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Rap battle LunarWolfTamer vs Snow~Chan!
Lunagirl123 is now Snow~Chan and Josiepuppypaws is now LunarWolfTamer
My R with new O.Cs
Hope you enjoy next vid is probably gonna be a backstory of one of the Ocs
Moving and dares part 1 (dares are from friends)
Hey guys next ep will be tomboy Jin’s backstory thank u for 22 subs and at 1k subs I will show my face and voice same with LunarWolfTamer
F.R.I.E.N.D.S nightcore switching vocals
I finally know how to du this!
First video!
This is my first video Josiepuppypaws won’t be here until the holidays so I will make a few vids on my own hope you enjoy our videos there are a few errors but it will be okay!
Monsters meme (Lana_playz new look)
Nothing to see here and sub to meh pls :3
Random vid (with my school friends)
Enjoy special shoutout to my friend Ruby
Dynasty meme
Halp meh I dunno why it reminds me of that don’t ask
Nerdy at day super at night ep 3
Hi peeps! Next vid will be the Q&A and dare vid!
Q&A vid and dare vid
Hi internet is slow so I can’t upload
Doing dares by Lunagirl123
Josiepuppypaws has not customise her character yet soon she will hope you enjoy
Ruby/TigerUnicornGirls backstory
More backstory are coming here are the songs I used in this vid intro song : Renai ShadowChan was singing: Playing with fire by blackpink Outro song is Tobu life
Identities meme
Sorry I hadn’t uploaded in a while here is something I made to pass the time
Nerdy at day super at night ep 2
Hello yes I like Koop :3
Tears Of An Angel - Nightcore
Took one screenshot Hope you enjoy my peeps!
Believer x Gasoline
This took a long time to do hope you enjoy!
Nerdy at day super at night /new series
ITS A NEW SERIES! And I hope we can do season 2!
A random vid
There was nothing to do so I made this vid in my next 1 evil 2 good and Tomboy ep I will give shoutouts if you want shoutouts let me know enjoy the vid!?
First gaming vid! (Suggest more games pls!)
We need more games and enjoy peeps we are also gonna have to shut down the 1 evil 2 good series because I don’t have time and Idk wat else to do with it I’m sorry guys
Random vid (leave Q&A questions in comments)
Can u guys vote in the comments should I get rid of Tomboy or 1 evil 2 good? Song. 16 shots Artist. Steffon Don
Late April fools prank from the boys (a bit of ShadowChans past)
This ain’t my real past it’s my OCS