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Nicolas Jurnjack Hair Stylist Fashion & Beauty Industry
Tease it. Curl it. Straighten it. Make it shine. Make it bounce. Nicolas Jurnjack: International hairstylist fashion & beauty industry. https://www.instagram.com/nicolasjurnjack + Nicolas Jurnjack Hairstylist Portfolio https://nicolasjurnjack.com/ + https://models.com/people/nicolas-jurnjack + Master Classes: TUTORIALS PLAYLIST ENGLISH - FRANÇAIS - ESPANOL - PORTUGUES https://www.youtube.com/user/NicolasJurnjack ▶ + Portefeuille: https://nicolasjurnjack.com/ ▶ + Models.Com MDX https://models.com/people/nicolas-jurnjack VIDEO PORTFOLIO SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS: 💥 00:00 Intro: Nicolas Jurnjack International hairstylist 💥 00:17 Editorial Highlights: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Stylist … 💥 00:35 Fashion Cover Highlights: Vogue, i-D Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Numéro … 💥 00:54 Celebrity Shoots: Jennifer Lopez, Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Alicia Keys, Diane Kruger, Rinko Kikuchi, Kirsten Dunst, Fergie, Laetitia Casta 💥 01:03 Dans les coulisses: Coupez-le, façonnez-le, brossez-le, coloriez-le, roulez-le, vaporisez-le, séchez-le ... 💥 01:39 Imagination 💥 01:59 Vision 💥 02:15 Inspiration 💥 02:35 Artistique LIVRE: ▶ 📖 🇫🇷In The Hair: Parcours Créatif d'un Coiffeur de Mode Édition Française disponible à FNAC , BOD et AMAZON FRANCE https://livre.fnac.com/a10328203/Nicolas-Jurnjack-In-the-hair #hairstyles #hair ▶ 📖 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦 In The Hair: A Fashion hairstylist's Journey of Creativity https://www.amazon.com/hair-fashion-stylists-journey-creativity/dp/1544951752/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1494347089&sr=8-2&keywords=nicolas+jurnjack+in+the+hair ▶ Fashion & Beauty Portfolio: https://nicolasjurnjack.com/ ▶ About: https://nicolasjurnjack.com/about/ ▶ Press/Interviews: https://nicolasjurnjack.com/interviews-nicolas-jurnjack
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Nicolas Jurnjack Hair Tutorial - How To Create Style  with Hair Rollers
HAIR TUTORIAL - FLEXY SHAPES by Nicolas Jurnjack Level: Beginner. New to hairstyling, you’ve got the gear but not all of the know-how… looking to start your career learning as much as you can. http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/levels/ ▶ TUTORIALS in EN FR ES PT: http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com ▶ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nicolasjurnjack DURATION 13:43 Try out this hair tutorial to take you from the office to after-work drinks to a cocktail party or a special event. This basic hair roller technique offers many ways to style your hair. Keep it loose, add a few pins, sweep it up or back and you are set with glam, chic style to take you from morning to evening! VIDEO STEPS FOR BASIC HAIR ROLLER TECHNIQUE ▶ 0:10. INTRO ▶ 0:25. YOUR TOOLS ▶ 0:50. STEP 1 - PREPARING YOUR BASE ▶ 1:25. STEP 2 - PLACING THE FRONT CENTER LINE ROLLERS ▶ 3:45. STEP 3 - PLACING THE BACK CENTER LINE ROLLERS ▶ 6:27. STEP 4 - PLACING THE SIDE ROLLERS ▶ 8:47. RECAP step-by-step for the perfect roller technique ▶ 9:26. STEP 5 - SETTING THE SHAPE WITH HEAT ▶ 10:56. STEP 6 - UNWINDING THE ROLLERS ▶ 11:35. STEP 7 - EMBRACING YOUR STYLE ▶ 11:40. A few ideas to style it up, sweep it back, bring definition, shape and shine. ▶ 13:36. CREDITS ▶ 13:39. COPYRIGHT © HAIR BY NICOLAS JURNJACK ▶ 13:42. SUBSCRIBE to our channel and learn more ways to create texture and style. MORE TUTORIALS: EN FR ES PT Creating style and texture Detailed step by step instructions, hair tools, tips and tricks. https://www.youtube.com/user/NicolasJurnjack/playlists
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Perfect Blowout Hair Tutorial. From the first step to the last tweak!
PERFECT BLOWOUT step-by-step Taking what your genes gave you and creating shine, bounce, and naturally perfect-looking hair. A must-have skill for every stylist – The Perfect Blowout. More tutorials at http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tutorials/ In English, Français, Español, Portugües STEP-BY-STEP DETAILED TECHNIQUE & TIPS - 00:00 Intro - 00:34 Tools you will need - 00:59 STEP 1: Preparing your hair. How to prepare your hair for the perfect blowout. - 01:51 STEP 2: Adding Mousse - how to and tips - 03:05 STEP 3: Massaging the mousse into your hair. Tips and best practice for a perfect result! - 03:51 STEP 4: First things first - Lifting the roots Practicing the steps. - 04:41 STEP 5: Sectioning and Blow drying. The low-down. How many sections Where to start - 06:24 How to hold the hairdryer. - 06:34 How many times to brush each section, Brushing increases shine. - 08:01 What temperature should I set my blow dryer at? - 08:34 Small round brush. Why does using different size brushes make THE difference between lank tresses and that perfect salon blowout all sleek silk and shine? - 09:23 Large Round Brush - 10:12 Recap on main pointers for creating the Perfect Blowout. CARINE GETS HANDS ON AND PRACTICES THE STEPS - 12:10 STEP 6: Carine gets hands on practice following the step-by-step instructions to finish the look - 12:44 Tips on using a hairdryer for maximum effect on your hair with minimum workout for your arms. - 15:14 STEP 7: Perfecting your style for a perfect finish. A ESCOVA PERFEITA. Pegar o que os seus genes lhe deram e criar um cabelo sedoso, natural, perfeito e com movimento é uma habilidade necessária a todo cabelereiro – A Escova Perfeita. MON BRUSHING. Créer de la brillance, du volume, un lissage soyeux : le guide technique rapide et parfait pour réaliser soi même son brushing. LA FUSIÓN PERFECTA. Coger lo que te han proporcionado tus genes y crear brillo, vitalidad y un cabello de aspecto perfecto. Un arte necesario para todos los estilistas. La fusión perfecta. NICOLAS JURNJACK FASHION & BEAUTY PORTFOLIO: http://nicolasjurnjack.com BEHIND THE SCENES on FASHION & BEAUTY SHOOTS: http://hairblog.nicolasjurnjack.com Perfect Blowout Hair Tutorial - From the first step to the last tweak.
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Hair style Inspiration |  MIAO HMONG | Project Hair
Inspired by the Changjiao Miao Hmong People of Southwestern China. A Project Hair editorial for Hair By Nicolas Jurnjack http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/project-hair/miao/ The fashion world has a long tradition of creativity inspired by ancient tradition, culture, and nature. The Miao People of southwest China are an ideal example. A study in vision, imagination, and – absolutely – artistry. As an active part of that fashion world, I’m always interested in new ideas and inspirations. Cut to reading through a travel book and landing on the spectacular hairstyles of the Changijao Miao. I was transfixed, and needed to learn more. An ancestral tradition, these stunning hairpieces are passed down generation to generation, mother to daughter. Literally. The Miao collect their hair to create these pieces – some have generations of hair woven together to create the finished piece. The hair is woven into tiny braids, sometimes mixing in wool and animal hair, and those braids are then made into larger ponytails. The ponytails are wrapped around a support made from wooden horns and secured with white ribbon, wound around in a striking geometric pattern. The hair shapes. The embroidered clothes. The execution and style. To me, these are a direct connect to the most spectacular of haute couture. Concept, Direction, Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack Film: Rui Moreira Make-up: Anthony Preel Styling: Siwha Lee Model: Emmanuelle Chan
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Simonetta Vespucci | Italian Renaissance Hairstyles | Project Hair
A hairstyle from the Italian Renaissance. La Bella Simonetta Vespucci See the full story and behind the scenes @ http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/project-hair/la-donna-vespucci/ Exposition of photos: https://nicolasjurnjack.com/interviews/2017/6/12/culture-france-exposition-chteau-des-adhmar-france An elaborate Hairstyle with long hair piled high upon the head with multiple cleverly interwoven braids of different thickness, loose braids, tight braids, precious stones, gold ribbons and beads. A tribute to the unprecedented beauty! Simonetta Vespucci, renowned for being the most beautiful woman at the Florentine courts - La Bella Simonetta. Concept, Direction, Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack Film: Rui Moreira Styling: Siwha Lee Make-up: Anthony Preel Model: Alexandra Jansen Edit,Grade,Sound: Rui Moreira
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Hair Styles - Back to the Base !
HAIR TUTORIAL MASTER CLASSES: For experts looking to brush up, amateurs learning to brush out, and everyone in between. - Check out my hair tutorial master classes on my channel: HAIR TUTORIALS : ENGLISH - FRANÇAIS - ESPANOL - PORTUGUES https://www.youtube.com/user/NicolasJurnjack/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=31 - Detailed step-by-step video tutorials with infography, tools, instructions, tips. - The Styles, - The Textures - The Look - The Tools - The Tips - The Technique - The Inspiration #howtodomyhair #howto #hairstyle
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Hair Kit: #24 Hair Dryer
Hair tools and hair care products. #24 Hair Dryer A hair kit for hairstylists and hair enthusiasts. ▶ TUTORIALS 🎤 Voice Over and Captions in EN, FR ES PT https://www.youtube.com/user/NicolasJurnjack/playlists ABOUT: Hair dryers come in all shapes, sizes, and power ratings. They offer a limited to a wide range of heat controls with cool air settings and mufflers (dryers can be quite noisy) to a wider more specialized performance such as ionic hairdryers that generate negative ions which dries the hair faster and with less heat. WHAT TO CONSIDER: I recommend looking for a hair dryer with a range of heat controls and a power rating of around 2,000 watts. I prefer to use a hairdryer with maximum possible power at 4,000 watts. But if you are not practiced I suggest starting at around 2,000 watts, this is entirely adequate and will save you from burning fingers or scalp while you prefect your technique. A basic but important consideration for me in a hair dryer is that the grill at the back of the hairdryer and the filter at the front are removable so that dust and trapped hair strands can be removed easily to keep it clean and in good working condition. TIPS: I sometimes spray a little perfume on the filter on a cold setting to scent the model's hair. It's a perfect finishing touch. 🎤 Voice Over and Captions in EN, FR ES PT https://www.youtube.com/user/NicolasJurnjack/playlists ▶ CREATING HAIR STYLES PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/user/NicolasJurnjack/playlists 💥1. A la Mode - Disco Curls Studio 54 style 💥2. The Perfect Blowout 💥3. Short 'n' Chic - Razor cut Pixie 💥4. Red Carpet - Glamorous up-do 💥5. Silk Pink - A kick of color - how to hair extensions 💥6. Flexy Shapes - Using hair rollers to create waves! 💥7. Pret-a-Porter - Volume and style using a mega-pin ▶ CREATING HAIR TEXTURE PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/user/NicolasJurnjack/playlists ⭐️1. Crimp Light - how to with a crimping iron ⭐️2. Glossy - how to with a curling iron ⭐️3. Beach Curls - how to with a curing iron ⭐️4. Rock 'n' Roll - how to with a flat iron ⭐️5. Wild Waves - Coming Soon - how to with a hairdryer and gel
Pink Hair
Pink Hair! Teaser for Tutorial Extensions plus wash-out color offer a quickly achievable style that gives new dimension to a sexy summer look. Learn how to with the detailed STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL with EN, FR, ES, PT voice over and instructions. http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tutorials/ Step-by step instructions with infography, the tools you need and insider tips to get you a temporary kick that embraces the warmer weather's love affair with color -- by adding the same to your mane. Nicolas Jurnjack - top fashion industry hairstylist. http://models.com/people/nicolas-jurnjack Hair By Nicolas Jurnjack Tutorials, tools, tips, techniques and more. http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tools/
Hair Kit: #02 Large Round Brush
Large Round Brush A hair kit for hairstylists and hair enthusiasts with tools and products I use to create texture and style. ▶ TUTORIAL using round brushes: The Perfect Blowout: https://youtu.be/uPMDtk4ZHeg ABOUT: Round brushes come in many sizes and materials: small to large; fine to thick; in metal, wood , plastic, ceramic and tourmaline, some have anti-static and thermal properties.. The bristles are commonly made from either a natural boar hair, a mix of natural and artificial hair, or plastic. TIP: After 30 years of using brushes everyday an important consideration is the handle. For me a handle should fit comfortably in the palm of my hand and feel secure yet allow me to roll and brush with ease. CLEANING: Do not clean your brushes with detergent or shampoo. I find that using cold or hot water is equally effective in removing residue and cleaning and in my experience has the added advantage of leaving my brushes static free. USING DIFFERENT SIZED ROUND BRUSHES FOR SHINE: For that sleek, silky look use a series of round brushes from large to small, you will notice the difference in the shine. ▶ TUTORIAL ▶ ES: Tutorial de Pelo : La Fusión Perfecta, The Perfect Blowout https://youtu.be/N_796LbGsPQ ▶ FR: Mon Brushing. Coiffure. Tutoriel étape par étape https://youtu.be/6ypZd8r99p8 ▶ PT: A Escova Perfeita https://youtu.be/xDzrdxYmY80
Hair Blowout Teaser for  "The Perfect Blowout" Tutorial
Gather Your Tools, Learn step-by-step with this FREE tutorial. Create this Look at http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tutorials Voiceover-narrated live video with infography, as styles are be created, step-by-step, on live models. Taking what your genes gave you and creating shine, bounce, and naturally perfect-looking hair. A must-have skill for every stylist -- The Perfect Blowout. Hairdryer, round hair brushes
Hairstyle Inspiration | WHITE | Project Hair
Hairstyles, Hair Inspiration from Project Hair by Nicolas Jurnjack Short films featuring hairstyles by Nicolas Jurnjack inspired by architecture, nature, culture ….. http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/project-hair/ A Project Hair Collaboration: Nicolas Jurnjack Nick Norman photographs, Behind the Scenes, Inspiration sources at http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/project-hair/ Hair can just hang there. Hair can be tossed and teased. Hair can be swept up and shaped and set in gravity-defying place. ...and hair pushed to its limits can truly transform. Project Hair is a new idea in hair, founded and directed by Nicolas Jurnjack, and born of a need to create with freedom, push every envelope, explore all options. Hair transforms, defines, redefines; it shows a willingness to comply...or rebel; its styles and texture pay tribute to cultures, nature, art. There's far more to hair than just hair. Concept, Direction, Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack Film: Nick Norman Make-Up: Meyloo Model: Audrey Guilbaud Music: "Mirage" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/fr/project-hair/ Les cheveux peuvent juste être la, naturels, sans qu’on y fasse quelque chose, comme le prolongement de notre corps : ornement naturel de beauté. Texturés, crêpés, colorés, modelés, sa nature offre des horizons illimités de malléabilité. Edifiés, déséquilibrés, démesurés, ils peuvent prendre place en volumes et formes défiant la gravité. Les cheveux, témoins de nos transformations, participent à nous définir, nous redéfinir, parler de chacun d’entre nous sans limites. Il est le théâtre vivant de nos émotions. Project Hair. Nicolas Jurnjack crée en toute liberté. Mais pour projeter le cheveu dans son futur, il rend hommage à tout ce que la nature et les hommes, dans toutes les cultures du monde, lui ont offert dans le passé et qu'ils lui offrent aujourd'hui encore. http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/es/project-hair/ El pelo puede simplemente caer. Con el pelo se puede jugar y divertirse El pelo se puede recoger y dar forma, y poner en formas antigravitatorias. …y el pelo llevado a sus limites puede transformar. Project Hair es una idea nueva relacionada con el pelo, fundada y dirigida por Nicolas Jurnjack, y nacida de la necesidad de crear con libertad y explorar todas las opciones. El pelo transforma, define, redefine; nos muestra la disposición a ayudar… o rebelarse. Sus estilos y texturas son un tribute a distintas culturas, naturaleza, arte. El pelo es mucho más que solo pelo. http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/pt-pt/project-hair/ Cabelo pode ser solto. Cabelo pode ser jogado e provocado. Cabelo pode ser escovado e moldado de forma a desafiar a gravidade… ... pode ser levado ao limite se transformando completamente. O Project Hair é um novo conceito de cabelo; fundado e dirigido por Nicolas Jurnjack, surgiu de uma necessidade de se criar com liberdade, quebrar barreiras e explorar todas as opções. O cabelo transforma, define e redefine; ele se mostra disposto a obedecer... ou a se rebelar; seus estilos e texturas homenageiam culturas, a natureza e a arte. O conceito de cabelo vai muito além do cabelo em si. CREDITS: Concept, Direction, Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack Film: Nick Norman Make-up: Meyloo Model: Audrey Guilbaud