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Autobahn Indoor Speedway - Hadley - On Board Footage
BEFORE EVERYONE GRILLS ME....I know F1 Boston does not have electric karts. I meant to say "like K1 Speed or Pole Position". Please forgive me. I have been to many tracks. List to date: - F1 Boston, Braintree, MA (gas karts)_ - Pole Position, Oklahoma City, OK (electric karts) - GoPro Motorplex, Mooresville, NC (gas karts 50+ mph!) - Pioneer Valley Indoor Karting, Hatfield, MA (gas karts) - K1 Speed Boston, Wilmington, MA (electric karts) - K1 Speed Albany, Albany, NY (electric, but now permanently closed) - Autobahn Indoor Speedway, Hadley, MA (electric karts) Overall, the track is enjoyable. I will say that the customer service was much better my second time there, which was a few weeks after it opened. The facility has 4-5 large commercial style garage doors that are open during business hours so that passer-bys in the mall see what's going on. I have always seen curious people pull up a seat alongside the track, so having a crowd is always fun. The track itself is could have been better designed for speed. I think speed is what regular customers without racing experience want to feel. However, for the racer, the esses prove to be challenging on this LeMans style track. Each turn varies in angle and shapes, creating critical apexes for a good setup into the next turn. In these heavy karts, it is very important not to scrub speed through these turns. The karts themselves seem to be inconsistent. Adult races and junior races typically alternate, so following a junior race shouldn't result in much heat build up on track, however my second session of the day resulted in about a 3.5 tenth drop in lap times. The whole field was consistent however, which leads me to believe that the karts may be serviced by "row" as they are parked. My second session was in a kart from a different row, which could have had slightly different tire pressures, or more worn out tires. I noticed the tires in my second kart were crowing, a sign of over inflation. I know rentals typically have higher pressures, but the crowing results in less contact with the track, and excessive pressure will cause the kart to hop too. The track is fun, having a crowd is cool, but you'll have to see for yourself that indoor karting is a blast. Be sure to try out some of the other area facilities as well....not naming any names....but there's one on my list above that is LOCALLY OWNED. Best lap today: 20.788 At time of publish: 4th best of the week, 7th of the month, and 33rd of the year.
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2001 Mustang GT Flowmaster Super 10
Freshly installed (at the time) Flowmaster Super10's, custom fitted to the Jeg's 2.5'' catback. these are borderline off road mufflers. if you keep the cats on, you can get away with it. I never got pulled over, and I have the stock H pipe.
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JUNKED @ Volusia - iRacing - Non-Winged 360
Run the non-wings at Volusia they said. It'll be fun they said.
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2nd Place Dirt Pro Late Model - iRacing Williams Grove S2W4 2017
My best finish yet in any of the dirt late models. I'm sorry it took so long to post some dirt content. The thing is, dirt racing is just so good, that I chose to keep racing it rather than produce a video. I'll try to at some point get a compilation up of cool angles showing all the great dirt effects. But for now, big thanks to Jackson Allen for posting the setup on the forum. It provided an awesome baseline which only need minor adjustments. Second split, SOF 1680.
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LG G5 Bootloop
UPDATE: I tried some fixes that people found with the G4, none of which worked. I had to send it to LG for a replacement circuit board. All photos, settings, apps, etc were lost. it has been good so far. As with any phone, it needs an occasional reset. If Apple releases an iPhone with a wide angle camera, I might switch back. I don't have the time to be rooting Android to run custom OS's, just need a phone that's reliable. My LG G5, purchased in early May 2016 has gone into a full blown boot loop. It cannot successfully boot into safe mode or factory reset either. Only way to stop it is by removing the battery. Should have waited for the iPhone 7. via YouTube Capture
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Jeg's 2.5" Catback kit, 2001 Mustang GT
This is for anyone out there interested in purchasing the Jeg's 2.5" catback system for a 99-04 mustang GT. The set was around $200 so for a better than stock sound without spending over twice that amount, these don't sound that bad. Of course it's not flowmaster or pypes, but it's not bad for a turbo style muffler, and still breaths better than the stock 2.25" Idle has a nice quiet but deep tone, but it wakes right up when you hit the gas.
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Tear-offs in iRacing - 4th Place Official Sprint Cars
With iRacing's new "tear off" feature, I had to try out the best open wheel car there is. The sprint car. Season 4 week 1 at USA Speedway. around lap 19 you'll see the tear off in action. Around 26-27, nice little accident avoidance.
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Official iRacing Sprint Cars 12/13/16 Tues 8PM Split - 14th to 8th
After having a blast in the sprint cars last night, I was desperate to run again. I mean these cars are an absolute handful. Every lap you're up on the wheel pushing it to the edge. I'm very new to this car, but the winner of this race has over a 6000 iRating, so I feel like starting 14th and finishing 8th was pretty good. Actually, two drivers ahead of me have over 6000, and there were two more with over 3000. I started 14th because I haven't learned how to create a qualifying setup for these yet. It really takes about 4 laps for the tires to come in for a race setup, so I just stick with that and hope for the best in qualifying. I actually hit the wall this time, so the faster lap didn't count. Sorry if it's boring for a while, the field sort of spread out, but there are a few good moments in there.
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iRacing - 305 Winged Sprints @ Eldora
I had a couple requests to put up a video of a dirt race. This was far from my best race, but I figured starting towards the back gives a good view of what the sim looks like with other cars around, and shows the tear-off effect better.
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CRA iRacing National Series Night 2 10:00 Split
The Championship Racing Association was at South Boston Speedway for four sessions in their first week of the CRA iRacing National Series. Each week, CRA will host 4 "splits", Tuesday night and Thursday night at 8:00 and 10:00 pm. This is the 4th session of the week, as seen from my #7 Bojangles K&N Chevy. This series was created by Kyle Barnes to reinstate the K&N car on short tracks due to iRacing scheduling their official series at 1.5 mile and larger tracks. iRacing official rules are replicated, with caution laps turned off, and 17 max incident points, 1 fast reset, and is open to league and non-league members. The first week proved to be a game of survival in all 4 sessions. Huge wreck in the beginning laps. At the end of this video, I focused the replay on some of the big wrecks that wiped out most of the field early on. Oh and this is my first ever recorded video. It is basically raw video, uncut, and without anything fancy added. Also, my graphics card is OLD.
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CEA East vs West and The Rest Challenge - My Recap
I didn't have to show much of my race to recap it. I ran 148 clean laps and then got junked on 149 of 150. The race director did have extra laps built into the race in order to finish under green, but with the car bent, it was just too slow and I finished 14th. Special thanks to Championship ESports Association, LLC for hosting this event. It was great to mix things up with a different car and with different drivers than our CEA regulars. Congrats to CP for the win. Check out www.championshipesports.com for more info on future events!
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mustang 2001
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CARS eSport Tour - Sim Racing Scene 250 - Late Model Feature - #7 In Car View
Recorded LIVE from the CARS eSport Tour, at the iRacing Southern National Motorsports Park for the first half of the Sim Racing Scene 250. Check out Sim Racing Scene at simracingscene.com! 125 laps of LATE MODEL ACTION Don't forget to follow to subscribe to simracingscene.com and the Kyle Lev Racing YouTube channel as well! Thanks!
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Super DIRT Week 2015 Silver Crown Sprint Cars Last Year At Moody Mile
Silver Crown action in Turn 2 of the Moody Mile.
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Official iRacing Legends - Lanier Jan 16, 2017
2017 has not been a good year to me so far on the oval side. Meanwhile, I've reached my C license in Road, but I'm back below 2000 and at demotion level in Oval :( Don't forget to check out simracingscene.com and all Likes and Subscriptions are greatly appreciated, thank you.
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2001 mustang GT burnout
burnout in my mustang GT
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Sprint Car Passes - iRacing @ Eldora
Here are a couple clips of some crossover passes in the sprint cars. First one is in the 305's. Second one is in the 410's. The 410 race was battling a HORRIBLE track condition which is why I kept straightening out. There was no grip once you got sideways. Pretty much desert dry.
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CRA Winter Thaw 300 - 200 Lap Feature #7 In-Car
Streaming in 480p, sorry, but I don't want to have any memory issues while in race. This is the CRA Winter Thaw 300 at the iRacing virtual Concord Speedway. The first 100 laps (two 50 lap heat races) are in the books and it's time for the 200 lap feature!! Please don't forget to check out the LIVE in FULL 1080p broadcast from our marketing partners over at LSRTV via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3p3m7RZf8Q (LIVE chat is disabled due to me being driving!)
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New Years Resolution - Road Racing
This is my first road course video on the channel. The Spec Racer Ford is a blast to drive. This was only my 2nd or 3rd time in an official race with it, and I saw about a 4 second improvement in lap times from practice, to race. I lost control and went off track a few times, so consistency is going to be something for me to work on. My resolution for this year is to spend more time on road courses within the official side. I currently have a D license, with a 3.53 SR and 1293 iRating. My goal would be to at least make it up to a C license. I think what I need to do is learn how to be patient and smooth. Feel free to leave pointers in the comments section.
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CARS eSport Tour LCQ - #7 In Car View
LIVE from the CARS eSport Tour, iRacing Southern National Motorsports Park
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Eject-O Seat-O Street Stock at Oxford
Check out this glitch, it launched me into another galaxy.
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CEA 305 Winged Sprints @ Myrtle Beach Speedway
In-car view from my car in the 1st ever CEA Winged 305 Sprint Car race. This is an invite only experimental event. To my knowledge this race also being broadcast by LSRTV, is the first time the 305 winged sprints have been broadcast on iRacing. This is a fixed setup, which is a little loose and twitchy in the beginning but really picks up after about 15 laps.
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3rd Place - Official Sprint Cars 10pm Split 12/13/16
Official iRacing Sprint Cars. This race was a bit smaller. I started P4, fell back a bit and worked my way back up via the help of some cautions. There are some dicey moments here, and unfortunately it ended under caution. The restart was 5 to go and the top 4 were battling hard.
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Carnage at My First Dirt SLM at Williams Grove
I decided to try it out, after a few laps got really comfortable, but the real action is in the last 5-10 laps, lots of carnage. Besides, what's a safety rating?? SOF 1809.
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Rocket League Goal Compilation
Just a bunch of goals from a bunch of racing nuts who happen to play some Rocket League. You can't just be on iRacing all the time. When you have a gaming PC, game on it!
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New Year's Door Dash at Autobahn Indoor Speedway
There were more karts on track this time to give you a better idea of what it looks like passing slower drivers and where some good places are to setup for a pass. I put down my personal best lap time, and the fastest of the day. I am not paid by and/or affiliated with Autobahn Indoor Speedway.
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T Tread96 Saves the Day for simracingscene.com Mustang
After 2.4 hours of driving, it takes a true friend to push you across the line on the last lap. He deserved that one last spot at the end. Sorry to the guy who got butt hurt. We weren't playing around on the backstretch, I was just trying to finish.
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When You're In 3rd And Your Friend Joins Teamspeak
When you're running in 3rd, and your focus is on point, then your friend joins Teamspeak then you hit the wall with 5 laps left. I'm not blaming you T-tread96, I was just that focused that when Overwolf came up saying you joined the channel, my eyes moved for a second and then I just lost it. I'm gonna call that a learning opportunity.
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CEA Dirt Challenge - iRacing - Small Field, Big Action at Volusia
This was week 3, race 2 of the first ever CEA Dirt Challenge. OBS glitched out on me, so I wasn't able to upload the first of the twin 40's. RIP my engine. A car spun in front of me, I had nowhere to go, and ran it until the radiator quit doing it's job.
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CRA Winter Thaw 300 - 200 Lap Feature #7 In-Car
Streaming in 480p, sorry, but I don't want to have any memory issues while in race. This is the CRA Winter Thaw 300 at the iRacing virtual Concord Speedway. The first 100 laps (two 50 lap heat races) are in the books and it's time for the 200 lap feature!! Please don't forget to check out the LIVE in FULL 1080p broadcast from our marketing partners over at LSRTV via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3p3m7RZf8Q (LIVE chat is disabled due to me being driving!)
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sORRy t-TrEaD96
I thought Cook would have a better view from the Turn 1 grandstands during his first Silver Crown race. Sorry Cook. dRiViNG iS hARd.
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Personal Best at Skip Barber - Official Summit Point
Tonight I decided to sneak in a quick skippy race. I had my personal best finish of 7th after qualifying 10th. Lap 16 - I thought it was my fault that I got into the 5 car. I apologized after the race and he informed me that it was actually the 6 cars fault. You see the 6 coming to my right down the front stretch, so naturally I attempted to follow, being late in the race. The 6 locked the brakes, slid up in front of the 5, causing the 5 to check up and get hit by my LF. I still feel bad about the contact, because I never try to take a position that way. Overall, I gained .14 SR, but hardly any iRacing due to finishing mid pack in a SOF about the same as my own. I am showing progress however and look forward to more open wheel racing. Apologies for the lack of commentary, it was late. Until next time, check out my other videos and don't be afraid to subscribe!
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Road Course Journey - S1W1 - Summit Point - Formula 2000
Audio cameo by KillerK15 and T-tread96 who were racing the identical cars in different splits. Go check out their hilarious Road To A Class Series on their channels, don't forget to subscribe to them too. This is my first race in the Skip Barber Formula 2000 series. I qualified 5th and finished 5th after a couple of sketchy moments, mainly the first lap.
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USAC 410 - iRacing - Wheels Up
I think the title says it all. Wheels Up.
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Short Track National Showdown Heat Race 1 9/26/16
I was recently invited to join the Short Track National Showdown league to race with them at Irwindale Speedway in SK Modifieds. OBS recording software got messed up, and didn't catch the audio, so sorry about that, but I ended up with the pole, and it was pretty much the only good part of the whole event that was hosted, so I'm putting it up anyway.
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CARS eSport Tour - Sim Racing Scene 250 - Super Late Model Feature - #7 In Car View
LIVE from the CARS eSport Tour, at the iRacing Southern National Motorsports Park with special guest Christian Pedersen on Teamspeak. 30th to 10th (unofficial, hopefully I get the spot back for being dumped on the last lap) CONGRATS to Christian Pedersen for working his way all the way up to 3rd! Thanks again for watching the in car view of the Kyle Lev Racing #7 during the Sim Racing Scene 250 from iRacing's Southern National Motorsports Park. Be sure to check out simracingscene.com and don't forget to subscribe to the blog and this channel! Thanks everyone!
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USAC 410 Sprint Cars on iRacing
Here is some footage of what the 410 USAC Sprint Cars look like on iRacing at the virtual Williams Grove. If you like this video, be sure to let me know by commenting for subscribing, thanks!
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K&N National Series Daytona 1/16/2017
Why do I torture myself with these K&N races. Welcome back B class.
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