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Showing some Pokemon Tretta Collection!!
Well, the Intro Maker put and record it upside down, but i uninstall it and dis time it now works :) All the Pokemon Tretta (foils): 1. Conkeldurr 2. Volcarona 3. Pangoro 4. Noivern 5. Chandelure 6. 2 Talonflames Personal fav is Pikachu. All the Pokemon Tretta (non foils): 1. Xerneas 2. Yvetal 3. Mega Lucario 4. Mega Scizor 5. Mega Charizard 6. Mega Tyranitar 7. Mega Gengar 8. Mega Sceptile Personal theme is: Magmortar Hyper Class Darkrai Hyper Class Mega Sceptile Master Class
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Swampert master class is MINE! Blaziken your mine next time! Really tho, two Milotic and all is water types.... Man.
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Geometry Dash | Perfection
Level: Perfection Song: Perfecion by Namice Level by aArbolito
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What Type Is Sylveon?  Pokemon Comic
A short little Pokemon Comic that reveals to a Sylveon, not hard as a fairy type. Right? This is becoming a Pokemon Channel you know...
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Demon Type Dragon VS Dragon Type (green) Animation
Watch till the end to find out the winner of all dragons!
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Geometry Dash | Monster Dance Off secret way (Rubrub's secret?)
This is all thanks to my brother because when he starts to shake, he spamed and hit cross that pad (yellow). Then a spike at the end. Im really curious about that spike.... rubrub plz plz, ok imma stop 😅
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What To Eat? | VS Shorts
The two gokd old friends came along and find theirselves bored. So, the Lava Dragon asked to have a DUEL match with the Fire Flare Dragon. The Fire Flare Dragon asked to give him something nice to eat. Did you know what 3 things did the Lava Dragon gave to him? No awnsers. Watch the vid to find out urself! :3
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I don't DESERVE it... | VS Shorts
When Skeleton Dragon and Ice Shard Dragon came along, the Ice Shard Dragon knew that he already lost. But a glitch occured and make the Ice Shard Dragon won... Did he deserve it??
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Psychic Powers! Psychic Room | Pokemon Characters ep1
Let's explore the darkness of the psychic powers in the Psychic Room! With the help of Whismur and Kadabra!
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Custom Pokemon Booster Packs!
Me and my brother maked our own PokeBoosters! We thought it is fun to share with you guys! Lol imma girl xD
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Grow Ditto grow... Pokemon Comic
Its a Pokemon comic that is just Ditto in this way. I don't own any futage in this vid, is all for fun.
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Geometry Dash | Trefle
Level: Trefle Song: Epic by TheFatRat Level by f3lixsarm
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Geometry Dash | Warmth
Level: Warmth Song: Within the Sadness by 1f1n1ty Level by KFAOpitar p.s my brother is saying in the background, we don't normally talk english so yea.
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Geometry Dash | Hydra preview
Level: Hydra Song: Hydra by F-777 Level by Darwin Lol high score ;) XDDD
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Geometry Dash | Dreem
Level: Dreem Song: Beyond The Walls by Jumper Level by Dz4ky
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Geometry Dash | Promises
Level: Promises Song: Promises by KabukiTunes Level by Adiale
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Geometry Dash | Believe
Level: Believe Song: Believe by Spaze Level by AceVict
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Thanks Hirushima's Charizard for supporting me! I will do more animation Shorts in the future! Cya!
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If you sub dis channel, u can finally sub the other. But thanks for 2 more subs ;3
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Flying Storm Dragon | Animation Test
WARNING! This animation is not meant to be perfect, so don't be rude at the comments.
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GD Ufo portal | GD Animation #2
Okay, from now on, will i colour during animation? Because if there was no colour, i will be boring. And sorry for the lack of time. I only upload vid when i im not busy. Get it? Ok its starting to get buggy.... you'll see what i mean :3 yey
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New intro! (Nearly 10 subs special)
For now, i will use this for someday.. but nearly thanks for 10 subs! Thanks guys, oh by the way, im gonna make another vid soon. If i hav time :3 meow Lol new vid now https://youtu.be/TEJ640_5biU
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A Wild Gastly Appeared!  Pokemon Comic
A Pokemon Comic that Magikarp and Feebas can't handle it! I own nothing.
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Blue Dragon Animation (im so bad lol)
Created with Drawing Cartoons 2 app https://goo.gl/tBiYPg #drawingcartoons2
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GD Ship portal | GD Animation #1
This ship portal animation did NOT impessed me aLOT. Because i hurried up and got fast, i was like no time to colour, got straight in to this series. Oh yea and this is a series. I have some stuff at school that is not done, cuz i have not gone to school for 5 dayz cuz im sick and there is 12 homework for me to do. # crazyteachers o_O
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