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Sunset lover meme ~ by : Mina ~ (read desc)
Hi peeps :3 The song : Sunset Lover - Petit busciut (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuCK-oiE3rM ) Me and Karen had so many tests so we tried our best to post and study and I will be on vacation 1 week so I won’t be active a lot :) but I will try my best to edit and post in spare times..! Bye peeps! 💞
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Savage GLMV by:Mina~ (read desc :p )
This was made by Mina and up,oared by Mina and if you can you can make a Youtubers react to this but tell me the name first 😋 Song:Savage by Bahari Apps used..... Thumbnail :Gacha life , Magic ereaser , Phonto Video:Kine master and Gacha life How I add music on kine master—— Download my media Type Tubidy.Com Search music you want Click on it Choose MP3 and wait till it downloads Go on playlists and press on the song Choose add in other apps Press on kine master Then it must be in internal~~~ I love you guys I will like and pin the first comment and like the first three ~ -love from Mina~ ❤️😜
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New Outro | Karen and Mina | Made by Karen
I made a new mina
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I'm gonna show you Crazy... | Karen and Mina | Made by Karen!
Hi, my Lovelies! It's OUT YAY! I hope you guys enjoy this! It took me 3 days... =-=
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Outro | Karen and Mina (Made by Karen)
Hi, my lovelies! It's not done at all. I hope you have a great day watching this outro I made! In a few minutes, our first GLMV -Gacha life music video- Will be posted!!
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Upside down meme ~ By:Mina /not by Karen :3 /
Apps used: KineMaster CuteCut Gacha life IbisPaint Time used: 2 weeks ;-; idk why.....
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The mute girl with an amazing voice (finale) [check desc]
So apparently this is the finale XD
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Daydream meme~ -read desc- /by : Mina/
Apps used: IbisPaint Gacha life KineMaster CuteCut If you want a tutorial on anything put what you want to know and I will do it .... Karen won’t be posting a lot ! because we are getting ready for test,quizzes and exams soo she is getting really busy , for me you know... I get rests and I work on videos ... oh almost forgot Time took: 3 days Just a hint Karen is working on a music vid so be ready :3 Byeee~~~ :3
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The mute girl with an amazing voice (part 2 ) /finale idk why/ [check desc]
I’m sorry it was only two parts me and Karen are trying to make more episodes and I promise they will be more then 5 episodes XD
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Mommy hit Mina!? | Individual Twins EP 1| Karen and Mina
New series! All the people in the series are people that called me on discord and told me everything they want about their character! Once more. Karens Discord: Lunar#5559
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New series! | Karen and Mina| Karen~
Hi boo's! This series will be called ~Like you know~ !THIS IS JUST A TEASER!
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