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Amico  DC-160A Inverter Welder
Checking out the Amico DC-160A Inverter Welder Dual Voltage . Running different rods and checking DC amps with meter. Welder is available on Amico Power website as well as eBay and Amazon.
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HF Quick Hitch Hook Modification
Modify Harbor Freight Quick Hitch hook
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Lincoln 225 DC Conversion
Lincoln 225 welder conversion and test.
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Harbor Freight Angle Grinder 65519
Checking out the Harbor Freight 4 1/2" paddle switch angle grinder #65519. Comparing with a couple other angle grinders.
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Harbor Freight 80 amp inverter arc welder #91110
Playing with the Harbor Freight 80 amp inverter welder #91110-
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Building a Rebar and Barnwood Sofa Table
1" Rebar and old barn wood sofa table. I build a Rebar and barn wood topped sofa table.
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Harbor Freight Jigsaw 69582
Review of the Harbor Freight Jigsaw 69582 with a 10 tpi blade. Blade bought separately.
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Bottle Tree /  Design / Pt1
How I went about designing my rebar bottle trees.
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Harbor Freight cutoff saw #61481- Blade Test
Testing out a few blades on the Harbor Freight Cutoff saw.
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Cheap DIY Welding Rod Holder
Making a cheap welding rod/ electrode holder out of plastic sewer pipe.
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Building Log Arch / Trailer
Building and welding up a log arch/ log trailer to transport logs to sawmill or just cutting up for firewood , from scrap and old equipment.
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Cheap DIY Welding Cables
Building a cheap set of welding cables from jumper cables for the weekend welder or hobbyist.
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Harbor Freight Miter Stand 62750
Putting together and checking out the Harbor Freight Miter Stand 62750
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Shop / Tool and Welding Carts/ Pt 1
How I set up my portable, roll around welding cart .
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Bottle Tree /  Branches+Finish Up/  Pt3
Building a rebar bottle tree from #4 (1/2") rebar. Bending rebar for branches. Welding with Lincoln arc welder.
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quick hitch adapter update
Quick Hitch Adapter Harbor Freight "part" # 29309
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DIY Sawmill Walkaround
Showing my diy home made sawmill. Thanks to ALL of the YouTube sawmillers and Forestry Forum for great ideas and info!
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Shop Shop Series 7202 Table Saw👎
Buyer Beware! Going over the finer points of the Shop Shop Series 7202 Table Saw from Menards!
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Bosch GLM 20 Laser Measure
This is short review of the Bosch GLM 20 Laser Measure . https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338063757&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FBosch-GLM-20-X-Compact-Laser-Measure-With-Backlit-Display-65-Ft-%2F302272253588%3Fhash%3Ditem4660d48e94%3Ag%3AYDQAAOSwx6pYpytH
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Bottle Tree /  Bending the Sticks/ Pt2
Building a bottle tree with rebar . Building and welding rustic items out of metal, steel, rebar and wood. Using welders and bending tools, metal saws, grinders. Showing tool storage and work shop tips.
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Harbor Freight 12" SC Miter Saw Update
Update on the Harbor Freight 12" sliding compound miter saw # 69684. Show a few cuts with the standard blade.
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Harbor Freight Roller Stand 68898
Assembling and checking out the Harbor Freight Roller Stand 68898
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Welding Cart Update
Added more electric to the welding cart
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Harbor Freight 12" Compound Miter Saw_ Install Crown Stops
Installing a set of Bosch 1233 Crown Moulding Stops on the Harbor Freight 12" Compound Miter Saw.
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Rebar Chandelier
Completed Rebar chandelier
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Finish Up Rebar Chandelier
Putting top and loop hanger on Small rebar chandelier Hanging Bottle Tree
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Rebar Trellis 2
Rebar trellis build .
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Quick Hitch Adapter
Quick Hitch Adapter from Agri Supply. The stock # on this is 80717- $9.99. Online shows the same thing with different stock # for $17.49
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Rebar Chandelier Bottle Tree
Building a chandelier shaped bottle tree out of #4 rebar
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Harbor Freight 14" cut off saw # 61481
. Look at the new one and the old one.
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Rebar Trellis
Re-edit and combine 2 old rebar trellis builds.
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Rebar BottleTree
Welding a 6' rebar bottle tree using 1/2" or #4 rebar. Bending the branches on a Harbor Freight compact bender and welding! 6 footer for my neighbor!
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Harbor Freight 80A Inverter Welder vs Amico 160A Comparison
Harbor Freight Inverter Welder vs Amico 160A Comparison, I ran a few beads with both and see how they compare.
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Rebar Coatrack
Build a rebar coat rack for that industrial look. Finished with black Hammered Rustoleum.
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Quick Hitch Modification
Small mod to quick hitch top hook, to make height adjustment of the top hook on the quick hitch easier.
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Log Tong and shop vac fume extractor
Finish up my log tongs and tried out my shop vac fume extractor!
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8" Harbor Freight  Bench Grinder # 39798
Just picked up a new HF 8" Bench Grinder
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Harbor Freight 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw
New Harbor Freight miter saw on sale , couldn't pass it up. Put this new Diablo blade on it , like night and day!
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Harbor Freight  Welding Table
Harbor Freight welding table #61369
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Shop / Tables+Bender / Pt 2
Space saving ideas to set up my garage as a metal shop for hobby use and still park in it. Go from 2 cars parked in it to 2 car garage sized shop in under 5 minutes!
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Rebar Chandelier
Building a welded rebar chandelier .
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Replace Bad Floor At Cabin
Warning! I am not nor will I ever be mistaken for a carpenter! Showing the progress of replacing a rotten floor in our cabin in the country after finding it when fixing an unrelated plumbing problem this spring. I started to video tape the whole thing but it was just too close quarters to mess with the camera along with all the cords and ladders . So I tried to show as I went along. I lucked out that the logs were laid and secured to the outside portion of the concrete block and the bands, sills and joists were secured on on the inside 3 1/2" of the block. The logs were in "almost" perfect shape.
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Metal Cutoff Saw Fix
Making the Hanging Bottle Tree,I had to work on the metal abrasive chopsaw.
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Re-Grind Harbor Freight Auger Bits
Regrinding some useless Harbor Freight "Ship Auger" bits. Trying out a new Apeman A-80 action Camera. Sorry for the uneven sound!
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Armillary Sphere Garden Art
This was originally 3 videos of building an Armillary Sphere that I shortened to 1 video.
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foodplot with landscape rake
Put in a couple of wheat plots using a landscape rake instead of the disc to rough up the ground.
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Ladder stand replacement
Replacing an old ladder stand that a tree grew into the seat area
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Cheap quick wheat food plot
Put in a couple cheap ,quick wheat plots with the landscape rake.
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New Harbor Freight  1/2" Hammer Drill 60495 and Black&Decker drills, bits, Bucket Boss.
New Harbor Freight 1/2" Hammer Drill 60495, Small B&D 20v drill and driver, Bucket Boss tool caddy. Rambling on a little!
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Chop Saw /Grinder Cart Update
Added a side tray to my chop saw cart to catch small rebar pieces
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