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Queen - One Vision (Extended) 1985 [Official Video]

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Queen - One Vision (Extended) 1985 - Taken from the 'Greatest Video Hits 2' compilation of 2003, bonus disc item. Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen
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Text Comments (5299)
Iris Van Alphen (8 minutes ago)
2:11 omg roger whahah
Ian Dawson (13 minutes ago)
At the end he say fried chicken 😂😎
Igor Bojceski (3 hours ago)
BC- Violent Demise/ LAST DAYS...............
Maureen Tayquino (7 hours ago)
Борис Ромов (10 hours ago)
14 207 707
Борис Ромов (10 hours ago)
все умрем и опять возродимся в других телах.с позволения Божия!
Kermit the frog (15 hours ago)
One dump one turd two tits john decan
Vick MarPer (16 hours ago)
Look this quality
andy DIY (19 hours ago)
Puro roger Alguien español
Enzo Apuya (19 hours ago)
gimme gimme ginny weasley fried chickin
Jubie Villanueva (20 hours ago)
John Deacon is the calmest hahahaha 💓 love these boys.
Ava Eltzholtz (1 day ago)
“Two tits, John Deacon” I’m
Viola Henriques (1 day ago)
The beginning low key sounds like Highway To Hell
Evy Alley (1 day ago)
I love this video
Emi愛 (1 day ago)
*4:34** When Roger Sees a Car*
Freddies Tash is legendary
anonymous •_ (1 day ago)
Death by autopsy (1 day ago)
Fried chickenn
Nina (1 day ago)
it's kind of sad and prophetic how the last image of the 4 of them fades out Freddie and only the silhouettes of the other 3 are left.
오동통TV (1 day ago)
iiGuineaiiuploads (2 days ago)
Whos here after reacting to no one but you and crying that brain may roger taylor and john deacon were sing/doing the music and that freddie couldnt react to it because it was made in 1997 because he was dead.:( R.I.P Farkoh bulsara (Freddie mercury) September 24th 1991
ADRgman (2 days ago)
This must be what Thanos was listening to when he was collecting all infinity stones.
Stranger Animations (1 day ago)
Lol loved this
EnergiaAutisti 2 (2 days ago)
📂 Folders L 📂 Queen L 📂 Bad Songs L ⚠️ This folder is empty!
Réka Hegedűs (2 days ago)
2:12 i can’t
kahar abdul (2 days ago)
jackondrums (2 days ago)
3:37 i thought freddie mercury did the middle fiinger
Cheesy_ Chipz (2 days ago)
Aaron Curtis (3 days ago)
Fried chicken!!!....as he said....fried chicken...the fucking world just still eating pizza and fried chicken...and the hate still doing massacres, shootings, more hating....no comments! Freddie Mercury was a man out of this shitty world.
Jill Belisle (3 days ago)
Deaky's got himself a rather manly, sexy profile there. 😊
Matixx YT (3 days ago)
4:38. - lover Freddy Mercury Like in post must has
Osman Affan (3 days ago)
이교준 (3 days ago)
they look so happy
Eh (3 days ago)
3:46 singing deacy :’ )
Daniel Ackerman (3 days ago)
Fricken' awesome!
Ground Zero (3 days ago)
amazing as always
BenDizzy19 (3 days ago)
The bad part of the song: 6:30.
CoolNerdTV (3 days ago)
I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned that Brian is wearing a LIVE AID shirt at 0:47
ЛЕГЕНДА !!!😘😁😁😘
Hector Rivera (4 days ago)
From the movie Iron Eagle....
kitty playzxox (4 days ago)
Oh yeah
Tina Sally (4 days ago)
I love that song...
GhostDiver (4 days ago)
I was looking at the "10 year challenge" and realised that Brian May didn't change at all😑
Estrella Mouzo (4 days ago)
Litual Hacker (4 days ago)
4:26 brian may look like a girl in the swimming pool😂😂😂
Saros Glozz (4 days ago)
Freddie Mercury: *there's only OnE dIrEcTiOn* Directioners: [cries in directioner]
Kyle Casas (5 days ago)
Shower thought, Brian May and Slash were both at live aid. So what if Brian is Slash.
Emily Besch (5 days ago)
Team Kaorin (5 days ago)
The Best of.
mers H (5 days ago)
i love how freddie is a outgoing person love him bigtime😘😘😘
mers H (5 days ago)
give me fried chicken😆😯
mers H (5 days ago)
its about queen goal 😇😍
drcolster (5 days ago)
Grew Up with Queen, still Enjoying them Today..And i think Forever..!!!
andres rincon (5 days ago)
Fuckin legend sr Mercury
abby j (5 days ago)
4:55 absolutely my favorite scene
zmznzbzvzmznzb (5 days ago)
Every tune my Family and I listen to Together!
2:43 uhhhhhh John wrong instrument
Darkness Soul (6 days ago)
it's hard to believe that Jim wanted the line: 'just gimme gimme gimme fried chicken' in the song
1:32 Brian May's Live Aid vest 😍😍
Simon Baxter (6 days ago)
One vision for fried chicken.. I can certainly relate to that!
Mari Fer p. (6 days ago)
One man one goal one mission, One heart one soul just one solution, One flash of light yeah one god one vision One flesh one bone, One true religion, One voice one hope, One real decision, Wowowowo gimme one vision No wrong no right, I'm gonna tell you there's no black and no white, No blood no stain, All we need is one world wide vision One flesh one bone, One true religion, One voice one hope, One real decision, Wowowowowowo I had a dream, When I was young, A dream of sweet illusion, A glimpse of hope and unity, And visions of one sweet union, But a cold wind blows, And a dark rain falls, And in my heart it shows, Look what they've done to my dream Vision, Give me your hands, Give me your hearts, I'm ready, There's only one direction, One world and one nation, Yeah one vision No hate no fight, Just excitation, All through the night, It's a celebration wowowowo yeah One one one One flesh one bone, One true religion, One voice one hope, One real decision Gimme one night, Gimme one hope, Just gimme, One man one man, One bar one night, One day hey hey, Just gimme gimme gimme Fried chicken
Am I the only one that noticed that Brian was really skinny in this video
One dump One turd To tits Jhon Deacon Chicken Feet babe!
Marleneforlife3 _ (6 days ago)
When your wanting to skip to the part other people are talking about in the comment section but want to hear the song even though you've heard it like a million times
HalfGlassAviation (6 days ago)
Roger is a sexy beast in this video
Alfie Burns (6 days ago)
A song about fascism and absolutely nothing else. Even if Freddie put his heart and soul into most things music.
alex tell (3 days ago)
its about the band
pynk.floid (7 days ago)
oh, Rog. <3
?????? (7 days ago)
Nunca os veré pero os quiero 😍😘😘😘 QUEEN 😘😘😘😘
?????? (7 days ago)
Estos señores deberían estar ya en un sistema montañoso esculpidos como los presidentes americanos ,yo no sé a qué esperan para hacerlo 😡😡😡
giulia sacchi (7 days ago)
sorry but the best version of this song for me still is ONE DUMP, ONE TURD, TWO TITS JOHN DEACON
leire perez (1 day ago)
XD true
One sex position
Stoopid Stuff TV (4 days ago)
Lol me too
Mishy Zohaib (7 days ago)
Love Freddie dancing in front of the drum
jonathan oxlade (7 days ago)
I can imagine the vegans will be saying fried veg LOL
Frances Farmer (7 days ago)
大好きこねこ (7 days ago)
This is the Rock'n roll❗Queen's member is so cooool✨👍
Harley Ponder (7 days ago)
One dump One turd Two tits *john deacon*
JOEL MERCURY (7 days ago)
Woooooo mi favorita
ThatRandom BookWorm (7 days ago)
i think i have a crush on everyone in queen help me
(7 days ago)
5:19 roger turns into john
Ram Krishan (7 days ago)
Did he just say "One race"?
puta que pariu, simplesmente original
Louise Beall (7 days ago)
This is such a pick me up watch on a rubbish day. They look like they are having a ball. You can’t not come away feeling anything but happy after watching this ❤️
Coal mine (8 days ago)
I just noticed roger's drumsticks have his name on them
We love Queen. This is our song dedicated to Freddie Mercury: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxRUsjy0yoY
sekaami (8 days ago)
One shrimp, one prawn, one clamp, one chicken.
accidentally logical (8 days ago)
When I saw that edit in the start I was ready for earrape
Jeanie Snowball (8 days ago)
Fantastic x
Syd Barrett Crazyy (8 days ago)
Barbara Hoffman (7 days ago)
It would have been amazing to be in on one of their recording sessions .... with some fried chicken in hand!
Patrii dekana (8 days ago)
2019 Argentina Tucumán..y te seguiré Amando eternamente ❤
Savage_Dog (8 days ago)
brian is 39 years old in this vid but he still looks the same when he was in his 20 lol!
Mother Mercury (9 days ago)
Why this was never on any 2011 bonus beats me remaster
Holmsy (9 days ago)
me throughout the entire video: i love roger taylor so much
Krisztina _GOOGLE (9 days ago)
My dad brought this album home one day in 87, during the socialism in Hungary, he borrowed it from his colleague, this is how I got to know Queen. I was a kid and this was the most unusual album I've ever heard. I became a Queen fan. Haven't listened to this album for 15 years, but it's still fantastic, I love the violins in the beginning. Thanks for creating it ❤
casey Turner (9 days ago)
Instead of fried chicken it should have said “Ascension”
Vladimir Volodin (9 days ago)
05:19 John Deacon is drumming!!! wow!!!
Matthias Moser (7 hours ago)
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...a song about fried chicken!😂
Karli Rose (9 days ago)
Wholesome boys
Miguel Rivero (9 days ago)
Si pudiera darle mas de un like se lo daria, if i was able to like this more than once ill do it.....
WA Peace (9 days ago)
Great riff!
Ghosted UK (9 days ago)
Do i want fame NO Do I Want Money NO Do I Want To sing like freddie YES
Mïchëllë :3 (9 days ago)
mh jtr (9 days ago)
so coooooooool !!!!!!!!! by Japanese

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