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sheet metal fabrication
Chih Kang is a professional OEM sheet metal fabrication in Taiwan. Chih Kang, an OEM sheet metal factory in Taiwan, produces metal box, case, enclosure, chassis, rack, cabinet, housing, stamping parts and various sheet metal parts. Chih Kang has laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, riveting, painting, silkscreen printing, packaging and shipping in house. Chih Kang takes orders of various kinds with both small and big quantity. Having demand on sheet metal fabrication, metal box, case, enclosure, chassis, rack, and metal stamping, check Chih Kang
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Laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication in Hungary - Melior Laser company introfilm - English version
https://www.meliorlaser.hu/en/complex-sheet-metal-fabrication Melior Laser - sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal component production since 2003. In the centre of our services is laser cutting.
Manufacturer, Exporters & Stockist Of Industrial Steel Products & Industrial Stainless Steel Product
http://www.superiorsteelindustries.net/ Welcome to SUPERIOR STEEL INDUSTRIES - A TUV Certified ISO 9001:2008 company. We are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and stockiest of steel products. Our comprehensive range of products includes stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, nickel alloys & non ferrous metal products in shape of flanges, pipe fittings, pipe, plates, fasteners, valves & other industrial products. Our well-furnished infrastructure is located in Mumbai. Each production unit is managed with experienced professionals. Again, we use cutting-edge machines and tools for producing our range. The machinery at our manufacturing unit includes: Lathe Machine Forging Hammer CNC Turning Center Drill Machine Bandsaw Machine Sheet Cutting Equipment Testing Systems Allied Tools We employ the testing procedure such as Raw Material Testing, Dimensional Inspection, Hydro Test, Vibration Test and Other Special Testing for ensuring effective quality in our product range. We offer third party inspection for our products. It could be of client's choice or we arrange the internationally renowned agencies such as Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, SGS, TUV, DNV, ABS, GLC, etc. We have made our presence felt in USA, EUROPE, AFRICA, GULF, to name a few. We are committed to achieve our goal of Customer Satisfaction through supplying SUPERIOR quality products at Cost effective price.
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Advance Metal Products Sheetmetal Fabrication
Brought to you by FerretAustralia. For more information about this product please visit http://www.ferret.com.au/c/Advance-Metal-Products-Sheetmetal-Fabrication
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Money Making Welding Projects!! 3 Point Carryalls (Part 1 of 3)
Fabricating a couple of utility tractor implements, utility forks for moving material around one's farm. Interested in A Career In Welding? Click Here: http://www.georgiatradeschool.com/ ChuckE2009 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ChuckE2009/282164941819994
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Prototek Sheet Metal Manufacturing Promotional Video
Founded in 1987, Prototek manufacturing is a leading supplier of quick turn precision sheetmetal and machine products for the prototype market. To help save our customers time and money on their finished part requirements, Prototek Manufacturing has a team of seven engineers that assist in research and development, as well as conceptual and component design. Our engineers work closely with customers to define their requirements and design assemblies and their components for economical manufacturing. These engineers compliment our staff of estimators who are also qualified to discuss product requirements. Prototek's goal is to assure our customers that the product they receive will meet their requirement for high quality at a fair price. Located in Contoocook, New Hampshire, our 40,000 sq/ft facility is designed for just in time manufacturing. With a wide range of materials on hand, we can produce parts in a single day, when required. We manufacture and ship products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico according to customer requirements. We are equipped with an Amada Pulsar 4,000 watt laser, Vipros Queen Turret, and Two LC-C1 Combination cells. These revolutionary laser and turret cells built into one machine have the capability of tapping and counter sinking, as well as punching holes 50% smaller than ever before, with less energy consumption and at a faster pace. In our post-processing department, we are capable of deburring and graining sheet metal parts in a single operation. Our forming department is equipped with 9 highly capable brakes, with a maximum load of 140 tons and a bend length of 10 feet. we have verticaly integrated an anodizing and chromating system, power-coating and a wet spray system and a 3 stage iron phosphate washer to allow us full control over finish and quick turn projects. With over 20 years of experience, we are able to ensure that our processes deliver the highest level of quality. Our 5,000sq/ft precision machining operation continues to expand. With 14 CNC machining centers, we can offer a lead time of 1 1/2 weeks, several days better than the industry standard. Our proven kanban system of organization is a critical means of inventory control for our hardware and raw materials. Our hardware department keeps hundreds of types of PEM hardware in stock, and is efficiently inserted using our state of the art pem setter machines. We pride ourselves on our control over every process of production by completing them in-house. Silk screening and assembly are just two more cogs in the well-functioning machine that is prototek. Our fowler comparitor and mitatoyo height gauge provide highly efficient inspection capabilities to ensure that our products meet quality guidelines. This inspection equipment interfaces directly with our computer system to compile inspection reports for the convenience of our customers. Our highly qualified staff works relentlessly to ensure that parts flow through our manufacturing process quickly and efficiently. Each operation undergoes an in-process inspection to ensure adherence to product specification. Our website offers a live chat module that customers can utilize to ask questions to our office and engineering staff during our normal business hours. Additionally, our customer service staff is adapt at answering any questions that our customers may have; regarding ship dates, revision changes and order status, assuring that they are satisfied every step of the way. Request for quotations that are sent to [email protected] or uploaded directly thru one of our websites, will receive a quote within one day. Prototek Manufacturing and can work with many file formats including DXF, STP, IGES, PDF, Pro/E, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Inventor files. Take a stroll though Prototek online with the aid of Google Business view, where you can see for yourself how our departments are organized for efficency and quality. Prototek is BBB accredited with an A+ rating, and is ISO 9001, ITAR, DFAR, and ROHS Compliant. Prototek.com is also mobile friendly, sporting a simple, attractive design, responsive, swipeable gallery, and fast load times. Our wordpress blog and twitter page are continuously updated as we purchase new machines and expand our facility to maintain our niche of producing the highest quality parts in the shortest time possible. Friend us on facebook and subscribe to our youtube as we are constantly uploading videos of our new machines and capabilities. Serving industries such as robotics, semiconductor, telecommunications, military, pharmaceutical, medical, computer technologies and aeronautics. Prototek Manufacturing is the industry leader in rapid prototyping and production, of fully machined and precision sheetmetal components, ready to serve you. http://www.prototek.com http://www.prototeksheetmetalfabrication.com http://www.prototek.ca http://prototek.co.uk http;//www.prototek.fr
frame welding fixture - (weld jig / welding table) - 4300 (english)
Further product information: http://www.forster-welding-systems.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/F%C3%B6rster-Welding-Systems-GmbH/103572796431104?sk=wall
San Antonio, TX, | Texas Sheet Metal | Sheet Metal Products
Could your home or business use custom made stainless steel countertops, shelves, cabinets? Then it is time for you to call Texas sheet metal in San Antonio, Texas. They custom fabricate and install what they build. Examples of their products include exhaust hoods, duct work, cabinets, and much more. Their services include custom equipment manufacturer, on-site installation of fabricated material, AutoCAD (design and engineering), punching, notching, drilling, and decorative etching. Visit us http://www.yellowpages.com/info-3728717/Texas-Sheet-Metal?from=youtb
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Custom metal fabricators - Welding
http://www.chinasavvy.com/industrial/materials-processes.php Most metals can be welded. Each metal requires special skills. Tig welding aluminum requires specialist skills. Similarly arc welding stainless steel or welding cast iron requires specialist experience. Chinasavvy produces welded products in many metals using skilled welding for aluminium sheet fabrication and stainless steel sheet fabrication. We are custom metal fabricators.
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Stronghand Tools 3 Axis Clamp and other Metal Fabrication Tools
http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/metal-fabrication-tools.html stronghand tools 3 axis clamp and other metal fabrication tools and welding techniques, metal fabricating
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Tig Welding Stainless Steel - Walking the Cup vs TIG Finger
http://www.weldmongerstore.com/tig-finger/ A popular tig welding technique for stainless steel is walking the cup. But it does not always work best. And for some applications, it is not permitted because it leaves scratches on the surface of the metal sometimes. A Tig Finger comes in handy for situations where walking the cup does not work or for where those scratches the tip cup makes on and around the weld are not tolerate. Both Tig welding techniques are shown along with a shameless plug for my Tig Finger product. http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/tig-weld.html Below are some products that I don’t carry, but I use them in my videos and can vouch for their quality. WELDING MACHINES Lincoln Viking 3350 w/4C http://amzn.to/2rRFlUn Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 http://amzn.to/2rSkekZ Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP http://amzn.to/2s2bRnA AHP Alpha TIG 200X http://amzn.to/2s1XAr3 AHP Alpha 160ST http://amzn.to/2sdK9Ed TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES Lincoln TIG Gloves http://amzn.to/2sdLzyk Metabo WE15-150 Grinder http://amzn.to/2sB1B2U Milwaukee Band Saw http://amzn.to/2rymEVm SWAG 4.0 Portaband Table http://amzn.to/2s1FLs5 3M Respirator http://amzn.to/2rWj2wM BLUE DEMON FILLER METAL er70S2 http://amzn.to/2s1M0fP er308L http://amzn.to/2sBpS8U 309L http://amzn.to/2rShLGY er4043 http://amzn.to/2rJbrQ9 er5356 http://amzn.to/2sAQS8p er70S2 http://amzn.to/2s1M0fP er308L http://amzn.to/2sBpS8U 309L http://amzn.to/2rShLGY er4043 http://amzn.to/2rJbrQ9 er5356 http://amzn.to/2sAQS8p
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Rapid, On-Site Digital Fabrication of Sheet Metal Roof Panels
Rapid, On-Site Digital Fabrication of Sheet Metal Roof Panels
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How-to Use Your Angle Grinder on Metal by Mitchell Dillman
Watch "How-to Use Your Angle Grinder on Metal by Mitchell Dillman" http://LogFurnitureHowTo.com/tool-box/power-tools/angle-grinder and learn about several common metal cutting and grinding attachments specifically designed for use on your 4 1/2" angle grinder. In this video Mitchell demonstrates how-to cut metal using a cut-off wheel, then he shows you how-to grind metal using a grinding wheel. Next, he shares with you how to finish metal with a variety of grinding disks. When you are ready to learn more about the how-to make cool things with your hand-tools, visit http://LogFurnitureHowTo.com
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ZEMAN - Turnkey structural steel fabrication
Other videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/zebaucom Website - http://www.zebau.com Zeman - a group of companies, combining roll forming and robotic welding machinery fabrication with designing, manufacturing and assembly of pre-engineered buildings. This two directions granted company an experience in turnkey solutions for steelwork and cladding plants.
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Woodward Fab Compact Bead Roller for Metal Fabrication (WFBR6)
Woodward Fab is known for introducing innovative metal working equipment that are used to manufacture various parts. These equipment are of the highest industry standards, and thus you can rely on them for all your metal working requirements. One such revolutionary equipment from Woodward Fab for its customers is the compact bead roller WFBR6 https://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfbr6-2/. This equipment is mainly used for metal fabrication. The main objective of the machine is to strengthen parts. The machine is a manual bead roller with 6 sets of dies, which include 3 bending dies, and 3 step dies. It is easy to operate, which makes this popular. The overall weight of this machine is 57 pounds. This equipment is designed in a way to clamp into the bench vise. The machine features an 18 inches deep throat, and has the capability to easily handle 18-gauge sheet metal. The compact bead roller WFBR6 is mostly used to strengthen the sheet metal, and this is done by adding bead or step profiles. The strength and overall appearance of firewalls, floor pans, race cars, trunks, and sheet metal work are enhanced with the help of this equipment. You can easily convert flimsy pieces, into rigid metal parts by using this bead roller machine from Woodward Fab.
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Hickey Steel Fabrication - Home Made Oxy Cutting Beetle
The inexpensive alternative to the other beetle cutters out there on the market.
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Stainless Steel Products
Processing of stainless steel requires special care and precision at each stage of manufacturing.
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Product presentation: Custom metal fabricated and finished in Italy
Product presentation video for Italian manufactured doors and windows. Originally published September, 2010 at http://www.youtube.com/user/ItalianWindows, this video is part of a suite of similar product videos I produced in roughly 24 hours. http://www.cosmowenman.com http://www.twitter.com/CosmoWenman http://www.youtube.com/CosmoWenman ...
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Delta Hi-Tech and Delta Fabrication Overview
Delta Hi-Tech and Delta Fabrication, located in the San Fernando Valley, have been leaders in quality, precision manufactured components and assemblies for over two decades. Our Chatsworth, CA based facility offers the best in CNC machining, laser cutting, custom sheet metal fabrication, and welding. From prototype to full production and assembly Delta Hi-Tech offers ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified service that is among the best in the manufacturing industry.For more information visit http://www.deltahitech.com
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Semler Industries - Fabrication
Semler Industries is experienced in fabricating endless varieties of pump assemblies, potable water cabinets, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) transfer skids, custom filtration systems and automated pump packages. For more information, visit http://www.semlerindustries.com
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Animation - How Storage Tanks are Designed, Made, Installed
Storage tanks are important to many industries -- bolted, epoxy coated, glass lined, stainless steel, welded tank and pressure vessels. Our talented animators illustrate the features and benefits of UIG's design, fabrication and installation. See more industrial animations at www.sch
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Ningbo Zhenao Metal Products.,Ltd  in Ningbo city zhejiang ,China make the metal products
the workbench and the tool cabinet and so on www.nbzhenao.com
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railing welding fixture - (weld jig / welding table) - yard: 5.5 4225 / yard: 7.5 4227 (english)
Further product information: http://www.forster-welding-systems.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/F%C3%B6rster-Welding-Systems-GmbH/103572796431104?sk=wall Our universal railing welding jig (welding table) offers almost unlimited possibilities to quickly and accurately produce a variety of railings. All supports are made ​​of stainless steel. Awarded with the "FEDERAL INNOVATION PRIZE FOR CRAFTS 2011"
Jobshop Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities
Jobsite's sheet metal fabrication jobshop services include precision machining, CNC laser processing and laser cutting, welding, and finishing.
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What is a Precision Metal Fabricator?
A Precision Metal Fabricator cuts, bends, forms and assembles precise metal parts, and creates specialized components for products such as medical devices and aerospace parts. Listen to a Sheet Metal Fabricator explain the many different responsibilities of this occupation and the skills you need to be successful in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries. You can become a Precision Metal Fabricator through the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC)'s apprenticeship program. Find out how: http://www.ajactraining.org/getting-started.asp. You might also like: What is a Machinist? : http://youtu.be/NWlbgJeOKg4 What is a Composite Technician?: http://youtu.be/ViKs67k3lG4 How the Washington State Aerospace & Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program Works: http://youtu.be/yWokYPtNOUk Earn While You Learn an Aerospace Trade: http://youtu.be/Zx919H13dIE To Learn More, Subscribe to our Channel, Like Us at Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AJACtraining, or Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com
Detroit Tool Metal Products Increases Profits and Quoting Speed Using Costimator
Detroit Tool Metal Products (DTMP) is a leading, full service manufacturer of precision metalstampings,fabricated components and value-added assemblies for a targeted range of attractive end markets and applications.They specialize in producing standard and custom steel and aluminumcomponentsfor original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and provide engineering support services in the heavy truck, agriculture and constructionindustries. Choosing the appropriate cost estimating and quoting software for their needs was a relatively easy decision for DTMP. Costimator, by MTI Systems, was well known in the industry and many of DTMP's OEM customers, such as Caterpillar, John Deere and CNH Global, were already using the system. "Costimator is utilized by many of our customers." Said Clark, "This offers a big time-saving advantage because it allows for data sharing that's compatible with what they are doing -- providing quicker negotiations and cost information support. This saves time because we don't have to spend hours duplicating the data otherwise found in a different format. It also reduces review time on manufacturing processes that have previously been discussed." Detroit Tool Metal Products saw immediate results -- they quickly discovered a definite improvement in the accuracy of their quotes -- but most importantly -- a massive increase in consistency and turnaround time.
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Custom Machining & Fabrication of Metal & Plastic
WWW.RAPDIPARTS.CA CUSTOM CNC MACHINING, FABRICATING & MANUFACTURING Services ALONG WITH ANODIZING AND PAINTING SERVICES YOUR PRODUCTS. ALLOW US TO BE YOUR SUPPLIER. YOUR PRODUCT IDEAS MADE FAST. E-MAIL US TODAY AT !! [email protected] We offer the services of custom parts made using Conventional Machining, CNC Machining and Fabricating Technology. •C.N.C Lathe Machining •C.N.C Milling Machining •C.N.C Sheet Metal Fabrication •Conventional Machining •Mechanical Part Design •ToolMaking •Stamping •Bending •Die Design •Die Repair •Laser Cutting •Engraving •Anodizing Aluminium •Zinc Plating •Oxidize Plating •Alodining •Powder Painting
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Metal Stamping and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication- Tempco
Tempco Manufacturing is another preferred American supplier of contract manufacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part trade show at http://www.d2p.com. Tempco Manufacturing has been in the Metal Stampings Industry for nearly 70 years. Located in St Paul MN, they serve a wide range of industries with their Metal Stamping and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication capabilities. Tempco has served manufacturing challenges throughout the United States and Worldwide. Tempco provides you with manufacturing quality in all of the Precision Metal Forming they work on. Whether you need Vending machine parts, Lighting Fixture Parts, Medical enclosures, Metal cabinets or metal shelving, Tempco will work with you to provide the Precision Metal Parts that you expect. Tempco Manufacturing has produced Precision Metal Stampings, Metal Fabrications and mechanical assemblies for clients in just about every industry. Our company provides low cost, top quality stampings, sheet metal fabrications and assemblies and has grown steadily, tooling over 60,000 different jobs. We have developed thousands of programs for sheet metal fabrication on our CNC turret presses, laser cutters, and water jet systems. The diverse product categories of our customers include: Firearms, vending equipment, door hardware, commercial laundry, light fixtures, dollar bill & coin exchangers, agri-business, appliances, automotive, chemicals, computers and dairy equipment among others.Tempco is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
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Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company
A short video on the history of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company
Toronto Iron Railings | Art Metal Workshop
We are a family owned and operated company manufacturing wrought iron railings and other iron products based in Toronto, Ontario. Our mission is to provide you with highest quality iron products at a low cost and to ensure your satisfaction with our product and service. We provide lifetime warranty on our work. http://www.art-metal.ca http://www.iron-railings.net Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artmetaltoronto Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/artmetaltoronto Blog: http://artmetaltoronto.blogspot.com Creativity by http://www.mazamstudio.com
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Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Environment Friendly Acoustic Enclosure
We came into existence in the year 2003 and established ourselves as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Canopy. Moreover, we manufacture and supply Sheet Metal Products and Fabricated Components that are manufactured at par with industrial standards. The product range offered by us includes Enclosed Silent Canopy, Sheet Metal Fabricated Components, Acoustic Enclosures, Sheet Metal Fabrication with Powder Coated, Canopies, Sound Proof Enclosure (Canopy) and Stainless Steel Fabrication.
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Bull Swamp Fabrication LLC
Bull Swamp Fabrication LLC is the go-to metal fabrication shop for central South Carolina. We offer a diverse mix of products -- including on-site welding, off-site welding and fabricating projects. We provide cost effective services to commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential clients which includes all types of metal fabrication: mild steel, stainless, aluminum and carbon steel.
Sheet Metal Unlimited Introduction
Sheet Metal Unlimited * Custom Metal Design * Custom Metal Fabrication * Machining Services * Stuart, Florida * Martin County
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Sheet Metal Fabrication Job Shop
http://www.sfpl.co.in We are currently seeking for contract manufacturing /job work of light/Medium sheet metal precision work in Large Volume and sheet Metal fabrication as per your specification. We are an DIN EN ISO 9001:2001 Certified manufacturing company with D&B D-U-N-S certification ,with designing and manufacturing impeccable quality CNC punched Precision Sheet Metal Components, Cabinets, Metal doors,Elevator Parts,Switchboards Cabinets,Enclosures for Labs and Assemblies. Some of our remarkable business attributes are as follows: Ability to design from concept to product development within least possible time. Competitive pricing policy Flexibility Quick response to customers Meeting global quality standards Our infrastructure is the major force driving our growth and success in the industry. Following is a glimpse of our infrastructural capabilities: Built-up area of 40,000 Sq.ft Design Capabilities CNC Turret Punch Press CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Shearing machine Sheet metal fabrication equipment Core Filling Machines & Pressing Fixtures CNC punching centers - Amada & Finnpower CNC bending centers - Godrej & Durma Power presses - inclinable, adjustable stroke, mob, mechanical Press brakes - double suspension, adjustable stroke, mechanical Shearing machine - double suspension, over crank, hydraulic gauging, guillotine UNI-punch system CNC punching system Goose necked & general purpose bending die sets Special purpose dies Spot welding machines Projection welding machines Painting & Powder Coating Assembly Line Co2 welding machines Spare Capacity - 100 tonne per month Please contact us for further details: Rajiv Sheth Sheth Fabricators Private Limited R676 TTC Industrial Area, Rabale MIDC, Behind Alfa laval & pipe line road, Off, Thane Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai 400 701 Phone:91-22-27605742 / 27605743 Mobile:9833288638 Fax 91-22-2769437 http://dorplus.wordpress.com/spare-capacity-available-for-sheet-metal-fabrication/
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Manufacturers Contact Strong Forge & Fabrication When They Need A Metal Shop They Can Count On
http://www.strongforge.com/metal-shop.php Companies that manufacture heavy duty vehicles frequently need parts beyond what they'll find from the standard off shelf selection that's available and that's why they need a Metal Shop they can trust for the custom fabrication parts. If they don't find a forging company that can both meet their specific request while also consistently delivering those parts on time, there's a potential that they won't get the parts when they need them, which will lead to delays in their own production. Delays of this kind can result in clients being lost and that's not a risk these manufacturers want to take. Strong Forge & Fabrication has been a top metal shop since being founded in 1923 by illustrating that we can be trusted to meet the timelines of our clients so they're able to avoid those kinds of delays. Heavy-duty manufacturers from all over the world have turned to Strong Forge & Fabrication for Machining Services because they're confident in that they'll be pleased with the finished product. Our precision metal fabrication is performed by experienced and skilled technicians that are able to complete projects other forging companies can't. You don't want to choose a metal shop that doesn't have the facilities or the background to actually fabricate your parts and will actually have to outsource part of the job to another forging company. That's something which is becoming more common but all of the work at Strong Forge & Fabrication is always done in-house. Strong Forge & Fabrication takes pride in being a single-source metal shop because that's the how we're able to ensure the highest level of quality on all of the products we build. From design all the way to the final assembly, we keep a close eye on your Fabrication Parts so that they meet your exact specifications and any last minute alterations can be made. This approach also greatly cuts down the time it takes to finish job so you'll get your parts faster than you would from another metal shop. We're able to keep prices low by doing all of the work in-house and that's always something that's appreciated. Going one step beyond what you're going to find at other metal shops is what has made Strong Forge & Fabrication an industry leader all these years and how we're able to continue to expand our already diverse client base going forward.
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Two Guys Garage Segment on 3-in-1 Machine of Woodward Fab
Woodward Fab always keeps on updating and upgrading its inventory with the latest products for different metal working operations. This has made them popular among various industries, and their applications. Here is another equipment from the company –a 3-in-1 sheet metal tool https://www.woodwardfab.com/product-category/product/sheet-metal-bending/3-in-1-machine/ . The equipment features a sheet metal shear at its lower side, which plays a vital role in delivering precise cuts. Just above the shear, in the middle are present the press brakes, which allow you to adjust different angles. It consists of 6 finger brakes. And finally, at the top, under the cover, there are rollers, which allow you to achieve different shapes of sheet metals, by bending them. This equipment is made from a heavy duty cast iron frame, which makes it strong, and capable of delivering high performance for several years. It features a 1.25″ roll, which has a quick release top roll. The back gauge of the machine can be adjusted as per the requirement. In addition to all this, this machine has an excellent 20 gauge capacity. This 3-in-1 machine from Woodward Fab http://www.woodwardfab.com/ is best-suited for bench top use. The equipment weighs around 100 lbs. The 3-in-1 features of this machine makes it a space saving solution.
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Metal Fabrication Utah
Metal fabricating company. Customize in railings, staircases, guard rails, metal fireplaces, trellis, basically anything out of metal we can fabricate it!
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Intel: The Making of a Chip with 22nm/3D Transistors | Intel
This video shows the process of how computer chips are made using Intel's world leading 22nm manufacturing technology with 3D transistors. It starts with common sand and shows the most important manufacturing steps until the computer chip (here a 3rd Gen Intel Core processor) is ready for sale. Download an informative supplement to the video here: http://download.intel.com/newsroom/kits/chipmaking/pdfs/Sand-to-Silicon_22nm-Version.pdfSubscribe now to Intel on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1BZDtpf About Intel: Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory products, Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor in 1971. This decade, our mission is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. Connect with Intel: Visit Intel WEBSITE: http://intel.ly/1WXmVMe Like Intel on FACEBOOK: http://intel.ly/1wrbYGi Follow Intel on TWITTER: http://intel.ly/1wrbXC8 Follow Intel on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1OJuPTg Visit iQ: http://intel.ly/1wrbXCd Intel: The Making of a Chip with 22nm/3D Transistors | Intel https://www.youtube.com/user/channelintel
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Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Enclosures, Carts, & Cabinets to Protect Your Equipment
http://www.vbssys.com | Vande Berg Scales manufactures stainless steel enclosures for the protection of electronic equipment in harsh work environments. We have enclosure designs for label printers, PC terminals, keyboards, bar code scanners and other peripherals. For a fraction of the cost of new equipment, you can protect the equipment you are currently using. See our complete line of cabinets, enclosures, carts, stands and water proof boxes to house your electronic equipment at: http://vbssys.com/enclosures-mobile-carts-stands/ Enclosure Features: • Continuous TIG welded construction of polished 304 stainless steel • NEMA 4X rating • Wash down, rain gutter style door seal • Single ½ turn easy to operate quick open latch • Pull out drawer, designed for quick access for label roll changes and equipment access • Top hinged door allows door to swing to 270º • Front access facilitates mounting above conveyors, in limited head height areas or in areas where space is limited Options: • Bottom, Left or Right side hinges • Key locking door handle • Closeable door slot access • Stainless steel carts or stands • Plexi-glass window in door • Stainless steel shelves and dividers Availability: • Standard enclosures in our inventory can be shipped in a few days • Lead time for custom-built enclosures is based on our production schedule • When a PO# and approved drawing for a custom enclosure is received, delivery will be in two or three weeks. http://vbssys.com/enclosures-mobile-carts-stands/ Not quite what you're looking for? Be sure to check out our webpage or give us a call to see how we can assist your process today! Contact us today at 712.722.1181, by email: [email protected], or visit http://www.vbssys.com or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vandebergscales Twitter: https://twitter.com/VandeBergScales Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/100207719748852971001/posts LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/vande-berg-scales/
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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services
Locate suppliers that design, engineer, and manufacture different kinds of sheet metal fabrication. Additional Resources: http://www.iqsdirectory.com/sheet-metal-fabrication https://www.sheet-metal-fabrication.com/
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Zinc Coated Steel is Soldered to Brass
http://MuggyWeld.com Super Alloy 1 multi-metal solder melts at a low 350 degrees--20,000 psi. Its rod and flux work synergistically to act as a temperature guide and ensure no warpage to the base metal. Mike joins brass tubing to zinc plated steel with a propane torch, and explains step by step how to make these repairs. Super Alloy 1 can be used with any torch--butane, oxyacet, MAPP, heat gun, or propane. Please read all instructions prior to use at: https://www.muggyweld.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Super-Alloy-1-instructions.pdf For more videos and information, or to order, visit http://MuggyWeld.com International customers, please order at: http://www.ebay.com/usr/muggyweld _________________ Please visit http://www.aws.org/technical/facts/ prior to using Muggy Weld products, and adhere to all AWS welding safety guidelines. Further product safety information is available at http://muggyweld.com/safety-guidelines. Muggy Weld LLC shall not be liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting in any way from (a) your use of this Site, (b) any services or products obtained from this Site, (c) any errors in or omissions from this Site, (d) the unavailability or interruption of this Site or any features thereof, (e) any content contained on this Site. MSDS sheets available with purchase from MuggyWeld.com, upon request.
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HDPE Products by Weld Eezy Chennai
[http://www.hdpefittings.in/] Welcome to Weld Eezy, Manufacturer & Exporter of Ferrous & Non - Ferrous Metal Products. We are an ISO 9000 certified company, established at Chennai. Our market base is spread across East Europe, Middle East, East Asia & other countries. Excellent customer responsiveness, qualitative range of products & well equipped R& D department make us stand apart from also-rans. Our product list includes premium grade Pipe End, HDPE & Industrial HDPE Products. Moulded Elbows, Flanges, Fabricated Bends & End Caps are some of our HDPE Products. Along with that we offer high quality Unequal Tee, Storage Tanks & HDPE / PP Reaction Vessels. We offer short & long neck collar pipe end that are fabricated using premium grade raw materials. Our wide array of Industrial HDPE Product includes Moulded Tee, HDPE Scrubber & Manholes. Reducers, HDPE Pipes, Stub End & Fabricated Tee are some of our best selling products.
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Rousseau Metal inc. Storage Solutions Video
www.rousseaumetal.com For more than 60 years, Rousseau Metal inc. has been producing innovative, durable and superior quality storage solutions (shelving, cabinets and workstations) for a variety of different industries, such as: distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, automotive, laboratory and hospital a well as government and institutional. In order to offer our clientele the best products that we can, our products are mainly designed and fabricated in North America. This allows us greater control over the quality of the materials we use in addition to ensuring excellent expertise in design and engineering. The best kept secret of our business is found in our products themselves. In fact, we have always been interested in creating long term relationships with our clientele by offering them the highest quality product possible. Our goal is that each and every client be able to recognize the numerous advantages to our storage systems each and every time they use them. http://www.facebook.com/RousseauMetalInc
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The Best Markers and Pencils for Marking Steel - Kevin Caron
From http://www.kevincaron.com - Artist Kevin Caron has tried a lot of different markers when working with steel and other metals. He shows different types of markers, discusses their benefits and drawbacks, and then shares what he considers the best markers for metal. See more how to videos at http://www.kevincaron.com
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Fabrication TANK
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Innovation is the key | Metal Manufacturing Toronto |RAPIDPARTS.ca
We are a custom part making machine shop, that can create almost any object out of metal or plastic using Conventional and CNC technology. Our services include: CNC Lathe Machining CNC Milling Machining CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication Conventional Machining Aluminum Colour Anodizing Its up to you to innovate the future. Rapidparts.ca Toronto, Ontario
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Manufacturer and Assembled Metal Parts,Metal Stamping and Turned from COSMOS METAL
http://www.cosmosmetal.com/ MANUFACTURER OF STAMPED, TURNED AND ASSEMBLED METAL PARTS COSMOS METAL ENGINEERING PTE LTD (COSMOS) is a STA (Stamping, Turning and Assembly) company engaged in metal fabrication business since its incorporation in 1989. With a united view to establish itself as a global supplier of metal fabricated parts that translates credibility, quality and competitive pricing into the minds of worldwide manufacturers, it is the company's belief and philosophy to its pool of international customers to achieve maximum cost efficiency without compromising competitiveness aspect in today's world of globalization. Cosmos headquarter was strategically located in Singapore and played the role as the window to the worldwide markets. Our wholly owned manufacturing plant with production space of 16,500 sq meter is dedicated to the manufacture of metal fabrication parts. The entire China operations are directed and managed by teams of dedicated engineers, managers and executives stationed at the headquarters in Singapore. Cosmos processes metal fabricated parts that could be used in a variety of industries. We utilizes machineries, including auto stamping, auto form, CNC auto lathe and a wide variety of auxiliary equipments to produce the following 3 main processed parts according to supplied drawings: 1. Stamped parts 2. Turned parts 3. Assembled parts from stamped and turned parts The majority of our fabricated metal parts such as arch chamber, copper coil, Din rail, terminal frames, terminal blocs etc are used in electrical products, including MCB, electrical plugs and socket, switches etc. From drawings to production, right through to shipment, we are committed to deliver high quality metal fabricated parts that will meet stringent technical tolerance, which in turn will result in improved reliability of our customer's end product when they are being introduced into the market. A wide variety of raw materials are available, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, galvanized zinc, cold roll steel etc. Available surface finishing includes silver/copper/zinc plating, aluminum anodizing etc. Customized material and finishing is also available on customer request. ACCREDITATION Cosmos is proud to be a member of the following associations: - Singapore Confederation of Industires - Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commence and Industry - Singapore Chinese Merchandise Import and Export Association - Singapore Association of Manufacturer Visit our web site : http://www.cosmosmetal.com/ COSMOS METAL ENGINEERING PTE LTD (COSMOS)
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Gates & Railings – F J Fabrication Ltd
At FJ Fabrication, we create and supply wrought iron gates, garden gates, driveways, metal fence gates for both business and residential properties. So call us today to discuss your ideas.
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"DANA Perforated Sheet" is available in several basic forms. They are sheet/panel/plate, screen, coil, and tube. Perforated sheets can be supplied either as flat, fabricated, and/or finished product because of versatility and ease in handling. DANA Perforated Sheet produces a wide range of perforated metal plates in steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel. Perforated products including architectural mesh and perforated tubes are also included. The most popular patterns for perforated metal sheets are round, square, staggered and decorative patterns. Perforated Round Hole: Sheets available in mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum brass and copper.This pattern is very strong and has an aesthetic appearance and perforated sheets with round holes are typically used in: Wall & ceiling panels Architectural finishes Sunshade screen Air conditioning grilles Square Hole Perforated Metal: This kind of perforated sheet is used for display shelf and machine guards offering good visibility. Typical applications: Machine guards Air condition guards Architectural features Staggered Perforated Sheet/ Slotted Perforated Sheets It is best Suited for sorting and grading solid objects. Staggered perforated sheet is made to measure panels, edged and painted to any requirements using aluminium, steel and stainless steel edging sections. Materials applied for staggered patterns include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.Decorative perforated sheets are mainly for architectural screen uses, including ceilings, façade, partitions in big hotels, buildings and offices. DOWNLOAD DANA PERFORATED SHEET CATALOG Product Showcase Perforated Sheet Perforated Panels Perforated Metal Screen Perforated Plate Perforated Mesh Perforated Louvers Perforated Ducting Chequer Plates Perforated Steel Sheet Perforated Filter Tube Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet
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Woodward Fab Box and Pan Brake (WFBP4816)
Woodward Fab is one of the leading manufacturers of metal working tools of highest industry standards in the US. The company has a huge variety of machines and equipment in their inventory, which help in various metal working applications. One such equipment is box and pan brake. WFBP4816 https://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfbp4816/ is the model number of this product. The Woodward Fab WFBP4816 box and pan brake features 16 removable fingers in four different sizes. These fingers are hardened and ground. This allows you to make boxes in lengths varying from 2 "to 48 "in length. A height of 3 ʺcan be achieved for the boxes made with this machine. This machine has an excellent 16 gauge capacity. This machine features a solid heavy duty construction, which allows it to deliver optimal performance for several years. Besides this, the equipment has a reinforced frame. Another striking feature of this equipment is that the finger to bend leaf gap can be easily adjusted. The machine weighs around 400 lbs., and has the dimensions as 62" x 18" x 26". The machine has a maximum bending angle of 90 degrees. All in all, the machine is capable of making quick and precise bends in sheet metal.
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