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GTA V GOD MODE 1.27 Legit Proof
This is my last video to prove it to you guys that it not patch and it not fake. Watch the whole video and I hope yall will understand to fix your fusteration. I'm also please with a lot of sub and alot of subscribers that liked my other 1 month old video. So I hope this new video that I here to present u should be alittle more easier to understand how to get the god mode glitch working for ya. Don't forget to sub.
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GTA V God Mode Glitch 1.27
Hey I figure out how to get god mode. You have to load up gta v in single player mode by using franklin. Stand outside with frankin. Press the Xbox button on your controller. You are going to scearch recent players that u were in session with before. What you want to find is player who are doing online mission, online racing, or deathmatch. If you find players in one of those 3 option just join thier session and it will ask u would u like to specate. Dont click anything. Just count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 sec. When ure done counting 15 sec I want u to hit cancel the spectating. It will spawn u by yourself with no radar once u see that quickly press start menu and scroll the top bar over to the right to find games. Hit A on games like crazy to replay the story mode mission. Once you done that. Your screen will go black. Just wait until it spawn u back to freemode. Once ure back to freemode press start and go to online and click leave gta. Your screen will freeze your character which means u must hold the selection button to pull up the menu to kill yourself. Once u kill yourself. You will spawn back on the street which u are able to walk and move around. But the last thing to activate god mode. You have to hold the dpad down and switch character to franklin. Your screen will go black again. This time this is called a blindfold. U have to visualize in your head that u can see through the black screen by holding the selection button to kill yourselve again. In the black screen background u should hear that u got wasted. It will spawn u back on the street and there u go. You will now have god mode.
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GTA V Online Factory Glitch 1.17
I'm here to show u how easy it is to enter the back of the chicken factory, and be able to walk around and see good solid details of the chicken factory. I wish that Rockstargames open this online.
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GTA V 1.27 What it like to have GOD MODE
Watch this video. It hilarous to see how people start to hate me while im trolling them with GOD MODE. People should learn when not to crack first otherwise they get trash up in the game lol. But in the other hand i have already taught everybody how to get god mode, if one person call up rockstargames to file a complaint rockstargames wouldn't give a shit because it all there for the public to see and how to get god mode. Plain simple man. Kiss my ass if yall don't know how to follow my simple steps of getting god mode glitch. I HOPE ILL SEE YALL IN HELL AFTER THANKSGIVING. HA LOL
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GTA V 1.15 Bomb Proof Car Glitch!
GTA V 1.15 Bomb Proof Car Glitch! It easy as it is. Be careful and try not to troll people online with bomb proof car. Otherwise u get caught in action and get caught on camera, then it your fault.
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GTA V 1.37  How To Get A Free Juggernaut Outfit Glitch On Xbox 1
This Outfit is a blast lol. It look bad ass and man thank you rockstargames for making us a special christmas outfit. What a special glitch. Come visit my website Xbox360-Geek-Squad.com for fun social activities and to find new glitches on my forum site. So please spread the words about my new forum site and I welconme everyone to come join, so please be positive and be respectful to others as well. I will be posting more glitches on my forum site and will upload a video of this glitch on my forum site as well.
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GTA V Flight Helmets Glitch 1.27
This video show u how to move your flight helmet on your favorite outfit instead of the boring flight suit that come with the helmet.
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GTA V 1.27 how to fix your rpg and explosive
This video will show u the easy step to fix your rpg and throwable explosive items while ure in a god mode glitch. Watch this video hope it will help fix your issue to allow u to be able to shoot rpg and other stuff.
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Modders been expose, and spot on for freezing my xbox 360
I notice someone was fuckin with my youtube video. Had to reupload.
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GTA V 1.27 How to spawn in Lester Office Warehouse
I found a new glitch that has not been posted on youtube before me. I'm now here to show u guys how to get instant access to lester warehouse and take great advantage opportunity to take picture of this sick place. But for most of you that watch this video is probably wondering why is this building on lock down. The answer to your question, maybe Rockstargames are a complete prick to troll all the doors to be lock online. I hope yall enjoy this video and please sub for more video to come for GTA V Glitches. Bye guys have fun exploring online with ur friends.
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I build three huge houses on Halo 4
This three house I made is now available to public because one person like my video..a special thanks to everybody...I hope you enjoy downloading my map and play on it in halo 4 from my file share. oh here another video of my other house in hd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqCokueeFdY copy this link and you will see this cool new video
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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and president Obama dancing on Christmas eve hilarious.
Check out the video that I created using the ElfYourself Android app! Ha ha lol i found those funny pic from google and wanted see how many people would get a laugh outta this.
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How to create a banner with links to your forums
Hello Folks. Don't forget to rate and Subscribe for more video to be release from me. I will be teaching more new tutorials on how to create your own cool flashy animation avatar for your profile pic, also I will be teaching how to make gif animation videos, how to upload videos to the forums, how to upload picture to the forums and a lot more etc for those who struggle to get it in the forums. First thing you need to do before watching this video, please download the Gimp2 program. Gimp2 is a photo editing tool and it free. Here the link down below to download a program. No virus. https://www.gimp.org/ If you guys also want to get links from the picture that you found or create either way, please go here to upload the pic and get a copy of a link to paste it in your notepad. http://imgur.com/ Make sure u copy my code down below for your forums, and replace the name that I show u where to insert your links. Peace out [url=Website links goes here][img]Picture links goes here[/img][/url]
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GTA V Sex Tape Expose reveal against Rockstargames for patching crew emblems and hiding the truth.
I decided to upload this video because rockstargames are really starting to piss me off for patching crew emblems that prevent players to upload anything they want online. The sad part is that I did some research on Google to find out why Rockstargames patch crew emblems and force us to use the tools that they give us, they said that players GTA V were uploading sexual explicated content online. I was struck by this and found this very offensive to hear what Rockstargames have to say out of their mouth against us, so I decided to record all of this sexual explicated videos that contain in GTA V to use it against Rockstargames for being such a asshole to patch everything and ruining the game of fun. Such as taking away our rights of freedom of speech and not returning our feedback or answering their phone calls. I've try calling Rockstargames enormous of times and still they continue to disrespect us and not give a damn about anything that we have to say. They patch the garage glitch because players storage a jet, tanks, and even cop cars that they thought it was hurting the public or probably speaking for themselves. I was so sick of this, so I was so sick of this, I realize alot of fans who love GTA V are getting really fed up with Rockstargames since they are trying to help other people online to be able to communicate and help each other through with the help of youtube. Now we all know that Rockstargames are taking away our money and blocking DNS code since they are fed up with us for not paying fifty dollars out of our pocket to get 3 million and 500,000 thousand of dollars wired to our GTA V online banking account. I don't think 3 million is enough to spend on cars and customizing as much as u can and even switching to different apartments. The apartments in the game are worth 400,000 thousand dollars and it just ridiculous to see real people out there that spend 60 dollars of buying a brand new games of GTA V and having to watch Rockstargames forcing people to buy 50 dollars to get that cheap kind of money online by patching money glitches and all of that stuff. We are not rich and no way in hell I would get up and use my credit card or a debit card to buy fifty dollars for a 3 million dollars and 500 thousand. That ain't shit period. Rockstargames really need to back off and stop hogging on GTA V too much. The game itself is fill with fake buildings that you can't even bring it down by crashing your plane into it. Almost the entire city of GTA V is fake with fake walls and fake windows no wonder there glitches to get into the building because of how lazy the work was done made by Rockstargames. So people need to listen up and come foward about this. It time for us to start putting a strike against that company for patching too much glitches with the help of YouTube videos. So please express how you feel about that piece of shit Rockstargames that you wasted on. Can't even mod a fuckin police car or drive a prison bus online they take everything away from us. They need to grow the fuck up and get a new face to put on.
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The Arm Robbery Gone Bad
An arm robbery that was suppose to go smooth, turned ugly inside the gas station when a store cleark didn't have enough cash. But that didn't stop them from escaping a high police chase with a deadly powerfull semi truck on the road. - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad and also check out my new exclusive forum site http://rockstargamemembers.forumotion.com however the forum isn't complete yet but I'm giving you guys the power to get a sneak peek of what I'm creating on my forum site.
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Modder been caught for trying to freeze my xbox, and been spot on big time.
This modder has no idea that the more he continue to harrass me online, or even cheat, they will get ban and be expose on youtube.
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Rockstargames are exposing another illuminati sign in GTA IV
To be honest fellas, I believe that rockstar dont give a fuck about the world trade center or even freely show a illuminati signs in most video games that seem to be appear alot in modern history today. I believe alot of video gamers are being brain control by the illuminati, such as violence in video games that cause addiction to players. People throughout the world doesn't realize that they some how accept violence in video games. Therefore microsoft banning policy for modification is becoming a standard issue through out the world. It time for people to wake up and start seeing what appearing in your games that rockstargames don't want you to know about it or see it in a game that hidden in the cities. But anyway please if you're bored of seeingm e drviving, just fast foward it and you will see the eye sysmbol, or just let it play and i can lead you the way to get to the police station. Other that, it seem like rockstargames are trying to tell us that the police are the illuminati by putting the eye in the ads that involves the police as well. Think about it. The police know our name, our wearabout, where we live, they even monitor our phone calls and read our email address. They monitor everything in this world. Why are there rappers out there like the NWA hating on the dirty cops that kill thousands of innocent through out the entire city. They don't protect and serve shit. All they do is break the law, and rape more women that are drunk, and fuck with people lives. But not all cop are bad, but there are alot of dirty ass cops that tend to run anybody fuckin name to do a background check on them and being fuckin nosy
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Rockstar Games are exposing eye symbols of illuminati sign.
Therefore, I felt it nesscessarly to share this information to the public, so that the public can wake up and see how this is linked to rockstarmods.com They provided different types of modification that enable you to speak, do many different types of animation that lead to cutting vegetables, drinking alcohol, smoking pot, and doing some strip dance to tease people. I also call up Rockstargames to ask question about why did they put the eye symbols, they refuse to answer to my question and felt it was nesscessarly to hang up on me to no prior reason. I have done nothing wrong to insult rockstargames, but therefore in the other hand this is why I don't like how microsoft are being blind to not notice how eye symbols are appearing in most games that we play. Such as borderland2 has been seen with a bunch of illuminati signs on youtube that were capture and filmed by someone else that tend to see disturbing image in video games. If microsoft think it okay to ban anyone for modifying video games, then why aren't they banning rockstargames for exposing inapproiate pictures such as illuminati signs. Illuminati signs are seen everywhere, such as music industry, video game industry, modeling industry, all appear to be throwing up illuminati signs.
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Xbox Live Breaking News! 2015
All guys need to listen up, this is my feedback for everyone including xbox live and for those who work for mirosoft. Also u gotta realize why lizard squad will be attacking to shut down xbox live.
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How to get bandana mask with glasses, and halment
This is a very easy glitch, if you have problems doing this please leave a comment and ill make another video
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The Arm Robbery 2
Another Arm Robbery successful attempt strike the city of Los Santos again. However it turn out the store clerk went broke after being shot to death inside the gas station. The police tried so hard to defend the city but was taken by a sudden surprise - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad
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GTA V Top Secret-How to easily purchase Out Of Stock cars online.
This is so easy to do, and RockStarGames just stink at this since they continue to patch it and abuse 45.000 thousand in order to update and patch every single glitches. Apparently they have no patience or what so ever to see how many glitches need to be patched. Well Fuck them and come get what u need out of their fuck site.
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Crooked Police
Just making a film for fun - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad
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GTA V MWC Breaking News
Most Wanted Cow been expose with mods and told me he gonna change his gamertag so here the video of proof of how his mods had a huge impact on me and others. He need to get ban for freezing my Xbox and blowing me up in my apartment while I was spectating him online.
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GTA V Trolling Online
I decided to put all of my killing spree on this video to show the public that I got some mad skills. I troll people online and I an't here to make friends, i'm here to make enemies and pop people in the face for talking too much dry shit about me. Those people that got shot in this video by me is gonna be put down for good. I practice my sniping skills like everyday and no wonder I still don't see anybody stepping up to challenge me. All they do is step down once they realize how much they get owned by me. I play GTA V like it my future and I do take this Game very Seriously for those people that wanna fuck with me Online is gonna get fuck with no matter what. Rockstargames put me in a Bad Sport Lobby because I was too Damn Good since the people who are in a Good Sport Lobby couldn't take the heat from me. Those cry babies are the one that put my ass in a Bad Sport. All I could say to Rockstargames - Fuck You and kiss my Guns that you made for me Nigga.
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GTA V first person mode on xbox 360!
I found a glitch, if u guys wanna know how i did, please rate and suscribe me as much as u can and ill make a video to show u how to do it. You can skip the next gen if ure an xbox 360 hooker!
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The-9-Government Car Show
We one of the best car meet to air on live dealing with alot of up and down players but still manage to keep the car meet going. So today i will be airing this on live for players to see what going on in The-9-Government Car show. You can add me- The-9-Government to join my friend session by yourself while im airing on live. If you violate this car show you will be blacklisted and record on tape and be reported to a third party community that will ban you.
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Created by ArborlyBranch51 and special thanks to the actor- Bates Too Rich for taking parts 1 of this movie film. Enjoy the video and don't forget to leave a feedback. - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad
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GTA V Creator 1.15 need to be fix
There a problem with 1.15 creator update. I notice that anything I spawn and run a test, there stuff that automatic deleted and the only thing I can see is dynomatic object hanging in mid air. Fix it
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The Scary Clown
I'm making my first horror film -The Scary Clown-. I spent a lot of time to bring out the best point of view. Drop a like and provide your feedback on what you think about this film. - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad - This Rockstar Editor video features music from the album "The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome To Los Santos." Visit http://www.rockstargames.com/v/welcometolossantos to buy on iTunes.
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Halo 4-Palm Beach new map!
I made this house and it was alot of work to put in to it, I hope you all enjoy this map. You can download it and edited it on your own anytime to show off with your friends. Peace, I wish you all happy new year eve 2014. More House will come soon for Impact map other than building house on forge island.
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Rockstargames Uncooperative Attitude
I have spoken to rockstargames a million of times, im sick and tired of rockstargames lying to my face and lying to each every one of u. He refuse to answer my question and kept on asking for my email
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Short Preview 2
Hello folks, I notice alot of viewers really enjoy watching most of my movie clips I made. I also want to give special thanks for those who had partipated in this very tough video shoot. I wanted to warn some of you guys to keep in mind that when later in - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad
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Get Rich or Die Trying..
Created by ArborlyBranch51, and all the actor in this video are, Hallow, Wrath and some other person as well. Special thanks to all of em.
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The House of the DEAD 2
I was really piss off with the first video that caused such horrible graphic. So I had to seriously re-uploaded another same video. Hopefully this is the best graphic to play it on Xbox 360 with the YouTube app...
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Clown Production 2
Support your ideas and feed back to Improve this clip. Also don't forget to smack that like button. To join the clip, please msg ArborlyBranch51. - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad
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GTA V Cheater expose 2
I have caught a modder suspect online that had modded a police car infront of my face, by changing it wheels and his gamertag is Skype Nudess. He is expected to be ban from xbox live for violation.
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GTA V Is becoming Problematic! Must see
Today, I'm gonna be talking about the most disturbing griefers, tryhards, Orbtial Cannon Glitches that has never been patch, the amount of vehicles that rockstargames put in this game that are allowing griefers to use these cars to grief the lobby and so much more that I will be giving out some details about this game that are becoming problematic for new gamers. This is something that rockstargame is gonna have to sit and watch this on my channel to figure out what need to be crack down on GTA V to prevent gamers from leaving this GTA V. Also some of thing I've seen how Rockstargames tend to manipluate the economy and much more that need to be review by the gamers and Rockstargames themselves that really screwed this game up big time...Please watch and listen and give us your opinion on what need to be done with this game.
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Clown Killing Production
put an end to the clown pranks that terroize my kids. - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad
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GTAV Strange object in my garage
This object been appearing in my garage multiple times with different stuff and I have no idea what in the hell going on here. It seem like there a modder spawning stuff in the online game.
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ZeroXultra -the most racist on Xbox 1
I'm here to expose ZeroXultra of who he really is that everyone supporting his channel and not realizing that he is the most racist friend I ever met. I decided to unfriend him for calling me an N word on xbox 1 more than 5 times in a party chat. Then I realize 1 of my friend on xbox 1 had refer me to visit his YouTube Channel under the same gametag name he use on Xbox 1 call as ZeroXultra. Viewers, I advise you all to be prepare about what you're about to hear out of ZeroXultra mouth. Also ask yourself is this the kind of person you guys would like to be supporting and subscribing to his YouTube channel by calling people an N word and saying stuff real bad about black people skin color as "disgusting". It a shame that he now living in fear to post video about me yelling at my daugther make no sense at all by telling me on my forum site that my daugther gonna grow up as a prostitute and disrespected me and my family. My daughter is only 1 years old. He a low life and this video is gonna smack him real hard....I'm a proud father that care about my daugther more than anyone and that my family always come first. Nobody fuck with my family and I'm also speaking directly to that red neck ZeroXultra as well. He a fuckin disgrace to America society that has no self control of how he speak to people in general.
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Halo 4 forge Made by TheLa5tStand
Here the Video that you guys been waiting for a long time. I'm also please with how many views I've got and even the like button. I also notice alot of my halo fans had sended me a friend request on xbox live. Things are becoming too crazy for me to handle this entire situation lol. I'm also sorry for such a long delay to put this in my file share and even this video that was all edit by me. Believe me, it also a lot of work for me. I have to insert halo 4 into my xbox 360 disc tray, then I have to build stuff in forge. After it done building, I have to go in and play it myself then I exit it out to check them out in the theater to see my guy and even the house that I build and that how I record this through my capture device. Once it capture on my device, I have to edit them on my laptop with the video editing software which take me a long time to edit it by triming out the video and cutting out the bad video that delay too much time. Therefore, I'm in need of someone who can come in and play with me on my map while I record them with 16 players, it would be so much easier to get the best show out of it. So please keep suscribing me, I swear to god I will try my best to respond and help more halo fan to get what they need and the help that can be provided by me. I want to help encourage people how to build good homes and have more fun in the game. My gamertag- TheLa5tStand I only play on xbox 360. I also do have GTA IV. Soon I will film a halo 4 teaching of how to make a perfect house.
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Grand Tour Movie Clip 2
Here the second ideal of what it like riding a dirt bike without the use of using a helicopter to stare down at us. I decided to use the camera against me and flip a different camera mode by using the select button while spectating in the game. If you like this the way it looks better than a heli then we can all vote on it to get rid of using a heli. But remember heli and planes will also be a good part of the film where people on YouTube will enjoy the side effect and all of the crashing planes during the race on top of the Grand Tour Hills. Please smack that like button and don't forget to email me ASAP- Email- [email protected] Serious inquiry only. Send me an email if you are interested of joining in and becoming a actor for GTA V. I will need more people online that play's only on Xbox Live.
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GTA V Grand Tour Movie Clip
Email [email protected] You must be a skilled driver. You must listen and obey the rules by TheLa5tStand. I don't want any cursing, or argument during a film shoot. You must corporates and get along with other players online. If you can't follow all of this rules, then you get kick out for good. I will not kick you for failing so many times or messing up the film. But you must at least show me that you are able to do this and willing to keep trying and keep practicing to become a better driver to know the road very well. Believe what in your heart, because I know you can do it and I do believe in all of you to become the top driver. There will also be no crashing into each other. If that happen where I see another player seriously trying to cheat by crashing into another player, they will be terminated immediately. If it was an accident, don't worry. But try not to do it more than 5 times or otherwise we will consider a player purposely trying to piss another player off. Play fair and make me a good movie clip by proving to me that you can keep going without messing it up. Beside all of this, Once you email me, please let me know what your availability to play online. It would be easy for me to make a schedule and set it up with all of you guys to come in live and start making a movie clip and some action. I hope you all will smash that like button and be eager to end me an Email to become an actor. I want seriously inquiry only, do not send me an email if it has nothing to do with GTA V Film or I will put you in a spam folder and block your contact....Be mature and enjoy the game. If you have some ideas for the movie clip then feel free to send me some ideas and we will work on it together. Okay. Peace......
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Modders been caught on film! And have been spot on!
From now on, I'm gonna monitor GTA IV and become a cop to get asshole modders out of my fuckin game.
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BigTshirleyXD Been expose on GTA V for cheating on xbox 360 platform. I have shot him multiple times since he had a bounty on his head. He had choosen to cheat by using god mode and refusing to own up
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The-9-Government Car Show
We having a blast today for the car meet, it amazing man.
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ArborlyBranch51 Vs Danie1Son6
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Trailer samples
ArborlyBranch51 is a film director and a driver, II NOW DANCE II is an actor along side with me by being a gunnery spot, gatchiekorr is also an actor and his job is to clear every road block set up by the police. This is a drill to fully understand how to - View all X-box-Geek-Squad's Rockstar Editor videos at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/X-box-Geek-Squad
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GTA V Bar Fight Club Death Match
I created this match and it seem like alot of people online like to fight. Every time I knock someone out with a bat it really make me laugh really hard lol. In this video it was me and kicking ass online.
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