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8N Pertronix 1247XT electronic conversion quick and easy
Finally got around to finishing up my video on the electronic ignition conversion for my 8n. the kit is used was this pertronix 1247XT the install took about 30 minutes to do. the red wire goes to positive along with your hot wire from the battery. black wire goes to negative. the coil came with the kit i also tried a flamethrower coil 3.0 ohm and i feel like that one is better than the one in the kit. i have to test time out one day. no more flooding engines! easier to start in all types of conditions and no messing with points and condensers anymore also my 8n is 12v negative ground. get more productivity out of your tractor with this kit! :D sorry bout the vertical video i didnt have a tripod at the time or a way to hold my phone. Pertronix 1247XT- https://amzn.to/2EZSj8A
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air compressor auxiliary tank / portable air tank build
built a manifold out of 1/2 black iron pipe on a old air 20 gallon air compressor. busted my knuckles in the first few mins. i have it set up with a male and female air chuck. in order to hook it up for use the male end gets connected to the compressor and it adds about 10 extra gallons. the red valve is for emptying the tank. i plan on making a short hose so i can use it to fill tires when i dont have access to electricity. sorry if the vid drags on a bit, i wanted to be thorough so everyone that watches can follow along if they need to. feel free to ask any questions. the electronic ignition video for my 8n is coming soon :D
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m35a2 oil pan repair
turn on subtitles, sorry bout the camera work. i ain't used to the one arm bandit method and my tripod isn't the best. i tried putting a screw with a rubber washer like you see on the other side of the pan but the hole was too tiny so i opted for jb-weld, emptied the oil pan. buffed it like hell with a angle grinder, mix and slather the goop on. no more leaks, the oil that's dripping onto the axle is from where i spilled some oil on the engine when i put new oil in the engine. if youre curious about the screw method i used, i used a piece of tire tube, then a piece of thin lead behind it to apply even pressure. the screw is a self tapping roofing screw without the washer it works well for me. not proud of if but it works :D
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M35a2 stump pull, round two!
second try pulling out a pipe out of my backyard, excuse my mess i have a junk pile horde going on hahah. the M35 struggled a little bit due to loss of traction, after the chain came of i put it into 6x6 so it did better. i had the truck in 1st low. the accelerator pedal was still a little sticky but it did its job. the pipe was buried about 4 ft in the hard packed caliche. farm-all lost the battle yesterday but my truck won the war :D
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How to break a tire bead the easy way
just two clips of me busting tire beads with my truck. no swinging hammers. most folks dont mention this Technique enough. if yer' worried about cutting the tire you could use a wider board, i recommend a 3x6 board but a 2x4 did the job for me this time..
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8n light grading hard packed caliche road
the weights on my grader blade broke off so this was my final pass i made of the day. lost a lot of footage of this job. sorry about that. the plates are about 4 inches thick and 1ft wide , you can see them poking out on the front end of the tractor.
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M35a2 torque multiplier in action.
demonstrating the use of a torque multiplier in action on my duece. the front wheel didnt have to come off yet so i just broke one loose to show ya'll. couldnt find any good vids on youtube besides people talking and babbling on for 15 minutes without showing it working. this unit is rated at 4800Ft lbs of torque. here's a link to it if anyone is interested. i purchased the one with four sockets and it comes with the right ones for the budd thimbles and lug nuts. the loud pop is the lug nut breaking loose.. https://amzn.to/2ZOIsew
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#31 Mcormick loader with Farmall M pothole filling 1
Just a walk around and some clips of my Farmall m doing some dirt work on a ranch. it rained for about two weeks straight, so there was a lot of standing water. More videos to come and hopefully they get better! :D
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Farmall M not quite a.. "stump pull"
trying to remove this cemented pipe out of my yard. trailer project was in the way but i got a few good pulls on the pipe, it didnt come out. gave up using the M, gonna try my duece and a half tmmrw. enjoy the vid. :D
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1996 f350 one minute clutch bushing fix, with part number
the bushing kit i got was from NAPA and the part number is 615-1422 or you can order it on amazon here-https://amzn.to/2D9Uvt4 heim joint mod is here if ya'll are interested in doing that instead. https://amzn.to/2Ic33Uj the magnetic light i used is here- https://amzn.to/2UsjX7E any questions feel free to ask them.
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Farmall M pulling 7 ft bush hog offset disk
knocking down all sorts of crap to build pasture for the horsies, disking/seeding about 20 acres of usable land. first time i have ever pulled any "implements" with my M (only had it a year or so). i aint a farmer and i dont claim to be one, and it aint a "how to". just using whats there at that particular ranch.. the tractor is mine though. more to come :D enjoy!
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Stuck Farmall M
no hydraulics on the disks so i have to drag em always down so when i made a turn in the opposite way the disks face, it created more resistance and i dug myself to china. Tried using a makeshift un-ditching beam but the soil was too soft and i ended up making the hole wider, didnt have a shovel to dig out the hitch to remove the shackle/clevis. use a tomahawk for about an hour, un-hitched the disks and drive the tractor out of the holes. i then use the same strap and clevis to pull the disks over the hole then went on my merry way onto feck up more cactus and other foliage in my way. onto greener pastures i suppose ... more to come soon!
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Big rig tiny hillclimb
short video of my workover rig on a tiny but somewhat steep hill climb.
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m35a2 going through gears
short trip through a ranch road, sorry for the wind noise its an open cab soft top truck.
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