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MAMA NOOO||Gacha Life||
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[Speedpaint] Girl In Paris
I'm sorry for not uploading much. I have been busy. But since I had time for today guess I'll put up a few videos. - - - - - - I was watching The Little Prince okay? ;-;
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#pastelgirlchallenge  •●Blue Pastel Girl●•
I had nothing to do today and I came upon the challenge.
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#Itzangiiees60k FanArt and Happy 60k •w•
Song- Ain't your Mama ( I dont own the song )
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Art for Jöjö Pläýž
I forgot to mention in this video why I won't accept anymore requests. I've only recieved 2 requests and i'm already stressed. I forgot to draw both requests and so I rushed. I don't like upsetting others. Edit: Okay, i'm dumb. I didn't check. I wasn't supposed to draw this one. But my words still remain. This is the last request or speedpaint of others i'll do. I really don't wanna stress about things. I worked really hard and to have this video to come out. My lucky clover aint working. I really don't want to dissapoint you guys. If I could, I couldn't have drawn the character. I'm not that good with complicated art yet. I would really appreciate if 8 people would participate. I'm still thinking of the prizes. So feel free to help me in the comments! Ideas are open until I have 100 subscribers! But for sure there will be 3 winning places♡ I'll explain more when I have that video come out! I don't own the song Real Friends-Camila Cabello I'm sorry if I messed up her name. It took me a long time to make this video because I wanted to squish in my new intro and outro! Time took: 3 days (yes im hella slow) Apps: Phonto PowerDirector Ibis Paint KineMaster Wish all my lucky clovers a good day!
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Thanks to Cream 707_draws for sending me the gacha life character! Been having art block lately! Her channel: https://youtu.be/Vi7ULYt2ha0
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[SPEEDPAINT] Doki Doki LITerature Club (Sayori)
Sayori is like my sister so figured I'd do her first
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Sit still, look pretty GVMV [INCOMPLETE]
Okay so I lost all my characters in GV so I had to make it look exactly the same but I cant feel it. LACK OF MOTIVATION IS DA CAUSE OF DIS! (EmilyKitty inspired) Subscriber count : 55 (´。• ω •。`)
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my dreams as vines
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#Artforheart fan art for you my friend :3
Song: Shout out to my Ex I didn't make the song.
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"Marnie"||When Marnie Was There|| SPEED DRAW
I didn't film the making of the body because half way I had the idea to record this. I don't own the music in this video.
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♤ANYBODY ELSE♤||MEME||Gacha Life||
This is my very first animation meme! I'd appreciate some criticism for my first meme. If you haven't watched my previous video, i'll tell you this. I won't be accepting requests anymore. So I don't know what to say here! Well, have a good day my clovers! Moving background: https://youtu.be/Wwj-Vh8QOfQ Time used: 1 day Apps: ibisPaintX KineMaster Power Director Background Eraser Gacha Life
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Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day! P.S I suggest you to watch Love&Lies on Netflix Apps Used: Phonto Kinemaster IbisPaint PowerDirector Song: https://youtu.be/bvtGL2iHnMU
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Drawing My Profile Picture
Okay, I cringe here now... maybe its the eyes
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This isn't my best edit. Well, it's my first. But I know I could have done better! I have nothing much to say here... Song: https://youtu.be/iuoCSrZEEh0 Time: 4 Hours Apps: KineMaster iBisPaintX Gacha Life Well, have a good day my clovers!♡♡
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My Intro of January(●U●)
If ya'll asking, "Why is it bloody?" Well, that's how I am in real life. I'm a yandere for food. I will hurt you if you steal my food. This is the Gacha Life version.
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Drawing XxMarrinettexXlady25
I'm trying ok?
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Flipaclip animation test
I appreciate any constructive criticism!
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