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Blizzard the icewing speedart (for Apexor )
Hey I'm Brezze and I hope you enjoy the video. This speed art is for a friend of mine and his channel is Apexor Check him out Would you guys want weakly speed arts?
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Just chaos
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Messing around in the new update (soul knight)
Hey I’m Brezze and I hope you enjoy Sorry for not uploading I’m a while I’ve been busy but hopefully that will change I have ideas for speedpaints and I found a new way to add audio to the videos but I wanted to show u guys something meanwhile so here it is Bye
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Aer battle cats speed paint
I draw and stuff you guys have any chessepuffs Editor:Slurp(Daniel): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GiEzGGgjllY&t=73s
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Fully detailed kukulan drawing
I didn't like the original one
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Out of the clouds (Brezzy Draws ) ( Smite kukulan speedart )
This is a new type of drawing but I hope u enjoyed either way
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Random set up
Hey this is a video with a kinda crazy build in soul knight but I thought it was fun
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I play around with soul knight (soul knight ep:1) soul knight assassin gameplay)
Hey today I'm going to be playing soul knight which is a mobile game for you're mobile deveice. Anyway I'm brezze and goodbye
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Close one (tactical wars ) (Brezze draws )
Hey this Brezze and I hope u enjoy. This is me drawing tactical wars as the aqua tactic Music:Dark step from the YouTube playlists
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I am the last fish Jedi ohhh no nevermind I ded
Sorry I saw an opportunity and I took it
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Hope (A Joker Montage )
This is my first combo montage and I used the in game editing tool so it’s pretty bad but hope you enjoy
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