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Unboxed : new Fry Daddy, cool daddy deep fryer
This one has auto temp, removable oil pot, removable basket, charcoal filter, locking lid, and plenty capacity !
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Firewood buying advice, don't get ripped off !
Sitting by a fire, and giving everyone valuable tips on buying firewood, how to buy it, what to look for, what to look out for and how to identify seasoned wood from green wood plus more....
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60 sec " Freedom " triple  color smoke bomb Demo
I enjoyed this one, they nailed the red, white, and blue colors....the red wasnt quite a pure red but its not the point, its called freedom for the red, white, and blue colors of the American Flag..........got these at : hpfireworks.com
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Lipton onion burgers prep
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Canada VS   USA cigarette / tobacco prices explained
A loophole in the USA between cigars and cigarettes has led to " little cigars " , no tax stamps needed in the US for cigars, so thats why these are so cheap.... pm for more info.. once you start adding federal and state taxes on anything, that item becomes expensive, and the sin tax never helped, but these smoke just like a regular cigarette, its just a hella lot cheaper
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2013 Fireworks Stash HD
the wait is over ,watch full screen and in HD, went through a lot to get this to you all
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DEMO : Firecracker shootout, 3 brands, you decide
Which ones are louder, blockbuster, brothers pyrotechnics, or the shelton brand, the va va vixen? ....
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10 Johnsonville brats on the grill in various stages of cooking + beer crack+ tough luck
http://www.johnsonville.com/products/original-bratwurst.html .nothing like missing out on steaks, chops, dogs, and these wonderful Brats...
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Milwaukee best ice and Rallys Baconzilla burger!
Only the best after two 12% chugs of Four Loko and 3 cans of Beast ice the sandwich itself cost me $4.29, the fries were about $1.80 but damn, very tasty meal... sorry for any typos, i corrected them, prices may vary from one Rally's to the next, some are corporate owned and some are Franchise ( privately owned) so prices at your local Rally's may be slightly different or the sandwich may not even be available, case in point, their new triple trio sandwiches are not available at 2 of my closest locations, since they are Franchise ( privately owned) but are available at the Rally's 4 miles away from me on Queen city ave.
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Hackers Using Facebook To Get Your Social Security # And Steal Your Identity
you make it easy for them, now they can get credit cards and car loans in your name, watch this video and heed the warning... you have been warned. also, last year, a computer was able to correctly guess the social security numbers of 9% of EVERYONE born after 1989 using info people publically submit on facebook... scary stuff indeed, i suggest everyone does what it says in this video, either that or risk someone opening up credit cards and getting loans in your name, there are two things in this video, i suggest you do both of them, these two things are not related to the computer getting info, at least not directly...
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Frisch's New 1/3 lb mushroom & Swiss burger w fries / Mac&cheese
With Mac&cheese and fries, New primetime burgers , burger alone is just $5.95 , if you didn't want sides.. http://www.frischs.com/
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Lets Take a Tour Inside a HUGE Fireworks Store ( Shelton Fireworks ) Biggest In The World
largest warehouses in the world, i was asked by management why i was videotaping so only half the store got videotaped, this place just goes on and on and on... http://www.sheltonfireworks.com/ i also went to another store, their website is: http://www.hpfireworks.com/
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3 40's Spaghetti and meatballs garlic bread spinach and Home fries, parmesan, wheat bread butter
eating good, eating real good , so damn stuffed with good food, i can't see straight ! ate the garlic bread without thinking of taping it.... This video just shows only one local diner, one place out of many around here to get your 420 grub fest on
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Pyro Alert: Boom Box shell Demo x2
Big shoutout to pyrod00m, follow him on instagram and YouTube but remember, its pyrod00m, with the number, not the letters in doom !
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HUDY 14K beer chug ( special can)
new hall of fame baseball induction cans !! beer is nice and fresh... went down beautifully for not having it in over 7-8 years or more..... hudepohl - Schoenling brewing company...
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Grilling Johnsonville mild italian sausages
As soon as they came off the grill, i took the temp when they were on the plate, it read around 170 which is perfect....usda says cook to a minimum of 165, but to get them browned good, you can go much higher but don't keep them above say 180 to 190 while they are on the grill too long and keep in mind, the instant temp readings on the food while the grill is still lit and hot can be misleading...., so take the temp away from direct heat until you get good at knowing when food is done like i am... Sausage is pretty forgiving, but if you cook them to the point that they start splitting, then you know they are being over cooked and they can dry out....
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100 Shot Saturn missile battery Demo
Lots of noise on this one
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X Cape Zingers by Firehawk brand ( fun pyro)
Love these zippers, zingers, love the noise they make but they are hard to get on video since they launch so fast!
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Ground smashers for sale, + demo hand light
Found a website selling ground smashers amd other cool stuff....... www.pyrocreations.com www.pyrocreations.com
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Candle Demo: 5 ball " FIRE " by Top Gun
Part of their 4 pack4 Elements series, Big bore 1 inch class candles, lighting off pyro in 2019
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Fireworks Stash 2012 ( New Video )lots of new unique items & ending teaser
here is what i got yesterday from my trip to the 2 firework stores... http://www.sheltonfireworks.com/ http://www.hpfireworks.com/ http://www.halfpricefireworks.com/
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Setting off a Bunch of fireworks with new ARC Lighter
Boom rocket, Huge Pink smoke tube, fountain, blue thunder candle !
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Drinking a Bottle Of  Cisco Berry 18% ABV !
i drank 3 of these , they are great, and only $ 2.49 each.
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Fireworks  shopping !
Just a tiny sample of part of the store..... www.hpforeworks.com
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Special request by youtube user maximum pyro : TG large bore Neon Candles, 5 shots
Here is your demo..... the thump on each release of each shot is impressive, these were secured with 2 heavy bricks and shot inside a milk crate and it still tried to jump out.......do not hold any of the new TG big bore candles in your hand, they could slip out, they travel over 100 feet, so you do not want these starting a forest fire, or your neighbors leaf filled gutters on fire, safery 1st !
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Saturday Night Pyro Demos: Tropical Thunder 9 shot + more !
Double Zen masters, 9 shot Tropical Thundet, and a Star Blazer helicopter !
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Black cat bottle rocket set off from an actual bottle
The rain continues, lighting off leftover fireworks hoping rain will stop so i can grill..
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Fireworks Demo: TG ( top gun brand) Tornado Spinner
Wow! Look at that spinning action! Once i figured out how to use them, they are pretty cool for 50 cents for pack of 5
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Johnsonville Beer Brats Grilling
1 am, late night, got the munchies so we grill
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Pyro DEMO: 2 color spaceship ( watch it come back down! )
***Shoutouts to a few pyros***
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Assorted fireworks in the rain
You said you wanted more small fireworks Todd, here you go..
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I just scored some free Beer !
Can't read the labels, but a couple of these bottles are unopened........video from 5 days ago btw...
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FIREWORKS STASH 2011 ( Second Stash Video )
http://www.hpfireworks.com/ I will try to record some of this but like i posted on Evilded's video, i set off $300.00 worth last night but its impossible to run back and forth between lighting fireworks off and setting camera angles etc.. and i don't trust a bunch of people drinking while manning my cameras.
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Rare Black Cat Lady Fingers V.S Full size BC
Also world class, " class crackers " Demo, leave a comment and a thumbs up if you liked the comparison test on these Tiny lady fingers, they sure have a good bite to them.
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Ultimate Smoke Bomb Combo
http://www.halfpricefireworks.com/ Mammoth smoke tube combined with the USA smoke fountain made for a ton of thick ass smoke.
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A trip into a liquor store , incredible selection
So much selection, a guy could spend a few grand here , sorry about not using wide screen full landscape mode...
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King Cobra 40 in 1 Min 53 seconds ( new personal record )
( actual drinking time, i used my stopwatch on the phone from first sip to final swill ) bad choice of shirts, the gold shirt and the gold color of the bottle did some crazy stuff... bags under my eyes from 2 days preparing for fireworks and now the forecast is for a total washout later tonight and all day on the 4th, heavy rain moving back into my area for the 4th , i will make the big professional show tonight and look for that video by tomorrow morning ? but my fireworks MAY have to wait until FRI or SAT evening, weather permitting.....
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Edge water sports park.wmv
A video i took last year at edgewater sports park, it was a Friday and that means it was tune and test night!! lots of killer cars and lots of cold beer.this is just a small part of that evening, look for more edgewater videos from me in the very near future, my primary purpose for my channel is weather related video but, i will be adding everything in between due to demand from friends etc.... so subscribe or just check in from time to time and see what is new ( or old)!
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Shipment came in !! PEA + Hordenine  (Pharmaceutical grade)  WOW !!
Phenylethylamine or Phenethylamine (PEA) is a natural monoamine alkaloid, trace amine, and also the name of a class of chemicals with many members well known for psychoactive drug and stimulant effects. Studies suggest that phenylethylamine functions as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It is biosynthesized from the amino acid phenylalanine by enzymatic decarboxylation. Phenethylamine is found in many other organisms and foods such as chocolate. Phenethylamine, similar to amphetamine in its action, releases norepinephrine and dopamine. Abnormally low concentrations of endogenous phenethylamine are found in those suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and often in clinical depression. Benefits Helps stimulate the brain to provide a feeling of well being Helps you stay focused Dosage: 500mg daily. 1/8 teaspoon ia approximately 370mg and 1/4 teaspoon is approximately 740mg. Hordenine is quickly gaining a reputation as an effective supplement that helps people lose weight and keep it off. Scientists hypothesize that hordenine helps people lose weight, in part, by stimulating norepinephrine release. This makes hordenine a central nervous system stimulant. Hordenine also helps with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance by slowing the digestion of food. This makes it easier to go longer between meals - lowering overall caloric intake, speeding satiation during feeding periods, and eliminating hunger pains and food cravings. Hordenine is not an essential nutrient and no daily requirement (RDA) exists. No symptoms of deficiency exist. All persons in good health can benefit from supplementing with hordenine. Dosage: Start with 25mg daiy and adjust dosage up or down depending on results. Do use not use hordenine if you are taking other central nervous system stimulants (riphenidate, dextroamphetamine, nitroglycerine, pseudoephedrine and other stimulants), as hordenine is contraindicated and may result in anxiety, rapid heart beat, difficulty sleeping, headaches, nausea and dizziness. http://www.hardrhino.com/products/copy-of-hordenine-98-ultra-high-purity-powder.html http://www.hardrhino.com/products/pea-phenylethylamine-hcl-pharma-grade.html
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Yellowgroove exclusive bottle rocket launching ( read full description)
Lauching rockets inside a roman candle, which is inside a bottle, ( new way to launch rockets)
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Homemade chili cheese Coney dogs
Shout out to Jonathan... As requested
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" Mag value  " brand texas pop rocket demo
I was right.....i knew it the second i shook the rocket and heard the loose " stars" rattling around..
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Weekend  Holiday Food& grilling plans
Plans for labor day weekend, you buy so much food and whoever RSVP,s does, and those that are a no show wont be on the Christmas card list going forward
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2019 NYE Fireworks enjoy
Sorry, crack cone cane wasnt recorded,i even hit record..
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Smaller Black Cat firecrackers, only 12 per pack, 10 cents per pack
10 cents plus tax, dude had a bin with thousands of these tiny packs...
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Chugging a beer in 1 pull, grilling out
I still have my 1 pull chug
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a 360 walk around and technical explanation of the Weber Genesis Silver " B" grill model
for large groups / parties or festival outings, koldBreeze (.com) is the way to go... for large summertime cooling / misting fans.. think hot woman, music, summertime and wet t-shirts ! just add misting fans, lighting and let your imagination run wild... subscribe to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MISTINGFANS also, sub to Steve's other channel if you live in the IN, OH, KY tri-state region and need a reliable plumbing contractor...here is his channel link: http://www.youtube.com/user/DUNBARPLUMBING subscribe to this guy... Steve, hope this video gives you a few jumping off points and can help with your design we talked about yesterday....
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Introducing Little Kings Beer  ( Double Chug ) And  ( My First Beer )
Drunk and having fun with the " little killers " this was my first beer and its still made the same.
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