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Kevin Devine - Cotton Crush - London Forum '09
London Forum - 27/06/09 He was lovely. I'm sorry about the VERY annoying boys that were behind me talking and being REALLY disrespectful towards him. I did want to punch them in their faces but they were bigger than me.
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Kevin Devine - I Could Be With Anyone - London Forum 09
Very very sorry about the talking dicks behind me, they were awful.
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Brand New - Quiet Things - London Forum 09
Brand New at London Forum "Quiet things That Noone Ever Knows" Very shaky camera because the crowd was that intense, I tried very hard to keep it steady and on JL but... obviously it's a very intense song. :)
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Brand New - play crack the sky - London Forum 09
Only a quarter of it, sorry, my camera's memory ran out.
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