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A GIRL IN AN ALL BOY SCHOOL (Please read Desc)
Sorry for not uploading, i've been really busy over these couple weeks, especially with school. So i hope you"ll like this and i dont know why but i dont think its focused in school at all, please just enjoy this series, i know, im not a good youtuber and i dont know how to edit well "Yet", Please just enjoy this episode!!!
Meeting K-POP Idols/BTS    Episode 1 (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)
Uhh sorry for a short video even for the first,I actually uploaded another one but it got deleted so I had to upload another one which is this one Please also know that these aren't how they actually act I know suga is actually A Savage 😑 And im not a good YouTuber yet...........So I don't expect much Views or good quality I just want support and that's All Thx for watching my Video even if I'm talking to No one I'm also Emo,I couldn't actually Express their Faces soo it's not that good. I'm also might upload another video soon I'm still working on it so don't expect to wait long and I'm also gonna make About me🙋 So.............THX FOR WATCHING MY TERRIBLE CHANNEL AND DON'T SUBSCRIBE!!!............wait I think it's support to be the other way oh well BYEEE!!!
Meeting BTS  Ep 2
Thx for watching!!!
The werewolf and The human
Oof I just realized this probably won't be mostly about the human and the werewolf, mostly with the other characters, btw I've been super lazy lately so don't expect ep 2 to be out in a week or so this technically took me 3 weeks to make because I didn't know the plot of the story yet soooooo ye.....please subscribe I wanna be successful, and this won't be funny because idk how to be funny, just enjoy the video