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Freddie Mercury - In My Defence - New Video
This is a music video I made over 10 years ago, similar to the real music video, but with some audio clips every now and then. It took quite long to find good clips and edit them together, so I hope you like it! "Kooleoone2", mentioned in the beginning was my old account.
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Brian May Tribute- A True Guitar HERO
Glimpses of Brian's career set to "I want it all". Watch in High Quality stereo sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj_TYH9YIL0&fmt=18 Brian May made me save money for an electric guitar when I was 14!
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The First Moon Landing Video Edit
Music from Apollo 13 movie. There are great Full Screen Panoramas taken in Apollo flights from the moon: http://www.fullscreenqtvr.com/moon/
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