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Kritsa Village walk and gorge (Crete - Greece)
Kritsa Village walk and gorge - Crete Greece (Zorbas.nl)
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Snorkeling on Crete Greece
Snorkeling on Crete Greece: Snorkelling day Crete 2 locations: this day is really suitable for fanatic snorkelers. We have selected two snorkelling locations, where you can enjoy snorkelling. The first location is a large reef with a natural pool in the middle. These are rock and lava formations. Just outside the middle part you have to be careful of the waves, when you are swimming close to the reef. During autumn and winter you will find here schools of tuna fish. At this location you see many colourful fishes and plants in the water. Snorkelling around the large reef is beautiful. Everywhere you see bubbles coming out of the ground, with a cold jet of fresh water, floating into the sea. Along the reef there are many little tunnels, where you can look at the beauty of large lava formations. There is a sandy beach at this snorkelling location, where you can go for sunbathing and swimming. There are also beautiful spots for fishing.
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Spinalonga Crete Greece (TO NISI)
Spinalonga Crete Greece (TO NISI): The island of Spinalonga by Crete 2012
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Schlucht auf Kreta Agiofarango
Schlucht von Agiofarango Kreta Griechenland: Diese Schlucht liegt im Süden Zentralkretas und ist eine kurze Schluchtenwanderung, die an einem wunderschönen Strand am libyschen Meer endet. Hier machen wir eine Pause zum Grillen, aber wer vom Wandern nicht genug hat: Erforschen Sie doch einfach die Pfade rechts und links des Strandes. Wenn Sie herrlich Schwimmen oder Sonnenbaden möchten, können Sie das natürlich auch! Es ist auch toll hier um zu Schnorcheln. Im Meer sind schöne Felsformationen und Tunnel. Dieses Gebiet ist auch gut für Bergsteigen und Abseilen. Die Felsen in der Schlucht stehen senkrecht, so Klettern ist hier eine echte Herausforderung. Das ganze Jahr über machen Bergsteiger Camping in dieser Schlucht.
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Easter 2016 in Greece (Kokkini Hani Crete)
Saturday before Easter: Greek Cooking class and preparation of Greek Easter dishes. Start 13.00 am. At 23.15 hours we will walk from the apartments to the big church in Kokkini Hani Crete for the Easter celebration. At midnight a Judas doll will be burned at this church. There are a lot of fireworks and the whole village goes out to herald the Easter festivities. ZORBAS.NL
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Sarakina Gorge Mirtos South Crete
This walk is about 8 kilometres but we also have a longer version, than we walk 14 km. This walk is perfect in the summer walking in the shade. In spring there is a lot of water in the gorge. If too much water is flowing, the gorge is unavailable. Usually one can walk this gorge until late December depending on the first winter rains. Difficulty: climbing and descending, but is suitable for most hikers.
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Hiking to the Psiloritis on Crete
Hiking area around the Psiloritis: there are several ways to reach the top of the Ida mountain (Psiloritis). You can also hike from the South of Crete to Psiloritis, but most hikers start their hike from the Nida plateau. You can also stay overnight close to the starting point at the Nida Plateau. This is advisable, because then you are able to start hiking early in the morning to the top of the mountain. It is not a luxury hotel, but a good accommodation for active hikers. There are 5 other mountains around the Psiloriti: Koussakas 2209 meter, Voulomenou 2267 meter, Stolistra 2325 meter and Agathias 2424 meter. From the Nida Plateau you can start the climb to Psiloritis from a height of approximately 1.500 meter, close to the Idaion Antron cave. ZORBAS.NL
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Preveli Crete: A day full of thrills and spills in the gorge and canyon. Climbing, swimming, hiking and walking in one day - Gorge walks: For nature lovers Crete is a true paradise. The changing landscape will fascinate you again and again amazed. Preveli walk www.zorbas.nl
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Aradena kloof op Kreta Griekenland
Aredena kloof op Kreta: Een diep uitgesneden kloof die begint op ongeveer 650-700 meter. Gesierd door een brug die de smalste delen van de kloof verbind naar de witte bergen, naast het verlaten dorp Aredena. Een rond wandeling van 16-18 kilometer. Begonnen in Finika een klein dorp aan de Libische zee, een hoogpad langs de zee naar het strand van Marmara, hier begint de kloof. Dan is het 7 tot 8 kilomter klimmen naar het dorp Aredena door de kloof, met veel natuurlijke obstakels. Makkelijk te volgen, tot aan de brug van Aredena, u kunt daar een oude trap beklimmen, of links het ezelpad volgen. Bij hoogtevrees de trap mijden! Onder de brug door in de bodem van de kloof doorlopen naar het oude ezelpad wat dan 200 meter loodrecht naar boven gaat. Zware klim tot aan het verlaten dorp Aredena. Leuke dorps wandeling door de verlaten staatjes. Over de brug wandelingen richting Lyvaiana. Eerst een stukje asfalt en dan 9 kilomter naar beneden lopen met een uitzicht over de Libische zee. Na een stuk asfalt neemt u het wandel pad dat door gaat naar Phinix of Finix. (Aangegeven staan Lourta, Phinix en Finika. Een lange dag niet geschikt in de zomer maanden! Meer op : ZORBAS,NL
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If you got five minutes for a holiday to Crete 2019
If you got five minutes for a holiday to Crete.... New at Zorbas Island in 2019: we are already busy with preparations for the next summer of 2019, so you can enjoy a fantastic holiday on Crete. In 2019 we offer you, in addition of new day hikes, also new multiple days hikes including overnight stays along the E4 route on Crete. There are also new snorkel excursions on our 2019 program. Our chef cook will prepare new fresh Greek dishes for you. The Zorbas Island cookbook will be available online this year via our website. New tasty dishes are added to our breakfast buffet and lunch menu. Below we like to give you a short description of Zorbas Island apartments on Crete. Should you have any questions, please e-mail us. We will always answer you within 24 hours. Our website is updated 6 times a week. ZORBAS.NL
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Walking and hiking the E4 Sfakia - loutro - Crete
walking and hiking the E4 Sfakia - Glyka nero - Lourto - Walking from Loutro to Sfakia - ZORBAS.NL
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Chrissi eiland Kreta
Chrissi eiland een paradijselijk strand, rond het eiland, heerlijk om te snorkelen, wandelen en zonnebaden. Boot vertrekt dagelijks uit ieraperta.
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walking in Crete agia farango
Agiofarango Gorge walk in South Crete: This is a shorter hike and ends at a beautiful beach at the Libyan Sea. The rest of our day we spend here enjoying a lovely beach barbecue. You can walk around the area some more or take a refreshing dip in the sea. It is a beautiful spot to do some snorkeling. The rock formations and tunnels in the sea are spectacular. This area is well suited for mountain climbing. The walls of the gorge go straight up and that makes climbing them quite the challenge. All year round you will find mountain climbers camping here.
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Sarakinas Gorge Crete
Sarakina Gorge Mirtos Crete: A beautiful natural area, close to the pedestrian village of Mirtos. The hike through this gorge is a challenge. You can divide this hike into one short and one long walk. The gorge is breath taking, there is sometimes a lot of water in the canyon. In spring and autumn you must walk through rivers and streams and sometimes swim! We organize this tour to Mirtos with an overnight stay in Mirtos. The walk can be spread over two days in the area. This information can also be found in extended walks. Sarakinas Hike, ZORBAS.NL
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Die Patsos Schlucht auf Kreta (Winter 25 februai 2013)
Eine spektakuläre Schlucht, in der Sie viel klettern und klimmen müssen! Der Patsos-Canyon führt durch ein wunderschönes Wandergebiet auf Kreta. Die Route durch die Schlucht ist gut markiert. Sie wandern entlang und durch einen kleine Fluss. Auf dieser Wanderung brauchen Sie gute Schuhe, evtl. ein Paar trockene Extra-Socken, einen Rucksack und genügend Trinkwasser.
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Havgas gorge Lassithi Crete Greece
Havgas canyon Lassithi, Crete: a special hike through the Havgas canyon in Lassithi, not to be confused with the Havgas gorge at the village Kalamafka. This gorge has a river with melt water from the Katharos plateau. There are not a lot of people hiking in this gorge. This is actually strange, because it is a magnificent canyon with beautiful scenery and nature. It is not an easy walk, but very suitable if you are an experienced hiker. There is no marked hiking path, you will follow the river. The river is dry from the end of May, but from December up to May water runs through the river. It is very clear drinking water, this water is later collected in basins on the Lassithi plateau. If the basins are full, the water is piped to the reservoir lake of Afdou. The river actually ends in the Aposolemis canyon, about 20 kilometre further. Canyon on Crete (Havgas): this canyon is in some places wide and later on very small. The canyon is situated between the mountains Katharios Lakkos (1200 meter) and Kefala (1270 meter). The length of the gorge is approx. is 4 kilometre. The gorge starts at a small freshwater lake at Lassithi, nearby Agios Georgios and Agios Konstandinos. In the early morning the view over this freshwater lake is fantastic. Nature in the Havgas gorge & canyon: you will spot a lot of birds in the gorge. Because there are not a lot of people walking through this gorge, the gorge is full with flowers and plants during spring. In the early winter you will already see a lot of beautiful flowers. High up in the mountains grows diktamos, from which the famous Cretan mountain tea is made. The Havgas boulder: a unique stone, which is made round by the water that flows around the stone. It looks just like this rock has been put here on purpose. At this boulder the hike does not continue, during the winter and spring there is too much water and it is too high to climb. This point is called Neraidokolympos, you have to walk back from this point. Waterfalls on Crete (Havgas): during your hike through the gorge you will see a lot of waterfalls. Before the boulder you can climb approx. 22 meter to 3 smaller waterfalls. During the winter it is inevitable to get wet clothes. It can be a bit dangerous at some point, so be careful! Walking in Havgas, Lassithi: if you leave from Agios Konstandionos, this walk is approx. 8-10 kilometre. The hike through the gorge starts at the water basins. You will have to open some fences for the sheep and goats along your way. Make sure you always close these fences, because of herds of sheep and goats. Don't go exploring on your own, when it is not possible! Hiking on Lassithi, Crete: the beautiful green plateau of Lassithi is the whole year perfect for special surprising hikes on Crete. After the gorge, you can continue your walk on the Lassithi plateau. The plateau is a rural area with several villages, surrounded by the magnificent Dikti mountains. There are lots of walks available in this area. ZORBAS.NL
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carnival Gergeri Crete 2013
Traditional Cretan carnival in Gergeri, Crete: the Cretan village Gergeri is close to Kato Zaros, high in the Cretan mountains. This village celebrates every year "Clean Monday" with a traditional carnival parade. This celebration is called "sarakosti", which means Ash Monday or White Monday. On this day start the 7 weeks before Easter, when nobody eats meat or dairy products. During this celebration everyone eats fish, shellfish and salads. This Cretan carnival parade is very traditional: the villagers are dressed like sheep, complete with sheepskin and sheep bells. The "sheep" are guided by the sheep shepherd. The main street of the village is closed for traffic. In the local taverns and kafenions the tables are full with wine, raki and traditional dishes. We celebrated our sarakosti in "To Koupouri": a nice local ouzeri in the main street of Gergeri. The party starts every year at 12.00 o'clock. But we advise you to come earlier to the village. We started at 10.00 o'clock in the morning. At the village square they played fantastic Cretan live music with lira, mandolin and louta. Everybody is dancing to celebrate Clean Monday! Greetings ZORBAS.NL
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Anatoli apartments Crete Greece (Chersonissos)
"Anatoli" apartments are situated at Limani Hersonisos, 500 meters to the East of the village, a stone's throw away from the sea shore and next door to the very popular "Star Beach", a water park paradise for both young and old. It is only 20 mins away from Heraklion, the capital of the island, half an hour from the romantic town of Aghios Niκolaos while access to the whole island is very easy even for those who do not venture to hire a car. The bus stop for all parts of the island is only a few meters away and the busses are very frequent.
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Fietsen op Kreta MTB
Kreta heeft veel fiets mogelijkheden voor zomer en winter vakantie. We kunnen u een aantal soorten fietsvakantie op Kreta aanbieden. MTB KRETA. We proberen u op deze pagina informatie te geven over de mogelijkheden. We bieden zomer en winter mogelijkheden voor accommodatie en fietsen. Kreta Griekenland. Fietsvakantie op Kreta (off-road) met mountainbikes. MTB tours op Kreta Griekenland. Een fietsvakantie op Kreta met mountainbikes. We beschikken over diverse mogelijkheden voor fietsen op Kreta. U kunt een tour maken van 2, 3, 4, 5 of 6 dagen. We beschikken over fietstochten die u individueel kunt fietsen, maar we organiseren ook een aantal keer per jaar groepsfietstochten. U kunt op Kreta het hele jaar door fietsvakanties boeken. Als we met een groep fietsen, dan maken we tours van 40 tot 60 kilometer per dag. We beschikken ook over GPS routes voor de binnenlanden van Kreta. Kijk voor meer info: WWW.ZORBAS.NL
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Unique Hiking Week on Crete in October and November
Unique Hiking Week on Crete in October and November: Who feels like joining us? The end of October we want to go for a long hike following the E4 hiking path on Crete. The total length of this hike is aproximately 90 kilometres. Along the way we will sleep overnight in different places, not only in apartments, but also in a tent on the beach or wherever we might end up! This hike is a part of the E4 hiking path from Paleochora to Sfakia. We will also visit some gorges as we are passing them. If you wish to join us, please register in time! ZORBAS.NL Hiking in West Crete, the E4 hiking path: Paleochora – Cape Plakes – Cape Flomos – Soughia, (Sougia) – Agia Irini gorge – Triptis gorge – Agia Roumeli – Samaria gorge – Agios Paflos – Cape Plaka – Aradhena gorge - Likos – Finikas – Loutra – Chora Sfakion (Sfakia). The trail of this hike is about 90 kilometres including visiting several gorges.
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the wedding of Georgios and  Theoni
We have met our friend Kostas for the first time in the summer of 1988. Since then, we have seen each other every year and learned so much from Kostas. Kostas has become a dear friend through the years, a Cretan man with a fantastic character! The last 25 years we have enjoyed unforgettable moments with Kostas, from harvesting potatoes, wine making, visits to his parents in Lassithi to riding a donkey in the mountains! In the wonderful tavern Anatoli, Kostas taught us, young boys around 20 years old, wise lessons about life and about Crete. With his characteristic voice he told us stories about the culture, nature and traditions of Crete. Yesterday, it was not Kostas, but his son Georgios’s special day! It was an honour to be invited at the wedding of Georgios and Theoni. When we met Kostas for the first time, Georgios was already there, but on his father’s knee, 2 years old. Georgios is born deaf and has become an unforgettable special person in Anatoli. Georgios wants to continue his father life’s work , together with his wife Theoni. Georgios is organizing holidays and excursions for deaf people. With a personal approach and guidance, he will show deaf guests the most beautiful places on Crete, away from mass tourism. We want to help Georgios in making his dream come through. We will keep you updated with more news about holidays from deaf people on Crete. If you have ideas or tips, please let us know! But for now, we hope you enjoy the pictures of Georgios and Theoni’s wedding below!
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Samaria Schluch Kreta - Samaria Gorge Crete - Samaria kloof Kreta
Samaria Schlucht: mai– November. Ausgangspunkt: Xiloskalo. Endpunkt: Agia Roumeli. 18 km, führt durch ein Dorf. Höhepunkt einer jeden Kretareise ist eine Wanderung durch die berühmte Samaria Schlucht, die in einem Nationalpark liegt. Samaria Gorge: May to October. This 18 kilometres hike starts in Xiloskalo and ends in Agia Roumeli. Highlight of an active holiday on Crete, is the hike through the Samaria gorge, which is located in the national park. Samaria is the original habitat of the unique Cretan goat; the Kri-Kri. Samaria kloof Kreta: Toegankelijk: mei – november, startpunt: Xiloskalo, eindpunt: Agia Roumeli. over een afstand van 18 kilometer. Het is een pittige wandeling. Hoogtepunt voor een actieve vakantie in Kreta, is de wandeling door de Samaria kloof. Dit is een beschermd natuurgebied en nationaal park. WWW.ZORBAS.NL
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Activities in Crete – holiday’s program for Crete Greece: Summer
Activities in Crete – holiday’s program for Crete Greece: Summer vacation on Crete: school holidays program spring, summer and autumn Crete. Program Zorbas Island summer: Sometimes a day is mentioned twice on this list, which is because of our two-week program. Active holidays on Crete ZORBAS.NL
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Orchids on Crete - Orchideeën op Kreta - Orchideen auf Kreta
Orchids on Crete - Orchids Greece – Flowers on Crete - Orchideeën op Kreta - Orchideeën Griekenland - Bloemen op Kreta - Orchideen auf Kreta - Griechenland Orchideen - Blumen auf Kreta zorbas island . ZORBAS.NL
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Dorpswandeling Kalami zuid Kreta
Wandeling in zuid Kreta. Deze wandeling is makkelijk te noemen. Toegankelijk voor allerlei soorten wandlaars. De wandeling is zelf te verdelen in makkelijk en moeilijk. Een rondwandeling is de dorpswandeling Kalami. Deze wandeling heeft vele gezichten, kijken hoe een dorp en in Griekenland eruit zag in de jaren 50 en daarvoor. De natuur rond het dorp, is adembenemend en het hele jaar door toegankelijk. Het dorp ligt ingeklemd door mooie rots formaties, Natuur vol met olijfbomen , bloemen en beekjes. Tot ver in het voorjaar stroomt hier water. Veel fruitbomen, en een verlaten landbouw gebied. De wandeling is te maken, vanaf 5 k tot 12 kilomter. De wandeling Kalami: Het wandel pad begint in het dorp, en gaat rond het dorp, van af vele punten kunt u het dorp in de vallei zien liggen. Ook treft u onderweg oude kalderinies aan, die zijn oeroude ezelpaden en waren vroeger de enige verbinding tussen de dorpen op Kreta. De wandeling is goed te doen via het wandelpad. Maar ook is er een crosscountry wandelpad dat deze wandeling avontuurlijk maakt, maar is dan wel voor de avontuurlijke wandelaar. Kalami spookstad of verlaten dorp op Kreta? Het dorp Kalami is een oud dorp, wat verscholen ligt vanaf de hoofdweg. De staten door het dorp zijn niet gemaakt voor auto's u kunt alleen parkeren voor het dorp, wand de straatjes in het dorp zijn de nauw voor een auto en onmogelijk. De straten zijn dus te voet bereikbaar, vroeger per ezel. Het dorp is verlaten voor de welvaart, de bewoners zijn er veelal in de jaren 50 en 60 vertrokken voor een nieuw bestaan in Athene. Het was een agrarisch dorp, wat geen bestaan meer zag. De huisjes staan er veel al leeg, spullen staan er vaak gewoon nog in. Een enkele ouderling woont er nog, maar dat zijn voor zo'n groot dorp hoog uit 10 personen. De kerk van het dorp is bijzonder goed onderhouden, en wordt nog altijd bij gehouden. Alles in het dorp is nog zichtbaar, de lokale dorps kroeg de kafenion is er nog, maar is al jaren dicht, zo ook de school naast de kerk, waar zelf het telraam nog aanwezig is. Het dorpje geeft soms een spookachtig gevoel, niet iedereen voelt zich op het gemak, omdat het zo leeg is. Maar een wandeling door het dorp geeft wel het gevoel dat u terug gaat in de tijd, en geeft een indruk hoe mensen hier vroeger hebben gewoond. Beneden het dorp staan nog vele sinaasappel bomen, en herkend u een landbouwgebied, dat vroeger de inkomst was van het dorp. Vanaf het dorp is er een verbinding weg naar de zuid kust van Kreta, met 1 van de mooiste berde zandstranden, dat ligt wel 10 kilomter verder. Boven het dorp kijk u een geweldige bergkloof in. Deze is zo steil, dat er geen weg naar toe gaat.
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Canyons and hikes on Crete
Canyons and hikes on Crete: Gorge in Crete: An overview of the most famous gorges out there on Crete. On this page you will find all known and unknown gorges that exist in Crete.
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Zorbas 2012: De reserveringen voor de zomer en winter 2012 zijn al weer begonnen, kijk naar deze video voor Zorbas in een nieuw jasje. Eigen strand, nieuwe appartementen, veel Zorbas nieuws.
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Mili gorge (Rethymnon)
Mili gorge Rethymnon Crete
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Prevelli beach walking
Prevelli beach walking: ZORBAS.NL
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Walking and climbing in the Gorge of Agios Farango
Agio farango Gorge walk in South Crete: This is a shorter hike and ends at a beautiful beach at the Libyan Sea. The rest of our day we spend here enjoying a lovely beach barbecue. You can walk around the area some more or take a refreshing dip in the sea. It is a beautiful spot to do some snorkeling. The rock formations and tunnels in the sea are spectacular. This area is well suited for mountain climbing. The walls of the gorge go straight up and that makes climbing them quite the challenge. All year round you will find mountain climbers camping here.
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Olive factory on Crete Greece
Olive factory and olive oil press on Crete: almost every village has an olive factory. If you visit Crete in the winter, you are able to buy top quality olive oil in the factories price worthy. More: ZORBAS.NL www.olijfolie.store
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DELIANA GORGE - Chania Crete
DELIANA GORGE - Chania Crete - walking deliana gorge - Deliana schlucht - Deliana kloof walking in west Crete - Wandern in West-Kreta - wandelen in West-Kreta
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Wandelen in Mirtos Kreta
wandelen in Mirtos Kreta: een winter wandeling van Males naar Mirtos door de Sarakina kloof, veel water en zwaar!
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Spring holiday on Crete
Spring holiday on Crete: The weather gods are on our side, because during the spring holiday on Crete the weather is beautiful. Last week a large part of Western Europe could also enjoy summer weather, but unfortunately that has changed again. On Crete, the sun is shining, and the temperature is well over 20 degrees. It is wonderful weather to lie on the beach, but also to participate in outdoor activities during the spring holidays. Jungle hike on Crete: Monday is a wonderful day to start the week actively in the jungle-like nature of Crete. Not far from the accommodation is a beautiful piece of wild nature hidden between the mountains and there is also water flowing. Therefore we call this a trip through the jungle of Crete. This walk is not difficult and there is a lot of shade. Cooking workshop Greek cooking: Our cooking workshop Greek cooking is extremely popular. This cooking workshop is in the open air and you learn to cook some delicious Greek dishes. But because not everyone likes to cook, on Tuesday we organize a combination of cooking workshop and hiking on Crete. A part of the group will prepare the food and the other part will go for a walk. For lunch, everyone comes together to taste the cooking. Culture of Crete: Sun, sea and beach in the spring holiday of course is great, but it is also nice to learn more about the Greek island. In the mountainous landscape are many small villages where tradition and old crafts are still very important. It is a world that you cannot compare with the tourist places. That is why on Wednesday we organize the excursion unknown Crete, where we show how life is in the villages, the traditions and culture of Crete. Water activities in the spring holiday: In the spring on Crete it is already very sunny, and the temperature is rising every day a little bit more. Especially this week, the second half will be perfect for water activities on Crete. Thursday we go to a location on the island where it is beautiful for snorkelling. This snorkelling excursion in the spring holiday is for everyone, even if you have never snorkelled before. That is why we give a lesson in snorkelling in the pool on Sunday prior to this excursion. Friday there is a boat trip with the Zorbas boat to the bay of Agios Georgios in Hersonissos. In the bay you can snorkel to the cave in the water, swim, or laze on the deck of the boat. Greek dancing on Crete: Friday evening there is a party at the accommodation with Greek dancers. The dancers show you some Greek dances and of course you can also participate. It is a nice ending to an active holiday week on Crete. During the weekend we take it easy at the accommodation. Just relax by the pool or on the beach. You can also go for a walk through Kokkini Hani or go by bus to Heraklion, the capital of Crete. In the meantime we prepare a BBQ, which is on Saturday night. Tips for a spring holiday on Crete: We can give you lots of tips for the search for outings in the spring holiday. On Crete there is so much to do, and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Whether you want to be active outdoors or prefer to laze in the sun, you can do it all on the Greek island. We organize fun activities for the whole family during the spring holiday on Crete. Of course you are not obliged to participate in this. If you prefer to go out on your own, with pleasure we give you the necessary tips. www.ZORBAS.NL
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Kinderfreundliche Appartements auf Kreta Griechenland
Donnerstag: Töpfertour: eine Wandertour durch ein griechisches Dorf in Zentralkreta. Unterwegs geben wir Ihnen viele Erklärungen über die Natur und Kultur von Kreta, außerdem besuchen wir ein altes Kloster. Die gesamte Strecke dieser Wanderung ist etwa 5 km. Am Nachmittag besuchen wir einen griechischen Töpfer. Hier bekommen Sie eine Einführung in das Töpfern und lernen, mit Ton zu modellieren. Sie können Ihre eigene Kreation (z.B. eine Vase, Schale oder Leuchter) später mit nach Hause nehmen. Die Kinder können sich mit Ton und Geräten nach Lust und Laune an einem Langen Tisch austoben. Diese Tour beinhaltet den Transfer und ein Barbecue zum Mittagessen.
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Katholiko Gorge hike Crete Greece (Nov 2013)
Katholiko Gorge hike: the Katholiko gorge is hidden away on the small peninsula Akroteri (Chania). The hike starts at the Gouverneto monastery. An old trail descends and after 2 kilometres you will find your first stop. Here you can explore an hidden cave and beautiful antique Venetian arches. The hidden cave is full with crystals, stalagmites and underground passages. An old church is built in this cave. You definitively need a torch for entering this cave! The next trail brings us to the oldest monastery of Crete: Katholikou. This hidden monastery was built in the year 1000 at the entrance of the gorge, which ends at the beach. The monastery also has a deep cave with crystals, stalagmites and underground passages. It is very dark in the cave, so you should also enter this cave with a lamp or torch. The different buildings of the monastery are all abandoned, but in very good state. Our next path brings us to an old arch bridge, under this bridge is the actual beginning of the gorge. In the gorge you will find small hidden caves, beautiful plants and lots of goats! The gorge ends at the sea, where you will find an old Venetian laundry basin. An excellent spot to take a dive or snorkel in the clear blue water! The contrast of colours is magnificent: white rocks and clear blue water. Further down the coast you will find different kinds of lava: black, yellow, white and red lava stones. This gorge offers lots of different elements in a 1 day excursion. First the canyon with old caves and shepherd's huts from the past. On the peninsula Akroteri close to Chania are different hikes possible. You can hike around Akroteri, but this is only suitable for experienced hikers, you will hang from cliffs and will need a climbing rope to continue. But you can also hike through the gorge from the bridge of Katholiko, turn right and hike back to the monastery of Gourneto or take the old stone trail upwards. We offer you several hike: a 3 hours hike (6 kilometres), a 6 hours hike (8 kilometres) or a hike of 8 hours (12 kilometres) with lots of climbing. Bring good hiking shoes, a torch for the caves and a snorkel set with you. Be careful in the cave, there a lots of holes in the floor! More in www.ZORBAS.NL
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Walking in the winter:  Crete Patsos
Walking and hiking in Crete, Canyon and climbing in the winter: WWW.ZORBAS.NL
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Aradena and Imbros Crete
Aradena Kloof We beginnen onze wandeling vanaf het dorp Sfakia in Zuid Kreta waar we over een zeer hoge spectaculaire brug de kloof oversteken met prachtig uitzicht. Daarna duiken we de kloof zelf in waar we in het voorjaar wilde orchideeën en irissen kunnen aantreffen. Na een wandeling van ong. 3 uur komen we uit op een prachtig strand vanwaar we over de rotsen richting het dorp Loutro lopen. Na de lunch vertrekken we per boot naar ons ophaal punt. Een zeer unieke wandeling die vrijwel parallel loopt aan de Samaria kloof en waar bijna geen andere vakantiegangers komen. De wandeling is 10 km lang en is geschikt voor alle wandelaars met een goede gezondheid en een redelijke conditie. wandelen op Kreta: ZORBAS.NL
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Limnes aktive wandern auf Kreta - Individuelle Wanderungen Kreta
Limnes aktive wandern auf Kreta: Wir nennen diese Tour “Limnes aktive wandern auf Kreta”, aber wir können auch so viel andere Namen an diese Wanderung geben. Die Wanderung beginnt in dem Gebiet von Neapoli. Die Stadt Neapoli war früher die Hauptstadt von Lassithi, es darum auch viele Straßen die nach Neapoli führen. Das Gebiet hat auch viele Kalderimi die quer durch die Natur führen. Diese alten Wege sind oft von Stein, aber es bleibt immer suchen wo Sie hinmüssen. Oft laufen wir durch ein Flussbett, quer über ein Olivenfeld, dann wieder durch eine kleine Schlucht usw. Wie haben die es früher auf dem Esel gemacht? (die Definition von einem Kalderimi finden sie weiter unten). Sie passieren 5 Dörfer: Limnes, Choumeriakos, Platipodi, Vrises und Nikithianos. Diese Dörfer sind alle nicht so leicht zu finden oder erreichbar. Dieses Gebiet hat viel Landwirtschaft und Oliven. Limnes: Distance: 10-12 kilometers – Total Ascent 330 meters 12.8% – Total Descent 321 meters -13.6% – Limnes aktive wandern auf Kreta Individuelle Wanderungen Kreta: Individuelle Wanderungen in Kombination mit Unterkunft auf Kreta. Viele Leute finden es am schönsten, die Gegend individuell zu entdecken. Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, verschiedene Strecken alleine zu wandern. Wir verfügen sowohl über Touren für den ruhigen Wanderer, als auch für Leute, die sehr lange, anspruchsvolle Strecken laufen möchten. Wir setzen uns normalerweise beim Frühstück mit unseren Gästen zusammen, um die Tour des Tages zu besprechen. Wir haben in der Umgebung viele Touren ausgearbeitet, und stellen Ihnen gerne Karten und GPS-Routen zur Verfügung. Auf Wunsch organisieren wir auch den Transport von der Unterkunft zu Ihrem Startpunkt. Wandern auf Kreta ist im Sommer und Winter möglich. Geführte Wanderungen Kreta: Hier finden Sie kurze Beschreibungen von unseren Wandertouren, die Sie entweder alleine oder mit Führer wandern können. Wir haben Touren für erfahrene und für weniger erfahrene Wanderer im Programm. Ob Sie alleine reisen oder in der Gruppe, jung oder alt sind – wir haben über 45 verschiedene Touren im Angebot.
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walking in Zakros, Kato zakros, Vai, Sitia.
Hiking in Zakros, Vai & Sitia Geopark 2014 Sitia has an extensive hiking area on Crete with more than 160 caves. The Zakros gorge is a beautiful gorge, which you can walk the whole year around. It is an easy trail from the village of Zakros to Kato Zakros, a small seaside village. Zakros is a village in Eastern Crete, below the village is "the dead valley. This valley got this name, because the bones of men were buried here during Minoan times. At the end of the Zakros Gorge is the historical palace of Kato Zakros. In the sea lies a sunken harbour from the Minoan period. Kato Zakros has beautiful beaches and a few taverns, that are also open during the winter. The Zakros gorge (the death valley) is an easy gorge with lots of colourful rocks in wild unspoilt nature. You can walk in 8 kilometers to the village Kato Zakros. Vai: The palm beach of Vai is located in Eastern Crete on the peninsula Sideros, close to the village Palekastro and Sitia. According to a legend, this unique palm forest was created by Aryan pirates, who threw fruit away on this spot. According to another legend, the first palm trees should be planted in the year 824 after Christ by Arabs. In reality, it is the last remainder of the natural palm forests in the coastal areas of Crete in the second millennium before Christ. In the summer it is very busy on Vai, but as you can see on our winter pictures, during the winter it is nice and quiet. ZORBAS.NL
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Active hiking on Crete (Skalopatie)
Active Hiking on Crete: Skalopatia canyon: A unique area of nature on Crete is Skalopatia. The location is central Crete. We start our hike from the village kafenion, where we begin to walk a trail of 7, 12 or 20 kilometers. We organize this trip weekly from late March to December. This route has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. The route is unique, there are many small rivers both in summer and winter. Many turtles live in this area. It is wonderful to see how these turtles live in the clear blue water, lying on some rocks where they soak in the sun.
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Aposelemis Gorge on Crete (Walking)
Aposelemis Gorge on Crete: This canyon is a hike where a lot of climbing and scrambling is involved. The gorge was made long ago by shepherds and is still used daily. The gorge is breathtakingly beautiful, an experience you will never forget. Along the way we will encounter many sheep and mountain goats. During the winter the Aposelemis gorge becomes a small river which makes it a beautiful green area with many native plants. Halfway through the gorge you will reach a cave. Around here the vultures live: the wings of these vultures sometimes have a wingspan of 2 meters.
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Christmas in Crete Greece 2014
Christmas in Crete Greece 2014: look at our program: Christmas week program 2014: Open every day from 9 - 11 o'clock & 17.00 -01.00 o'clock. Dinner is served every day from 19.30 o'clock. At Zorbas Island the Christmas holidays are never boring, we have always some nice activities to do! 19 December 2014: Anopoli gorge hiking. A 12 kilometres hike through the Anopoli gorge with GPS route and a visit to the monastery and village. Start at 10.00 o'clock.. 20 December 2013: Gyros - shoarma - Greek wraps evening. You are welcome from 20.00 o'clock (music theme night with old clips!). 21 December 2014: afternoon program: village tour, a visit to a raki factory and olive harvest. Start at 13.00 o'clock. 22 December 2014: Preveli palm beach & gorge, hiking and climbing in the South of Crete. We leave at 06.00 o'clock. 23 December 2013: Visit to the Skotino cave. We will walk through the villages Pano Gouves, Koxari and Skotino and visit the Skotino cave. 24 December 2014: Greek cooking workshop: at Zorbas we will prepare Greek meze and Greek Christmas snacks and sweets. You are welcome from 15.00 o'clock. At Christmas Eve, our bar and tavern are open. 25 December 2014: Christmas dinner from 18.00 o'clock. You are very welcome for a Christmas drink, afterwards we will enjoy our extended Christmas dinner. Greek Christmas raclette & meze evening (please let us know upfront if you like to attend). 26 December 2014: Outdoor cooking. At 13.00 o'clock we will go together to the Cretan mountains for a Greek cooking workshop. At an authentic small Cretan church we will cook and grill various Greek dishes. 27 December 2014: Grill evening with kondosoevli. A grill evening including BBQ and special smoked meat. You are welcome from 20.00 o'clock. 28 December 2014: Village tour from 14.00 o'clock including diner. 29 December 2014: Hiking in Central Crete. A nice cultural tour. 30 December 2014: At 11.00 o'clock we will start with our mini-bus for a culture trip through unknown Crete. We will visit mountain villages on our way, so you will be able to meet the locals. We will also visit a raki factory. It is necessary to let us know upfront if you like to attend. 31 December 2014: Diner from 19.30 o'clock with Greek meze & buffet. The Zorbas movie with all the highlights from 2013 will start at 21.00 o'clock. At 24.00
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Aposolemis gorge in Crete
Aposolemis gorge in Crete: This canyon is a hike where a lot of climbing and scrambling is involved. The gorge was made long ago by shepherds and is still used daily. The gorge is breathtakingly beautiful, an experience you will never forget. Along the way we will encounter many sheep and mountain goats. During the winter the Aposolemis gorge becomes a small river which makes it a beautiful green area with many native plants. Halfway through the gorge you will come to a cave. Around here the vultures live: the wings of these vultures sometimes have a wingspan of 2 meters.
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Bird watching in Crete Greece
Bird watching in Crete Greece: ZORBAS.NL
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Apartments on Crete Greece (Zorbas Island)
Accommodations and apartment rental Crete Zorbas Island: Our complex has 21 apartments surrounded by beautiful gardens and is situated at the coast of North Crete. You can choose from 3 sandy beaches directly in front of Zorbas Island. Its location is quiet and very central: the ideal base for an active or relaxing vacation. The highlight of our accommodation is the breathtaking view of the sea to Dia Island from the swimming pool and the Greek tavern. The cosy warm atmosphere, the small scale, but most of all the helpfulness and service of the Zorbas Team make you feel immediately welcome. We organise many different excursions, so you can get to know the real Crete. And the best part? You can come to us for your holiday both summer and winter! ZORBAS.NL
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Hiking to the Psiloritis on Crete
Hiking to the Psiloritis on Crete: this walk is actually a heavier hike or mountain walk to the Psiloritis. The Psiloritis is the highest mountain of Crete with a height of 2.456 meters. This mountain is also known as the Ida mountain. The Psiloritis is located in central Crete in the province of Rethimnon. Psiloritis is a bit higher than the Lefka Ori mountains in Chania (white mountains). The mountain has snow for approximately 7 months per year. On the top van Psiloritis is a small church build from rocks with a cross, the name of this church is Timios Stavros. Sometimes the top of the mountain is also marked like this along the way. Every year at the 14th of September the name day of the church Timios Stavros is celebrated. The mountain was used in ancient times for the extraction of gold and copper. Down from the Psiloritis mountain, at the Nida plateau, is the Idaion Antron cave located. In this cave Zeus was born, or was it the cave of Zeus in Lassithi?! According to the legend, Zeus grew up on the top of Psiloritis. Hiking area around the Psiloritis: there are several ways to reach the top of the Ida mountain (Psiloritis). You can also hike from the South of Crete to Psiloritis, but most hikers start their hike from the Nida plateau. You can also stay overnight close to the starting point at the Nida Plateau. This is advisable, because then you are able to start hiking early in the morning to the top of the mountain. It is not a luxury hotel, but a good accommodation for active hikers. There are 5 other mountains around the Psiloriti: Koussakas 2209 meter, Voulomenou 2267 meter, Stolistra 2325 meter and Agathias 2424 meter. From the Nida Plateau you can start the climb to Psiloritis from a height of approximately 1.500 meter, close to the Idaion Antron cave. Information about the hike to Psiloritis: the mountain hike to Psiloritis is beautiful, but challenging! It is a long mountain hike to the top of Psiloritis. It can be cold on the top of the mountain, as well in the summer as in the autumn or spring, sometimes it can be extremely cold! There is snow on the top until the beginning of July. Make sure you have the right shoes for this long mountain hike. This hike is a total of 20 kilometres with a hiking time of 10-12 hours. The trails in the mountains have a lot of loose stones. Do not underestimate the weather conditions while hiking on Psiloritis. It can be quit dangerous if it rains with all the loose stones. The trail from the Nida plateau is well marked with dots and you will also see E4 marks. In the spring the marks of the trails to Psiloritis are often covered with snow. The ideal time to hike to Psiloriti is definitely autumn. Hiking to the top of Psiloritis: the trail starts below the mountains close to the Idaion Antron cave. In the beginning of the trail you will have to climb along rocks with a splendid view over the Nida plateau. The plateau is beautiful green with a lot of sheep and their shepherds. You will see a lot of sheep and goats on this hike. After the first upward climb, a trail with loose stones brings you upwards between 2 mountains. At the top of this trail you must first follow a path down and then make the climb along and between 5 mountains. Once you reached the top you will see the North coast of Crete and left in the corner the top of Psiloritis. Along this climbing trail the path brings you to the top of Psiloritis. If you reached the top you can see with clear weather all around Crete, you can also see Santorini in the North and Gavdos in the South. Gavdos is southernmost island of Europe. On the top you can have a break out of the strong wind at Timios Stavros. Then starts the descent to the Nida plateau, be careful of the loose stones and rocks. Normally it is not so nice to hike the same trail twice, but now it doesn’t matter, because you will see different views along this mountain hike. It is also possible to hike back via the other side of the mountain along the E4 trail of Crete.
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Zorbas island Crete 2012
Zorbas Island appartementen ligt op ongeveer een kwartiertje van Heraklion, de hoofdstad van Kreta, tussen de dorpjes Kokkini Hani en Gournes. Deze dorpjes zijn overgeslagen door het massa toerisme en worden vooral bewoond door de Grieken zelf. Hier vindt U geen grote grijze betonblokken waar de vakantiegangers als sardientjes worden ingeblikt, hier hoeft U geen uren te lopen naar de supermarkt of het strand, bij ons ligt echt alles op steenworp afstand. Kokkini Hani en Gournes zijn dorpen direct aan de noordkust van Kreta aan een, voor Kreta unieke, aaneenschakeling van kleine echte zandstrandjes. De dorpjes bieden kleine griekse restaurantjes, een aantal gezellige cafeetjes en winkeltjes, alles op nog geen 5 minuten van ons complex.
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Wandelen skalopatia kloof Kreta (Canyons on Crete)
Trek er op uit: Kreta is een uitstekende bestemming voor trekking. Velen nemen deel aan een georganiseerde trip naar de 18 kilometer lange Samariakloof. Wil je niet zo ver stappen of trek je er liever alleen op uit, dan is de ca. 12 kilometer lange Skalopatia een goed alternatief.
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Rozas gorge on Crete Greece
Rozas gorge on Crete, Greece (Roza canyon, the rose gorge): the Rozas gorge got its name from the colours of the rocks of this canyon. The impressive rock formations of the Roza gorge are rose and red. The downhill route of this gorge is spectacular, the view is even better than the Samaria gorge. It is a deeply carved canyon with many different plants and flowers. In the early morning you have a breath-taking view, you can even see the sea far away.
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