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Tomatoes -  Suckers and Pruning tips
Zone - 6b My opinions and some facts about suckers ,how to identify a sucker, also how and why I prune the lower branches. This only pertains to indeterminate tomatoes .as far as I know, you should never prune or pinch a determinate tomato as they produce all their tomatoes in one short (approx. 2 week) period. pinching will not "hurt" a plant but the benefits will be determined by your growing zone, avg growing days, type of support system and "what grandma always did". I wish everyone good luck and a good harvest ,,by pinching ...or not pinching. or in my case .."selective pinching"
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Identifying Poison Ivy and Oak
Learn how to spot poison Ivy and Oak
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Home Made Roundup Alternative
Not as strong or lasting as Round up but effective A recipe for home made weed killer , just one variation of home made weed killers. I found this also drives off box elder beetles. zone-6b
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When Is Compost Ready ?   Should I Screen The  Compost ?
Just a quick talk about screening compost and Ideal compost texture. ***Warning*** - Contains Graphic Compost Fondling.
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compost tea 2
compost tea
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Tomato Profile - Berkely Tie Dye (pink)
zone 6b- A hardy grower and worth trying, this tomato blew me away ... left me speechless,, intense flavor !!I did not expect anything this strong in flavor. It;'s a good producer thru our intense heat as well. very sweet ,just enough acid... toe curling intensity.
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volunteer sweet cherry tomato
SORRY.. all.... but a few seeds, were lost when we accidentally tossed out a seed container.. I had a few drying on a plate that I wasn't sure were good but they did sprout .. so I will grow again and offer seeds next season If the plants does good.
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compost super tea v2.0
Another batch of tea and a little more advanced info. I the last 15 years or so, people have studied and enhanced the methods of aerated teas as compared to the classic dump and steep teas. like any recipe , the quality and quantity of ingredients have a huge impact on the final product. I the case of C/T the more varied the ingredients the more effective and beneficial the results. I am still learning and experimenting with my own versions of teas, I hope that others may gain a little more insight into the hows and whys of ingredients as I learn more about them myself. The most important thing is, use the best quality compost you can as the basis for any tea. A good source of fungi and fungi food is as important as the beneficial bacteria. You typically won't have a massive amount of fungi in your tea compared to the bacteria population , but it will kick-start the fungi population in the soil and on the plant, by trying to incorporate fungi and fungi feeding ingredients into the tea. I am still just scratching the surface on aerated tea,, there are volumes of info still to learn, debate, and discuss on this wonder elixer !
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Garden Knives
A look at a few gardening knives all these knives are stainless steel
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trial compost tea (repost)
youtube likes to mess up my videos so I had to repost my attampt to make compost tea. for more info on compost tea check out http://faq.gardenweb.com/faq/lists/organic/2002082739009975.html
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UPDATE Yukon Gold and  towers   !!!!
Zone - 6b Info that might be helpfull
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Decoding the Myth-- Green,Red,Yellow Bell Peppers
I couldn't find any vids discussing this on youtube ,, so here we go . as always ...thanks for watching. Hope this is helpful to someone.
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Fish Emulsion vs Hydrolysate
Helping to explain the big difference. Save money in the long run and get better results.
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Small Herb Box from Wine Crate
Zone - 6b I made a small Herb Box and a Top for it "Herb Box" for "Garden 2011"
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Yard Sale Mega-score
Picked up some Camping/Prepper supplies...cheap....happy boy !
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Earthbox and Garden  Apr 10 2011
Zone - 6b Update on Earthbox staking/fencing and progress of "Yarden"(yard-garden) vegetables.
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Ariens Mower  22hp 46 Inch Hydro + Auto overview
Upload of a requested review .. been putting it off for almost a year .. finally up
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ACU-RITE  Wireless Thermometer Review ..It rocks !
In The video ,My indoor temp is off... I was holding it in my hand during the review so it was reading a high indoor temp, but I have placed it over my thermostat and it reads the same temp... amazing indoor/outdoor accuracy .. I've put it thru several tests and it's dead on ! Plus ...It reads the outdoor sensor no matter where I put it in my home well worth $10.00 . very cool
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Earthbox wrap up + watering tips.wmv
yes I'm back ... for now at least ...lol
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Garden 2011 Earthbox Update
Zone - 6b My first season with the Earthbox Self Watering/Fertilizing Containers I went ahead and filled the Earthbox's with soil and water just to get the system started Plus a few tips I picked up from the Earthbox setup Videos. I will be growing 8 different variety's of heirloom tomatoes, all started from seed. Everything is ready , just waiting on the weather, maybe 2 weeks or less. My next vid will show what I came up with for Tomato supports. We have very strong winds thru the year and I have lost more tomatoes each year due to broken branches and main stems..even with strong support Cages . So this will be a challenge.
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Yarden Update May 26 2012 Zone 6b Middle TN
latest update ,,some good ,, some not so good .. and it's HOT outside too ! shoutout to http://www.youtube.com/user/Reaganite71
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Tomato Profile -Amazon Chocolate
Zone - 6b stay tuned for many more profiles/opinions
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Seedling update April 2 2011
Zone - 6b status of my Tomato and various seedlings after 4 weeks from starting. Most Tomatoes have been up planted twice so overall plants are at about the 12" tall range. with a full length of roots.. I may have to up plant one more time before they go into the garden ...just depends on the weather. Tomatoes: Lincoln Adams Purple Dog Creek Red Boar Big Sungold Select Haley's Purple Comet Berkley Tie Dye (Pink) Brandywine (Suddith Strain) Super Souix Tidwell German Amazon Chocolate Aunt Ginny's Purple
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My property/woodland  tour
lots of fun to have this resource right in the back yard.. I couldn't have picked a hotter day to film this !!!.. but that's what I do for my viewers ...lol I plan on putting a few bushcraft/campcraft vids up soon maybe some hammock camping too !
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Tomato Profile - Big Sungold Select
Zone - 6b ever tasted a rotton tomato ? I had to spit it out, every bite, I may pull this plant and get a fall tomato in it's place. worst tomato I ever tasted..... especially for a cherry !
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Yarden/Harvest Update  July 8 2012 zone 6b
Update from the last couple weeks,, temps over 100 for two weeks + topping at 110 including 4 consecutive days over 105..no rain for almost 7 weeks. puts gardening in a whole new perspective. Music courtesy of Jason at audionautix.com
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Boating Fun pt3
boating ... nothing more relaxing ! getting out on the lake before it gets cold..
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Tomato Profile - Red Boar
Zone - 6b Red Boar Tomato from Wild Boar Farms
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Tomato Megabloom
zone - 6b tomato megabloom may 17 2011 Berkely Tie Dye (pink) I try to hand pollinate megablooms , because they are deformed and sometimes some of the bloom will not mature I like to see how big of a mutation I can get from them. so hand pollinating them makes a difference
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Getting the full benefit from compost tea
often times,some gardeners do not understand the high concentration level of aerated compost tea. diluting allows us to use it to the most benefit. your plants will love you just the same...it's ok...when properly diluted , microbes thrive by the millions.. ready to go to work !.. don't underestimate the power and concentration of brewed tea ..
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Tomato Profile - Haley's Purple Comet
Zone - 6b Haley's Purple Comet from Wild Boar Farms sport of Cherokee Purple
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update may 19 2011.wmv
Zone - 6b Just a quick walk around of some of the garden , .. Biotone experiment and compost sneak peek.
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Boating Fun pt1
A series of 3 videos , just messing around on the local lake. The best way to get away for a little while.It's still pretty warm, just fine for swimming and enjoying the outdoors J Percy priest lake- Nashville TN sept 31 2008
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Saving Tomato Seed - "True To Type" It's Important When Sharing Seed
thanks for watching ,, any questions.. please feel free to ask below.If I can't answer , hopefully someone else will ...I don't claim to be the tomato guru... tho I try sometimes ...lol
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Germinating seeds on computer ... ?  yes !
put that excess heat to work
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My Favorite Hobby-- High Power Rockets  !!
Pics and Launch Videos This Is a 1/3 scale scratch built Coyote Missile that myself and four other members of the Music City Missile Club (MC2) designed,assembled and launched. stats-90 lbs The rocket launches on a cluster of 5 motors 3 programmable flight computers 4 ramjet smoke generators cargo chute launched by a remote custom built eithernet based computer control altitude approx 1 mile speed approx 500 mph time to reach 500 mph.... 0.5 second. lots of Flame !!! The rocket has made 3 flights so far 2 flights expierenced a recovery failure but was repairable 1 flight was fully sucessfull , only 3 motors lit but there was still plenty of juice for a sucessfull flight and recovery.(last Video)
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Reg Leaf vs Potato Leaf
Zone - 6b Visual difference between Potato Leaf and Regular Leaf Tomato plants
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Garden Update May 12 2009
general update about my plants and composting efforts. the video starts to lag behind the audio for some reason , but it works out ok overall.Lots of talking
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Billy Cox's Nitro Function
some good old Psych Rock form 1972 featuring female singer/songwriter guitarist Char Vinnedge. track 6 - Powerhouse.From the very heavy(Hendrix Inspired) album-Billy Cox's Nitro Function. hopefully this doesn't get muted
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compost tea 1
compost tea
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Worm Castings Harvest pt1
harvesting worm compost
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Making a wooden planter box
how I treat the wood and construct wooden grow boxes zone-6b
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compost gold !!!! it's easy .
thanks for watching , and grow some compost ! no excuses praxxus (Ray's) compost vid - http://youtu.be/Ettc_ja2sOU
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MIGardener Big Tomato contest entry #1
Pink Brandywine Mi Gardener Contest entry #1 Enter at- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1MX5MahmKM&feature=plcp 1lb - 1.3 oz
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Pantyhose Plant Ties
How to make excellent plant ties from pantyhose zone - 6b
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Horn worm
popping in , hi everyone
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Tomato Disease and Aphids
Zone - 6b Insects will attack weak plants,, Keep a look out for signs. Always keep hands and tools clean,, resist the temptation to touch every plant. unless you need to touch a plant. It's hard to do ,, I still catch my self doing it. Hopefully your plants are good and healthy , but don't be risky.
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Raised bed and compost
I have been busy the last couple weeks build my raised beds. just 2 to start with. and down the road I can seperate them and have four. I also show my little hidden compost factory
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Worm Castings Harvest pt2
harvesting worm castings
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Yarden Update Apr 24 2012 Nashville
what's growin' - zone 6b trying to improve my videos by making them shorter and more to the point. still working on increasing the volume...no luck so far
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Fucking on the boat
Farsi chat iran tehran video