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Part 5 or 20 ~ #MepShankun (read desc)
I have no words Well here’s an edit- I think part 5 might of been taken already so I’m going for part 20 which uses the same sound 2019.2.5 - Yes, I did end up getting part 20. This was my most viewed video of 2018 so I really thank you all for that ❤️❤️. However, It’s February 5th right now, And Shadow Kun Just canceled the MEP. She has been feeling unwell and I hope she gets better soon :) I’m still grateful I got this part and luv ya Shadow! Link to Shadow Kun’s Channel ❤️🖤 ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuMf24PYgJCX_CMzU0aVLOQ
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Grrrls Meme | Gacha Life
Ya boi finally found the right app to cut photos
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Hey how you doin' lil' mama | Gacha Meme
Moon’s Channel ~~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-QPENUTfVmazV7IOGKhfAA Thanks for watching!! ☀️💛
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Merry Christmas Everyone!! ❤️🌲
Have a good holiday everyone! Spend lots of time with your family and enjoy!!!
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Panic Pills Meme ft my Irl oc | Gacha Life
Hiii :33 I’m really proud of this meme and I hope you like it too!
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Welcome To My Channel ft. Moon lol
This is my first video so it may not be at its best, but I’ll continue to get better! Thanks for watching 💛 Moon’s Channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-QPENUTfVmazV7IOGKhfAA
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Part 1 | #ToxicMira MEP
Well idk I just like meps I guess lol Feb 14th - Happy Valentine's day! But oh well, this MEP was canceled along with the Shadow kun mep... Its totally okay because Mira has gotten so many new subscribers and new people to take part in a new Mep she made!
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Sh!tpost Warning!! Taxes: The Movie Trailer (Read desc)
Yes this is horrible since I made it so long ago 😅 I just wanted to update since I haven’t posted in forever. Also...this will never actually be a real movie and I made it with my cousin for fun lol.
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O hello der | Channel Update
Okay okay bash me all u want lol I have no clue what to do with my life.
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