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Sebastian Bach With Chevy Metal Performing 18 and Life by DingoSaidSo
Killer surprise performance of 18 and Life by Sebastian Bach with Taylor Hawkins and Chevy Metal providing the music at a private party in downtown Los Angeles during the 2016 LA Auto Show!
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MxPx LIVE "Tomorrow's Another Day" at The Troubadour on 6/10/16 by DingoSaidSo
MxPx performing songs from SLOWLY GOING THE WAY OF THE BUFFALO at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California!
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Chelsea Wolfe FIRST SONG of Hiss Spun Tour!
GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!! Opening night was absolutely amazing.....small venue, sold out crowd, and classic Chelsea Wolfe! Love the Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California.
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Sleaford Mods - LIVE - Carlton Touts - Echoplex in Los Angeles
Live from The Echoplex in Los Angeles, California
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Cody Jinks Covers Pink Floyd LIVE
Cody Jinks breaks into an awesome cover of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here at the SOLD OUT show at the Constellation Room inside the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. Do yourself a favor and catch him on tour in February, 2017 as he plays an amazing 2-hour set! http://codyjinks.com/tour-dates/
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Kygo Kids In Love at 2017 EDC
Kygo performs Kids in Love on the Kinetic Field Stage Saturday night at EDC 2017
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Death Grips LIVE OPENING at Fox Theater on 4/20/16 by DingoSaidSo
Death Grips play in the dark, so shooting LIVE video of them is next to impossible.....but at least we get the music :) Here is the crowd going a little wild as they come out for their first song of the night at the Fox Theater in Pomona, California!
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Face to Face LIVE "See If I Care" at the Yost Theater by DingoSaidSo
Opening song by Face to Face at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California.
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Eric Church ENCORE Route 91 Las Vegas HOLDING MY OWN
The Chief gets personal in his first song of his encore on night one of the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas!
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2 Live Crew "Me So Horny" at The Queen Mary on 4/24/16 by DingoSaidSo
2 Live Crew perform their biggest hit at the Freestyle Festival at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.
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MxPx LIVE "Party My House Be There" at The Troubadour on 6/10/16 by DingoSaidSo
MxPx performing songs from SLOWLY GOING THE WAY OF THE BUFFALO at the Troubadour on June 10, 2016!
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Warpaint at Beach Goth 4 on 10/24/15 1 by DingoSaidSo
One or our favorite Warpaint songs is just as amazing live as it is on CD. These four girls are so amazing and don't get nearly the credit they deserve! Definitely 30 minutes of bliss at Beach Goth 4!
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The Adicts OPENING SONG at Beach Goth 4 on 10/24/15 by DingoSaidSo
The Adicts came out owning the stage and then carried that ownership throughout their set on the Beach Goth stage at The Observatory 10/24/15. AMAZING set by one of the OG punk bands playing this small and up and coming music festival
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Chelsea Wolfe AMAZING ENCORE at First Night of Hiss Spun Tour
Wow......just wow! Such an amazing show at The Observatory! Do not leave early at do not get there late,,,,,and definitely be there for Youth Code as they completely killed it!
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2018 King of the Hammers - Erik Miller Passes Derek West on 3rd Lap
Second place finisher Erik Miller was coming in hot on the trail between the Lakebed and Resolution and Derek West showed some great sportsmanship by pulling over to let Erik pass. There was only 1 minute 43 seconds between 2nd and 3rd so blocking Erik all the way into Backdoor could have cost him a spot!
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The Sleaford Mods First LIVE Song Ever in Los Angeles! ARMY NIGHTS
First time the Sleaford Mods have come across the pond and played in Los Angeles and they played Army Nights as the opening song of the set! Enjoy the little snippet of a great night at The Echoplex!
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Bone Acre LIVE at Harvard and Stone
Bone Acre put on one hell of a show (rumored to be their first live performance) at the Teleskopes EP release party at Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles, California
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Gingger Shankar Plays the DOUBLE VIOLIN at The Satellite on 12/1/15 by DingoSaidSo
Gingger Shankar ripping on the double violin....YES, DOUBLE VIOLIN! Can't imagine there are too many people that have mastered this instrument the way Gingger has! HOLY CRAP! Oh, by the way, this is the same Gingger Shankar who scored several award winning movies, has worked with Trent Reznor / Katy Perry / Flaming Lips, is working with Linda Perry, has performed at the Hollywood Bowl, AND is related to the great Ravi Shankar!
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Uptown Funk LIVE - Bruno Mars New Years Eve in Las Vegas
Was lucky enough to see Bruno at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas on New Years Eve 2018! Such a cool gig.....even in that big venue you still felt like he was performing in your living room!
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Matt and Kim ENCORE LIVE "Hey Now" "Purple Rain" at The Glass House on 4/21/16 by DingoSaidSo
Matt and Kim come out for their encore at The Glass House in Pomona, California and perform HEY NOW and then end the night with a very classy little tribute to Prince who had passed away earlier that day. Matt falls on the keyboard at :40, Matt and Kim dancing at 5:10, and Prince Purple Rain Tribute starts at 5:35.
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Denzel Curry LIVE at FYF 2016 by DingoSaidSo
Denzel Curry goes coast to coast to put on one of the best daytime performances on Day 2 on the Trees Stage at the 2016 FYF Festival in Los Angeles, California
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The Beta Machine LIVE "The End" at The Viper Room
After a long hiatus handling other less meaningful music commitments (like Puscifer and Eagles of Death Metal), The Beta Machine shows of their skills at The Viper Room in Hollywood, California. Great to see Matt McJunkins and Jeff Freidl back on stage together with the rest of the Beta Machine crew!
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Kygo Opening With Stole the Show at 2017 EDC
Kygo first song of the set on the Kinetic Field at EDC 2017 Saturday night.
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Aurora "Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)" at the Troubadour on 4/5/16 by DingoSaidSo
Aurora singing Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California
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Every Ride at BIG WEDGE in Newport Beach on May 13, 2019
Surfers, bodyboarders, big drops, clean rides, wipeouts, and barrels!!! A sweet swell came in and here is virtually every ride that happened at The Wedge from about 6:00am to 8:00am - IN THE SEQUENCE THAT THEY HAPPENED - compressed into 15 minutes (there's over 100 different Wedge rides in this video)! No music, no fancy editing, no text, no transitions, no voiceover....just The Wedge in all it's glory. Enjoy
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MxPx LIVE "I'm OK, You're OK" at The Troubadour on 6/10/16 by DingoSaidSo
MxPx performing songs from SLOWLY GOING THE WAY OF THE BUFFALO at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California
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2018 King of the Hammers - Cougar Buttes Traffic Jam and KNOCKOUT!
Such a cool place to watch the race!! Watch - in order - Derek West (#20), Lucas Murphy (#816), Jeremy Brown (#50), Chris May (#725), Michael Feagins (#929), James Cantrell (#46), Kevin Yoder (#4434), George Schooley (#42), Jessi Combs (#8), Mark Danzo (#524), Chad Hundt (#456), and the moment that Kevin Porterfield (#4426) got knocked out of the race.
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MxPx LIVE "The Final Slow Dance" at The Troubadour on 6/10/16 by DingoSaidSo
MxPx performing songs from SLOWLY GOING THE WAY OF THE BUFFALO at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California
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Nine Inch Nails Opening Song LIVE at FYF - Branches / Bones
Trent Reznor comes out strong in the Nine Inch Nails opening song at the FYF Music Festival in Los Angeles, California!
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Slick Shoes Opening for MxPx at The Troubadour on 6/10/16 by DIngoSaidSo
Nice little "surprise guest" prior to the MxPx set at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California!
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Warpaint Opening Song at Beach Goth 4 on 10/24/15 by DingoSaidSo
We only had them for 30 minutes, but so glad we had them at Beach Goth 4!!!!
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Wanda Jackson Opening Song at Beach Goth 4 on 10/24/15 by DingoSaidSo
the Queen of Rockabilly is still going strong as proved by this video from Beach Goth 4 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Ca. Here performance was one of the highlights of the festival!
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The Freightshakers w/ Sarah Gayle Meech at Don the Beachcomber on 3/28/16 by DingoSaidSo
Sarah Gayle Meech and Gethen Jenkins and The Freightshakers perform at Don the Beachcombers in Huntington Beach, California.
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Subhumans Killing Mickey in Mickey's Backyard at Beach Goth 4 on 10/25/15 by DingoSaidSo
There's never been a more appropriate place to play Mickey Mouse is Dead! Dick Lucas and the rest of the Subhumans putting on an amazing performance at Beach Goth 4 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Ca.
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Charice LIVE - Carousel of Hope 2008 by DingoSaidSo
Charice performs at the 2008 Carousel of Hope 30th Anniversary Ball at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. The Carousel of Hope is a major fundraiser for the Children's Diabetes Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center.
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Lauren Alaina at Route 91 in Las Vegas
Lauren putting on a great show at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Kygo (featuring Selena Gomez) It Ain't Me at EDC 2017
Kygo performs It Ain't Me at the Kinetic Field stage on Saturday night at EDC 2017
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Banks & Steelz LIVE at FYF 2016 by DingoSaidSo
Had to admit, thought combining Interpol and Wu-Tang was a bit odd, but after watching Banks & Steelz perform on day two of the 2016 FYF Festival in Los Angeles, California we now see the genius!
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The Coathangers Performing Johnny at Beach Goth 4 on 10/25/15 by DingoSaidSo
The Coathangers came out in deathly make-up and opened their Beach Goth 4 set with Johnny and let the audience know they were in for a nice little 30 minute ride!
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Omniflux Having Fun at The Bootleg Theater on 12/21/15 by DingoSaidSo
When Omniflux is not performing with Puscifer she's performing in small venues around the Los Angeles area (including this FREE SHOW at the Bootleg Theater in Echo Park)....put her on your MUST SEE list if you enjoy watching incredibly creative and entertaining performances.
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Aurora LIVE "Lucky" at The Fonda Theater by DingoSaidSo
Aurora's opening song at her second night of performing at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood, California as part of the #30DaysInLA by Redbull music
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2017 King of the Hammers - Jackhammer Part 1
Had some downtime while waiting for the MBRP trucks to come through, so I thought I'd shoot one car coming up Jackhammer.....and it turned into 30 minutes of handheld iPhone video 'cause the action just kept getting better and better! Here's the first 15 minutes with these drivers (in order of appearance): 4485 Tony Pellegrino 679 Pete Antunac 88 Jessi Combs 4414 Jason Shipman 4464 Corey Kucha 4427 Jeff Russell 1111 Keenan Leatherwood
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Toxic Energy LIVE at the Yost Theater by DingoSaidSo
Toxic Energy was a killer opening act for a crazy night of Face to Face, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Death by Stereo!
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2018 King of the Hammers - Leaders in Cougar Buttes
Shannon Campbell, Levi Shirley, Erik Miller, and Clay Gilstrap make passing through Cougar Buttes look like a casual afternoon drive! I hope this stays in future races as it's a great spectator spot and had some great action on the first lap.....only downside is that you can't catch the start and the leaders coming though here. I left Hammertown at 7:30AM and arrived just as the first car was passing through.
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Tobacco LIVE Father Sister Berzerker at The Echoplex by DingoSaidSo
Final song of the encore was a doosy at the Tobacco concert at The Echoplex in Echo Park, California!
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Sam Hunt LIVE Route 91 Harvest In Las Vegas
Performing BREAK UP IN A SMALL TOWN as his final song on the main stage as he headlined day 2 of the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Roger Waters LIVE Wounded Warrior Greg Galeazzi Guitar Solo by DingoSaidSo
Desert Trip 2016 - Roger Waters brings out Captain Greg Galeazzi, a solider who lost both his legs in Afghanistan and a member of the MusiCorps Wounded Warrior Band to play lead guitar and this is his solo leading into the song Shine on You Crazy Diamond
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Aurora DANCING and Singing "Conqueror" at the Troubadour on 4/5/16 by DingoSaidSo
Aurora dances and performs Conqueror at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. This was the last song of the set and she put every ounce of energy she had left into her dancing during this song before taking a bow at the end of the video!
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