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ion perfection booster  olaplex dupe standalone treatment
In this video I try out the ion olaplex dupe, called perfection booster. I use steps one and two and walk you through a standalone treatment. you can also mix this into your color or bleach and apply it to your hair. you take step 1 , full vial, and add 4 ounces of water to it, or half or the step 1 and two onces of water, it needs to sit about thirty minutes, but longer is ok, then rinse, don't shampoo follow with step two for at least ten minutes and rinse that out, again no shampoo needed. dizzymakeupgirl- instagram dizzymakeupgirl - twitter facebook - Erica Dizzy Hazelton hair crazy -dizzinea http://www.ericahazelton.com- my webpage
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Velcro roller tutorial for short hair
Heres how to use velcro rollers to get body and curl on short hair, with no heat and no damage. products used ion curl styling cream http://www.sallybeauty.com/curl-cream/SBS-302505,default,pd.html#q=ion+curl&prefn1=brand&prefv1=ION&prefn2=subBrand&prefv2=CURLSL&start=4 ion pomade http://www.sallybeauty.com/hair-wax/SBS-302410,default,pd.html#q=ion+pomade+&start=1 velcro rollers i get mine at the sallys store, they are not on the website but here they are at amazon http://www.amazon.com/HairArt-E-Z-Velcro-Rollers-Green/dp/B004JYPNVO
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protien treatment routine
today I'm showing your guys my routine for improving the condition of my hair after using bleach products mentioned colorful protein filler, ion effective care repair treatment, joico k pack, aussie moist condtitioner, as I am hydration elation mask facebook- erica dizzy hazelton pinterest erica hazelton twitter dizzymakeupgirl hair crazy -dizzinea my website-http://www.ericahazelton.com/ our band site - http://dnbs.bandcamp.com/
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How to pin curl short hair
everything ya need to know! watch me wrap a set and learn some tricks to make short hair easier to roll into any style you desire come hang out with me! Facebook dnbsdizzy instagram dizzymakeupgirl twitter dizzymakeupgirl hair crazy dizzinea ravelry dizzinea instagram dizzymakeupgirl
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its not easy being green,  tips for olive skin
here is a little rant/ tips for finding colors that work for olive skin, especially on the pale olive side of things
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easy velcro roller set for short bob
uh oh! this is a reupload because of some problems with the video, learn to do a super easy velcro roller set on short bobbed hair, from ear length all the way to chin stay in touch twitter dizzymakuepgirl instagram dizzymakeupgirl facebook dnbsdizzy our bands website http://www.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com/ our review site http://www.fivepointreview.com/
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styling the baby (short Middy haircut)
Hi and Merry Christmas to you! Ever wonder what the baby (short version of the middy haircut) looks like styled. well I'll show you! Just keep watching. Ever wanted to try and cut a vintage haircut yourself? This video will show you how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQQqnExkCIQ&list=UUsSJq7C0On5VWzM5JMVUnkw follow me on: twitter @dizzymakeupgirl instagram #dizzymakeupgirl facebook https://www.facebook.com/dnbs.dizzy our music site dnbs-music.com our review site http://www.fivepointreview.com/
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refresh short hair with velcro rollers
just like it says in the title quick and easy way to get voluminous hair any time in minutes! stay in touch with me instagram dizzymakeupgirl facebook erica dizzy hazelton pinterest dizzymakeupgirl hair crazy dizzinea twitter dizzymakeupgirl
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First impression spoolies rollers on short hair  and comparing them to vintage rollers
purchased by me not sponsered lets take a look at some fun vintage rollers, and their new version spoolies https://www.spoolies.com/ facebook - erica dizzy hazelton instagram /twitter dizzymakeupgirl
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Retro Pixie hairstyle
heres a quick set using a combo of sponge rollers and pin curls on pixie cut hair, this can also be done with a curling iron. if you try this please share a picture with me on instagram dizzymakeupgirl twitter dizzymakeupgirl facebook dnbsdizzy
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Audrey Hepburn Roman holiday hair tutorial
I love the movie Roman Holiday and I love the hair! here is my quick and easy tribute to Audrey Hepburn using pin curls
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pincurls and pixies
want to give a very pin up retro look to your short hair? Hopefully this will give my fellow short haired girls some ideas, you can do alot with a little hair! Let's hang out! Facebook Dnbsdizzy instagram Dizzymakeupgirl twitter Dizzymakeupgirl Ravely dizzinea hair crazy dizzinea
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victory rolls and short hair
Here is a set and brush out to show you that even short hair can rock the victory roll, they are tiny, but mighty! lets stay in touch facebook dnbsdizzy twitter dizzymakuepgirl instagram dizzymakuepgirl hair crazy dizzinea ravelry dizzinea our bands site dnbs-music.com
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1930s pin curl set on super short hair.
Hi everyone here is a very quick 1930s pin curl wave brush out. This set is done on very short hair but would work well on longer bobs as well. hope you enjoy. Also if anyone is interested in seeing how I did the makeup in this set please let me know down below! lets keep in touch facebook https://www.facebook.com/dnbs.dizzy twitter Dizzymakuepgirl instagram Dizzymakuepgirl blog http://dizzymakeupgirl.weebly.com/ band website. wwww.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com our review site. fivepointreview.com
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Back to brown adore review
Here is my process from going from bright purple hair to a soft auburn brown using adore semi permanent color. This is awesome and damage free way of changing back to natural heres the adore website http://www.creativeimagesystems.com/adore/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48&Itemid=60
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combo wet set for short hair (sponge rollers and pin curls)
This wet set is a result of pin curls and sponge rollers. I found it was easier to set the hair on the back of my head of my with sponge rollers and I thought I'd pass the technique along. lets keep in touch Facebook dnbs dizzy instagram dizzymakuepgirl twitter dizzymakeupgirl hair crazy dizzinea ravelry dizzinea our band website http://www.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com/
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Pillow roller tutorial for short hair
today I tackeled the exciting world of pillow rollers on really short hair! I show roller aplication and brushout rollers are conair pillow rollers and i got them on amazon facebook-erica dizzy hazelton instagram/twitter - dizzymakeupgirl
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pixie styling series finger waves
ah fingerwaves! they are tricky, but so pretty, here is a look at how I do them. remember they take patience and practice if you try these out tag me I'd love to see what you create! also if your going to norwescon we will be there as darkrepast publishing come say hi! http://www.norwescon.org/ dark repast publishing stay in touch twitter dizzymakeupgirl facebook dnbsdizzy instagram dizzymakeupgirl hair crazy dizzinea ravelry dizzinea
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pink and purple hair dye collection with swatches
this is all the dyes mentioned. special effects burgundy wine,manic panic red passion, special effects candy apple red, special effects virgin rose, punky color flamingo, manic panic hot hot pink, manic panic amplified cotton candy pink, sparks pink kiss, special effects cupcake pink, adore pink rose, adore neon pink, special effects pimpin purple, arctic fox virgin pink, artic fox violet dream, adore lavender, special effects deep purple, special effects wildflower, sparks purple passion, manic panic deep purple dream, manic panic ultra violet.
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nyx cream blush review
my review of the awesome nyx cream blushes, there blendable creamy and totally worth the money! colors features, natural, tea rush and glow link to the nyx site to get some for yourself http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/p-25-rouge-cream-blush.aspx
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Fast 50's a pixy cut style for retro hair
have short pixie cut hair and want to look retro glam? heres a quick set with pin curls and velcro rollers to look retro fast instagram - dizzymakeupgirl twitter dizzymakeupgirl. facebook -erica dizzy hazelton
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Almay butter kiss lipstick review and swatches!
Hi everyone I've been trying these out for about a month and they are all I want to wear! so comfortable and hydrating great for winter a link to all the shades and info http://www.almay.com/products/Lips/Lipstick/almay-smart-shade-butter-kiss-lipstick.aspx follow me on instagram dizzymakeupgirl twitter dizzymakeupgirl facebook https://www.facebook.com/dnbs.dizzy we make music wanna hear? http://www.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com/ we also review all sorts of stuff http://www.fivepointreview.com/
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pixie styling series faux hawk/quiff
how to use velcro rollers to get a wavy faux hawk, quiff, pompador on a pixie! our band website http://www.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com/ our publishing house http://www.darkrepastpublishing.com/ we will be at norwescon! so if you are there come say hi to me! facebook dnbsdizzy twitter dizzymakeupgirl instagram dizzymakepgirl pinterest dizzymakepgirl hair crazy dizzinea ravelry dizzinea
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burgunday and wine dye stash
thinking of dyeing your hair burgundy? dark red/pink? wine? this video shows four of my favorite dyes to get their including comparisons and swatches dyes mentioned directions rubine, directions dark tulip, punky red wine, special effects burgundy wine stay in touch facebook erica dizzy hazelton instagram dizzymakeupgirl twitter dizzymakeupgirl our band deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com
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Roller set using 1950s rollers
I found these awesome 1950's rollers at an antique mall, (might be able to find them on etsy too) they are made by tip top and goody and are metal with rubber stoppers, super fun to play with! Do you have any vintage hair or beauty tools? lets keep in touch facebook Dnbs Dizzy instagram dizzymakeupgirl twitter dizzymakeupgirl ravelry dizzinea hair crazy dizzinea
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Coastal scents hot pot   The good ones!
here it is my big swatch fest and list of coastal scents hot pots that have made the cut and are worth looking at ocktoberfest, olivewood, new terrain, rootbeer, golden sienna,coco diamond,chai spice.cherry chocolate, victorian ruby, thulian pink, burnished wine, choclatier, cajun craze, rasberry tarte, canyon coral, raisin berry, peach, sundried, tangerine dream, coral blossom , earth rose, scorched red, bo2, b10, venetian gold, pale nude, mauve, copper pot, sand storm, victorian pear, mimosa, flesh tone, polished ivory, bombshell,chamois nude, mint condition, fresh chive, kiwi green, herbel green, teal green, jewel teal, sage sensation, rainstorm, mazarine blue, niagra, balsam, navy baby, so8, elven midnight , green steel, gypsy night, dark golden olive, kodiak, concrete jungle, cherry moss, golden avacado, dark goldenrod, gypsy green, camel taupe, deep merlot, goldmine, aluminum taupe, stay in touch, facebook, - erica dizzy hazelton instagram - dizzy makeup girl, twitter - dizzymakeup girl
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my Middy unstyled and styled + tips for getting your own middi
Curious about the middi? Or maybe the baby the middi's shorter sassier little sister? I'll show you my modified midi haircut in depth unstyled, as well as a quick styling session with hot rollers!
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Indie Review Apocalyptic beauty
today I'm talking about Apocalyptic beauty a cruelty free vegan brand suggested to me be one of you guys in the comments ( thanks so much! great tip! ) anyway all products were purchased by me and I really enjoy what I tried from this new brand. apocalyptic beauty etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/ApocalypticBeauty Alisha's you tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx1N6AOQF9Z13aVgPno6r9A keep in touch with me facebook - erica dizzy hazelton instagram/twitter dizzymakeupgirl
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wet set brush out december 2016
have not rolled my hair in forever! so here it is another frankenstein set brush out! facebook-erica dizzy hazelton instagram -dizzymakeupgirl twitter - dizzymakeupgirl
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diy satin foam rollers!
want to keep the ends of your hair from getting dried out during roller sets? how about covering your foam rollers in satin fabric? heres a quick easy how to. twitter @dizzymakeupgirl instagram #dizzymakeupgirl facebook https://www.facebook.com/dnbs.dizzy
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ion color remover demo and review
there is a new product at sally's that says it will remove semi dyes, but is it true? I put it to the test and show you every step of the way. Ion color brilliance color remover (long link) http://www.sallybeauty.com/hair-color-remover/SBS-405008,default,pd.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SHO&cm_mmc=google-_-SHO-_-cpc-_-keyword&gclid=CjwKEAjwxoG5BRCC7ezlzNmR8HUSJAAre36jCqAAvzrVwCvHHa6f2XKPLMn4MELyNUc20_1eh7X0ZBoCjRPw_wcB twitter dizzymakepgirl instagram dizzymakeupgirl facebook erica dizzy hazelton pinterest dizzymakeupgirl haircrazy dizzinea
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first ever geek chic cosmetics haul!
All products were purchased by me. Here is a haul with swatches for Geek chic cosmetics. Let me know If you guys want to see any of this stuff in action in a future video Geek Chic - http://www.geekchiccosmetics.com Products mentioned – Heros never die set , boop, crampus, highlight in flamingo love nest Stay in touch –facebook-erica dizzy hazelton Instagram –dizzymakeupgirl Twitter-dizzymakeupgirl
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velcro roller set for undercut pixie mohawk
here is a little quick and easy look using velcro rollers for a retro pin curl effect on very short hair
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Flex rod set on short fine hair
Here is my experiment with flex rods, my hair is short ( grown out pixie) fine in texture and wavy (about a 2a or 2b) I think these gave me great volume and are definitly worth a try! link to my pixie grow out playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh1TZ-g9lOs&list=PLgdMCjnGtGvKsDCEEt27tV4g6Rfu_Lh7U follow me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/dnbs.dizzy twitter @dizzymakeupgirl instagram #dizzymakeupgirl my blog http://dizzymakeupgirl.weebly.com/
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ili cosmetics review
hi everyone! today I am reviewing the indie brand Ili cosmetics here is a link to their etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/IliCosmetics this brand was suggested to me by my dear freind Madelyn check out her awesome instagram https://www.instagram.com/cutekittycosmetics/
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spoolies rollers take 2
Second try with spoolies rollers this time using some tricks. Here is my first video with these rollers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaBMUdYQjg0 here is Jen from vintage vanities review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHNH7uwFmMY
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October 2016 medusas makeup box
unboxing for medusas makeup oct 2016 this box is cruelty free and vegan and I bought it with my own money http://www.medusasmakeup.com/monthlybox.htm facebook -erica dizzy hazelon pinterest- erica hazelton instagram -dizzymakeupgirl twitter -dizzymakuepgirl
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dye my darling using the color wheel
how do I change my hair color so often? without damage? without having icky colors? I use the color wheel and my knowlege of how different brands of dyes fade, here is the hair crazy list of base fades for a ton of different colored dyes https://www.haircrazy.com/forum/dyeing/16132/dye-brandscolours-and-what-they-fade-to/
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pixie to middy episode 1
here is my journey from a pixie to the classic vintage middy haircut, episode one starts us with a short middy and a lot of excitement for long hair ahead!
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Front roll for a pixie haircut
a quick style for pixie cuts with a long top, very rockabilly! short hair is more versatile then we ever think it is!
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Curling short hair Pin curls!
Hi everyone here is how I use pin curls on my short hair to get long lasting retro fab results!
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1950s italian cut  my Rizzo moment
Things mentioned – Andi satturland Myrna sweater ( find it on ravelry ) Stay in touch with me Instagram – dizzymakeupgirl Twitter – dizzymakupgirl Facebook Erica dizzy hazelton
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retro sponge roller set for short hair
A quick brush out and super simple setting pattern using small sponge rollers and hair that is around 4 inches long. Find me at facebook dnbsdizzy twitter dizzymakeupgirl instagram dizzymakeupgirl hair crazy dizzinea ravelry dizzinea our band http://www.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com/ our books http://www.darkrepastpublishing.com/
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pink hair dyes swatches and compare
my pink hair dye collection, with swatches on white paper and mini reviews artic fox virgin pink special effects virgin rose manic panic hot hot pink, manic panic cotton candy pink sparks pink kiss directions carnation pink
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First order ever from Darling girl cosmetics!
Darling girl is an indie cruelty free makeup brand and I am so excited to explore them! Let me know in the comments what shades you want me to use in eye looks http://shopdarlinggirl.com/ facebook - erica dizzy hazelton instagram - dizzymakeupgirl twitter - dizzy makeupgirl my band http://www.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com/
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overtone daily conditioner extreme pink review
see my take on the overtone extreme pink conditioner, and hope you all had a great holiday! overtone website https://overtone.co/collections/shop-by-color-pink/products/extreme-pink-daily-conditioner edited to add, a freind suggested i try it on dry hair for 30 minutes, this does improve the performance, but it is still less hydrating then something like arctic fox or punky color, especially using it this way more as a dye then a conditioner, but if you have it give it a try on dry hair facebook erica dizzy hazelton instagram -dizzymakeupgirl
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petit vour box for August 2017
this months box was awesome! https://www.petitvour.com facebook erica dizzy hazelton instagram / twitter - dizzymakeupgirl
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my routine for natually wavy ( 2b) short fine hair!
sweet curls gel - https://www.etsy.com/listing/161307313/sweet-curls-flax-seed-defining-gel?ref=shop_home_active_10 stay in touch facebook - erica dizzy hazelton instagram - dizzymakeupgirl
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sculpted pixie pin curls (pixie styling series)
learn to get an extremely sculpted look with a simple pin curl set, great first day hair that you can brush out and wear soft and fluffy tomorrow!
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Dark pin up tutorial
here is a fun makeup tutorial for a dark pin up look, I struggled through alot of this, name something that could go wrong it did! but I love how it turned out. get out your favorite deep matte berry tones and make this happen! follow me: instagram - dizzymakeupgirl ( don't miss any of my hundred days of lipstick challenge!) facebook -erica dizzy hazelton twitter - dizzymakeupgirl
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