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B&O Railroad Museum Pere Marquette SW-1 #11 (1994) All About Fast Moving Trains
Raw footage of Pere Marquette SW-1 #11 at the B&O Railroad Museum doing switching chores. Video footage from my 1994 VHS tape "All About Fast Moving Trains".
Creepy Train Horn! Kanawha River Railroad Train 380 At Night
November 9, 2016: Caught an eastbound Kanawha River Railroad (WATCO) train 380 heading east of Bremen, Ohio to New Lexington on the Norfolk Southern West Virginia Secondary. This was taken at Jerusalem Road. The lead engine 6695 has a VERY creepy sounding horn! I call it "the Spookomotive" 0:20 Creepy horn starts
Western Maryland #734 (1994)
Video footage of #734 from my 1994 VHS tape "All About Fast Moving Trains". My friend Grant and I were lucky enough to get a cab ride in the locomotive in June 2013. Cab rides are $225 per person for steam and $150 for the diesel. The coaches on this video are now part of Everett Railroad Company and have been replaced by air conditioned coaches since 1995. The caboose is still on the roster and #734 still pulls trains from Cumberland to Frostburg. #734 is still hand-shoveled, but now supports an auger. This locomotive was originally built for the Lake Superior and Ishpeming as #34. We used to own its' sister #33 at our Hocking Valley Scenic Railway in Nelsonville, Ohio. The #33 is now part of the Age of Steam Roundhouse, and I got the chance to go in its' cab in 2003 and 2004. Some of its' other sisters include #29 at Grand Canyon Railway, #19 in Texas, and #18 & #20 at Rio Grande Scenic Railroad. Credit goes to the producers.
Union Pacific #4466 Pulls The Sacramento Southern Train (1994)
A video of rare 1994 footage of #4466's operations at the California State Railroad Museum. If anyone has anymore video footage of #4466, I call him "Smokey", please post! Comments are appreciated! Check out my channel and subscribe! Credits go to the respected owners of the video.
Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad Train Approaching Mt. Perry
June 28, 2015: After riding the train, I videotaped the train heading west towards Coppermill Road at Mt. Perry, Ohio on the old Glassrock Spur once owned by Ohio Southern Railroad. The train stopped short because of their recently acquired MOW car that was sitting near the end of the serviceable track. The track west of Mt. Perry traverses until SR 668, where the crossing was taken out in 2004 or 2005, with the rest of the remaining track heading west towards Glassrock. The track once connected up to the Shawnee Branch. A portion of the Shawnee Branch near Jacksontown, Ohio was once owned by the Zanesville and Western, known as Buckeye Central from 1982 until 2007 when a bike path proposal between Newark and Jacksontown was put in place, ending Jacksontown operations that year on Sept 30 (I was one of the very last passengers on their very last run). In 2008, the Buckeye Central became known as today's Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad. From 2008 until late 2013, the railroad was constantly working hard to restore the line. In late 2011 and throughout 2012, work was suspended and it seemed that the dream of operating tourist trains on the route wouldn't happen. But in late 2013, the first train rides out of Mount Perry sparked the newly formed train rides between Coppermill Road, west of Mount Perry foods and the bridge, east of Mount Perry Foods that still run today. Today the railroad is now making plans to extend service on their line from Mount Perry all the way to Avondale where the track connects up with the G&W. The motive power consists of a newly acquired 45 tonner, #4541 (privately owned, new to the railroad in 2009), an open gondola (owned by ZWSR since 1982 when it used to be Buckeye Central), and a newly acquired bay window caboose (from Cincinnati). The railroad also owns an orange Davenport locomotive (new to the RR in 2003) with 2 MOW ballast cars and a transfer caboose, both which are stored at Fultonham, and an EMD SW-1 (ex Penn Central) 4 CN coaches, two 1920's cars, and two other cabooses, which were owned since 1982) and two newly acquired Timken 75 tonner engines. In the meantime, passengers can enjoy a 1.5 mile trip along the old Glassrock Spur in the beautiful Ohio farmland.
Idiots Driving In Front of Ohio Central Railroad Train!!
April 20, 2016: I was videotaping an Ohio Central train near South Zanesville, Ohio on Pershing Road. This crossing has no gates, only lights. Apparently, some cars were approaching the crossing when the lights started flashing. A couple seconds later I heard someone yell "go" and caught 3 cars crossing in front of the train, two on side of the lane and the other on the other lane. People need to learn to wait for the train and not judge its' speed. Otherwise, someone could get killed!!! I am currently studying research from Ohio Operation Lifesaver. Please stay tuned for my next video as I chase the train from South Zanesville to the Neff Co. warehouse alongside the track near Maysville High School.
Ohio Central Railroad Steam Locomotives #1551, #13 & #1293 In Coshocton, Ohio
Video posted (with permission from Mike Noonkester and Ron of Mainline Motion Pictures) of Ohio Central #1551, #13 and #1293 passing through Coshocton, Ohio after finishing up "Steam Fest '97". ATTENTION: THE AGE OF STEAM ROUNDHOUSE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! CHECK IT OUT ONLINE!
Brain Age 2: Piano Player "Coventry Carol"
April 16, 2015: This piece starts in F harmonic minor, and in between and at the very end, it changes to F major. Credits go to Ryuta Kawashima and Nintendo.
Union Pacific #4466 Locomotive Cab Tour
A video of #4466 on my old VHS tape "Big Trains Little Trains." The locomotive operated at the California State Railroad Museum until 1999. It may run again.
Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad #5 (1991)
Footage of Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad steam locomotive #5 (ex. Carlton and Coast #55 and Port Of Grays Harbor #5). The engine ran from the mid 1980's until 2003. The engine is still in the shop undergoing some repairs. As of early 2016, the Mount Rainier Scenic is now called The Mount Rainier Railroad and Logging Museum. Also, the whistle, an Ashton Valve 6 inch 3 chime (Boston and Maine, Boston and Albany, some of Western Maryland's 2-8-0's and Bangor and Aroostook used them) that she is using is currently on Hammond Lumber 2-8-2T #17. #5 received the whistle in the late 40's after the retirement of many east coast steamers, according to Tim Daubert. I also believe that Roots of Motive Power #2, and Strasburg Railroad #31 used an Ashton 3 chime in excursion service. This would be a great whistle to have on our #3 steam locomotive at Hocking Valley. MRSR has a really neat whistle collection (although Cass Scenic has a pretty big collection). As far as I know, Willamette Shay #2, Santa Cruz Portland Cement #2, Hillcrest Lumber #10 and Polson Logging #70 still have their original whistles from their past lives. #5 originally had a 5 chime that she started with at Carlton and Coast in 1924. Credit goes to Greg James, producer of Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad Steam in The Mountains. The company Simitar Entertainment is no longer in business.
Strasburg Railroad #90 Passing The Red Caboose Motel
Video taken July 21, 2014 at Fairview along Paradise Lane. This was the 12:00 p.m. train.
King's Island and Miami Valley Railroad Departing Losantville
August 26, 2017: After riding the King's Island and Miami Valley Railroad a second time, we then walked across the newly built crossing leading into the Rapids ride, adjacent to the new Mystic Timbers roller coaster. Here, locomotive #19 departs for the water park. This was also taken a week after my cab ride aboard Great Smoky Mountains Railroad #1702.
Ohio Central Railroad CSNK, Newark, Ohio
July 24, 2018: Caught the Coshocton local heading from Newark to Coshocton. Later caught the NKPA and MVT.
Riding Amtrak's Cardinal (Part 7/14)
December 14, 2014
Muskingum Electric Railroad Grade Crossing Cumberland, Ohio: Remrock Road (What's Left of it)
I was doing research on the old Pennsylvania Railroad's Marietta Branch which at one time connected up to the other lines at the Ohio River. This track then was owned by Chessie System. A flood washed out parts of the line between Cumberland and Byesville. The line was abandoned in 1993. This portion of track you see here served as a B&O branch which interconnected with the other line coming in from Lore City. Up until about 2002 it was owned and operated by the Muskingum Electric Railroad near AEP. In 2003, Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad (now Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad) was on tour and ran excursions from Byesville to Derwent. In 2006, Byesville had their own equipment, a center cab locomotive and several passenger cars. That same year Canadian Pacific (Ohio Central/Age of Steam Roundhouse)#1293 ran excursions once or twice a year on the line. The last time #1293 did train rides on the Byesville line was October 2008, when I climbed in the cab and shoveled coal into the firebox at Byesville Station. That same year, the railroad acquired a few more cars and an SW-1 locomotive #211. In 2011, an agreement was not met and the Byesville train rides stopped. A few other cars and the SW-1 went back to Age of Steam Roundhouse. In 2012, the train was down to one engine and two cars. They must have run one brief run, but while planning the 2013 season, Zemba Brothers bought out the tracks and would not allow train rides. Since that time, there has been question whether the train rides will return or not. Ohio Central (G&W) runs trains between Byesville and Derwent. Between the track 313 crossing at Derwent and the 821, the track is still rail banked and used for storage, and was restored for rides in 2008 (last used in 2011 or 2012). But south beyond the SR 821 crossing, that portion to Cumberland has not seen a train since 1993, for almost 25 years. While on Google Maps and looking at the old crossings that were paved over, I noticed a satellite picture taken in Fall of 2007 at Remrock Road, south of Cumberland, Ohio. This crossing had gateless signal lights, cross bucks, 8 inch WRRS incandescent lights and one of them had a Teardrop mechanical bell. I was hoping the signal would still be there, after doing a spring update on the Byesville Scenic Railway. Unfortunately, when I came up to research (the day after I got back from the Muskingum University Concert Choir tour in Chicago and an overnight stay at the Hampton Inn in Cambridge, Ohio), all I found left standing was the old relay box. Here's the link below to where I found pictures of the old crossing, just copy and past in the link box. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Byesville,+OH+43723/@39.8355851,-81.6637487,3a,75y,186.17h,90.24t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sRcBEonvBhrUF9ByzsDWQ8Q!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo2.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3DRcBEonvBhrUF9ByzsDWQ8Q%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D106.40162%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!4m5!3m4!1s0x8837cae63996463d:0x4f3424fc2070ee69!8m2!3d39.9697942!4d-81.5365108 The rest of the track south of this crossing goes for a mile and then dead ends. I am hoping Gennessee and Wyoming will be able to ship freight to Cumberland, and maybe store cars here or rebuild the line south to the Wheeling and Lake Erie. Also, maybe since they do Polar Express, they could let Byesville Scenic Railway run trains once-a-month and on special occasions and possibly do a short Santa Train ride every December.
Riding The Rails Of The Ohio Central (1997) (2/8) Ohio Central Steam Excursions
Video footage of Ohio Central Railroad steam in the 1990's. Footage includes Ohio Central #1551, #13, and #1293 operating out of Sugarcreek, Ohio, as well as some small footage from "Steamfest '97". In 2003, daily train excursions were suspended with only special train rides available. The music used in this part of the video is "Montana Morning" by Vic Sepanski. You can find this music at Omnimusic. The whistle on #1551 is her original Canadian 3-chime whistle. The whistle on #13 is not the original but a homemade 6-chime whistle while the 5-chime on #1293 is the original. ATTENTION: THE AGE OF STEAM ROUNDHOUSE IS OPEN FOR TOURS! CHECK IT OUT ONLINE! Credit goes to Goodheart Productions.
Western Maryland Scenic Railroad #734 pulls onto the turntable at Frostburg June 22, 2013
June 22, 2013: The day my friend Grant and I rode in #734's cab, my mother and father videotaped us taking a 180 degree spin on the railroad's turntable. Please note that the person who walked on the turntable into the cab is actually a member of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad even though he was off duty.
Fairfield Union Marching Falcons Fight Song 2014
Video taken at Marching Falcons in Concert on November 7, 2014.
Ohio Central Railroad Cambridge Local
Chased the train from Arch Hill Road (there is an arch bridge where the remains of the road once ran underneath the ex B&O, Chessie System and CSX line), the crossing near the industries east of Zanesville, a curved hill, and finally the Zanesville Yard. Later I caught footage of Kanawha River Railroad train 380 and the Ohio Central southbound Burr Oak Turn (reason why there were no trash cars stored northwest of the crossing on the ex B&O line west of Zanesville).
Ohio Central Railroad #1551 Locomotive Cab Ride
Video uploaded (with permission from Ron McElrath of Railroad Video Quarterly) of a cab ride aboard Canadian National steam locomotive #1551 between Sugarcreek and Baltic. Footage was take in 1992. ATTENTION: THE AGE OF STEAM ROUNDHOUSE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! CHECK IT OUT ONLINE!
Louisville & Nashville Railroad Bay Window Caboose Tour at the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway
July 4, 2014: After I attended the fourth of July parade in Lancaster, Ohio, I spent part of the afternoon at home then switched into my engine crew clothes for the night shuttle trains. I gave a little short tour of the railroad's bay window caboose. You can even make yourself at home in it!!!!
Laupahoehoe Train Museum Dual Gauge Track Wye May 2014
Walking along the old dual gauge track of the narrow gauge sugar plantation railroad and the standard gauge Hawaiian Consolidated Railway (Hilo Railroad)
Ohio Railway Museum Electric Locomotive Cab Ride May 2014 Part 2
Video taken May 4, 2014 during Ohio Railway Museum's Opening Day. This me and my friend Grant's first electric locomotive cab ride, even though we have ridden aboard diesel and steam. Motive power was electric locomotive #2, built in 1926 for the Columbus Railway Power and Light Company. It is a 25-ton electric locomotive.
Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad #5 With Excursion Train
Video description of the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad dating from 1991-1994. Credit goes to Greg James. Simitar Entertainment is no longer in business. #5 last ran in 2003 and is due for an FRA mandated rebuild.
King's Island and Miami Valley Railroad Ride (Part 3 of 3)
August 27, 2017: After offloading and loading passengers at the water park, the train headed by engine #19 heads back to the Losantville Station. After the ride, I got to look in the cab of #19. I rode the train the second time to get some picture footage. Stay tuned for my video of the train departing for another round trip.
Ohio Central (G&W) Railroad Coal Train at State Street in Zanesville, Ohio
March 28, 2017: After filming the train slowing down near the Muskingum River I turned around to film the train at the State Street crossing switch where the first two engines will pull the train clear of the switch and have the rear engine pull the train onto the other track to get to Zanesville Yard. These old crossings at one time had the old incandescent lights, but in 2015, the once proud lights were replaced by LED lights except one set above the LEDs, because this crossing is located in an industrial district south west of Zanesville.
1921 Ford Model T Pickup Truck Ride (Part 1/2)
June 10, 2015: Drove to Cumberland, Ohio and met this really nice gentleman who fixed cars, collected old railroad equipment, and also has this nice 1921 Ford Model T Pickup Truck! A real rarity to ride in a piece of historic equipment!
Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA 381) 11/26/17
November 26, 2017, Bremen, Ohio, Carter Street: On my last day of Thanksgiving break, I was at home when I heard the horn of the CIT SD60 locomotives blowing east of town. I drove down to Carter Street in downtown Bremen, Ohio to catch the two SD60s heading north to Columbus on the ex NYC, Conrail and Norfolk Southern West Virginia Secondary Line.
Grand Trunk Western #6325 Locomotive Cab Ride
A cab ride aboard Grand Trunk Western (Ohio Central) #6325 during Train Festival 2004, from Dennison to the Morgan Run Shops. The whistle it is using is a PRR T-1 3 chime whistle built by Altoona Valve. Pennsylvania Railroad also used the 1-chime Banshee and the Ashton Valve 3 chime (also used by LIRR, Boston and Maine, Boston and Albany, New Haven, as well as some New York based freight railroads). This whistle would sound nice on our #3 steam locomotive at Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. Credits go to Goodheart Productions.
Riding Amtrak's Cardinal (Part 2/14)
December 14, 2014: A view from onboard the dining car. You can buy food in a tray or sit down at their restaurant designed tables in the other half of the car. There are also earbuds for $5.00 for those who listen to music on their iPods. Even the beverages on board taste just right!
Ohio Central Burr Oak Turn New Lexington, Ohio
April 30, 2018: Started off my day chasing Ohio Central Railroads Cambridge Local and then Kanawha River Railroad train 380. KNWA 380 stopped east of the wye (former Toledo and Ohio Central/Cincinnati, Wilmington and Zanesville Air Line Railroad and then part of New York Central) where the Ohio Central coal train passes through to head to Corning, and where some Ohio Central locals from Newark and Cambridge set cars off for KNWA. KNWA 380 had to wait east of New Lexington because of the OC coal train heading to Corning. I caught 3 trains in one day.
Ohio Central Railroad #1551, #13 & #1293 (1997) Dennison and Trinway, Ohio
Video footage of Ohio Central Railroad #1551, #13 and #1293 operating out of Dennison, Ohio. #1551 and #13 pull freight and passenger and then triple head with #1293. #1551 supporting the original CN 3 chime, #13 wearing a homemade 6 chime instead of the original 5 chime and #1293 wearing its original Canadian 5 chime. ATTENTION: THE AGE OF STEAM ROUNDHOUSE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! CHECK IT OUT ONLINE! Credit goes to Goodheart Productions with footage from "Steam Dream: The Ohio Central Story".
Norfolk and Western Steam Locomotive #578
May 24, 2015: My father and I visited the Ohio Railway Museum during Memorial Day for their streetcar rides. I decided to make another overview of the N&W steam locomotive #578, which last ran at the museum in 1978. In late 2012, restoration of #578's cab began and the cab was closed off for several years because of renovation. Some time this year, one of the volunteers will build a safety staircase so that visitors can enter inside the cab safely without having to climb up the railing of the engine. In August 2012, my friend Grant and I got to go into its' cab while it was still open (this was my very first N&W locomotive to climb into!). Last year, I made a video on how a coupler opens and closes. This year, I decided to show how the train couples up and the air hoses are connected, even though there weren't any cars coupled in front of it around that time. And yes, I do demonstrate opening and closing the coupler.
Kanawha River Railroad Train 380 (KNWA 380) Six Locomotives in the Consist!!!
While testing out my radio app on my Bluetooth car phone system and listening to Time Warp With Bill St James I heard Kanawha River Railroad train 380. I chased it to New Lexington, Ohio and videotaped near the Perry County Fairgrounds where the fair usually takes place. I was also able to catch the train running parallel to the second track and the long distance track starting from the curve at near the refinery. I first caught photos of the train off in the distance. However, I didn't expect to see six locomotives in the consist!! I am also looking forward to videotaping KN50, the Coal Train on the line sometime.
Ohio Central (G&W) Railroad Coal Train Crossing Muskingum Avenue (Zanesville, Ohio)
March 28, 2017: The road crossing on Muskingum Avenue in Zanesville was closed due to road construction. After the train switched tracks near State Street to reverse to Zanesville yard onto the old C&M/B&O line, the train then headed south towards New Lexington to get onto the Kanawha River Railroad (ex. Norfolk Southern) West Virginia Secondary to Corning, Ohio where Buckingham Coal loads G&W coal trains.
Driver Almost Takes Out Railroad Crossing Gate!
March 26, 2018: A couple days before looking at steam locomotives and Norfolk Southern/CSX in Huntington and Kenova, West Virginia and the Kanawha River Railroad chase the following day, I was in Zanesville, Ohio at the State Street crossing watching the Ohio Central Trash train cars from Newark being picked up from the west crossing along the old B&O right of way. As the lights started flashing and the gates descended, a daredevil nearly took a risk wiping out a crossing gate just to beat a train and save time. What is it with people trying to save time? I choose life. As Operation Lifesaver would say "Stop Look Listen and Live!".
Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad Turtle Valley Flyer Departing Lebanon
After a cab tour in the diesel, I watched as the train departed for the junction.
Norfolk Southern 288, Milepost 49 Northbound at Camden, Ohio, 5/14/19
MP 49 along the old Pennsylvania Railroad and Nickel Plate Road right of way, now operated as Norfolk Southern's New Castle District.
Ohio Central Railroad 4097 - Close Encounter with Cars
April 6, 2018: State Street, Zanesville, Ohio: Videotaped Ohio Central unit 4097 heading west on the old B&O right of way to pick up the trash cars from Newark (where this line also met up with the B&O Shawnee Branch and the PRR Panhandle Line). As this unit headed west I got a fea drivers trying to beat the train to save lost time at a crossing with wooden crossbucks. I hope people dont try to judge a train's speed again. Look, Listen and Live.
1921 Ford Model T Pickup Truck Ride (Part 2/2)
June 10, 2015: Drove to Cumberland, Ohio and met this really nice gentleman who fixed cars, collected old railroad equipment, and also has this nice 1921 Ford Model T Pickup Truck! A real rarity to ride in a piece of historic equipment!
Kanawha River Railroad (KN 380) 12/21/17
December 21, 2017: I was at home when my father said "I hear a train" so we chased the southbound Kanawha River Railroad train from Bremen to New Lexington, Ohio. Earlier that day I was on my way to the dentist's office at Cross Creeks Dental in Pickerington, Ohio when I passed by Thurston and noticed KNWA 380 sitting on the main since 12 noon. Apparently the train which would usually run Monday, Wednesday and Friday southbound was delayed Wednesday. After my dental check up I passed Thurston and noticed the train was still sitting there. I knew that KNWA 381, the north bound would be running and would likely wait in Corning, Ohio since there was a siding. My father and I filmed the train heading east, and decided to chase it to Corning, Ohio. I had to use my iPod after this because my camera battery was about to run out of energy. Stay tuned for my next video.
Byesville Scenic Railway Fall 2018 Update
Black Friday, November 23, 2018, a couple days before winter started, I did an update on the train's status I came up the check the Byesville Scenic Railway train apparently the train is still sitting at Byesville. However, I noticed that the last time the train was intact the staircase near the transfer caboose was not in line. I was told by several OC employees that during an overnight a few weeks ago, the train was temporarily moved. The headlight bulb which I saw sitting last time has been removed. The power source which hooks the electrical portion on the front pilot was also unlocked. The coupler paint on the front of 386 was scuffed a little, the brake chalks were slightly off. Also noticed that the paint from the vandals were covered over, and the coupling between the transfer caboose and coach car were off a little. The last time I was there the coupler was still in line with the transfer cabooses coupler. It appears there was no freeze damage done to the lines. Also noticed there was drug activity. From reports by the GCSO Guernsey County Sheriff's office the person who vandalaized the train was apprehended and is in the jail.
Ohio Central Coal Train In Zanesville
December 1, 2015: Caught an east bound loaded coal train heading for the Power Plant at Conesville.
Riding The Rails Of The Ohio Central (1997) (1/8) Ohio Central Steam
Video of the Ohio Central Steam Excursion Program in the 1990's. Footage includes Ohio Central #1551, #13 and #1293 operating out of Sugarcreek, Ohio, as well as some small footage from "Steamfest '97". In 2003, daily train excursions were suspended with only special train rides available. The music used in the video is "Country Fair" by Doug Wood. You can find it at Omnimusic. PLEASE NOTE: I did not add the music to the video. ATTENTION: THE AGE OF STEAM ROUNDHOUSE IS OPEN FOR PRIVATE TOURS! CHECK IT OUT ONLINE! Credit goes to Goodheart Productions.
Ohio Central Railroad Trash Train Crossing Muskingum Avenue
Video taken sometime between April and May 2018.
Fall Foliage/Halloween Finale! (Featuring the Ohio Railway Museum's Ghost Trolley)
October 31, 2015: Our last and final Halloween video takes us to Spooktacular at Muskingum University on October 29 (my 22nd birthday!), 2015 (couldn't record the concert because it wasn't permitted and I was also performing in it) and the Ohio Railway Museum's Ghost Trolley event! Thanks to all of the people who subscribed to my YouTube channel and hopefully I will be able to make a Christmas holiday film series this year!
Hocking Valley Scenic Railway Doubleheader Diesels!
June 2, 2018: Chased the 230 pm train heading back to Nelsonville with C&O GP7 5833 and GP10 701 behind it.