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32-33 Weeks Pregnant - Name Reveal!
Leg cramps, low potassium, breast feeding, & buying the baby essentials! As badly as I want this pregnancy to be over, I'm kinda sad that this could be my last time! I'll talk more about us potentially having more kids in my next video! Make sure you Subscribe to see when I post a new video! & thumbs up the video so I know you want to see more! Also, follow me on all my social media! Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest all under my name "Dree McColl"
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Quick & Easy, Messy UpDos!
A few hair styles I do in the summer when its too hot to have it down. I add bows all the time, cause I just think they are so cute! Hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure to follow me on Instagram at "Dree McColl" for daily pictures!
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Volumized Hair using Velcro Rollers
Still very new at this! I'm learning as I go along & I know they aren't very good lol but bare with me until I get the hang of making these videos! :) Thanks for watching! What you will need: Velcro rollers (15 aprox.) Heat protectant spray Hair spray Teasing comb Bobby pins Blowdryer I used 15 Velcro rollers, but depending on your hair type, thickness and length you may need more. I bought mine at Walmart, I cant remember the price, but they were fairly inexpensive. The brand was called "Goodie" Music- Fifth Harmony - Better Together & Don't wanna dance alone.
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26 Weeks Pregnant!
Baby number 3! Its a baby boy. I'm due in July! Follow me on Instagram & twitter for more updates!
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How I Curl My Hair!
This is how I curl my hair on a daily basis, it takes me approximately 10 to 15 mins to do this. Let me know if you guys want to see any other hair tutorials! Products mentioned: TRESemme Heat protectant $5.00 Aussie Volume Hair Spray $3.00 Le Anelique Curling Wand - From Winners $20.00 HeadKandy Extensions 22 inch $175.00
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Mary Kay Tutorial
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GRWM - Summer Makeup - Light Coverage
This is my go to summer makeup look. I use a light coverage foundation and concealer. Since this foundation is so sheer, I had to add a lot of bronzer to match up with the rest of my body. (My face is always a lot whiter than my body since I always where a SPF when outside) This is a look I would do if I was planning on wearing makeup. Most days in the summer, I only wear mascara and a little eyeliner since its too hot for makeup!
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38 Weeks Pregnant - Last Update?
Hey guys! Really hoping this will be my last update before the baby is here!! The final days of pregnancy are the worst! Everyday thinking "Today could be the day!" is really getting me anxious! If I don't upload any videos for a bit, you'll know why!! Make sure to check my Instagram or Twitter for more frequent updates! I'm on instagram often, so I'll more than likely being posting pictures there when I go into labour!
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Cleaning Routine (Up Stairs)
This is my every day cleaning routine. Just the bedrooms, and bathrooms. This isn't a deep clean day, or laundry day, just tidying up and cleaning off surfaces. Editing is still kinda cringy, because my iMovie was updated and I have no idea how to work any of it. Still learning, but I'll figure it out!
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Peanut Butter French Vanilla Iced Cappuccino
200 Calories, depending on what peanut butter you use. I used low fat peanut butter. You could also substitute it for almond butter or PB2. You could also skip the peanut butter all together for a more coffee taste! I can never find drinks that are low calorie with the option of decaf so I had to come up with something of my own! I hope you guys enjoyed it!
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Mommy Monday! - 19 Weeks Pregnant
This video is a little choppy and rushed. I was struggling to speak while holding Kierra and trying to keep her entertained and rushing to get it down :( Note to self: No more filming while baby is awake, lol this was just too hard. I apologize if its hard to follow. Hopefully next update video will go smoothly.
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24 Weeks Pregnant!
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30 Weeks Pregnant
Next update video I will do a baby name reveal!! We have two names we are considering, and we need some help deciding! I would love some positive feed back!
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27 year old with 3 young kids - mom update.
SnapChat - Dreemxo Instagram - Dreemxo Canadian mom, occasionally living in Phoenix. 27 years old Married to a wonderful man, had 3 beautiful little children with him. I love to cook, keep healthy and do anything athletic. But I also love pizza, wings nachos and beer. :)
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Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge Review
Review and Demo of the Blending sponge found at Target. Retail price $10 Follow me on twitter & Instagram!
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22 Weeks Pregnant!
3 more months left and I'll have this baby out! So excited for the summer when we can meet this little guy! Next video will be name options! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for weekly bump pictures! Dreemxo or Dree Mccoll
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Trying to get back at it.
This video is about MVI_1641
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My Labour & Delivery!
I know I said I would film the birth, but this boy came out so fast, we just didn't have time to get the camera out! I'm sooo sad I have no footage of any of my children being born :( I just have to make up for it with tons of pictures! Check my Instagram for frequent updates on me & my kids! "Dreemxo" Hopefully going to start filming weight loss/getting my body back videos, once I get the OK from my Doctor!
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Freddy poops his pants
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Makeup Storage & Collection
Here's my small collection of makeup, and how I have it organized. I don't have too much cause I don't like clutter, and I just don't have the room for much more! Hopefully one day my collection will grow!
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Quick update- Where have I been?- Life as a mom & moving!
I won't be making a new video until I'm in Phoenix. My life has been so hectic since the new baby and all the renos going on at my home. I truly am grateful for those of you that are barring with me at this time! I PROMISE I'll have a ton of videos coming out for the month of September! So heres I quick update from my phone of what my house currently looks like (awful, I know, but when we move I will for sure do a house tour!)
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28 Weeks Pregnant!
Here is my pregnancy update video! I talk about my Doctors appointment, symptoms, growth, baby movement and flying in my last trimester! I also update you on how Kierra (13 months) is doing! I don't ever have much to update you on with Riley. He is almost 4 years old, and is in pre school twice a week, and has a speech aid 4 days a week, so he's usually pretty busy!
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Power Hour/Main Floor Tidy.
This was my poor attempt to a "Power Hour" I only got in 40 minutes of cleaning. My Camera kept dying (because I'm always forgetting to charge it) and my memory card gets full after 10 minutes of videos. I will be buying a memory card for it, next time I'm out. I am so forgetful! lol but heres a quick little video of my daily cleaning on the main floor. Hope it gives you motivation! xo
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Pregnancy update - 17 Weeks
I'm sorry I touch my hair so much!! Annoying habit I have. I want to do a video like this once a month, provided my children nap so I can film!
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My Birthday Haul!!
Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful Birthday! So grateful! Follow me on my Instagram! Dree McColl
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Get To Know Me TAG!
Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DreeMccoll
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My Weight Loss 2015
DOWN 12 LBS. 5 MORE TO GO! Mom of 3! Instagram - Dreemxo Snapchat - Dreemxo
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Play-doh explosion!
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My 3 Year Old Does My Makeup!
In this video my son Riley, does my makeup! I had a blast filming this with him, I hope you guys enjoy it just as much! I decided to skip eyelashes & mascara, as that can get a little dangerous with sharp objects and glue near my eyes! lol Please excuse the sniffles, coughs, sneezing & course voice, we all woke up today with a bit of a cold! Follow me on Instagram & Twitter - "Dree McColl"
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Ashley Benson Inspired Tutorial
Follow me on Instagram & Twitter! Dree McColl
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Get ready with me! Using Naked Palettes.
Products Used: St Ives moisturizer Benefit stay flawless primer Cover girl outlast buff beige Revlon color stay rich tan Hard candy Glamoflauge concealer Bonnebell powder bronze Hard candy Living doll MAC painterly Urban Decay Naked 2 "Tease" Urband decay Naked "gunmetal" Revlon liquid liner Bonnebell black pencil liner Lash grip glue Ardell lashes "105" Elf eyebrow kit in Light Loreal Voluminous mascara MAC myth lipstick Revlon peach petal gloss Shirt- Thyme Maternity $10 Tights- Walmart $7 Scarf- Wet seal $2 for 10 Boots- Sirens $25 Earings- Claires Cross bracelet- Charming charlie Charm bracelet- Mexico Brushes used: Sigma, Elf, Realtechniques, MAC.
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Mini Drugstore Haul
I bought a few items from Walmart and I thought I'd share what I bought. I'll do a follow up video on the new lipsticks I bought to let you know how I liked them! I hope this video was helpful! Thanks for watching!!!
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2013 - New Years TAG!
Sorry the camera is a little shaky at some parts, my son was playing under my desk. Here are the questions! 1. What did you do in 2013 that you've never done before? 2. What countires did you visit? 3. Where did most of your money go? 4. What song will always remind you of 2013? 5. What do you wish you did more of? 6. Did you fall in love? 7. What did you do on your Birthday? 8. Who was the best person you met? 9. Did you learn anything? 10. What are your new year resolutions? 11. Over all, was it a good year?
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F-150 super chips noise
Ford F-150 super chips terrible sound.
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My "Going out" look - GRWM
Comment below if you have any questions about what products I used! This is a look a would typical do if I was going out in the evening. My kids were running/crawling around in the background. I thought it was too cute! Apparently filming while they are awake wasn't too hard! Follow me on twitter & Instagram! (DreeMccoll) & (Dreemxo)
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Pictures of ME
Pictures from my life up to now. 2010-2012
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GRWM - My everyday makeup look
This is my first official beauty video! I can't believe how much editing goes into making a video! A 3 minute video took me almost 4 hours to edit. Lol. Sorry if it's a little amateur, Im still learning!
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Feb 1, 2014
We are bored.
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Ry & Me.
I can not for the life of me remember how to edit a video. These are raw and unedited. lol I am learning how to do everything again, bare with me.
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GRWM - Back from Vacation.
I'm back home from visiting family and wanted to film a GRWM video as I had to run a bunch of errands today! These are my favorite videos to watch, so I tend to lean more towards this type of video when I decide to film! Thanks for watching!!!
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36 Weeks Pregnant.
9 Months Pregnant with our third baby! Expecting a baby boy.
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Riley David Jayce
Just a few videos and photos I quickly put together for family to see!
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Just another Tuesday night.
Typical night at our house. Cooking dinner leads to a dance party on the counter tops.
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This was fun and I like when I punched him.
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Mall Haul! - Forever 21, MAC, Target
Heres my collective haul of things I've purchased within the last few weeks! Follow me on twitter & Instagram!
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All About Eyelashes!
How to apply eyelashes What brand and styles I own and recommend. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter!
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My September Favorites
Sorry for the rambling at the end, and mis-pronouncing colorstay foundation and the "glamoflauge"
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Riley's first video
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April Favorites
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4 Months Postpartum - My Weight Loss.
Hey Guys! I know its been forever. Life is crazy, still trying to get adjusted with a new baby, and 2 other kids! I had a rough month back in October with some personal issues, but I'm happy, and I'm ready to start making more videos! Yay! Sorry that the lighting was on & off throughout the video, West Canada weather doesn't stay the same longer than 10 minutes! (I need to buy some stage lights! Maybe for Christmas?) :)
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