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Cruising around The Sedalia Skatepark lost the smith grind.
Cruising around before I had surgery failed the smith at the end. I'm ready to come back better and have fun though so Ill post some old videos I have for now. pre- surgery I was not on a board much so my legs were J-E-L-L-O.
Views: 37 Brent Spellmeyer
Honda civic b18b1 n1 muffler
Other videos of the before. And after coming.
Views: 249 Brent Spellmeyer
Nollie flip
Views: 3 Brent Spellmeyer
Nollie Flippin Drop off Sedalia Skatepark old footage.
This clip was some some time before I had my bunionectomy surgery, (Flat feet and skate shoes will cause problems). Getting better now though this really did slow my down from all activity for months. I still enjoy skateboarding and will be making new stuff with friends soon.
Views: 49 Brent Spellmeyer
Everio 042
Nollie Flip at the skate park in Sedalia.
Views: 21 Brent Spellmeyer
Warrensburg Missouri 8 stair Brent
Back in winter of 2011 Warrensburg Missouri Skatepark Ollie down little 8 stair. My surgery was in 2014 although I stopped skating often due to having bleeding in my legs and joints at time from Hemophilia.
Views: 84 Brent Spellmeyer
Rock-N-Rail after my surgery, at Sedalia Skatepark
This is a little rock-n-rail after my surgery notice my weight gain if you have seen some of my other videos. Shortly after this I had some more trouble and had to stop again for a while. I have lots more old and new to come once I get some free time to put something together.
Views: 35 Brent Spellmeyer
Tre-flip drop off Sedalia Skatepark
Another clip from few years ago.
Views: 57 Brent Spellmeyer

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