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Kong Hei Fatt Choy - Chinese New Year Song
Gong Xi Fa Cai: Chinese New Year is a spring festival, celebrated by Chinese people all over the world. It follows the Chinese Lunar calendar, and falls between mid-January and mid-February. The celebrations typically last for 15 days and there are many different ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This children song is written and sung by Nancy Stewart.Visit her site at nancymusic.com/Gunghayplay. Wishing you good fortune and happiness.
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2013  Year of The Snake, Water Snake, Black Snake or Black Water Snake - Predictions
The Chinese zodiac cycles every 12 years, and each year is named after an animal. The Year Of The Water Snake, Black Snake or Black Water Snake starts on February 10, 2013 and continues to January 30, 2014. In Chinese astrology, your year, month, day and hour of birth determine your destiny or fate. If your Yin and Yang cosmic energy is in a balanced and healthy state, you'll manifests all the positive attributes of the snake. But if your yin and Yang is unbalanced, the negative traits of a snake such as fickle-minded, jealousy, possessiveness etc will be perceived by others. Here are some predictions for the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac for 2013. Don't take them too seriously. It's more for entertainment. Have fun and wishing you "A Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year".
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Chinese New Year and Animal Signs For 2013 to 2024
The Chinese zodiac cycles every 12 years, and each year is named after an animal. The Year Of The Black Snake starts on February 10, 2013 and continues to January 30, 2014. Here are the dates for the Chinese New Year for 2013 to 2024, the animal signs and their attributes (please note that this video is for entertainment purposes): Year 2013 on 2/10 (new moon: 2/10/2013 15:23) - Black Snake intellectual, superstitious, independent, private, cautious, suspicious Year 2014 on 1/31 (new moon: 1/31/2014 5:41) - Green Horse cheerful, lively, impulsive, manipulative, friendly, self-reliant Year 2015 on 2/19 (new moon: 2/19/2015 7:49) - Green Sheep good-natured, timid, emotional, pessimistic, mild, forgiving Year 2016 on 2/8 (new moon: 2/8/2016 22:41) - Red Monkey Successful, charming, crafty, self-centered, inquisitive, can be dishonest, Year 2017 on 1/28 (new moon: 1/28/2017 8:10) - Red Chicken Conservative, aggressive, decisive, logical, critical Year 2018 on 2/16 (new moon: 2/16/2018 5:08) - Brown Dog clever, willing to help others, open-minded, practical, can be belligerent Year 2019 on 2/5 (new moon: 2/5/2019 5:06) - Brown Pig brave, trustworthy, patient, diplomatic, can be hot tempered Year 2020 on 1/25 (new moon: 1/25/2020 5:45) - White Rat Forthright, generous, outgoing, loves money, hates waste Year 2021 on 2/12 (new moon: 2/12/2021 3:08) - White Cow Calm, dependable, obstinate, reliable, proud, and can be uncompromising Year 2022 on 2/1 (new moon: 2/1/2022 13:48) - Black Tiger Loving, giving, optimistic, idealistic, stubborn, self-centred, emotional Year 2023 on 1/22 (new moon: 1/22/2023 4:56) - Black Rabbit Careful, systematic, considerate, can be indifferent, temperamental, shrewd Year 2024 on 2/10 (new moon: 2/10/2024 7:01) - Green Dragon Strong, energetic, proud, confident, but can be illogical and obsessive.
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Celebrities Born In The Chinese Zodiac Year Of The Horse
2014 is the Year of The Horse in the Chinese astrological calendar which usually starts on the first day of spring generally about February 4. Here are some famous people born in the year of the horse from 1930 to 2002.
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Seafood Steamboat or Table-top Simmer Pot
Hot and steamy seafood steamboat or table-top simmer pot is a Malaysian local food favorite. The pot or steamboat is filled with a rich fish-based soup or spicy curry or tomyam. The pot is traditionally placed over a charcoal fire but this fire source has been replaced by the modern induction burner. You then cook all kinds of seafood including noodles, eggs, soyabean curds or tafu and fresh vegetables etc. It's a delicious meal especially for big celebrations and festivals.
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Shaolin Kungfu - Bending Spears With Bare Throat at Thean Hou Temple
A Shaolin warrior monk bending two spears or Qiang with his bare throat. The sharp, triangular spearhead, made of iron, is fastened to a long white rattan pole which is lightweigt, tough, hard and flexible and can bend without breaking. This Shaolin kungfu or wushu extraordinary skills and abilities performance of iron body techniques was peformed by touring warrior monks at Thean Hou Temple during the 2013 Chinese New Year of the Black Water Snake celebrations. Thean Hou Temple is a landmark six-tiered Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is located on a 1.67 acres of land atop Robson Heights along Lorong Bellamy, overlooking Jalan Syed Putra (Federal Highway). The temple, built by the Hainanese community living in Kuala Lumpur, is dedicated to Goddess Tian Hou (The Heavenly Mother).
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Use Audacity To Convert Midi File To Wav
MIDI stands for "musical instrument digital interface". Midi is a small-sized data file which stores written music and how to play notes. Musicians often compose music on keyboard instruments using proprietary MIDI software. Wav is an audio file that stores a digital audio waveform. Many audio professionals prefer the WAV format because of its uncompressed high-quality reproduction of sound. Wav file uses thousands of samples to record the full sound of the notes actually being played. Audacity is a free and powerful audio editor. Audacity can open a midi file but cannot play it. However, it can record any sound you play on your computer's sound system. Here are seven easy steps to convert a midi file to wav with Audacity. All you have to do is play a midi file on your computer's default player such as Windows Media Player. As it plays, record the sound with Audacity. You can edit and enhance your new recording with Audacity's Effects filters. Export and save it as a wav file. 1 Open Audacity. It opens for you to create a new project. 2 Check Audacity's Device Toolbar window to ensure your sound system is connected. 3 Click Audacity's red "Record" button to begin recording. 4 Open your MIDI file, double click it to play in Windows Media Player. (As your MIDI file plays, you will see a digital waveform appear in Audacity's main window.) 5 Click Audacity's brown "STOP" button when your MIDI file ends. 6 Use Audacity's Effects to edit and enhance your new recording. 7 Click "File" and then "Export" as WAV. Save you file. Many midi files are copyrighted..respect the intellectual rights of others.
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Common Lime Swallowtail Butterfly - Papilio demoleus
The Common Lime Swallowtail Butterfly - Papilio demoleus - gets its common name from its host plants which it feeds which are usually citrus species such as the cultivated lime.
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Puri - Indian food or Snack (version 2)
This is an updated version of the previous one. It has additional video footage and background music. Puri (poori, boori), is an unleavened deep-fried Indian bread, commonly consumed on the Indian subcontinent and is very popular in Malaysia. Puri is usually eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal and often served with a curry or bhaji, as in Puri bhaji. Puri is also served at special or ceremonial functions as part of ceremonial rituals along with other vegetarian food offered in prayer as prasadam. The name puri derives from the Sanskrit word (pūrikā), from (pura) "filled". Puri also means Bread in Georgian. Puri is prepared with wheat flour, either atta (whole wheat flour), maida (refined wheat flour), or sooji (coarse wheat flour). A dough of flour and salt is either rolled out in a small circle or rolled out and cut out in small circles and deep fried in ghee or vegetable oil. While deep frying, it puffs up like a round ball because moisture in the dough changes into steam which expands in all directions. When it is golden-brown in color, it is removed and may be served hot or saved for later use (as with the snack food pani puri). The rolled puri may be pricked with a fork before deep frying to get a flat puri for chaat like bhel puri. A punctured puri does not puff when cooked because the steam escapes as it cooks.
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Chinese Wedding Dinner and Yam Seng or Toast
A sumptuous Chinese wedding dinner at a prominent restaurant is a normal practice among Chinese couple on their wedding day. Six to eight dishes of delicious food will be served for the guests and this is usually followed by the traditional toast or "yam seng" to the happy couple and their parents.
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Love At First Bite! Barbecued Honey Chicken Wings
Love At First Bite! Malaysian Barbecued Honey Chicken Wings. A delicious and appetizing snack and you'll love it after the first bite. Here is the simple recipe for a serving for two: 8 chicken wings 1 tbsp corn oil (add to the reserved marinade later) Marinade: 3 tbsp honey 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 tbsp fresh ginger, finely chopped 2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tbsp fish sauce Sprinkle of pepper Method Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. Add chicken wings to marinade and season for at least 8 hours or preferably overnight in the refrigerator. Drain chicken wings and reserve the marinade. Skewer chicken wings onto a barbecue rod. Add a tablespoon of oil into the reserved marinade and brush chicken wings with it. Grill over a charcoal fire. Turn the chicken wings frequently and brush them with remaining marinade. Grill until the chicken oozes a clear juice. Serve barbecued chicken wings with a chilli sauce.
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Puri -  Deep-fried Indian Bread
Puri is an unleavened deep-fried Indian bread, commonly consumed on the Indian subcontinent and in Malaysia and Singapore. Puri is loved by all communities. Often eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal. It is usually served with a curry or bhaji. Also served at special or ceremonial functions as part of ceremonial rituals along with other vegetarian food offered in prayer as prasadam
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Fried Rice Cake Cubes or Char Koay Kak - Malaysian Hawker Food
Fried Rice Cake Cubes or Char Koay Kak is one of Malaysian famous and favorite hawker food. It is rice cake, cut into small cubes and fried in lard or vegetable oil with thick black soy sauce, light soy sauce, chili paste, eggs, bean sprouts and preserved turnips (cut into small bits). The bean sprouts and preserved turnips give extra crunchiness to the rice cake cubes. The Chinese chives is optional. It's served on a banana leaf and usually as take away. A great and delicious food usually eaten for breakfast but is also suitable for lunch, dinner or supper. Cheap, delicious, convenient, and nutritious (substitute lard with vegetable oil). It's also a great place to catch the latest local news and hot, juicy gossips..all for free.
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Musical Fountain at CingJing Farm, Taipei, Taiwan
A musical fountain near the Little Swiss Garden at Cing Jing Farm not far from Taipei, Taiwan.
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How To Make Pizza and Eat It!
Pizza is an oven-baked, flat, round bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings. Pizza was originally invented in Naples, Italy, and this fast food has since become very popular in Malaysia. Modern pizza originated in Italy as the Neapolitan flatbread. In restaurants, pizza can be baked in an oven with stone bricks above the heat source, an electric deck oven, a conveyor belt oven or, in the case of more expensive restaurants, a wood- or coal-fired brick oven. There are many pizzerias in Malaysia. It's very popular to bring young kids to one on a field trip and they really enjoy it. I took this video on one such trip accompanying my 4-year grandson and he loved it. The pizza is easy to make and when cooked, it is crispy, tender and fragrant and yummy.
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Nine Emperor Gods Procession in Taiping 12 October 2013
Nine Emperor Gods Procession in Taiping 12 October 2013. Video taken along Jalan Panggung Wayang or Theatre Road in front of thr Kwong Wai Sang Restaurant.
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20 Years to Grow but Gone In Less Than 1 Minute!
This beautiful yellow-flowered Cassia (Cassia multijuga) took more than 20 years to grow to into a magnificent tree producing flowers at frequent intervals. It became untidy and the trunk infected with soft rot because of bad pruning and no maintenance. It took less than one minute to fell this useful tree with a chain saw! What a great loss.
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Happy New Year With Chinese Southern Lion Dance
What a great and unique way to start off the new year of 2013 with the Chinese Southern Lion Dance. Daring and brave, the lion looks strong and powerful. Even though there are no real lions found in China, the Chinese people thinks the lion is benevolent and tame. The lion status is on par with the symbolic dragon, phoenix, and Qi Lin in the Chinese epic. The Chinese lion is a mystical beast created by the local people in the belief that it would ward off evil and bring prosperity. Descriptions of lions came to China from India through the spreading of Buddhism. From the historical record, lion dance was started during the Han Dynasty. In China, there are elements of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism which make lion dance look mysterious. The lion dance became a spiritual rite to be performed during important occasions and festivals. The lion dance is very popular in Malaysia during Chinese cultural and religious festivals especially the lunar new year. It is accompanied by beating of drums, cymbals, and gongs. The rhythm is synchronise to the lion dance movements and actions.
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Durian - Eat All You Can For Charity
18 August 2013 at The Summit USJ. JomDurian VI "We Ate for Charity" durian buffet was a great success as thousands came to support a fund-raising campaign to help the Children's Wish Society of Malaysia and at the same time to enjoy and eat as much durian as they can in one hour. It's a novel way to bring a smile back to terminally ill children by granting them a wish! Smiles Across Malaysia!
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