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Brand New - 16 Oct 2017  - Aragon Ballroom - Chicago (Full HD set)
Best show Brand New ever played. Science Fiction tour, Chicago, 2017. Video and audio from /u/gloomforever (I synced/edited) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_75tdFMWwzbQfqCNU4Fdg
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MKVI VW GTI - Unitronic Stage 2, TBE, Intake - Exhaust GoPro Video
2013 Volkswagen GTI with Unitronic Stage 2, Turboback Exhaust, Intake, and GFB DV+. GoPro Hero3 Silver with Audio-Technica ATR-3350 condenser microphone
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MKVI VW GTI GHL/Magnaflow turbo back exhaust sound
LISTEN WITH NICE HEADPHONES OR SPEAKERS! Driving starts @ 0:50 APR hard rev limiter (fake 2 step) and acceleration @ 1:45 Downshift and heavy acceleration @ 2:19 Downshifts @ 2:40 Mini hard limiter @ 3:25 This is a quick video I made while testing out my new GoPro. Sorry for the audio compression/artifacts.. I'm new to video editing and apparently the program I use uses very lossy compression (no artifacts in raw video) I was shifting at normal speed.. no point in wearing my clutch down on the street for an exhaust video :) 2011 Volkswagen GTI, 6MT - APR Stage 2 software, APR Carbonio intake, GHL 200 cell metal catted 3" downpipe, Magnaflow catback exhaust, BFI torque mount insert, South Bend Stage 2 Daily Silent clutch kit with lightweight flywheel
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(OLD VERSION) - BN Chicago 2017 - updated high quality video in description
better version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0Pd-dXi7fg
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GoPro Hero3 Silver external mic test - BMW Z4M custom exhaust
Audio glitches are from the compression used (still testing). The clicks are audio glitches from compression, the popping is actual exhaust noise on deceleration. ATR-3350 mic is mounted under the lip above the rear license plate. 2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster with custom axleback exhaust. Yes, I missed 2nd gear on a downshift (common issue for the Z4M tranny). Shifting was slow to prevent unnecessary wear. gopro ext mic test wmv hd 720 30fps
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VW MKVI GTI - TBE (GHL downpipe, Magnaflow catback exhaust) startup and light revs
Watch my GoPro video of this setup on the road here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVSssX9H_ng Cold start and some throttle blipping and slight revs Step down and blipping starts at 1:05 Sorry for the plane flying over at the step down :( 2011 Volkswagen GTI - Autobahn trim, 2dr, manual transmission Mods: APR Stage II non test pipe flash APR Carbonio Stage I intake GHL 200 cell metal catted downpipe Magnaflow resonated catback exhaust BFI torque mount insert OEM tinted LED tail lights with rear fog OEM euro switch etc..
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Scared To Be Lonely (pop-rock version)
Video on my music channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QcVmQTBi-s Isolated vocals, sequenced drums (EZdrummer2), synth pad and bass (Sytrus), cello, violin, viola (Sakura). Acoustic guitars recorded with cheap condenser mic, electric guitars recorded with cab simulated DI out from 6505 MH head.
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Audi RS4 Dyno
Stock 291.4 whp / 253.1 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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Dodge Dart Rental Car - Questionable Ignition Switch Design
Dodge Dart turned off while I was on the highway at 70mph. After I made it home and changed my pants, I tried to figure out why it happened. Turns out if your knee touches the keychain in a certain way, the ignition will turn off. Poor ignition switch design + 2 huge key fobs on a rental car keychain (unnecessary) = a bad time. My leg and knee weren't even in an odd position.
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2011 Audi A3 DSG K04 Dyno
2011 Audi A3 DSG with upgraded turbo (K04 with APR software), S3 intercooler, custom BB downpipe, BBK, coilovers.. running on a Mustang dyno. The numbers for this run were 247whp/263wtq (with WCF).. the best run of 3 was 251whp/267wtq
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BMW Z4 M Roadster Exhaust - Stock vs. Muffler Delete + resonators
Quick video of my Z4 M Roadster's OEM exhaust vs. muffler delete plus resonators (axleback). Just some little throttle blips but some GoPro videos and flybys will come soon. Pic of the work from underneath: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-VyxDGeuaOhU/UV5YNM-jDTI/AAAAAAAAFy4/-dLaTyTxYqY/s800/2013-04-04%252018.48.jpg
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VW MKVI GTI - Billy Boat TBE exhaust - start up
Not my car.. B&B turboback exhaust start up on a 2012 Volkswagen GTI. There's some background noise from one of the lifts being lowered, and the garage door opening. The DP is catted.
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2012 VW Golf R w/ Evolution Motorsport intake dyno
2012 Volkswagen Golf R w/EVO MS intake on mustang dyno, stock software. 233whp/254wtq (with WCF)
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2012 VW GTI Dyno (APR, AWE)
APR Stage 2, APR Carbonio intake, AWE downpipe 237.1 whp / 264.7 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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2011 VW GTI Dyno (APR, GHL, Magnaflow)
APR Stage 2, APR Carbonio intake, GHL 200 cell catted downpipe, Magnaflow catback 239.6 whp / 272.6 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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2012 VW Golf R APR Stage 1 tune Dyno run
2012 Volkswagen Golf R, stock except for APR stage 1 software.. Mustang dyno 252whp/282wtq (with WCF)
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WCBMW 2017 AX1 - #706 Z4M Roadster - best lap
5/6/2017 - Windy City BMW Autocross 1 #706 2006 BMW Z4M Roadster Lap 10 52.194 seconds 2/21 in A-class. 13/75 overall.
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10-12-15 LAPS @ Autobahn Country Club (Full) - best lap
#706 Z4M in Novice. I missed a bunch of apexes. Personal best lap time of 2:54.9
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2006 BMW Z4M Dyno
293whp, 230wtq on a Mustang dyno
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Windy City BMW - Autocross V 2013 - Z4M 706 best run
BMWCCA I know I suck, no need to comment simply to bash me on my lack of skills!
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2010 VW GTI Dyno (APR K04, AWE, Unitronic, Neuspeed, Magnaflow)
299whp, 299wtq on a Mustang dyno
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2011 VW GTI Dyno (REVO, Modshack, AWE)
Revo Stage 2, Modshack intake, AWE downpipe/TOP 242.4 whp / 264.7 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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2013 VW GTI Dyno (Unitronic Stage 1, GFB)
235whp, 247wtq on a Mustang dyno
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MKVI GTI - B&B catted TBE + APR stg2, hard rev limiter
Not my car. Some 2 step action, skip to 0:25 or so Billy Boat catted turbo back exhaust, APR Stage 2 test pipe file, hard rev limiter sounds kind of like a 2 step ignition cut
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APR Stage 2, APR Carbonio intake, APR turboback exhaust 231.7 whp / 262.5 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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Storytime with Vince and Scott of Speed Wrench Racing
Vince and Scott of Speed Wrench Racing tell the tale of an unfortunate timing gear incident.
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MKVI VW GTI Dyno (Unitronic, Neuspeed, Billy Boat)
Unitronic Stage 2, Neuspeed P-Flo intake, Billy Boat catted/resonated downpipe 228.9 whp / 255.1 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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BMW Z4 M Roadster S54 Custom Exhaust Sound GoPro
LISTEN WITH GOOD HEADPHONES OR SPEAKERS! 2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster with custom axleback exhaust. Sorry for the clipping audio. The exhaust is pretty loud and bassy, which I guess messes with the GoPro microphone. Sorry for the granny shifting ;) 0:00 cold start 0:45 slow driving 1:23 moderate acceleration from stop 2:06 moderate acceleration from stop 2:47 low RPM downshifts/throttle blips 3:18 heavy acceleration 3:44 low RPM downshifts/throttle blips 4:18 quick engine rev, heavy acceleration 4:45 downshift, popping, heavy acceleration 5:16 low/medium RPM downshifts, acceleration 5:38 moderate acceleration from stop 5:55 heavy acceleration from stop (quick) 6:25 moderate/heavy acceleration (quick)
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2008 MKV VW R32 Dyno
Drop in filter and flapper mod 196.6 whp / 188.0 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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fog dashcam test
Blackvue DR650-GW-2CH, front camera. Muted audio.
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MKVI VW GTI with straight pipes
Not my car. 2010 Volkswagen GTI with custom 3" straight pipe turbo back exhaust. Very loud!
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2010 VW GTI Dyno (APR Stage 2, Godspeed)
224whp, 255wtq on a Mustang dyno
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Windy City BMW Autocross School 2014 - Z4M Roadster
Autocross school with Windy City BMW in a Z4M Roadster.
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2012 VW GTI Dyno (APR, Billy Boat, SPM)
APR Stage 2, Billy Boat catless/no resonator turboback exhaust, APR Carbonio intake, SPM FMIC 243.4 whp / 270.4 wtq on a Mustang Dyno
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SL55 AMG, SLS, Gallardo, F430
Pulling into the "pit" at the Autobahn Country Club North Circuit in Joliet, IL
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Young The Giant - All The Small Things (Blink-182 cover)
Young The Giant at Riot Fest 2018. Bad angle and dirty lens, I was getting in position to see Weezer.
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2013 VW GTI Dyno (APR Stage 2, Eurojet, Neuspeed)
227whp, 260wtq on a Mustang dyno
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Autobahn Country Club (Full Circuit) - Turn 15 - oversteer and overcorrection w/ slowmo
2006 BMW Z4M Roadster Muffler delete Camber washers 245/40/18x9 275/35/18x10 BFG Rivals (2013)
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MKVI VW GTI DSG stock dyno
Stock MK6 Volkswagen GTI DSG on a mustang dyno. 196whp/202wtq (with WCF)
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Z4M Wiggle
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WCMC 2017 AX2 - #760 spin
Windy City Miata Club - 2017 Autocross 2 - 21 May 2017 Cold tires, cold pavement, jerky steering input and a badly timed throttle lift = spin.
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LS swapped 1995 240SX S14 - autocross
LS(?) swapped S14 240 SX at Windy City BMW 2013 Autocross VI.
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