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Top 7 New Construction Inventions That Are At Another Level
POPeeze Popcorn Texture Ceiling Removal www.popeeze.com This device helps to remove the popcorn ceilings quickly and easily. Unlike the traditional methods of removing the ceiling, this method is safer, cleaner and more efficient. To use this tool, you simply attach it to the vacuum hose and a pole. It simplifies your work and you do not have to use the ladder. It is worth noting that this device cannot be used on the ceiling that has been painted over. It comes with a user manual in English and Spanish, three replaceable blades and a funnel. It is equipped with a very tight hand grip for use in difficult areas. Safety Hoist Roofing Power Ladders https://bit.ly/2JclQwl This safety hoisting ladder is safe, simple to use and to set up and it is affordable. It is light weight thus easy to carry around and transport. One person can easily and quickly mount and dismount it. It is capable of lifting different materials up the ladder. It can lift and support a weight of up to 200 pounds. It helps minimize instances of injuries on the user that might occur due to fatigue when using conventional ladders. The safety hoisting ladders are made from durable and high quality materials thus little mentainance is required. This saves you time and money. BRIC 35 Cortag https://bit.ly/2SlzPDx The wall chaser was created for making both straight and curved cuts on brick walls. It comes with a 35 mm miller cutter with tungsten carbide teeth, a spacer ringer, two bolt wrench and a fixed wrench. 1. ArgaFast This tool is used for spreading cement easily and quickly on the bricks during construction. It helps minimize wastage and mess during construction. Argafast can be adjusted to suit any size of bricks using screws. It can adjust to size of bricks ranging from 8.5 cm to 20.5 cm. It is equipped with a container that can hold up to 2 gallons of cement. The manufacturers of this tool claim that it can spread up to 13 linear feet of mortar in just 15 seconds. This tool is made from non-rust synthetic material which is abrasion and chemical resistant. It comes with a built-in bubble level measuring tool that indicates the amount of mortar in the container. Probst ENZ Pin Extractor This is a simple tool that is used to pull and extract strings line pins on the construction site. Unlike the traditional methods such as using hammer, pliers or hands, this method is safe, easy, convenient and quick. This device can be used on pins with a diameter ranging from 10mm to 30 mm. You will get well straightened pins, unlike when using other methods. The cost of straightening these pins is high. Thus, ENZ helps you save money and it is cost effective. When using the ENZ, you do not have to exert too much effort. Additionally, this machine is well galvanized and durable. Mortar - www.weber-belgium.be These mortars are produced by the Weber Company. The Company produces high quality and different variety of mortars such as the: Concrete protection mortars, Concrete repair mortars, Precision grouting, Bedding mortars, Structural strengthening and the Ancillary products. The type of mortar you need depends with the project you are undertaking. These mortars helps make life easier, safe, comfortable and convenient. The use of these mortars are environmentally friendly and they are long-lasting to serve you for a long time in the future. These mortars can be used for housing refurbishments, highways or other major infrastructure contracts. KERDI-BOARD - Bathroom - www.kerdi-board.co.uk The Kerdi-Board offers new construction solutions in both installation and designing in the construction sites. It creates an excellent tile covering no matter where or what you are working on. You can achieve straight and precise angled floor both on inside and outside corners. . Other properties of this Kerdi-board, is that it is water and temperature resistant, it has no cement or fiber and it has printed gridlines for easy and accurate cutting. It can also be installed on partition walls, shelves, coverings and other surfaces. HARO Floor on Wall - www.haro.com The Haro flooring are made in Germany. Haro creates quality wooden floors to express the authenticity and the diversity of wood. It makes the floors very special with inspiration from the nature. The Haro floor products are easy to clean and maintain, offers a healthy atmosphere, sustainable production, durable and long-lasting, natural and beautiful and are environmentally friendly. It comes in different styles, colors and formats to accentuate your style. The Haro floor create a 100% atmosphere for your home. It is environmental friendly since it is renewable and made from natural raw materials. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK-https://www.facebook.com/YOUR-TECH-GURUS-277826136072563/ FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE PLUS-https://plus.google.com/u/2/b/106242885727192362406/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER-https://twitter.com/YOURTECHGURUS SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUITUBE CHANNEL -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCADPm3gmlxhmwrs-_5xQXKw
TOP 25 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test
Butter Mill Grate Do You Like to Eat a Toast With Butter in the Mornings? If Yes Then This Kitchen Tool Is Just for You. It Is a Butter Grater Which Makes the Butter Easier to Spread on the Toast. Starfrit- Here Is a Super Helpful Kitchen Gadget That Can Be Perfect for Those Who Like to Make Beautiful Dishes. This Vegetable Cutter Has Various Blades That Can Cut Vegetables Into Spirals or Noodles. This Way You Can Decorate Your Dishes With Beautifully Shaped Vegetables. Drumcook- Are You a Seafood Lover? If Yes, We’d Like to Introduce You This Cooker That Can Make Delicious Shrimp Within Minutes. It Cooks While Rotating the Bowl. No Spill Mill This Elegant Designed Pepper Grinder Will Be a Great Add for Every Kitchen. Not Only It Has a Sleek Design but Also It Works Better Then the Classic Pepper Grinders. The Pepper Will Not Fall Out of It and You Do Not Need to Rotate Anything to Make the Pepper Come. Just Press It, That’s It. 3 in 1 Peeling The Sharp Blade of This Knife Allows Us to Peel a Whole Potato in the Matter of Seconds. Sandwith Cage- With the Help of This Compact Kitchen Tool You Can Easily Use Your Toaster as a Sandwich Maker. It Holds the Two Slices of the Bread Without Letting Them Fall. Corer This Kitchen Tool Is for Making Wholes Inside Vegetables. You Can Use It for Cooking Staffed Vegetables. Icecream Molds With This Ice-cream Forms You Can Make a Home-made Ice-cream. Just Fill in the Forms With a Yogurt and Put It Into the Freezer. After a While You Will Get Delicious Ice-cream. Deglon You Have Never Seen a Knife Like This Before. There Are for Knifes That Fit Into One Knife. Pull Out Cabinet This Useful Kitchen Tool Allows You to Hand All Your Pans in One Place. It Has Adjustable Hooks That Can Be Added Whenever Needed. This Way You Will Save a Lot of Space. Coffee T Disc Carousel This Tea and Coffee Dispenser Makes the Process of Making a Tea or Coffee Much Faster and Easier. You Can Even Rotate It to Choose Your Favorite One. Also, Its Elegant Design Will Fit to Any Kitchen. Colander Set These Are Space Saving and Heat Resistant Water Strainers That Come in Two Sizes. The Best Part About These Containers Is That They Can Become Compact to Not Take Much Space in the Kitchen. You Can Even Wash Them in the Dish Washer as They Will Not Undertake Deformation From the Heat. Fruit Scoop This Is a Circle Shaped Knife That Makes the Fruit Cutting and Peeling Process Much Easier. You Can Peel Kiwi Fruit, Mango, Dragon Fruit or Even a Watermelon With This Knife to Be Left With Clean Peel Free Fruit. Turkey Lifter This Useful Kitchen Tools Takes Up Very Little Space in the Kitchen but Can Help for Cooking a Turkey a Lot. You Can Put the Turkey on It Then Transfer It With the Handles Into the Oven When It Is Ready You Can Take It From the Handles and Take It Out of the Oven. This Knife Is Designs Special for Cutting Oranges and Grapefruits. Its Unique Design Gives Us the Ability to Carefully Separate the Parts of an Orange Without Damaging It. Jar Opener If You Struggle to Open Jars, Then This Kitchen Gadget Is What You Need. You Just Need to Place It on the Jar and It Will Do the Job for You. Egg Slicer For Those Who Like to Make Quick Salads With Eggs or Just Love to Have an Egg for Breakfast, We Introduce This Special Egg Cutter. You Can Get Equal Slices of Eggs With Just One Move. Salt Ball- This Salt Bowl Will Keep the Salt Dry and Clean. Use Your Finger to Slide It Open. Board- If You Have a Small Kitchen, Where You Cannot Fit All Your Kitchen Tools, You Can Replace Most of Them With Just One Multifunctional Board. It Is a Combination of a Cutting Board, a Strainer, Grater and a Bottle Opener. The Board by the Way Can Be Folded to Add the Ingredients Into the Bowl. Isn't This Just Perfect? Trash Can Here Is a 40 L Trash Container That Fits Inside a Kitchen Cupboard. To Take It Out You Just Need to Roll It Out and Then Roll It Back in. Coffe Baskets- This Is a Perfect Container for Keeping Your Coffee in. Xpotkettle- This Perfect Kitchen Tool Is Called the Xpotkettle. The Bottom of This Kettle Is Made of High0quality Aluminum, While the Walls Are Made of Heat Resistant Silicone. The Container Can Collapse Down and Become a Flat Object Without Taking Much Space. This Kettle Is Perfect for Making Food While at Camp. It Is Designed to Fit Two Xcups Inside It. for more info please visite- http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/05/top-25-kitchen-gadgets-put-to-the-test/
Top 10 Unbelievable Advances in Gaming Technology
Racing cube- With this gadget you do need to train for a long time or risk your life when racing .This racing cube cost 5320$. It can work under different modes whereby the rider can sit behind the wheel of a virtual car. He can't control the pedals and the steering wheel. In addition you can use the pilot mode where you can fly the virtual plane using a sidestick controller .The racing cube is equipped with hydraulic seeds such that the personal racing can feel the road bumps and drips when turning. You can race using the vr glasses for an immersive racing experience. Sensoryx This gadget was created to enable the user interact with the vr . Sensoric scums with special gloves equipped with an inbuilt motion sensors .They're wireless with no additional controllers to occupy your hands .Additionally this device comes with four sensors to give you a deeper dive experience when gaming .The sensoryx it's has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly therefore no practice instructions or experience needed to use it it cost $400. Gamo These headphones will make your gaming experience very exciting and unforgettable. Gamo produces 3d sounds and it has a special design. It was created for gamers in mind therefore they are capable of distinguishing up to three different sounds .This feature enables you to achieve a well pronounced 3d sounds .These headphones will help you to identify any position of the enemy ,how far they are and the direction they are moving . Araig gaming suit Also called as real as it gets .This suit was created to change the gamers experience when using virtual reality. The suit uses vibrations ,compression sounds and other techniques to let you experience each particular scene. The middle finger gaming globes This gadget was created to solve the problems that gamers experienced when gaming .Gaming for a long time cause your fingers to get numb ,sweat hands and suffer the joint pains. These gloves will help you forget all this experience when you are gaming .They are made from unique and special materials that helps improve blood micro circulation in your fingers .They improve your grip and prevent your hands from sweating . Microsoft hololens This device is made up of different components that enable the holographic computing .The device is equipped with an optical system that has advanced sensors. The hololens is self-sufficient, it does not have wires external cameras or pc connections .Another feature of this gadget is that it can sense your environment. It knows the maps can sense the objects around you and understands your gestures . Tesla gaming suit This gaming suit enables the gamer to interact with the virtual environment and feel it. The suit is built on electro masculine stimulation technology .This gaming suit has temperature control features, bio metric feedback system and motion capture . It is equipped with small electric pulse that stimulates teen sensations and it incorporates approximately 52 channels. It is not bulky and you can wear it like your normal clothing . Lexip This is a computer mouse which is newly designed for professional gamers but anyone can use them. The gadget offers the gamer new gaming skills and opportunities. Lexip is equipped with two special features. A joystick located on the side for switching game modes and the other actions are performed by the other hand using a keyboard .This mouse can be used to zoom ,make a precise aiming or navigate the map . Cyberih virtualizer These gadgets are suitable for people who sit motionless for a long time .They are the first gaming carrots that involve the whole body of the gamer during the gaming process .With these gadgets you can fully immerse yourself into the game .You can crouch dodge and hold the weapon stimulator in your hands. The gamer can walk around without bumping into other objects .The cyber it virtualizer are equipped with the innovative principle of high position sensors with unique mechanical design and low friction. The gamer is capable of walking and make different body movements although it does not change his position .It can be used with all age proves. Bcon sometimes the gamers are faced with the task of handling a huge number of buttons quickly and at once .with only 10 fingers this is impossible well this gadget was created to solve this problem. Bcon can be used with all software's and games and you do not have to install any driver .you can attach the bcon to your shoe which enables you to perform commands by just moving your feet .additionally you can dodge switch weapons, learning skills or even jump using this device .It has adjustable straps to suit any body size and it is friendly to people across all age groups. for more info please visit http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/05/top-10-unbelievable-advances-in-gaming-technology/
Top 10 New Power And Ingenious Tools
HANDJET EBS-260 - This is a lightweight, ultra compact, portable and handheld ink jet printer. It is fitted out with an electromagnetic valve print head, a battery and a wireless control. The total weight of this machine is only 1580 grams. This machine was specially developed for people who would like to mark their products no matter where they are located. This ink jet has all the capabilities and features of a normal ink-jet printers. It replaces the old and obsolete hand held printers such as the stencil, ink roll coding devices among others. They are expensive to use and labor intensive. This machine can edit, print texts and graphic symbols using windows. Additionally, it makes durable and smooth marks even on uneven surfaces. LOG WIZARD LOGOSOL - This tool changes your saw into a new tool. It can be used as a de-barker, sharpener, planer or a notcher. This tool comes with a standard 3 ¼ inch blades. In addition, it uses the ball bearing construction that helps lengthen the life of the Log Wizard. It helps you remove the tree bark flawlessly and leaves it smooth and perfect for the intended use. For planning it helps you achieve the intended thickness of the timber. It also helps you create notches and groove for either stylish or functional reasons. You can see this tool is versatile for most of your timber needs. LEWIS MULTIDRILL - This is a universal mount multidrill. It can attach on the side of the chainsaw and it is capable of driving the following accessories: A 12 and 16 inch auger extensions, the earth auger available in 4 and 6 inches diameter and a length of 30 inches. The Lewis winch comes with a 150 feet steel aircraft cable. ADVALIGNO - This machine was created to help de-limb trees in order to produce quality wood. Unlike the previous machines that can only cut tree branches up to a certain meters. This machine can cut trees branches of any height. It does not require a lot of manual work as is required on other traditional depluming machines. This machine helps reduce operating costs by up to 70%. This Advaligno machine uses hydraulically driven rubber belts that ensure low bark pressure and provide maximum grip. This machine is capable of working on any weather conditions. KARCHER PUZZI - This spray extraction tool was designed for easy and deep cleaning for carpets, textile flooring and upholstery. This machine is fitted out with special features that make cleaning quick and very easy. It has a 14.5 Psi spray rate. To use it, the water and the detergent is sprinkled on the area you want to clean. JEMMS MULTIPLE-SPINDLE - The multi spindle was designed to help start or remove multiple fasteners. It is driven by a single motor which enables all the fasteners to turn at the same RPM. It automatically stops when the fasteners become snug. NIMBLE CUTTER - This is a one finger safety cutter. It enables you cut items using just one finger. It can safely be used to cut open tricky packages, envelopes and boxes among others. The nimble cutter can comfortably fit on each of your fingers. This is because it is made from silicone rubber which allows for elasticity. HILTI DD 150 - This is a handheld and versatile drilling system. This tool is equipped with a high motor performance with a strong three speed gearing for a great performance. Additionally, this too has a 360° adjustable side handles equipped with water and dust management features. It has a power controlled LED which helps even a new user on how to achieve a maximum drilling speed and maximize core bit lifespan. The rig-based wet drilling is used in concrete for pipe penetrations and cable trays and for the installation of railings and barriers. SIMPSON QUICK DRIVE - This tool provides increased productivity and high quality fastener performance. This tool is suitable for broad range of fastening applications. It can be used in: subflooring, decks/docks, drywall, fiber-cement cladding, standing-seam metal roofing, steel framing/stitching, steel decking/stitching, underlayment/backer board, truck beds/trailer flooring/landscape. GATOR GRIP - This is a self-adjusting and universal socket that can adjust itself for all sizes and shapes. It automatically adjusts itself to grip hex nuts, screw eyes, hooks, lag screws, and bolt heads. It can also adjust to different standards and metric application measuring ¼ to ¾ inches and 7 to 9 mm of metric. This tool can work with rusted and the damaged heads. It easy to use by both professionals and for ordinary home use. It has 54 hardened steel springs pins that are durable and long lasting. FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT- http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/05/top-10-new-power-and-ingenious-tools/
Top 10 Amazing Gadgets In The World
Refresherboxx - This machine will try your shoes quickly and conveniently . It cleans and dries your textiles without water or chemicals . It's vetted with a special system that guarantees heat that is distributed in a closed box . This device has an inbuilt blower to let it try things with the airflow . The user can control the gadget to the desired mode by use of a smartphone application or on the gadget . Take off - The smart hanger that helps you decide what to wear . It shows dates time and temperature and it can read your phone calendar and inform you of your appointments . It uses wi-fi connection and an application for your smart phone . It will advise on what outfit to wear based on the weather conditions . This device also wants you on the level of the air pollution and the allergens around you . It has five frames that recommends your clothing footwear head and neck covering hands wear and accessories . Power dock This is a wireless quick charging dock that can charge up to five devices at the same time . It also serves as a power bank it lets you have an organized and innate environment for you . It has two inputs and four output ports and a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge up to five devices at once .It can quickly charge your device at 10 watts .It's compatible and has a 7.5 watts with iphone x 8 and 8 plus and for android a 10 watt output .This gadget will charge your android phone battery at 80% in 35 minutes . Vintun 2.0 This devices a stylish and tiny ultrasonic pen for washing your clothes and vibrates . 5200 times per second and can clean a dirty stain in less than 30 minutes , is designed and held as a marker . It will easily and quickly wash away the stains in your clothes . It saves your water ,time and energy . It has a very compact design ,you can use it anywhere and everywhere and it's lightweight thus it is chargeable. This smart cleaner also purifies microscopically with ultrasound to remove dirt and stain. Naked prosthetics Wicked prosthetic s are specifically designed for those with finger loss . It enables the finger amputees to perform most jobs . These prosthetic s mimics the finger motions and it uses the remaining amputees digits to power the device . Keezel Connections in public establishments is dangerous for your personal data . These connections do not guarantee privacy of your data . Impostors may get access to your financial credit card data , your passwords which leaves you exposed to theft , keezel gadget protects your device from ransomware and intruders . It secures the internet connection using vpn technology and 256 bit aes encryption to protect your data . It lets you watch things that are blocked from certain countries . Ovie- Smart multitask bluetooth device for your kitchen .This device informs you the level of your food freshness and it's easy to use. When you put your food in a bowl with the device and it will send the information about the foodie using voice assistant technology of amazon alexa . . Green means the food is fresh , yellow means the fruit is about expired and should be used immediately and red means food is spoiled .It suggests recipes for you based on the food you have it can be used with a special mobile application . Vue These are smart glasses that use bone conduction audio technology to transfer sand to your ear without ear buds. The glasses have an integrated technology you can the lenses of your glasses to planner or sunglasses you can control them with a touch interface that is fixed on the frames. These glass do not have ports or controls to ensure a less intrusive experience. Vue gets charged automatically by leaving it in the charging case when you are not using them and ifs battery can last for a week . It has an open-air design for listening to instructions and musing and receiving calls. Nexpaq Is a smartphone case fitted with a battery of 1000 mah . It has six partitions with plug-in modules for different purposes. It has 12 modules comes with an added battery a 64 or 32 gigabytes usb flash drive , a led flash lights a breathalyzer, analyzer, 64 gigabyte storage, two programmable hardware buttons ,a loudspeaker temperature and humidity sensor .It has the memory card reader and pointer . Mesay This is a portable device that you can use to translate sixteen different languages .It take just one second to translate a single utterance this device uses artificial intelligence and has an accuracy level of 97% .It's made of lightweight materials. You can't carry it anywhere you go it only weighs 0.1 pounds .It has a back-to-back communication for easy fast efficient communication. It has a chargeable battery that lasts up to 72 hours with a four hours charging time .It's fitted with a 33 millimeter speaker that vibrates fast to allow the sound to be clear and distinctive . more info please visit -http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/04/top-10-amazing-gadgets-in-the-world/
Top 7 New Construction Inventions That Are At Another Level 3
AtreGo Shoes This is a men’s casual safety shoe that is suitable for construction sites, outdoor activities, athletic or welding. It can be worn in hot, cold wet or even oily environments. Additionally these shoes are light weight and also bullet proof. They have a steel toe which helps protect your feet from any accidents. Additionally, the shoe is fitted out with a padded insole, a breathable mesh, an ankle collar and it is a genuine leather at the upper side of the shoe. The sole of theses shoes are excellent shock absorbers and they are slip-resistant WALLTITE Blue Foam Insulation This is a medium density polyurethane foam insulation/ air barrier system that is made to increase energy efficiency of any type of building. This tool is made from recycled plastic materials. It can easily attach itself on any surface even under extreme weather conditions. It safe for use in schools and other places and for indoor use. It maximizes the performance of building envelope thus reducing the operating costs. Install concrete paving This company offers excellent solutions for handling construction materials. These products offers a quick and safe working environment for the workers. This company offers all construction solutions for paving, civil engineering and building construction. The machines that are used for paving are: The hydraulic installation clamp HVZ-light, Hydraulic Installation clamp HVZ-Eco, the shifting adapter HVZ-VA-180°, Installation Machine VM-301-PAVERMAX / DPF, Pallet-Cart PW-III, Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ-GENIUS for universal use with excavators, Mechanical Paver Installation in Herringbone 45 Degree Format among others. Makinex The Makinex construction equipment were created to help save time and enhance the safety of the users. This company is keen to manufacture construction products that increase efficiency and high productivity. These products make work easier and faster. Some of these construction products are: The makinex generator range, makinex parallel gauge, a powered hand truck, a rotary cleaner and wand washer, the smasher jack hammer, flappable wide chisel, a jack hammer trolley among others. These unique and innovative products are reliable and easy to use and highly productive making worker faster and accurate. You will save both your money and time using these products. ETR 350 P The powerful cutting system This machine is used for cutting mineral materials, slitting expansion joints, cutting walls for installations, cutting breakthroughs into brick works and can be used for civil engineering’s for drilling and sawing operations. The main feature of this machine is that it is equipped with a special oil bath gearbox with optimal adjusted speed for fast working. It has an adjustable cutting depth limitation without use of any tools. Another important feature of this tool, is that it has robust metal suction hood and a nozzle with a diameter of 35 mm. The ETR 350 P has electronic cut-off carbon brushes for protecting the motor. It has temperature control and over current cut off. Fortex Cladding - Fortex offers interior cladding on external surfaces. It offers low maintenance PVC. It comes in different colors and designs to compliment the archicteral design and color taste. The fortex cladding system is made from strong and durable materials to withstand harsh and different weather conditions. These claddings comes with a 10 year warranty. It is made from light weight and compact materials, which makes it easy and quick to install. Also, handling, storing and transportation is easy and convenient. The Fortex cladding are highly rated, they are sustainable and environmental friendly. It has a double shiplap which is 300 mm wide and 7 mm thick to cover a wide area quickly. This makes it durable and last longer. Facade tiles - The façade tiles are made for building cladding. They are installed on walls and other surfaces as finish material. It can be used for homes, outdoor structures and garden walls. It comes in different color shades, design and sizes. They are suitable for both new and renovated buildings. Installing the Façade tiles is quick and easy and it is similar as that of installing the ceramic or natural stone tiles. It can be installed on various types of surfaces such as wood, concrete among others. more info please visite http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/05/top-7-new-construction-inventions-that-are-at-another-level-3/
Top 15 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test #2
Top 15 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test #2 Chopper- This Useful Kitchen Tool Can Dice Any Fruits or Vegetables Into Small Equal Squares . It Will Take Only Seconds to Cut A Whole Apple . This Tool Is Perfect for Making Quick Salads. It Also Comes With The Bowls So You Can Make the Salad Right in That Bowl . Ice Shaver This Kitchen Tool Is An Ice Shaver .You Can Put Ice Pops Into It and by Rotating the Handle You Can Get Shaved Ice Ready to Eat. Cheese Slicer -This Is a Special Kitchen Knife for Cutting Cheese . It Has Two Functions First One Is the Perfect Slicer and the Second One Is a Grater. Spiral Slicer-This Kitchen Tool Is Perfect for Those Who Like to Decorate Their Meals With Vegetables .This Slicer Has Three Blades the First One Cuts Into a Ribbon Shape the Second One Into a Coil Shape and the Third One Into the Shape of Noodles. Bowl With Strainer -Here Is a Multi-functional bowl That Can Serve as a Mixing Bowl for Pancake Dough.It Also Has a Pancake Shape to Put on a Pan and Make Perfectly Circle Pancakes The Bowl Also Has a Built-in Strainer For Washing Curbs and Vegetables . Sharp Knife- if You Are Looking for a Sharp Knife Then This One Is for You You Can Cut Anything With This Knife Without Damaging the Beautiful Look of The Food . Be It Bread Fruits or Vegetables . Shrimp And Prawn Peeler-Eating a Crab Leg Has Never Been This Easy . Most People Struggle to Cut Open Crab Legs but With These Scissors Your Job Is Made Easier .It Effortlessly Cuts Open Crab Legs and Lobster Tails. Egg Cutter/Slicer -Here Is the Perfect Egg Cutter It Has Three Blades for Cutting an Egg With Various Slices . One Blade Cuts the Egg Into Six Big Slices the Other One Cuts Into Equal Thin Slices and the Last One Cuts Into Small Squares . You Can Cut Three Eggs Simultaneously . It Will Take Only Seconds to Cut the Whole Egg Watermelon Slicer - This Knife Is Perfectly Designed for Cutting Melon and Watermelon . You Can Cut a Perfect Slice and Carefully Take It With The Same Knife and Put It on a Table Meat Grinder - Here Is a Perfectly Modern Designed Meat Grinder . You Can Take All the Parts Apart To Clean It and Then Add Back the Parts To Use It Again . It Takes Very Short Time To Collect All the Parts Together and That's It You Can Start Grinding Your Meat. Ice Cream Maker - We Introduce You to a Fruit Grinder Kitchen Tool This Can Turn Any Fruit Into a Fresh Yogurt . All You Need Is Your Favorite Fruits and a Few Moves of Your Hand Grater for Cheese - Here Is a Perfect Grater for Cheese. It Has a Design of a Meat Grinder and Grates Cheese Within Seconds . Lemon Squeezer - This Small Kitchen Tool Can Be Useful for Anyone . You Can Take the Lemon With It and Squeeze the Lemon Without Spraying the Juice on Your Hand or Your Surroundings . This Tool Makes the Cooking of a Potato Easier by Stabbing the Potato With Its Spikes Juicer - if You Are a Lover of a Fresh Homemade Juice Then This Machine Is Right for You . It Can Easily Be Assembled and Taken in To Parts for Washing .You Can Start Grinding Any Fruit the Machine Will Collect the Juice Into a Separate Cup And Take Out the Extra Parts of the Fruit. for more please visit our site - http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/04/top-15-kitchen-gadgets-put-to-the-test-2/
TOP 10 Modern Space Saving Furniture
Smart Cupboard This unique and cavernous piece of furniture is equipped with a lot of shelves and a combination of doors. It is multi functional and easy to use. You can transform one of the drawer into a chair and another into a table. You are required to pull it out from the basic cabinet. In addition, the smart cupboard has a wardrobe that can be transformed into a sofa by lowering one of the shelves. Also, the furniture is fitted out with a mirror for your wardrobe. The Transformer Bench This is a wooden folding bench, fitted out with a strong metal fastener. The bench can withstand a weight of up to 1500 pounds. Additionally, it has a length of approximately 10 feet. The transformer bench is equipped with inbuilt wheels that enables you to move it freely around the house. It can be used as a coffee table, a footstool or a storage for the other five extra wooden panels. Also, this bench can be transformed into a bed, thanks to its special integrated floor. Avivi: Smart Kitchen This Israeli company has been manufacturing unique kitchens and bathroom accessories with a sole reason of saving space. The company uses intelligent technology to create their units instead of the normal bulky and traditional materials. The Avivi Smart Kitchen is equipped with a combination of sliding pieces to operate it. The working area is fitted out with a stove, which is placed under the panel. This is a smart way to save space because, the working top is not needed often. The sliding doors allow you to access the oven and plates on the shelves when you need to use them. This Smart Kitchen has minimal decorations making it more airy and elegant. Additionally, the unit is safe for your pets and children around the house. Pratico This is queen size storage bed equipped with a gas lift. This bed has a stunning design, excellent functions, form and outstanding beauty. It is equipped with a 13 inch deep base to offer you an ample storage space. These storage compartments are located beneath the mattress. They vary in size and number depending with how you have positioned them or provided by the manufacturer. Also, worth noting is that the corners of the bed are rounded to prevent you from knocking your legs when moving around. The gas lift mechanism allows you to easily and quickly open and close the Pratico at your convenience. Flat This is a set of furniture that is fixed on the wall. It is a convertible unit that enables you save up your living space. The Flat is equipped with many storage units, such as drawers, a wardrobe and a bed. All these compartments can be opened by just pressing a button. The bed can hold a 60 x 80 inch mattress. It has inbuilt lighting system that lights up bright LED when you open the door. The bed is placed at the middle part of the Flat unit. The mattress is safely attached to the bed using safety straps. Smart Room This universal smart room has features of different types of furniture. It is equipped with a closet with enough to storage for your clothes and other things. The shelves are well fitted to offer you a long time of service. In addition, the Smart Room is equipped with a comfortable moveable sofa that can be set up in two versions. The unit holds a single bed that is assembled by making a few movements and adjustments. Additionally, the Smart Room is equipped with a big dining table. Filograno Arredi This kitchen unit was created in Italy. Unlike its analogue predecessor, it is fitted out with remote controlled drawer system. You can turn the lights on and off, open and close the doors manually or using the remote depending with the model of your unit. In addition, the unit is equipped with a special system that enables the user to open and close the top cabinets using the buttons located on the inside of the unit. Also worth noting, is that the user can access the lower drawers by touching a certain special point located at the bottom with your foot. This is convenient for people who have difficulties bending and it also helps save time as you do not have to keep bending all the time to access the bottom drawers. Hover This unique piece of furniture is suitable for people with apartments with small space or for those who work from home. It allows you transform it into a queen size sleeping bed and a working station. When the unit is folded, it looks like a long cupboard against the wall. It fits well on the wall and it does not have handles for a neat and smooth finishing when folded. It is equipped with silver hidden legs that open from the side. Additionally, the unit comes with a comfortable 12.55 inches mattress. The mattress is secured by straps tied across the mattress. Smart Sofa Unlike other ordinary sofa we are used to, this smart sofa can be divided into two and can be converted into two armchairs. The furniture can be converted into a folding table.
Top 10 Gadgets In The World
⦁ Dashbon Mask It is a mobile device that doubles as a movie theatre and headphone and you can use it anytime and anywhere without causing disturbance. Using the HDMI cable, you can connect your smart phone to the headphones for great quality sound and spectacular and immersive movie watching experience, on a massive screen. It has inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours. It comes with a USB power adapter for charging. ⦁ Matrix Power Watch It is a unique watch that does not require charging, it is powered by your body heat and operates on advanced thermoelectric technology. It accurately measures the activity level of your body, tracks the quality of your sleep and precisely measures burned calories. The power meter at the screen of the watch, displays how much electrical energy your body is generating. It keeps count of the steps your body is making to ensure you are active. ⦁ Vitastiq 2 This is a gadget that tracks your vitamins and mineral levels and it tracks up to 26 different minerals in your body. It is wireless and made of titanium, thus it is light, portable, durable, accurate and simple to use. One can personally take their own readings because it is easy and offers a thorough guidelines for each step. It is compatible with your smartphones and tablets, and offers a free Vitastiq APP that permits you to create extra profile. ⦁ Delux Designer This is device that helps you create, paint, edit, and design effortlessly, with just one recap key. It saves you from remembering all the shortcuts keys and from spending a lot time on monotonous work that can be done by one press of a button. It has more than 50 customizable keycaps, to help you program your tasks into just one key to make your work load simpler. ⦁ Ice Orb This is a floating wireless and handy Bluetooth speaker that rotates around a magnetic base, to give you an exciting musical experience. The orb has great quality speaker system, allowing you play music at high volume levels without noise or alteration and does not compromise on the quality or the clarity of the sound and music. It can be used as unconnected Bluetooth speaker, and it is light and portable. It has an attractive unique design that is sensible in great functionality. ⦁ Snap Snap 4k is a wearable tiny action camera, it only weighs 79g and size 45x45mm. It has a water proof case, magnet stand and clip to easily attach to anything while on the move. You can easily capture your biking, running, skating, and various creative experiences activities. It has 180 degree flip lens, with ultra-high definition and full retina display, to enable you film easily from any angle. It produces 12MP images and [email protected] video excellence with accurate color reproduction. ⦁ Lynq This a location tracking gadget, that enables you find people or pets in crowded or remote areas. It shows direction and distance at a wide range signal of 5 km and operates anywhere under open sky, it does require network, maps, monthly fees or connectivity of any kind. It is private and secure and can trail up to 12 people at once. Its alert system will vibrate, ring and lights up immediately when someone goes out of the selected location. ⦁ Swift Point GT It has ergonomically compact design that keeps you from health problems, such as cramping and pains experienced with draw grip and it helps you improve on your efficiency. It replaces the old-fashioned mouse and has excellent additional features. It is portable, weighs only 24 grams and ideal for MAC OXS, and well-suited for windows 7, 8 and 10, Android tablet or notebook. It fast and easier to use and can connect via Bluetooth or USB. All you need to do is swipe and scroll to access where you need. ⦁ Moov Now This device is your personal fitness coach, that show you new skills and directs you while you coach. This APP gives you audio direction in your workout, by tracking your heartbeat rate and body movements simultaneously. Moov saves your data and assist you to intensify your performance while also encouraging you to push yourself more. It guides you to reduce instances of injuring your body, since it senses every specific motion you make. It is water proof, thus ideal for running, cycling and swimming. ⦁ NOZzER Watch It is the world’s best gadget that keeps you from falling sleep. It is useful when you need to stay conscious but you are exhausted and sleepy, this device will give you a superb natural anti-sleep effect. It increases your neural functioning in the brain by affecting the tactile nerve endings. Therefore, you cannot fall asleep while the program is turned on. The NOZzER technology uses exclusive and intelligent algorithm against the skin and the manual control to bring about instant anti-sleep effect. for full information please visit http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/05/top-10-gadgets-in-the-world/
Top 10 Construction Inventions And Ingenious Tool
Road Zipper This machine was developed to help maximize the road capacity and minimize traffic congestion on the roads. It enables more effective use of the roads while reducing the cost of movements. The machine uses a technology that controls the streets for a safe and dynamic highways with the ability to change the road configurations in real time. The machine does not interfere with the protection barriers. The Road Zipper is able to adjust the number of lanes on the road. Or increase and decrease the thickness of the lanes relative to the traffic. TBM S-867 The operation and design of this machine is inspired by nature especially the worm. The machine digs it teeth into the rock and allows it to pass through the front. It is equipped with a drill that it uses for cutting surfaces. They are made from strong tungsten carbide, sharp carbide discs and special cutting blades for the stronger rock parts. Additionally, the drill can be used for drilling tunnels in tough terrains. The drill has a diameter of 26 feet and it weighs 660 tons. The size of the machine is approximately 400 feet. Sam This is a semi-automatic stonemason that can replace a team of manual workers. This machine is capable of laying bricks five times faster than a human being. Normally a stone mason can lay about 300 to 500 stone bricks in a day. This machine is capable of laying approximately 2000 bricks. This robot is programmed to accurately place the bricks and evenly distribute the ground. To operate this machine, one person is required to load the bricks on to the conveyer while the machine places them. Another worker is required to get rid of excess cement. The output of this machine is long lasting and very fast. MB C-50 The total weight of this machine does not exceed a ton. Thanks to its high maneuverability, this crushing bucket can work in conjunction with other different compact excavators such as mini excavators. This machine comes in handy when bringing down small buildings, for gardening, for road construction and can be used to lay pipelines in places where the space is limited. The bucket has high productivity of 10 cubic meters/hour and produces high quality work. This machine is environmental friendly and flexible. This makes the working process of this vehicle safe for everyone. The machine enables you to reuse all the crushed material at the construction site. AHK 36/2400 This crane trailer is used for the construction. It is equipped with a modern master system. The crane can reach a height of 36 cm and can lift a weight of up to 2400 Kgs. The total weight of this machine is 3 ½ tons. With reliable fastenings, the crane provides stability and safety during the construction process. The crane is attached to the tandem chassis to offer safe driving and optimal distribution of load. Additionally, this crane can be set up in 256 different positions with the help of auto-levelling. Atlant 4000 This is a robotic machine that is equipped with a robotic caterpillar base. It is capable of handling different types of tasks during construction. Due to its universality it can be installed with various hanging tools. Additionally, the machine has a hydraulic hammer that enables it to perform long and effective work. Also, with the rotating arm, the machine operator can install the hydraulic hammer at a 90° angle on any surface while ensuring the highest possible clamping force. Additionally, the machine is fitted out with conical claws, the brushings, reinforcement in the heavy area and hydraulic cylinders. They help to offer necessary dependability to withstand vibrations and shocks that are caused by the hydraulic hammer. Brokk 90 This maneuverable machine is capable of performing demolitions in hard to reach areas where only use of hand tools is possible. This machine has a compact chassis, 11 kilowatt electric motor and a 12 feet 3 section manipulator. It is made to endure high dynamic pressure. Additionally, the machine performs construction using a strong hydraulic hammer. Thanks to its compact size, the machine can be transported on an elevator. Crawler 78 This is highly compact machine that is capable of reaching a working height of up to 78 feet. It is highly maneuverable and it can reach the hard to access areas that are impossible for other machines. It can be used for tree care, cleaning glasses on high buildings or facility mentainance. It can pass through narrow fences and enter the narrow gates easily, go down steep slopes and it can even move on a swimming pool. ETH Zurich Robot This is a wooden structure with a strange shape and it was all made by a robot. Materials of different sizes were cut and put together to form a structure. The structure has an automated method that provide innovative feedback processes. for more info please visit http://www.youtechguru.com/2019/05/top-10-construction-inventions-and-ingenious-tool/