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Remembering 9/11
Way too sappy and emotional, I just couldn't help it, it's not like I talk about it all of the time.
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Weird mall
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Let's talk movies...American Psycho part 2
Just a few more seconds of me talking about American Psycho...my phone stopped and then started again.
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Let's talk movies...American Psycho
My take and experience seeing American Psycho.
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Reaction video to Jess's live stream titled My mom called it a cult, also grav3yard and Starbucks.
This video is a reaction to Jess's live stream titled my mom called it a cult. Talk about religion and grav3yardgirl vs. Starbucks.
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Back yard
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Let's talk movies DONNIE DARKO
My review of 2001s Donnie Darko, oh, and I forgot to talk about the amazing soundtrack!! What a great movie and soundtrack that fit perfectly.
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Follow up to my Cory Feldman video
Just a thank you to all who commented on my first Cory video and I appreciate information given. Hold those people up who pull themselves out of a dark place 💖
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