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ArmaKleen and Safety-Kleen Systems at the 2016 PRI Show
Kyle Bates, from Safety-Kleen Systems, demonstrated how their line of spray cabinet washers work with ArmaKleen aqueous cleaners to clean automotive parts when he was at the 2016 PRI Show. You can check out the video over on Engine Builder. Find out which automotive parts are a great fit to clean in automatic spray washers!
Aqueous Cleaning for Engine Remanufacturing
See how ArmaKleen™ M-100BCR cleaned these parts in a Spray Under Immersion Washer.
Polymer Coating Removal in Chemical Manufacturing
We used ArmaKleen Paint and Ink Remover to clean these aluminum components used in the chemical manufacturing process. To remove the Vibrathane coating, the ArmaKleen Technical Center recommended using 100% by volume ArmaKleen Paint and Ink Remover at 150°F in a Spray Under Immersion Washer for a minimum of 4 hours. For more information, visit: http://www.armakleen.com/cts/tsr-16-p-050
ArmaKleen - Cleaning Trial TSR15P148
ArmaKleen Paint and Ink Remover in action. See how paint and adhesive are removed from this steel lid in an agitating immersion washer. Learn more at http://www.armakleen.com/cleaning-trial-summaries
Cleaning Fabricated Metal Products
Armakleen 4 in 1 Cleaner is the go-to solution for cleaning metal fabricated products. In this cleaning trial, we used an ultrasonic washer to clean both the exterior and interior of the product. Soils included hardened fiber, oil, shop dirt and wax. Learn more at http://www.armakleen.com/cts/tsr-16-018
Armakleen Aqueous Cleaners: Before and After
Using Aqueous Cleaning in Tool Manufacturing - TSR #16-P-010
Armakleen Aqueous cleaners are an efficient way to help clean parts. Coating rejects or defects don't need to be recycled or remanufactured. Simply clean them and work them back into the production process. Learn more about how this manufacture is looking at integrating aqueous cleaning into their process: http://www.armakleen.com/cts/tsr-16-p-010
Graveyard Carz Receives and Installs a Safety-Kleen Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
Here's a cool video put together by the folks at Graveyard Carz receiving and installing a Safety-Kleen Ultrasonic parts cleaner in their shop, and the terrific thank you they gave for both the equipment and the ArmaKleen aqueous cleaners to use in it. #SafetyKleen #CleanHarbors #GraveyardCarz #Partscleaning #moparornocar
Cleaning Cutting Fluids from Manufactured Parts
See how ArmaKleen aqueous cleaners are used to clean these newly manufactured parts in a bench top ultrasonic cleaner. Parts cleaned include brass and copper clips, connectors and rings. Learn more at: http://www.armakleen.com/cts/tsr-16-086
Aqueous Cleaning Trial - TSR15 A 174
See how Armakleen 4 in 1 Cleaner works to help customers improve their cleaning performance, reduce their cleaning costs, eliminate hazardous chemicals and waste and reduce VOCs. Learn more at http://www.armakleen.com/products/armakleen-4-1-cleaner
Food Processing Equipment Cleaning
Keeping your food processing equipment clean will prolong the serviceable life and reduce operating expenses. See how a simple aqueous cleaning process can make your operations more efficient. http://www.armakleen.com/cts/tsr-15-183
ArmaKleen Overview
https://www.armakleen.com/ ArmaKleen products are used for parts cleaning applications by NASCAR, Indy Racing, NHRA, Monster Jam, and AMA Supercross Races. Professional Racers turn to ArmaKleen for their aqueous parts cleaning needs. ArmaKleen products are also used by businesses, both big and small, across the US. Learn more at http://www.ArmaKleen.com
Cleaning Food Processing Equipment
Armakleen products are safe to use with food processing equipment. See how this candy manufacturer can save time using Armakleen aqueous cleaners. http://www.armakleen.com/cts/tsr-15-182

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