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Da2: Davix v.s Matrix (WATCH TILL END) (DESC)
He plays good but first game i was fooling around and that was definitely a first game No hate to him Subscribe pls
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Da2: Cray is on the lobbby!
I thought he was fake but then lol so good Gg no hate to him pce I do not own any of these music
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Doodle Army 2 mini militia: Pro 1V1 with GOAT (Friendly?) (Description)
Im not really sure if he's goat RS when I joined RS server I saw goat but he ain't leader of RS right coz the ldr of RS quited rigth?(Fade) Idk I'm confused 😵😵😵
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Da2 Mini Militia: Is he a legend!? Who is he!?
I havent played for 5 months as you see my videos thay are 5 months ago im going to buy a new phone on May and i will be as active as i can! I do not own any of these songs!!! Please like share and subscribe Soppurt me if i will reach 100 subs i will make a QandA vid and will reveal my true i dentity if where i come from and my photo!!! Enjoy and happy valentines day to all of you i hope you enjoyed the video
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Da2:sniper lobby w/ULTRA GOD
No hate to him I do not own any of these songs My goal is hundred sub for montage! Be sure to spread news about this channel
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Doodle Army 2 mini militia; pro 1V1 v.s random pro (awesome)
I do not own any of these music If I reach 500 subs I will do QA vid
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Doodle Army 2 Mini militia: A close gameplay! With MINESKI (HE TRIED)
I do not own any of these songs
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Da2:FAKE!KingAnbru (Sniper Lobby)
Id really know if hes fake i just found the lobby i didnt even know that it was snipe lobby I do not own music subscribe!!!
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Da2 mini militia: EXPOSING?(M.I.C) (DESCRIPTION)
Id recorded the game so I upload a quick play for its background hope u enjoy:)
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Da2 Mini Militia: 0 Death Challenge with a semi pro (1v1)
I do not own any of these songs I hope you enjoy todays video I saw this challenge from GGC Deadpool
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Subscribe to priyanshu I do not own any of these songs!
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Da2 Mini Militia: Pro 2v2 (mate slowing me down)
No hate to Rusteez the most important thing is that we did our best I do not own any of these songs
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Doodle army 2 mini militia; playing in QUICKPLAY with PAUL GG
Tbh my phone is not multi touch and it has 4GB only :(
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