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Visiting the China Import and Export Fair - The Canton Fair
China Import and Export Fair (also known as the Canton Fair), is held every spring and autumn. The Fair has a MASSIVE exhibition area of over 19 million square feet with 150,000 exhibit varieties in 16 industries. This is where we can visit manufacturers, examine their samples, and determine their quality and capabilities.
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Testing Products at Shooting Range
Testing out new shooting products at the gun range with the manufacturers. www.zonadd.com
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Entertaining Clients in Las Vegas
Our Chinese manufacturing clients are invited to Las Vegas for a day of fun and fine dining. We work hard to develop great relationships with manufacturers we trust who have demonstrated their quality and responsiveness. Inviting them to hang with us for a day helps us get to know each other and build relationships of trust. It's a lot of fun for all of us, but we do spend some time talking business and showing some of their products as they appear in American markets. www.zonadd.com
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High End Baby Products - From the Avenue
Custom textiles used in baby wraps, carseat covers, and toddler tents. Designed in USA and manufactured in China. Quality products can be sourced in China but it depends on finding the right manufacturer and having a team to watch every aspect of the process. www.zonadd.com
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High End Fidget Spinners
During the height of the fidget spinner craze, we found these high end spinners priced at $32 they were a hit for people wanting something that was high end.
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Custom Printed Socks
Custom printed socks via sublimation. www.zonadd.com
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Petroleum Product Formulation - Black Rifle Gun Oil
We had a chemist formulate the oil to the specifications of the client, the custom bottles and labeling designed to show off the color of the oil inside. www.zonadd.com
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Custom material formulation - Combat Griptape
Combat Grip Tape - a custom tape designed to provide superior control of pistols, carbines, knives, and long guns in the most challenging conditions of combat - blood, sweat, snow, water, grease and gloves.
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Textiles Manufacturing - Aprons
Textile manufacturing with custom printed fabrics and individually hand-sewn. Also custom leather labels with burnished logo sewn into the seam. www.zonadd.com
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Packaging and Product Sourcing
Product sourcing for contents of single use cleaning kit for emergency firearm cleaning. Sourced all cleaning contents, gun oil formulation and packaging design. www.zonadd.com
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Visiting Furniture Manufacturer
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Printed Textiles and Products
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High-tech CNC Milling
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Metal Fabrication - Product Sourcing
Custom fabricated metal spear tips with hardened color coating. www.zonadd.com
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Zonadd Global Product Development Marketing
Zonadd Helps American Brands find quality Asian Manufacturers - and helps Asian Manufacturers sell their own brands and products in American markets. Global product development, marketing and fulfillment. http://www.zonadd.com
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Wood Products Manufacturing - Chicken Coops
Custom wood products with custom hardware and packaging.
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Attending CES in Las Vegas!
We love attending the annual CES event in Las Vegas. Many of our East Asian electronics manufacturing clients exhibit their capabilities at the huge event and we always meet new manufacturers and resources we put on our list to meet up in China, Viet Nam or India. This is where the big boys of electronics are found along with a lot of promising up-and-coming companies.
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