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Hubs & Wife does the "Humpty Dance"
My husband and I love to have fun together and we like to make videos! Here we are doing "The Humpty Dance" and having fun with it! Look for our ministry on Facebook, 224 Marriage Ministry! Pastors, John & TeQuandra Sylvester
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Kid in the shower after opening Christmas gifts!
We heard our 5 year old in the shower making a LOT of noise after opening Christmas gifts...and we wanted to make sure that he was "okay"!!! He made music!
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Drei's "Do the Dishes" with style!
This kid will give you a show however and wherever you go! He does his dishes as he listens to his headphones and dances while shaking off the water! Too funny!
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Race Car Fun
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12 Days of Christmas with a "twist"!!!
My husband and I made up our own #5 for this song...because he got me a BEAUTIFUL watch for Christmas!!!
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Those Dre' Beats headphones are addicting I guess...
Teen listening to music with new headphones & can't hear a thing!
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Serious about those Beats by Dre
My son is serious about these new headphones. He is not paying attention to anything but that music & his food!!! What a Christmas!!!
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11 Year Old Girl does a great trick
My 11 year old daughter does an awesome trick using crinkled straw paper and liquid.
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Testing testing 1...2...3...
I'm just testing TI see if I can start recording videos on YouTube!
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Apostle TQ Sylvester after prayer
Just had an awesome "God encounter" and there is nothing like it!
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Minister of Dance Mary Parker
The 2nd annual Battered Not Broken conference: Healed so That I can Live!!! Minister of Dance, Mary Parker blessed the house!
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God Bless You
Apostle TeQuandra "TQ" Sylvester is where you can connect with me on Facebook. I look forward to praying with you and giving you the encouraging words that you are seeking.
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