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Marley 2015 (one year old)
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Golden and chihuahua playing x
Marley 2 year old 2016 Golden and Paris 5 months old Chihuahua playing x I know the video is really dark but if I would of turned the light on they'd stop playing
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Marley & teddy
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Sooty, Smudge playtime
My rats playing till smudge gets scared of my nan, while julie my jack rusell mothers them witch is not what most do, my grandad goes ratting with his jack russells they'll kill on sight julie on the other hand is the mother type she had a litter of puppies 2 year ago iv had the rats a year and she just loves to mother them x3
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Sooty telling me its time to change his bedding
Sooty the white rat telling me it time to change his bedding as smudge relaxes on the second floor
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xXKimmyChanXx's Julie & Teddy
Julie is a 7 year old Jack Russell & Teddys a 2 year old Yorkie
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