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January 8, 2019
Dont be so hard on Manny even though hes still a snake
My Trip And Makeup Purchasers
Just for fun. Light and simple just to share some fun short and light hearted
Drama Channels
My support to the Drama community of which I am a fan❤️
February 8, 2019
Makeup this and that.. fun stuff
Paco 15 yr old featherless sweetheart
Rescue bird we love even without feathers. I look busted
products and video favorites, No sponser
Welcome, here are some of my favorite products Take a minute and shout out to a favorite. Let me know who you love and support your You Tube family. Together we can spread the joy...Thank You
Help for Tea Spill😢
Just an Idea on how to Help Tea Spill get the strike off her channel. My opinion only
Welcome To My Channel ❤️
Every channel has a purpose. I review and explain why I like what I see. I support YouTube channels and always give credit for sharing their thoughts. Please join me. I hope to grow and and spread positive vibes! Thanks for stopping by... :)