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How to BBQ Eggplant
Such an easy delicious recipe! Ingredients- Eggplant, garlic, chili, cumin, spring onion, oil, salt. Follow the instructions in the video! Forgot to mention, we don't eat the skin but whether you do or not is up to you. The flesh will fall off the skin anyhow. All questions welcome. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected] Forward all media requests relating to your video to our licensing team: [email protected]
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Easy Mead Recipe
This is a super simple one bottle mead recipe. Ingredients- Water, honey, yeast. Follow the directions in the video. This will turn out great for you. I ended up drinking most of this bottle with ice and lemon. If you have any questions please ask.
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My favourite ESL class game
Rules- Before class prepare a key of what weapons will go in each grid space. Divide the class into teams, each person has 3 lives. Draw a 10x10 grid on the board. Ask students the revision questions, whoever gets the question right can choose a square. Tell the student what the square contains. Gun= take one life point away. Two guns = Take two life points from the same person or one each of 2 people. Bomb= The answer-er loses one life point. Fire= The whole team loses one life point. Heart= Add one life point. The team that still has people alive in the end wins. Change the names of the values if you wish. If enough people press 'like' I will add more games.
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Chinese French Fries (ganbiantudousi)
This is one of the most delicious Chinese recipes and an awesome twist the humble fry. Ingredients- Potatoes, oil, corn flour, Chili, Garlic, Salt, Sugar, Spring onion (optional), Sichuan pepper (optional) Follow the instructions in the video. Be careful when using hot oil! Enjoy. All questions are welcome. If you have any requests for authentic Chinese recipes just ask. Thanks for watching.
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How to Make Sweet and Sour Pork
This is how they do it in China, I know it's not as beautiful as in your local Chinese shop. Ingredients- Pork, corn flour, egg white, ,Sugar, vinegar, ketchup. Follow the directions on the substandard video. Follow on twitter @sarcasmo57 Thanks for being so awesome.
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How to make raisin wine
Yup, made wine out of raisins. Turned out well. Ingredients- Raisins, water, sugar, yeast. Follow the poor directions in the video. Questions welcome.
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How to make hemp seed milk. SO EASY!
Here is a super simple recipe, you will need hemp seeds, water, a blender and a straining cloth. You can sweeten with sugar or dry dates if you like.
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How to make a chicken feeder and waterer. FOR FREE
Good for small home coop. Keeps feed dry and water clean and cuts down on the time you have to spend on chicken raising. Reusing is better than recycling. I just noticed that another youtuber had a very similar idea.. Good for you, it's a great idea. Any questions answered in comments. Enjoy!
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Chinese cucumber salad (daopaihuanggua)
A cool summer recipe that's super delicious and easy to make. Ingredients- Cucumber, vinegar, olive or sesame oil, garlic, ginger, salt, chili, sichuan peppers (optional), spring onion. Follow the directions in the video and then enjoy. All questions welcome.
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How to make Mapo Tofu
Simple recipe strait out of Sichuan. Ingredients- Tofu, minced meat, chili, Sichuan peppers, garlic, ginger, water, oil, salt, spring onion, some kind of blackened soy bean sauce. The the specific sauce we used is called laoganma it is available in the US and Australia, not sure about other places. All questions welcome. Thanks for watching.
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Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves
Yeah, this is a thing. Ingredients: Sweet potato leaves, garlic, oyster sauce, salt, spring onion, salt. Follow these incredibly clear and accurate directions and just make it. If you have questions just ask, we will answer, eventually. For a Chinese dish this feels really healthy to eat, perhaps it is depending on what oil you use? Hey if anyone ever reads this can you please type this sentence code word into the comment section "Summer's ready when you are." It's just that I don't think people really read these things. There could be treasure down here, no one would know. Happy festivus.
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Deep Fried Lotus
Or lotus fritters, or fried lotus root, I didn't know what to call this. Ingredients- Lotus root, flour, corn starch, oil, water, spring onion, chili, salt. Follow the poorly narrated directions in the video, you can omit the spring onions and chili if you like. There is another version of this where a little meat is sandwiched between two thinly sliced pieces of lotus root, it's also good. Twitter - @sarcasmo57
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Crispy Corn Recipe
Crunchy, delicious and easy to make. Ingredients- Corn, Corn flour, salt, Chili, Sichuan pepper powder (optional), egg white (optional), Tomato (if you're weird), Spring onion, oil. Follow the directions in the video. Enjoy!
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How to make Luffa and eggs
Or loofah, sponge gourd, torai, peerkangai, depending on where you come from. Ingredients: Luffa, Eggs, Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Sugar, Water. Yes, it's the luffa that you wash yourself with. You will need to use much younger luffa than the one in the shower, but it's the same vegetable. Any questions, please ask. Sorry for the sporadic video releases. It's been a rough year, when will it ever end? We truly love you for watching this, and for reading so far down in the comment.
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配料 : 新鲜辣椒,大蒜,姜, 盐,糖。 做按照视频的做法做,问题不大。 千万别忘带手套。 有什么问题尽管问。 我做了这个酱为了拍剁椒鱼头视频但是还没拍好。最今太忙了,慢慢做吧。 谢谢我们的台湾和香港朋友,你们最近越来越多来看。好像美国的汉人也不少。 谢谢看我的视频。
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Touching base
We really wanted to make a video today to explain, and apologise for our absence and to thank you all for your patience. It’s been so hard for us to find any time to do this so we wanted to get it done at that specific time, then of course the battery warning light came on so it was a rushed video. I’ve been working and studying so much that it it’s really stressing me out so it’s been tough getting my head in the right kind of space to make anything we could be kind of proud of. I know that we left the last video untranslated, actually I did do it but just before uploading I decided that it wasn’t good enough, then never got a chance to get back to it. Will do it eventually, but for now we will press forward with new stuff. If anyone in the northern Brisbane area is good at fibre glassing and wouldn’t mind teaching me please send a message. I can pay you in homemade beer and good times. Love from the sarcasmo57 family.
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Chinese dry smoked pork recipe (腊肉)
The dry smoked meat treat that can't be beat, not that there's anything wrong with a meat beat. Knock yourself out. Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Soy sauce (optional). So follow the poor instructions. If you have questions they will be answered.... eventually. We will follow this up by cooking it in a a traditional Chinese dish... eventually. Sorry for the slowness in getting videos out, we will be able to go back to making more videos in about six months time, hopefully. Thanks for being so awesome.
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How to make lard.
This is my wife's recipe. We make this ever so often because her parents, like all rural Chinese folk, raise pigs. This method is quicker than some I've seen. Good for frying fries or making tortillas.
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Maple Syrup Wine
Or maple wine? It gets you drunk. Ingredients: Maple syrup, water, yeast. Yeah. i wanted to do this experiment for a while, it turned out well. Why doesn't Russia plant a bunch of maple trees? Surely their busted ass economy could use a boost. Temperature while brewing was between 16-26 Celsius. If you have any questions please ask.
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糖醋里脊的食材: 猪里脊肉 玉米淀粉 鸡蛋清 白沙糖 醋 番茄酱 油 [不喜欢加鸡蛋清也可以加面粉和玉米淀粉油炸,也是很脆的。这个菜加菠萝就是广东的名菜咕噜肉,当然为了漂亮也可以加青红辣椒。]
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Beer Duck Recipe
Ingredients- Duck, Beer, Corn, Garlic, Ginger, Chili, Star Anise, Sichuan Pepper, Soy Sauce, Salt, Spring Onion, Cooking Rice Wine. Super delicious Chinese dish, that accompanies beer so well on a hot day. Follow the directions and you can't go wrong. Any questions, please ask. Feel free to tweak this recipe to fulfill your wildest dreams. Tastes even better with Lotus. Thanks for watching.
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Fried Peanuts Recipe
Ingredients- Raw peanuts Oil Water Salt. Instruction (in case the video isn't clearly narrated by that fool) 1. Soak the nuts for about 10 minutes. 2. Drain the nuts. 3. Put them in hot oil. 4. Adjust the oil temperature so that it looks like it's slowly frying. 5. When the colour is golden brown (maybe 7-9 mins later) drain off the oil. 6. Add salt. ( some people want to add sugar, go nuts) 7 Eat. I recommend you eat these with friends while drinking beer. This video was made in a light-hearted spirit, not meaning to offend. Thanks for watching.
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配料 : , 韭菜,鸡蛋,面粉,水,香油,小葱,盐。 按照视频做问题应该不大。 最好用很新鲜的韭菜否则饼不会想。 这种食物既便宜又非常好吃。 你有什么问题尽管问。 谢谢看我的视频。
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怎么做猪油 (Chinese)
简单做法。自己做的猪油最好吃。 有问题欢迎问我。 谢谢
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How to Make Kimchi Chinese Style
This video will teach you how to pickle vegetables. It's super easy! 1. Add what vegetables you want. 2. Add a few spices. 3. Add Salt and hot water. 4. Make sure it's clean! 5. Wait two weeks. DONE! It's better to use older vegetables than fresh ones as the cells are a broken down a bit more, this is also one of the the reasons for putting it in the sun. All questions welcome!
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What happens when you machine wash a suede jacket?
I take one for the team and test out what happens when you put a suede jacket in the wash. Follow this method and you will save billions on your annual dry cleaning bill. I did the experiment, send me a triple J fun pack.
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传统腊肉做法。 配料 猪肉, 盐, 酱油。 按照视频做,有问题就问吧。 必须在冬天做。 你也爱吃腊肉吗?
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Chinese Egg and Garlic Chive Pancakes
Ingredients: flour, eggs, garlic chives, water, salt, scallions (optional), sesame oil. Wow, worst translation yet... Basically, put all of the ingredients in a bowl, mix it up, aim for a very wet consistency like she does in the video then fry some on a flat pan. They will take quite a few minutes to cook, flip a few times if you want. It's a cheap and delicious meal. And finally you have something to do with all of those garlic chives. Thanks for watching Lizzy.
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大家好,今天教你做刀拍黄瓜!!! 配料- 黄瓜醋,盐,酱油, 芝麻或只橄榄油, 大蒜,将,姜,辣椒,花椒。 按照电影做。 有问题请问我。
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How to make Kung Pao Chicken
Ingredients: Chicken, peanuts, cucumber, bell peppers, chili, ginger, garlic, doubanjiang, salt, sugar, oil. Follow the instructions exactly or it may blow up destroying all life on this world. You have been warned. You can also try other nuts, cashews go well in this, and I would love to try it with macadamias. Any questions, please ask.
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How to make Blueberry and Strawberry Wine
I'm so happy about how this turned out, I would have thrown this old jam out otherwise. All questions will be answered.
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配料-土豆,孜然,大蒜,辣椒,小葱,盐,油。 这个香辣好吃的菜很配啤酒和开心的时间。 英语翻译马上来。 谢谢看我们的电影。
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Chinese Cumin Potatoes
Perhaps my favourite Chinese dish. Ingredients: Potatoes, Cumin,Garlic, Chili, corn flour, Salt, Spring onion, Oil. Method: Watch the video, it will tell you what to do and then some. Any questions just ask, we will answer. These days we also add whole cumin seeds to the dish at around the same time as the cumin powder. Gives it an authentic, rustic look and I love crunching them in my teeth. I also love crunching tomato seeds in my teeth. There are no tomatoes in this dish. Hey anyone in norther suburbs of Brisbane who want to collaborate on videos? Not cooking videos, nothing like these videos in fact. I want to make another channel doing short comedy skits. All killer no filler, if the video isn't great we don't upload. It would be nice to just hang out with someone and write. Alternatively if you can draw pictures well on a computer and live anywhere on planet Earth I would also be interested in collaborating to make yet another channel. Whatev.
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Chinese cold cuts (baiqierou) recipe
Ingredients: Meat, garlic, coriander, spring onion, sesame seeds, chili, vinegar, light soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, sugar. Boil the meat then cut it up, add all the other ingredients into a bow to make the sauce, it's pretty simple. I wasn't sure what to call this dish in English. Also wanted to take down the video and re-record better translation but our internet is so slow that it almost took 24 hours to upload this as it is so decided against it. Any questions welcome. Try this dish yourself it really does taste better than it looks.
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Braised pork recipe
Ingredients: pork belly, potato, sugar, star anise, cinnamon, soy sauce, spring onion. Follow this lovely woman's example and create this world class Chinese dish yourself. With the help of this baffon's translation cooking's a breeze. I've noticed that my narration really doesn't actually help much but it is what it is. If I could just make one correction to the narration it's the amount of soy sauce, I may have made it sound like you put a whole spatially full in, but really just follow what you see that Asian woman doing. Any questions will probably answered eventually. Thanks for watching. Enjoy.
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How to make mulberry wine
Super simple delicious recipe. Ingredients- Mulberries, water, sugar, yeast. Follow the simple directions in the video. Questions welcome. You will love this wine, please let me know how well yours turned out!
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This Asian Woman's Secret Chicken Recipe (Maomi's Chicken)
Ingredients- Chicken wings, White pepper, Beer, Sugar, Ginger, Salt, Vodka (or other delicious spirit) This is the dish that accompanies her corn pancakes. Here is a link to them- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtJahpa4LT4 If you can think of a better name please let us know. All questions welcome, we will try to answer them. Thank you for watching.
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配料— 肉 (我们用的是五花肉,大蒜,醋,生抽,香菜,辣椒,小葱,白砂糖,盐,芝麻,香油。 先水煮肉半个小时。 切调味料, 放在碗里。 加醋,生抽,香油。 把肉切片。 吃饭。 谢谢看我的电影。 欢迎问我你所有的问题。
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配料 生的花生米 油 盐 做法 - 首先泡花生米十分钟。 然后扔掉水。 放花生米在汤油,油炸霸道十分钟。 拿去来,加盐。 吃! 反正就看时评。 谢谢大家看。 你们也用这个做法作花生马?
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Fresh Corn Pancakes
Super simple, only 4 ingredients needed for these fresh corn pancakes. Corn, water, flour, sugar. All questions on the comment section will be answered.
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Drinking game - The good the bad the ugly.
Good game to get a party started. Super easy, no need to explain rules to people.
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又容易又好吃的菜。 配料: 丝瓜,鸡蛋,大蒜,姜,盐,糖,水,你的爱。 给你爷爷做这个很健康的食物他会记得为什么你是他最喜欢的孙子。 有问题请问我们。 谢谢看这个电影。
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Tomato and egg
Chinese fried tomato and egg. Ingredients: tomato, egg, garlic, ginger, spring onion, salt, oil. Slap it together just like the video and you cant go wrong. Featuring my bad ass rocket stove. Instuctions on how to build something similar at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCszelk0CQwyc4LUf5zh3vaw . For a free pair of tennis shoes tell him sarcasmo57 sent you*. *Subject to availability, also I didn't tell him about this promotion.
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Balcony garden in Guangdong China
Just my hobby. I forgot to mention my little lemon tree, oh well. Most things here are edible.
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How to dry a fish
Simple fish drying method. You can preserve your catch all year round. And dude, dry fish has a sweet texture when you eat it.
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Spicy Fried Clams
Ingredients- Clams, chilli, ginger, spring onion, soy sauce, oyster sauce, water, oil. Follow the poorly worded and often off topic instructions, you could even turn off the sound and just watch the pro at work. All questions are welcome. Link to this video's partner channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC54SLBnD5k5U3Q6N__UjbAw Here's their clam video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciLCT_7oOG0 They make a very professional looking videos and they specialize in Chinese southern cuisine. Go take a look. We at sarcasmo57 mostly do central Chinese food, in case you were wondering. Due to Chinese emigration patterns it rarely makes it out of China, but there will be more and more. During the video I said that this region of China likes to spit out food with every dish, while this isn't untrue what I was actually thinking about was the pile of inedible waste left after every meal, this is not technically spitting anything out just leaving a mess. Should have said that more clearly.
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How to Make Cranberry Wine from Cranberry Sauce
Ingredients: Cranberry sauce, water, yeast, sugar (optional) Follow the directions in this video. Feel free to ask questions, though I'm sometimes slow to reply, I almost always do. This wine turned out a little sweet, next time I will leave it to ferment until the bubbles completely stop then add a little priming sugar to the bottles, to carbonate it. This way it should taste a little dryer. Perfect for Thanksgiving! Nick Goodwin.
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配料 红薯叶子,大蒜,蚝油,小葱。 按照电影的做法做,简单死了! 就用最嫩的叶子,别用老的。 有问题的话请问,我们肯定会回答。 这个菜非常快,非常便宜,非常容易。 可能对身体好?!? 你告诉我。 谢谢看我的电影!
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食材: 翅根六到十个, 姜, 糖, 酱油, 白胡椒粉, 盐, 啤酒, 伏特加。 这个菜是我的独家配方,根据可乐鸡翅改变过来的,特别好吃,这个菜和我的玉米饼是完美的一对,尤其是酱。 玉米饼- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtJahpa4LT4 希望你喜欢。
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配料 一只鸭子,一瓶啤酒,玉米,大蒜,姜,辣椒,酱油,盐,花椒,料酒,桂皮。 按照这个做法做应该没问题。 要用土豆或者藕也行。 不喜欢吃辣的就不加。 有问题欢迎来问我。 谢谢。
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