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The Wonderful Artwork of SouthParkArtist135
lmao heres the link http://southparkartist.deviantart.com Music: Bergentrückung, ASGORE by Toby Fox oh lordy no oh yeah if anything this is just the colors gone wrong and the style is ok
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Noticed that fact where HaiHaiKittyPPG is trying to be the actual victim. It was recommended that you should flag that picture because she is so not apologizing for her actions. Thank You. HaiHaiKittyPPG: http://haihaikittyppg.deviantart.com/ Imma the Deer: http://imma-the-deer.deviantart.com/ The hooker pic with Imma: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Wbg7ke5Xag8/maxresdefault.jpg
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cringiest thing I had seen in the Undertale Fandom
like seriously get a life I missed the old times when Undertale has a decent fandom before going downhill really fast yea all the videos are not mine I just mashed them up and state my opinion thats all
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Top 10 Reasons Why FNaF is Hated a Lot
*edit: i added subtitles. feel free to watch with it. FNaF fags come and fite me if ya want if ya don't understand opinions Credits belongs to all my subs. Music at the beginning is Quest for the Best 1, by David Reilly. And people who hated FNaF is not a retard you fnaf fags, it was you guys who are retards, becuz opinions is what you don't understand m8s
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This shit should be BANNED forever
Well, this is the end. I can't say anything. Thanks Mrs Sans for ruining the goddamn fandom of Undertale. oh yeah i know its a troll i just leaped to the trap deal with it
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Mockery (Underfell Animation)
Kinda an animation... I have no fucking idea why I made this And yes, I'm still a noob so judge me if you want to. Papyrus' walking animation is SOOOOO BADD and there's so many animation errors here Btw this took me forever to make and I'm sorry if I didn't fill your wish by putting colors into it...
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The Saddest thing in the Existance of anything else
For the love of god just kill me pls Undertale fandom is just as destroyed as FNaF now noticed that everything belongs to this cringey bitch Mrs Sans
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Why I Don't Prefer Sans as My Most Favorite Character in Undertale
Also, did you see my video editing has improved? Because I just switched programs and now I'm using HitFilm 4 Express now.
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Weeaboos (Filthy Frank) lyrics
God help us all
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Ra Ra Rasputin
I kno its lazy
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rewind 2018 except with shittier editing
ew just like the original video
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yandy is... (parody)
song: phantom ensemble, somewhere from touhou i think there are some minor glitches sorry is this considered an animation? because i dont think so they're all me handdrawn btw i might turn them into a series MAYBE
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daily mood
please turn your volume up, this video is really soft and I can't help it ;-;
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opinions kids opinions Please don't harass anyone who made cringe complications because of this video. It's an opinion and opinions are never going to be official. I don't hate cringe complications, it's good to have some time being tortured, but you really need to stop because it is off the limits these days. If you attack me because of me 'attacking' anyone in this video, then go back to school to learn about opinions otherwise just ignore the video. videos used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO77-dtfQKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zo_eTD9tMI&t=136s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7NP-U2zPQY&t=8s That Mmm yeah, time lapse and Bad romance memes are from that Russian Voskavtale faggot
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unsub from T-Series
it aint that hard to subscribe to pewds credits to Idubbbz's green screen comp and the soviet union anthem from fucking soundcloud
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Foxy The Human Kid [RANT]
I really must understand why raging videos can get so many views And I had to snap Sopr Ix out for a while
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Gucci Gucci [Meme]
idk criticize if you want I disabled the ratings because I'm a pussy whenever my first creations happens The only good part is when the meme finished in my opinion Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkmAqizOLJA The siamese cat is mine, his name is Simon and kinda acts like Goat from Scotch except he doesn't have a budge
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