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Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Production Technology
I attended this workshop in November 2003, "Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Production Technology" at the Shanghai Edible Fungi Institute (SEFI), People's Republic of China. There were 18 participants from 8 Asean countries. Training activities include lectures, practices and visits to mushroom farms and factories. I wish to share this wonderful experience with you all who love mushrooms.
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Penang Pasembur or Indian Rojak
Pasembur (pasembor) or "Indian rojak" is a local salad that is popular among Malaysians as a tea-time treat or hawker food. It is a mixture of fried crispy dough and prawn fritters, tufu or bean curd, boiled potatoes and hard boiled egg served with long thin strips of sliced cucumber and sengkuang (yam bean). You can also add bean sprouts and yellow mee (noodles). But, the secret ingredient is the dressing - a thick, rich, sweet, reddish-brown, spicy sauce that is made from sweet potatoes, chillies and crushed peanuts. Toss and mix it all up and you have a tasty and uniquely Southeast Asian food.
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Unknown Beauties
Portfolio of some beautiful women who are potential stars
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Oriental Magpie Robin - Symbol of Luck
The lucky symbol of the oriental magpie robin and how the Chinese view this magnificent bird.
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RainTrees Surround The Taiping Lake Gardens
These majestic and magnificent raintrees (Samanea saman) are more than a hundred years old. They are located on the south-east section of the famous 160-acre Taiping Lake Gardens in Perak, Malaysia. A trip along this stretch of Circular Road is always a pleasant experience with the low, wide canopies of the gigantic raintrees stretching from one side of the road shoulder as if to drink water from the lake on the other side.
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Cats and Kittens - Cute Photos
An awesome collection of cute and lovable photos of cats and kittens.
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Penang Cendol - A Popular Malaysian Dessert And Hawker Food
Penang cendol is a popular Malaysian dessert and hawker food found almost anywhere in the country. Strands of green "cendol" are usually served in a cold mixture of coconut milk (santan) , brown syrup made from the local "gula melaka", and shaved ice.. Sometimes, other ingredients such as kidney beans, corn kernels, nutmeg slices, glutinous rice, jelly etc are included to create your very own concoction. The greenish strands of 'cendol' is made from green peas flour and the juice of crushed screwpine (pandan) leaves.
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Lovely and Sexy Shu Qi - Chinese Filmstar
A portfolio of some beautiful and sexy photos of Shu Qi
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Toss! Toss! Toss Up Good Fortune and Prosperity - YeeSang
We all had a great time tossing and then eating "rainbow yee sang" at Francis and Lindy Lai's Chinese New Year Open-house. This is a special dish made of shredded vegetables, carrots, cucumber, sengkuang (yam bean), pickled fruit slices, peanuts, crackers and chips, raw fish slices, and topped with tantalizing sauces. First, you toss the ingredients together, mixing them up with chopsticks while saying auspicious words. Then, you feast on this delicious 'yee-sang' with zest and confidence that the new year will bring good fortune and prosperity.
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Acrobatic Chinese Lion Dance On Top of High Pillars
Even though it is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar, the Lion is still the King of Beasts. But, there are no lions in China. So, it is a mystical beast created by the Chinese in the belief that it would ward off evil and bring prosperity. The lion dance is popular during celebrations especially the Chinese lunar new year. Here, two vibrant and agile Chinese lions demonstrate their acrobatic skills atop high pillars in the home of Francis and Lindy Lai in Kota Damansara.
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Scarlett Johansson - A Beautiful and Talented Filmstar
Scarlett Johansson is an award-winning actress. She is not only talented but a great beauty herself.
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Oriental Magpie Robin
The Oriental Magpie Robin is a beautiful black and white bird that makes wonderful whistling sounds.
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Jessica Alba - Elegant and Sexy Photos
A collection of beautiful and sexy photos of Jessica Alba.
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Drummer of the Chinese Lion Dance
Like an orchestra, the drummer is the conductor of the lion dance. He drums out the message to the lion and controls his every move.
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Hopscotch or Tengteng - Children's Favorite Game
This little boy is enjoying himself playing Hopscotch. This Hopscotch course is composed of a series of linear squares interspersed with blocks of two lateral squares. Hopscotch is believed to be invented by Romans or Chinese, but the first recorded reference to hopscotch dates back to 1677 in Poor Robin's Almanack. In Malaysia the most popular variant is called tengteng.
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Dogs and Puppies
A collection of man's best friend
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The Chinese Lion is A Vegetarian
He may be the King of Beasts, but the Chinese Lion is really a vegetarian and prefers to feast on oranges, pomelos and lettuce. He is a favorite with kids as he spills "gold" coins from his mouth.
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