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Selwo Marina 2014
Selwo Marina, Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain. 2014 Zeus, David, Tonet, Bravo, Romeo, Rumbo, Astro and Luiso! Don't use any images, please!
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Pi's Lullaby (Life of Pi song)
Delfines del Zoo Aquarium Madrid: Einyel, Mary, Mancha, Guarina, Lala, Noa, Iruka y Luiso. Música: Pi's Lullaby (Música de Mychael Danna y letra de Bombay Jayashri para la película "Life of Pi") Por favor, no utilices las imágenes sin permiso ;) Dolphin from Zoo Aquarium Madrid: Einyel, Mary, Mancha, Guarina, Lala, Noa, Iruka and Luiso. Music: Pi's Lullaby (Music by Mychael Danna and lyric by Bombay Jayashri from the film: "Life of Pi") Please, don't use the images without permission ;)
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Let Her Go
Dolphins and sea lions from Zoo Aquarium Madrid :) Music: Let Her Go (Passenger) Please, don't use the images without permission ;)
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Jugando con los delfines
Lito, Mancha, Guarina, Iruka, Noa y Lala jugando con un nuevo juguete :)
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Baby cat growing up!
This is a baby cat I rescued in the street 2 months ago, I've been taking videos of him from the second/third day since he arrived to my home so I decided to put all the videos in one and... this is the result! The cat has just 2 months so he is going to be much bigger than now, but I won't have the posibility to take more videos of him because he is in other house Music: "Her" soundtrack (by Arcade Fire) Please, don't use any imagen of the video without my permision :) And don't forget this, if you want a pet, adopt and neuter him/her!!
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delfines zoo madrid - I'm yours
the dolphins from the zoo aquarium oof madrid: Tritón, Guarina, Mancha, Mary, ángel, Rumbo, Romeo, Lala and Noa Have a nice day! =)
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Dolphin's sounds (Sonidos de delfines)
These are some videos I recorded during last tuesday in Zoo Aquarium Madrid. I was alone at the dolphinarium so I could hear what dolphins were saying hehe x) Please don't use any of these videos without my permission! :) Dolphins: Ringo, Blue, Lennon and Iruka (Many of the dolphins from Zoo Aquarium Madrid aren't on this video)
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Dolphins playing with toys
Dolphins from Zoo Aquarium Madrid playing with balls and buoys. They are like kids with their christmas presents! ^^
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selwo Marina 2011
Zeus, David, Tonet, Bravo, Rumbo and Romeo they are the stars of Selwo Marina from Málaga (Spain). They all are males, the most old is Zeus with 7 years and more young is his brother Rumbo with 2 years.
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The day of the dolphin (Selwo Marina 2013)
Place: Selwo Marina Benalmádena, Málaga (Spain) Dolphins: Zeus, Tonet, David, Bravo, Rumbo, Romeo and Astro. Music: Theme from the film "the day of the dolphin" Please, don't use the images without permission :) Lugar: Selwo Marina, Benalmádena (España) Delfines: Zeus, Tonet, David, Bravo, Rumbo, Romeo y Astro. Música: Tema de la película "el día del delfín" Por favor, no utilices las imágenes sin permiso :)
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Walruses playing with toys (Oceanográphic Valencia, 2015)
I've been a lot of time without public a video so... this is not a great video but I think it is curious :P Zoo: L'Oceanográphic, Valencia (Spain) (2015) Music: "Truth" by Alexander Ebert
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Delfines Zoo Madrid: Guarina, Mancha, Mary, Lala, Einyel, Rumbo, Romeo, Noa e Iruka. Música: Hawaii (The beach boys) No usar sin permiso.
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Dolphins have fun with everything
A hose was being used to clean the dolphinarium in Zoo Aquarium Madrid but dolphins didn't care about that they just see it like a toy and they began to play with it...! Please don't use any of these videos without my permision La manguera estaba siendo usada para limpiar el delfinario del Zoo Aquarium Madrid pero a los delfines eso les daba igual, para ellos era como un juguete y empezaron a jugar con ella. Por favor no uses ninguno de estos vídeos sin mi permiso
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Cría de canario
Una cría de canario de solo un día de edad, en el nido junto al resto de sus hermanos, que nacerán en los próximos días.
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Selwo Marina 2012 - Alegria
Selwo Marina 2012, dolphins: Zeus, David, Tonet, Bravo, Rumbo, Romeo and Astro. Málaga (Spain). Please, don't use without permission.
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Standing in motion
Dolphins: Mancha, Guarina, Mary, Lala, Einyel, Rumbo, Romeo, Noa and Iruka. (zoo aquarium Madrid) Music: Standing in motion by Yanni
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Trying something new... a video with big (and not too big) cats! Pantherinae (jaguar, tiger, lion and leopard) Felinae (eurasian lynx, ocelot and bodcat) Places: Safari Madrid, Zoo Aquarium Madrid and Faunia Music: "African Cats" (soundtrack by Nicholas Hooper)
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l'oceanografic: dolphins and beluga (April 2011)
video about the dolphins and the beluga (Yulka) from l'oceanográfic of Valencia (Spain).
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The Head and the Heart - Lost in my mind
Place: Zoo Aquarium Madrid (Spain) Dolphins: Mancha, Mary, Einyel, Guarina, Lala, Noa, Iruka, Lito and Loren Music: The Head and the Heart - Lost In My Mind Please, don't use the images without permission :) Lugar: Zoo Aquarium Madrid (España) Delfines: Mancha, Mary, Einyel, Guarina, Lala, Noa, Iruka, Lito y Loren Música: The Head and the Heart - Lost In My Mind Por favor, no utilices las imágenes sin permiso :)
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Music: Owl City - Fireflies Images in Zoo Aquarium Madrid and L'Oceanográfic Valencia. Please, don't use without permission :)
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Dolphins of the zoo of madrid - My Inmortal
I like this song ^^
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Orca Ocean Loro Parque (Tenerife, Spain)
Please read this!!: English: I edited the music of the video because the original version (Orca Ocean 2011) was deleted by YouTube (because of copyright problems...) anyway, the original version was edited with the music of "Finding Nemo" ("Nemo egg" is the name of the track), so if you want to see it with the original music the only way is by listen to the track in another internet window (here you have it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXnZ7lxcrRA) ... the actual version has a music called "Orca" by Christian Gilbart Español: He editado la música del vídeo ya que el original (Orca Ocean 2011) ha sido eliminado por YouTube (devido a problemas de copyright) de todas formas la versión original del vídeo fue editada con la música de "Buscando a Nemo" (concretamente con el track llamado "Nemo egg" que es la música que suena en la intro de la película) así que si quieres ver el vídeo escuchando la versión original la única forma es escuchándola a través de una ventana nueva que abras (aquí tienes la música: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXnZ7lxcrRA)... la que he puesto ahora se llama "Orca" de Christian Gilbart Orcas from Loro Parque 2011: Keto, Tekoa, Kohana, Skyla and Adán. don't use without permission. No lo uses sin permiso.
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When you want to edit some videos but you don't have more images of dolphins so you decide to use the 50 videos you have of your cat xD Music: Basket Case Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star / Lullaby Versions of Green Day (This music sounds in Mr Robot, that's where I had the inspiration to use it haha) Don't use without permission :)
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Romeito delfín que nació en el zoo de Madrid en 2008 y ahora está en Selwo Marina :(
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Alimentando a las crías
Está desenfocado... perdón :S
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Dolphins underwater
Dolphins from Zoo Aquarium Madrid playing! They are: Mancha, Guarina, Mary, Lala, Einyel (Angel), Loren, Noa, Iruka, Blue, Lennon and Ringo. I know, the music is perfect, that's why I choosed it... it's part of the soundtrack from "The blue umbrella" (a short film). If you want to use any of these images please ask me!
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Dandoles de comer a las focas grises del zoo de madrid
Dos cuidadoras alimentan a dos focas grises (procedentes de l'oceanografic) en el zoo aquarium de Madrid
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up is down (Spanish dolphinariums) (Delfinarios de España)
dolphins (zoo Madrid, Selwo Marina, l'oceanográfic and mundomar), sea lion (mundomar), seal (mundomar) and beluga (l'oceanográfic) ... =P Please, don't use the images without my permission! thanks! - Music: up is down
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Avistamiento de cetáceos
Las imágenes son del 2011 en el País Vasco en una actividad de avistamiento de cetáceos realizada por AMBAR (http://www.ambarcetaceos.com/index.php/en/). No era la primera vez que veía cetáceos en libertad, pero si fue la primera vez que los veía tan de cerca (a los calderones) :)
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Delfines Zoo Aquarium Madrid - It's my life
Delfines: Mancha, Guarina, Mary, Lala, Ángel, Rumbo, Romeo, Noa e Iruka :)
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Just a random music video with orcas... Videos from: CetusCetus (https://www.youtube.com/user/Shamurocksuk1) [email protected] (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBZSH7mZvYhHJmnxQNuYFA) LisaKristin1501 (https://www.youtube.com/user/RakiticOrca) I hope I am not missing anybody :p Music: "Paint it black" (the rolling stones)
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Lion cub playing (Bioparc Valencia)
Lion cubs playing with her mother in Bioparc Valencia (Spain). December 2015
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