mild steel. Operates easily without electrical power. Saves expense of investing in separate tube & pipe bender. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Box and Pan Brake (WFBP1220)
Box and pan break a tool by Woodward Fab.Its used in metal fabrication. Its a high quality bending machine. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Heck Ind Model 9000 - Bevel Mill 02
A metal fabrication tool by Heck Industries.
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Woodward Fab Box and Pan Brake (WFBP4816)
Woodward Fab is one of the leading manufacturers of metal working tools of highest industry standards in the US. The company has a huge variety of machines and equipment in their inventory, which help in various metal working applications. One such equipment is box and pan brake. WFBP4816 https://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfbp4816/ is the model number of this product. The Woodward Fab WFBP4816 box and pan brake features 16 removable fingers in four different sizes. These fingers are hardened and ground. This allows you to make boxes in lengths varying from 2 "to 48 "in length. A height of 3 ʺcan be achieved for the boxes made with this machine. This machine has an excellent 16 gauge capacity. This machine features a solid heavy duty construction, which allows it to deliver optimal performance for several years. Besides this, the equipment has a reinforced frame. Another striking feature of this equipment is that the finger to bend leaf gap can be easily adjusted. The machine weighs around 400 lbs., and has the dimensions as 62" x 18" x 26". The machine has a maximum bending angle of 90 degrees. All in all, the machine is capable of making quick and precise bends in sheet metal.
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World Class Elite Slip Roll (41)
Elite slip roll a metal fabrication tool by Woodward Fab. Unique feature of this machine, its used to clear ratio system. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Bend-Roll-Shear - All in one Machine
A machine by Woodward Fab which act as a bender, roller and shear in metal fabrication. It's having 20 gauge capacity. For more information visit our site: www.woodwardfab.com/
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Hand Shear (SPHS8)
Hand shear a metal fabrication tool by Woodward Fab. Our throatless hand shear provide you extra smooth finish for more hand comfort . For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Slip Roll (WFSR40)
Slip roll a metal fabrication tool by Woodward Fab. It's having heavy cast iron frame. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Weld Shaver (WS625)
Weld Shaver a metal fabrication tool by Heck Industries. It provides fast cutting. Its having adjustable depth of cut. It also removes weld beads from box corners. For more information visit our website: http://www.heckind.net/
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Bevel-Mill Bench Top Models (VA400)
Bench Top Beveler a metal fabrication tool by Heck Industries. It deburr-chamfer edges easily. It's having adjustable depth of cut. For more information visit our website: http://www.heckind.net/
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It's a tool which provide us an easy way to produce low production metal and plastic profiles. It produce burr free straight and contoured outlines and holes. For more information visit our website: http://www.heckind.net/
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English Wheel - A Tool to Maintain Smooth Surface on Metal Sheet (WFEW2)
English Wheel at Woodward Fab is best tool used to create compound curves to metal sheet. It's a metal shaping tool and easy to operate.Woodward Fab provides expansive range of English Wheel.It fits in various industrial requirements. Heavy duty construction. Features precision ball bearings. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Rotary Shear A Cutter for Sheet Metal Fabrication (WFMS)
Rotary shear a metal fabrication tool by Woodward fab, which is having ability to cut one eighth edge of metal. Easy to use and portable. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Woodward Fab WFSR1.0 12" Length Slip Roll
Woodward Fab’s 12″ length slip roll (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfsr1-0-2/) - WFSR1.0 is ideal for small rolling applications in various educational, light industrial, and vocational shops. The roller is equipped with precision turned, ground, and polished carbon steel rolls, and cast iron side frames. This heavy duty frame helps ensure precise sheet metal rolling. This adjustable slip roller is easy-to-use. You can easily adjust the tension using the front knobs, and the radius using the back knobs. Also, included with the roller are wire grooves for 1/16″, 1/8″ and 3/16″ wire rolling. The sheet metal slip roller is ideal for rolling 20 gauge thickness mild steel metal rolls in minimum forming radius of 1ʺ. This easy-to-use roller can be bench mounted for the use.
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Woodward Fab Super Bead Roller WFBRSB18
Our Latest Bead Roller. Manual Bead Roller with 6 sets of dies. Thicker Frame for more strength. Easy Adjust Tension handle. Gear Cover.
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Woodward Fab WFB2
Woodward Fab WFB2 manual tube bender (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfb2-2/ ) is an advanced manual pipe bender, which can be used for bending 2ʺ round or square tubes (up to 0.134″ maximum wall thickness mild steel). This tube and pipe bender is a great choice for building complex projects such as motorcycle frames, rock-crawlers, etc. The bender is created using CNC machined steel, which helps ensure precision. Other features include engraved degree ring, and 29ʺ handle. There is a large selection of die sets offered for square and round tubing, which makes this machine extremely useful. The bender stand and dies are sold separately. The machine can be easily upgraded to hydraulics anytime. Custom radii, as well as sizes are available on request.
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Woodward Fab WFFORM Form Bender
Check out our WFFORM Form Bender!
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Shape Beveler (S186E)
Shape beveler a metal fabrication tool by Woodward Fab. It provides effective method of beveling over slow grinding and torch cutting. For more information visit our website: http://www.heckind.net/
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WFSG Woodward Fab Sheet Metal Gauge
Woodward Fab WFSG Sheet Metal Gauge
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Power Bead Roller with Sets of Dies for Beading and Stepping
Bead roller with manually and electrically operated versions. It provides a long service life and impeccable ease of operation. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Pipe Bender -- A Tool to Create Desired Curve on Tubes and Pipes
Save time, energy, money all at once with Pipe Bender effortlessly. Consistent performance & easy portability. Ideal investment for all metal fabrication For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Box and Pan Brake (Boss16)
Box and pan break a metal fabrication tool by Woodward Fab.Most popular sheet metal bending tool. Super High Quality tool including stand. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Woodward Fab WFSSC9 Shrinker Stretcher
Woodward Fab proactively keeps on upgrading their machinery, and introduce new equipment, which are capable of delivering an optimal performance. The WFSSC9 Shrinker Stretcher https://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfsscast9/ is one such new addition to the vast product range at Woodward Fab. The equipment boasts of a heavy duty cast iron frame, which makes this shrinker stretcher equipment strong, and durable. Another striking feature of the WFSSC9 is that it has an excellent gauge capacity of 16 for aluminum, and 18 for mild steel. It has a foot operated stand, which allows you to operate the equipment comfortably, and efficiently in the standing position. Besides this, the equipment can also be operated with hands. The pressure can be adjusted easily. As the name suggests, this product from Woodward Fab consists of a shrinking jaw, as well as a stretching jaw. In addition to all these features, there is one more – the throat of this equipment. It features a deep throat of 9 ", which allows you to fabricate bends and contours of long sheets in one go. The overall weight of this shrinker stretcher is 150 lbs. To know more about the product call us at 1-800-391-5419.
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CHP 12
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Woodward Fab's Curved T-Dollies
Woodward Fab's curved T-dollies (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfdollyc1/ ) are used by metalworking job shops and auto body shops during hand forming custom fabrication projects. The curved T-dollies feature inverted curve, and polished forming surface, which helps form compound or simple curves, or different angles. These dollies have polished forming surfaces, which ensure smooth and consistent forming. Typically, these curved T-dollies are used in conjunction with hammers to form edges, and flanges. WFDOLLYC1 curved T-dollies can be hand held, as well as easily clamped into any vise. These curved T-dollies measure 1″ diameter x 8″ length. These hand working tools are also available in two other sizes - 1/2″ diameter x 6″ length, and 3/4″ diameter x 6″ length.
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Flat Rolling Machine (WFTR4)
Flat rolling machines by Woodward Fab, we provide various types of sheet metal equipments used in different industries. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Crazy Larry's Secret Lube - Best Cutting Fluid on the Planet.Its safe, vegetable oil base. Its used for drilling, tapping, milling, reaming, broaching, beveling and turning. For more information visit our website: http://www.heckind.net/
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Fabricate New Gasket Rare MGA Twin Cam
Finding a gasket for a rare car can be a challenge, so we thought we'd make one real quick. Using gasket material, a Woodward Fab hand shear, Heck Trace a Punch duplicating nibbler and a Thor turret punch we were able to quickly replicate the original gasket.
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Trucks TV Segment on Best Quality Metal Fabrication Tools
World class, Best Quality, Professional tools for metal fabrication by Woodward Fab. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Mini Shape Beveler -- Metal Fabrication Tool
Shape beveler a compact tool used in metal fabrication. It provides effective method of beveling over slow grinding and torch cutting. For more information visit our website: http://www.heckind.net/
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Woodward Fab WFRR3 Ring Roller
Woodward Fab’s Ring Roller WFRR3 (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfrr3-2/ ) is one of the easy-to-operate ring roller systems, which is used for roll forming round or flat aluminum or steel bars into curves, circles, and S-bends. This roller uses hardened gear drive system for roll forming. The ring roller helps roll flat steel bars up to 3/16″ x 1″, and round bars up to 1/4″. The minimum ring diameter produced by this roller is 1 1/2″. This roller allows bending on both sides of the bottom roll for additional radius options. Additionally, the roller has knurled face, which provides extra grip. The roller is ideal for bench or vise mounting. This ring roller can be used for other metals such as stainless steel, copper, and brass, too.
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Woodward Fab Heavy Duty Cast Iron Bench Vise WFV6.5 Two Guys Garage
6 1/2" Jaws Swivel Base Replaceable Jaws Large Anvil Area
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Woodward Fab Heuer Vise Truck U
Woodward Fab is known to satisfy the requirements of its clients by introducing newer equipment and machinery in their machine shop. One such equipment, which the manufacturer has just introduced, and has become popular among the users is the Woodward Fab Heuer Vise Truck U https://www.woodwardfab.com/product-category/product/bench-vises/heck-heuer-bench-vises/ . The Heuer Vise Truck U is made from a heavy duty solid cast iron, which offers a string construction, and makes the equipment durable. It has a large anvil area for hammering, and features a sealed ram, which makes it ideal to use around grounding or welding. The swivel base of the equipment allows you to select the specific angles. This base can be adjusted in 270 degrees, and is provided with two locking handles. The slides and screws of this Vise truck U are as smooth as silk. It is a German made, and thus boasts of German quality. The equipment is capable of delivering a superior grip, and an incredible performance. It features 6 ½ ʺserrated hardened jaws, which are replaceable. The overall weight of this equipment is 70 lbs., and its jaw width is 5 ½ ʺ. This equipment also consists of pipe jaws, which allow you to hold your pipes.
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Heck Industries VA 400 Variable Angle Beveler
Watch this video to learn more about our VA 400 Variable Angle Beveler
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Woodward Fab WFPF Punch / Flanger Combo Tool
Punch and flange tools are used for restoring or repairing panels that are rusted or slightly damaged. These tools are usually used when a replacement panel cannot be easily sourced. Also, these combo tools are ideal when repair is cost effective than replacements. Woodward Fab’s punch and flange combo tools are ideal for restoration projects. These tools comprise of 3/16″ manual punch, as well as planting tool – on its either sides. The swiveling head of the tool contributes its function. The tool easily produces a flanged edge or step flange on the metal sheet when rotated to one side. It can also be used to weld two pieces of sheet metal together. The step plant enables easy overlapping of panels. The combination tool can be used to punch up to 18-inch gauge metal. The long handle offers greater control during the metal working projects, and a loaded spring enables the tool to return to its open position. The tool produces 3/16″ diameter holes, and can be used for plug welding or riveting. Woodward Fab’s punch and flange combo tool is manufactured from a premium quality material, and is coated with a non-slip rubber, which offers a perfect grip during metal sheet working applications. http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfpf-2/
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Woodward Fab Throatless Hand Shear WFS-5 All Girls Garage
Multi-Purpose Sheet Metal / Plastic Cutter. 14 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity 5" Blade Length Geared Reduction Handle
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Woodward Fab's Tapered T-Dollies
Woodward Fab's Tapered T-dollies (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfdollytt11/ ) are used to form edges and flanges. These metal shaping hand tools are used with slapper or hammer, as well as rounded dollies during the metal forming projects. The tapered T-dolly is used for forming custom body parts (built from scratch), or building tanks. These tapered T-dollies can be hand held, or clamped on a vise. WFDOLLYTT11 tapered T-dolly measures 12ʺ, and has a diameter 2ʺ, and weighs 5 lbs. Woodward Fab’s tapered dolly set comprises of WFDOLLYTT11, and two other sizes - 1″ x 5.7″, and 1-1/2″ x 8″. These metal forming hand tools are made in USA, using high quality hardened stainless steel. The vinyl plastic handle offers a comfortable, and non-slip grip during metalworking projects.
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Bead Roller Kit and Its Use in Details for Metal Fabrication ALL GIRLS GARAGE
Best suited bead rolling machine and accessories by Woodward fab. Best quality, huge capacity, easy to operate, less pricing, portable. It includes sets of dies for beading and stepping.Bead roller is a powerful tool by Woodward Fab. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Woodward Fab Throatless Rotary Shear WFMS CARFIX
Crazy Shape Cutter Cuts any Shape up to 1/8" Mild Steel Ratcheting Head
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Two Guys Garage Segment on 3-in-1 Machine of Woodward Fab
Woodward Fab always keeps on updating and upgrading its inventory with the latest products for different metal working operations. This has made them popular among various industries, and their applications. Here is another equipment from the company –a 3-in-1 sheet metal tool https://www.woodwardfab.com/product-category/product/sheet-metal-bending/3-in-1-machine/ . The equipment features a sheet metal shear at its lower side, which plays a vital role in delivering precise cuts. Just above the shear, in the middle are present the press brakes, which allow you to adjust different angles. It consists of 6 finger brakes. And finally, at the top, under the cover, there are rollers, which allow you to achieve different shapes of sheet metals, by bending them. This equipment is made from a heavy duty cast iron frame, which makes it strong, and capable of delivering high performance for several years. It features a 1.25″ roll, which has a quick release top roll. The back gauge of the machine can be adjusted as per the requirement. In addition to all this, this machine has an excellent 20 gauge capacity. This 3-in-1 machine from Woodward Fab http://www.woodwardfab.com/ is best-suited for bench top use. The equipment weighs around 100 lbs. The 3-in-1 features of this machine makes it a space saving solution.
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Crazy Larry's Best Metal Cutting Lube for Metal Fabrication CARFIX
Crazy Larry's product for metal fabrication. It's a metal cutting fluid which can be used in drilling, tapping, milling, reaming, broaching, beveling process. For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Two Guys Garage Segment on Bead Roller of Woodward Fab
Wide range of bead roller by Woodward fab with accessories and rolling dies. Easy operate & long life & quality. Bead roller with huge capacity. Also available in manual & electrically operated.For more information visit our website: http://www.woodwardfab.com/
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Woodward Fab's 5pc T-Dolly Set WFDOLLY
Woodward Fab's 5 pc T-Dolly Set (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/part-wfdollyset/ ) comprises of 5-straight T-dollies in different diameters (1/2″ to 3/16″). Each dolly is 10 1/2″ long. This 5-piece T-dolly set is used by fabricators at auto body workshops, bumps or restoration shops to produce edges and flanges. The polished forming surface of these dollies help ensure smooth, and consistent forming. Different sizes of dollies allow you to create different contours or crowned edges in aluminum, steel, and sheet metal. These dollies can be used in conjunction with slappers, wood, and plastic mallets. The dollies can be used as hand-held tool or can be easily placed in a vice. This set weighs 12 pounds. Caution: Do not use the dolly directly onto the forming surface. This may cause chipping, or harm the personnel. Always wear a PPT (skin and eye protection equipment) while using the dollies.
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Woodward Fab's Wood Shaping Bossing Mallets
Woodward Fab's wood shaping bossing mallets (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfwbos-2/) are used in the early stages of metal shaping. These wooden mallets feature precision-made hardwood heads, and handles, which help ensure durability, as well as maximum striking power. The shaping bossing mallets are regularly used by body shops, metal fabricators, aircraft mechanics and maintenance services, as well as marine and watercraft mechanics. This product can be purchased individually or as a part of the bossing mallet set comprising two other products - wood shaping bossing mallet, and high impact nylon bossing mallet. All the wood shaping bossing mallets are made in USA, and can be used with shot bags to achieve a desired shape.
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Woodward Fab Bowl Shaped Forming Head Dolly WFDOLLYBOWL
Woodward Fab’s bowl forming head dolly (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/part-wfdollybowl/) is used to perform a variety of metal shaping operations, such as shrinking, planshing, forming, and doming. WFDOLLYBOWL bowl shaped forming head dolly is typically used with wood mallets, steel hammers, and steel or wood slappers. The forming head helps move metal quickly. This metal dolly and body hammer is ideal for custom fabrication projects. The forming head has 6ʺ diameter, and holding shank measuring 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″. Solid polished steel construction of the forming head offers durability, and excellent corrosion resistance. The head can be clamped in a vise or mounted using the shank directly into a dolly stand. We also provide dome dolly and tank shaped forming dolly.
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Cevisa Pro 12C Power Feed Beveler
High Production Beveling Finest Power Feed Machines in the World!
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Long Reach Hog Ring Plier WFHOG-KIT
Woodward Fab's hog ring kit (http://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfhog-kit/ ) is an indispensable tool kit for automotive workshops. This hog ring kit contains a 6 3/4″ length hog ring plier, as well as 250 hog rings. This kit is ideal to use while covering your car seat with new upholstery . The plier has special jaws that hold rings in place. However, hog rings serve as heavy duty stapler in thick fabrics such as burlap, vinyl, canvas, etc. The new hog plier is made from hardened and machined steel that helps ensure durability, and offers excellent corrosion resistance, too. In addition to that, there is a soft grip vinyl handle that assures a non-slip hold.
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