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French Twist Hairstyle - Long Hair Hairstyling Tutorial
Learn how to do a French twist hairstyle in this hairstyle how to tutorial with Isabelle Faure. In this medium length to long hair hairstyle tutorial you will learn all the steps to getting this look, as well as the hair products you will need to make it happen. Brought to you by Hairstyle Stars!
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How To Cut Side Bangs
Want to learn how to trim or cut side bangs? Learn how to trim and cut your hair like a pro with hairstyling expert Isabelle Faure and HairstyleStars.com! Isabelle takes you step by step and teaches you some super tips and techniques to help you cut your bangs ever so beautifully.
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Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial
Want to make your long hair appear shorter by making a faux bob? Learn how to make the faux bob a reality in this amazing hairstyle tutorial brought to you by Isabelle Faure and HairstyleStars.com.
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How to Style Wedding Hair Worn Down
Hair stylist Isabelle Faure walks you through a beautiful and easy wedding hairstyle - hair worn down in curls. Here's how to style the look yourself.
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Flat Iron Curls Hair Tutorial
Learn how to get amazing sexy natural looking curls in your hair using your flat iron.
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Veronica Lake Hairstyle Tutorial
Learn how to get luscious curls in your hair just like Veronica Lake in this hairstyle how to tutorial with our resident expert hairstylist Isabelle Faure.
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Vintage Hairstyles - Hair Curls
Vintage hairstyles are so popular these days! Learn how to get this vintage roller look with our resident expert hairstylist Isabelle Faure. Isabelle will show you how to get gorgeous curls using a curling iron.
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Hair Treatment Tutorial
Learn how to do a proper hair treatment with Isabelle Faure to improve hair strength and shine. This is the perfect solution if your hair is either dry, damaged, or brittle.
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Easy Bridal / Wedding Hairstyles with Curls
Here's another way to wear hair down in curls for a wedding plus how to style the look yourself. This wedding hairstyle video tutorial is from a bridal fashion shoot, so check out the latest wedding hair accessories too!
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How to Blow Dry Hair Straight
Isabelle shows you how to straighten your hair without using a flat iron.
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