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Resident Evil apocalypse: Nemesis Vs. S.T.A.R.S
A Cool Action Sequence Between Nemesis And Stars Members
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The Spirit Of Dark And Lonely Water (Public Information Film 1973)
Lonely Water (widely known as The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water) is a 1973 British Public Information short film Voiced By Donald Pleasence.
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Day Of The Dead: Captain Rhodes Meets Bub
rhodes and bub meet
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A Tribute To Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th)
A tribute to The man behind the mask
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Day Of The Dead: Captain Rhodes Makes Things Clear
Rhodes isn't F**king around in this scene.
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Day Of The Dead:The Death Of Private Steel
Steel tries to escape with no luck
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Day Of The Dead: The Death Of Dr. Logan
Rhodes goes berserk and kills logan
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Day Of The Dead: Bub Finds Dr. Logan
After Rhodes killed logan bub finds his dead body
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Dawn Of The Dead:Zombie Flyboy
flyboy becomes a zombie
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Best Of Leatherface
The best horror movie killer played by the great Gunner Hansen (The best Leatherface) RIP Gunner Hansen.
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Natural Born Smoker Adverts (1985)
Here are the two "Natural born smoker" adverts first aired in the UK in 1985. The first creepy advert shows an odd looking man who is having a cigarette sitting in a chair as the narrator talks though the dangers of smoking. The second advert again shows the odd looking man walking over to a baby's crib smoking a cigarette, as the narrator talks the odd looking man eventually leans over the baby's crib smoking. The narrator then talks about the dangers of smoking around children & how the child will learn the proper way to inhale cigarette smoke by a group of people called...Friends.
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007 James Bond:The Best Of Jaws
The best of jaws played by the great Richard Keil
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Day Of The Dead:Captain Rhodes Speech
Rhodes makes things clear
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All K-Fee Commercials (2004-2005)
All K-Fee Commercials From 2004-2005 WARNING CONTAINS JUMP SCARES !!!
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GTA Rockstar Logo Openings
Most of the GTA Rockstar intro's
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Movie Zone: Jaws series  (1975-1987)
In my opinion the best ones are 1&2 Like,comment,subscribe
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Resident Evil (Press Start Voices)
All of the press start voices that i can think of in the resident evil series
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Evil Dead Regeneration: The Best Of Sam
This is the best of Sam voiced by Ted Rami from Evil Dead Regeneration.
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An American Werewolf In London Trailer + Sneak Preview (1981)
In this video I decided to put the Theatrical trailer and the sneak preview trailer together.
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Reaction: England Is Confusing
This has to be the most dumb video iv'e ever seen....This has to be an act. Watch the full video here//https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZctZRm0_chQ
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Day Of The Dead:The Death Of Private Rickles
Man This Movie Has alot Of Gory Death scene's
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RARE ! Alien (1979) Photos (1080p HD)
So recently Iv'e been searching the internet for some behind the scenes or rare photos of Alien (1979) So far I have collected these photos. Link to website: http://www.scified.com/news/rare-behind-the-scenes-photos-from-the-set-of-alien-1979
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Unboxing: Sweeney Todd Prop Replica Razor
I've always wanted a Sweeney todd razor, Now I've got one :)
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Book Zone: Freddie Mercury Book Collection
Hey guys :D Iv'e been keen to do this video for a while. Here is my collection of Freddie Mercury books. I should have another one coming soon. Enjoy !
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Alien resurrection playstaton trailer
Alien psx trailer
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Crazy Reactions: Cockatoo Talking Nonsense (Try Not To Laugh ULTIMATE FAIL)
Hey guys, welcome back. Just a quick video for you. I discovered this video on Daz Games channel. I watched it there and by the end, I was in tears, so this time I wanted to see if I'd fail again...oh boy was I right. :D Enjoy. Daz Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXeGNtLV8wg
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Top 10 Predators
My Top 10 Predators
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Day Of The Dead:Captain Rhodes
Rhodes tells fisher he is in command
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Reservoir Dogs-Limited Collector's Edition-Gasoline Tin (Blu-ray)
This is probably now my Favourite Blu-Ray Edition
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Box Set Review: The Fly - Ultimate Collector's Edition
Hey guys, in this video I reviewed the ultimate collectors edition of the fly. This is a limited box set and if you have it in your DVD/Box set collection then you are very lucky because this box set is out of print. Enjoy :)
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Evil Dead: A Fistful Of Boomstick - Cutscenes (HQ)
Hey guys ! I decided to put together the main cutscenes from Evil Dead: A Fistful Of Boomstick. Note - This was meant to be posted yesterday for Bruce Campbell's birthday but I didn't have time. Here are the main cutscenes Enjoy !
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Book Zone: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Comics
Hey Guys. Today I thought I'd give you a review of my Texas Chainsaw Massacre comics. Hope you enjoy !
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Peaceful drive/Scary car commercial
Many of you have probably already seen this video on youtube but i wanted to make my own version of this video
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Music Zone: Disturbed CD Collection
Hey guys :D This is my second attempt of trying to upload this video. My USB cable malfunctioned so I had to go out and buy a new one. Anyway enough of that stuff, enjoy the video. :D
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Unwrapping: Disturbed Immortalized (Deluxe Edition)
So glad I picked up the deluxe edition of Disturbed new album. Sorry the video is late (Hence the side note in the top right corner) all to do now is pick up "The lost children" and my disturbed collection is complete :)
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Unboxing Scream Trilogy (Blu-Ray)
So glad I got this for Christmas :)
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Mystery Unboxing #1 :-D
Hey guys, welcome back. This is my first video in a series what I like to call 'Mystery Unboxing' basically I'll be unboxing an item off of eBay but I'm not going to reveal what that item is. Enjoy. :D (Apologies for the number of jump cuts in this video, I kept running out of video space.)
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Blu-ray Reviews: Night Of The Living Dead
A review of the Network Blu-ray release of Night of the living dead.
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Types of Xenomorph
Here I include xenomorphs that were seen in the movies & games. I know people are saying "WHY IS GRID ON THE LIST" I wanted to add as many as I could think of, Hope you enjoy the video.
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Blu-Ray Review: Star Wars - The Complete Saga
Hello Everyone, In this video I'm reviewing Star Wars the complete saga on Blu-Ray.
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Pickups#7 (Plus Rare VHs Tape)
Mostly Steelbooks and VHS tapes
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Day Of The Dead:The Death Of Dr.Fisher
Rhodes kills fisher
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Scarface Blu-Ray Exclusive "Say Hello To My Little Friend" Outtakes
Al Pacino As Tony Montana In A Blu-Ray Exclusive Never Before Seen Outtakes Of Scarface
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Collection Zone: Saw Collection (Re-Upload)
A kind request from someone who wanted to see a re-uploaded video of my Saw collection. Here you go my friend. :-D
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Unwrapping Goosebumps Horrorland (1-10 Book Set)
Hey Guys ! Today I managed to find the Goosebumps Horrorland book set. This set contains ten books and is a really great set. I picked this up for £15. Enjoy !
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Unboxing:Alien Isolation (Xbox 360)
I'm so hyped to play this :)
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Unwrapping: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (DVD)
Hey guys, welcome back. Hope you all had a great Christmas or a happy holiday. In this video I'll be unwrapping a gift I got for Christmas and it is the DVD version of the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. Enjoy. :D
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Crazy Reactions: Psycho Girl Tries To Sing "I Will Always Love You".
Special thanks to Dannii for letting me know about this video...OMG
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My Zombie Collection (Part3)
I'm Back from the dead with more Zombie items!
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Top 10 Xenomorph's
a hard video to make but i finally made it
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