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So here are da names of the character Black and purple hair girl(me) Complete purple hair girl(chloe) Bear ear girl(zayinnah) Long hair girl with lomg pig tails(mehailah) Black and red hair boy(carlos)dis guy is a nigga Light blue hair girl(malleri) Dark blue hair girl(caitlyn) Yellow and purple hair girl(nerina) And thats all of the characters and here some shout outs! Neko Neko Kheren laugh out Gaming with bunny And ITS ME LIZZIE! hope ya enjoy! :3 PUGOUT!
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Oopsie doopsie....
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Ghosts meme
Took me like 4 hours to finish lol
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All the kids are deppressed |GACHA LIFE| WIP
This took for 5 days to make :') Apps used: Filmora Gacha life Cutecut Kinemaster And ibispaint LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -ShadowCastAway
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Bellyache meme | ft : some gachatubers and friends | UwU
This took longer than i expected 0w0...... Programs used: Cute cut Kinemaster Ibis paint And obviously gacha life Time taken : 4 hrs Sorry for wrong grammars guys im too lazy -ShadowCastAway!
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Beaming Love |ep 1| gacha life and gachaverse
Tell ya da story on the second episode PUGOUT*saluts*
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Sad meme | super duper lazy |
._. ._. ._. ._. ._. ._. ._.
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Decide to name this girl
Please name dat girl oh k drugastic!
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The crap happend to my gacha studio??!!!
The fag twerp is here
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THANKS FOR 20 SUBS! | very late and short |
Apps used: cute cut Kinemaster Thanks for subscribing sorry its VERY late School is killing me!😥😥😥
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Apps used: Cutecut Kinemaster Unidoll Ibispaint Filmora(maybe) Time: 1 day and 7hrs
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Mah pet fish please read description
Please dont sub cauz i dont have anything to do so i record my fish named Perry please dont sub this channel is weird
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My outro.......| kinda cringy |
Sorry its so ugly im just bad at editing XD I will make a meme at memedays (MONDAY)
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That lazy bunny
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Ghoste|meme|ITS LONGER
This took me like five hours to make and i hope we can reach 5 likes in this vid so hope ya enjoy! Some shout outs: Gaming with bunny Kheren laugh out omg Neko Neko Penguin(srry cant spell correctly) Sub them they are more good lol LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL PUGOUT!
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When Ckyopath has a child
Weird content here XD
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Dis is so so weird my friend told meh to do dis alright and help me im sick wit dis meme -~-
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Run meme/ft with alice(our real selves version)
Lol sub alice and alex memex or dunno
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Ma intro
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The real one read description ples
Kay this was a quadraple upload today
Sunflower meme|complete|half lazy|
This took for evers to make(if u are lazy)
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Ocean eyese [MEP] added some improvements [plz read the desc]
I was raging so hard to make gamingwith bunny 's character,Neko neko,gwen gacha,and littlecute mint The characters in dis video: Gamingwith bunny Gwen gacha Neko neko Nerina Littlecute mint (srry i keep forgeting ur name) Srry for the wrong grammars :3
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Ocean Eyes /mep/
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Panic Pills meme(gachaverse)little bit of kara 's backstory
ENJOY and also subscribe also sub to Neko Neko,Kheren laugh out OMG and Gamingwithbunny Song is something panic pills hope ya ENJOY!!!
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Ocean eyes /MEP/
Deadline: May 28 2019 •Choose 1 to 2 parts• •please use this passcode " ocean eyes "• •post your part before May 28• •I will comment or put love on you,it means your chosen• Please see the pinned comment down below!
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