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10 Luxurious Prisons Only The Richest Can Afford

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Text Comments (6992)
Omar Saunders (6 hours ago)
Well I guess if I were in any of these countries, I will be rewarded for my crimes in stead of being punished for them.
Zamira Campbell (22 hours ago)
I mean it’s not really a prison then is it
Dashaun Harris (1 day ago)
I Cant Believe This Shit... And I Bet These Rich Peoples Stay At These Luxury Prisons Is Confidential Too..
Anna Witte (2 days ago)
I want go halden prison
Monique Grove (2 days ago)
Idk how I feel anymore 😭
If they got a fish ponds in that prison for fishing too I dont mind move there and go prison.
Linda G (2 days ago)
Im from Sweden and the so called "jail" in Sollentuna in Sweden isnt luxery in any way. They have a room of the size as a shoebox and a toilet..and well alot of REAL jails have gyms and books haha.
koop flow (2 days ago)
so you gotta pay to go to prison
This is crazy, how can anyone give so much treatment to the criminal. That's why the crime will never stop because of this Shit......
Gaurava D (3 days ago)
You missed one of the most luxurious prision... La Catedral
Daniel Astwood (3 days ago)
Time to break ten laws 😝😝
Thats the point of prison to not be nice
T Slap (4 days ago)
Some punishment
Esmeraldelee Vevo (4 days ago)
American Nightmare (5 days ago)
Why make it comfortable for them? They commit crimes. Criminals don't deserve comfort.
love&music chaicel (6 days ago)
That's why there's a big difference between to poor and to rich...
Be Alive Realities (6 days ago)
make a crime in Zambia and watch weere they will take u
Goodnews Niger (8 days ago)
Please some one should connect me to that prison
Jennifer Nwude (11 days ago)
Goodbye (11 days ago)
So not FAIR !!!!!!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
SpicySkittles (11 days ago)
I kind of want to go to jail now.
Jordan Mcpherson (11 days ago)
I don’t want to go back
Royallamonique nelly (11 days ago)
carry on (12 days ago)
U forget to mention the prison in Pakistan from where terrorist could plane terror attacks and nobody says nothing
James Oigo (12 days ago)
No matter how nice they look they still take away your freedom.
Harold Emery (12 days ago)
Only the richest people ever go to those prisons what happened to an eye for an eye
Michelle Thorne (13 days ago)
I dont agree prison sould not be plessant
Lydia Renee (13 days ago)
I knew America wouldn’t be on the list... the title have “Can afford” though so I’m guessing if you want to be a nice prison u have to pay if u got it who wouldn’t choose that option
nizamul karim (13 days ago)
OMG, those prisons are better then my own house. Since my sister hates me, I'm gonna ask her to call the cops on me and tell them that I tried to kill her! Then I could spend all my years in jail when I'm actually innocent. Too bad I don't live near any of them... :(
napstar da ghettokid (13 days ago)
Prison is prison. What makes it a prison are prison rules. They are followed everywhere.
Christopher Gauthier (13 days ago)
Some were better than my apartment
Toni Vertucci (14 days ago)
Wow, nice digs, Are you kidding me?
Hello!! :)))) (14 days ago)
They went on vaca I meant prison
Roach-House TV (14 days ago)
I bett it beats TDC thats for sure
Ares Marco (14 days ago)
Imagine prison that actually rehabilitates prisoners crazy concept.
Ares Marco (14 days ago)
Shit I'm about to go commit crimes in Norway the prison is nicer than my house
Henry Gabbard (15 days ago)
Notice that theres not one in the United States JS
kyra martin (15 days ago)
Kalesha Robinson (15 days ago)
So about those humans that have brutally killed people of molested children
Stuart Parkin (17 days ago)
Must be England
Bobby Mallett (18 days ago)
Honestly these are how prisons should be except for rapists and murderers
pro gamer dude (18 days ago)
Very good
Willis La party animal (18 days ago)
Lmfao these inmates are having a better life then me my dorm room is shity compared to these cells
9indey 2wo (18 days ago)
I wanna brake the law in these places
E Land (20 days ago)
These prisons socialize the prisoners...
Courtney2 You (20 days ago)
Shamim Kagota (20 days ago)
Prison is never about where you stay. Its about the fact that your state of mind has no freedom from the laws above you for incrimination
Gh Ki (20 days ago)
So you pay to go to jail?
simon and garfunkel (20 days ago)
They live better than those not in prison they probably dread being released
Kenneth Lieu (21 days ago)
Omg the pun in the title 😂😂😂
Jae Jackson (21 days ago)
6ix9ine I got you
SkiinnyClip (21 days ago)
The foreign country's have more good things than americs
Nathan Cardichon (21 days ago)
But prison is supposed to be a punishment, right?
Donna Hall8117 (22 days ago)
Rose Fri Muki (22 days ago)
Prison or hotel. Its better to be in prison than be homeless.
Kareem King (22 days ago)
Ima go to Sweden n get kocked up on purpose
Cheryl Willis (22 days ago)
They make me sick. They deserve no better than anybody else.
Eclipse Goody (23 days ago)
Those prisons are nicer than every hotel i stayed in😂
Pamela Phillips (23 days ago)
Richard Quinones (23 days ago)
WTF wow we don't get this kind of luxury in United States prisons I wonder why because if we did have this convicts will constantly come back to prison and milk the taxpayers
jacky zhu (23 days ago)
Everyone in jail needs rights, but this is insane! They are discriminating against REAL criminals. Your are implying that rich people go there. Nope. Only rich people can OWN the
lou Albino (23 days ago)
This shit makes me proud to be an American.
Fatima Grande (23 days ago)
Adrian Luengas (23 days ago)
The Cage could be made of gold,it doesn't stop being a cage.
Livi_ Vlogs (23 days ago)
Ok imma go buy a plane ticket and commit a crime now byeee
Nancy Quinlan (23 days ago)
wtf?? I'm moving!
jack hook (23 days ago)
Prison food should be bread and water or fish heads and rice
jack hook (23 days ago)
Hell all our prisons are luxurious compared to most countries free meals roof over their head food way better then they deserve in fact everything way better than they deserve alot of people living better in prison the outside weight rooms exercising equipment 3 meals a day all the drugs u want they need to bring back the old chain gangs prison is supose to be a deterrent not a dam hotel
Soliloque 1 (24 days ago)
Undeserving Bullshit that tax payers have to pay for making the leaders look good and victims invisible! But crime is low which is great compared to US which profit off of it! That’s why there are millions in jail!
Bernadeth Reyes (24 days ago)
I want say woow
Dannelia Coke (24 days ago)
Is that a prison i have very suprised
Roy Sandoval (24 days ago)
You need to be a somebody that matters, not a nobody....
Benslew (24 days ago)
In Denmark we have some prisons where you get free acces to ps4 and nice funiture private Bath and cooking own meal.
Peter Ghai (24 days ago)
Scotland got the right idea, but they include hard labour camp.
ouseman Diggs (24 days ago)
I don’t see USA in this why???
Tondra Walker (24 days ago)
Ain't that some SHIT...😒
Discord Testing (24 days ago)
Time to go travel and commit murder
Chelsea Melsea (24 days ago)
Sorry that was a typo what I meant to say was the reasons are not that good because the other luxurious that have luxury but the when I get released don't wanna get some more times I can come back to the luxury
Chelsea Melsea (24 days ago)
What type dint read
Chelsea Melsea (24 days ago)
I don't think this is a good cuz I just want to get into more trouble so I could come back into the luxury
Chelsea Melsea (24 days ago)
Dont read dont
salty dog (25 days ago)
This is f****** b*******
Gamer Kerry102 (25 days ago)
6ix9ine should go there
Life With Laila (25 days ago)
I would do crime just to go there
funny WhatsApp videos (25 days ago)
Subscribe to me
frozen frozen (25 days ago)
That's big brother
Tina Reviews (25 days ago)
Next on the richest : Fancy plumbers only the rich can afford
Jovi Cas (25 days ago)
You forgot Pablo Escobar’s prison!
Tony Montaña (26 days ago)
USA breads and schools people with the tv music the wars that is why we are the way we are number 1 we are the USA in what violence certainly not education
SMK Glory (26 days ago)
Given this...FUCK AMERICA..I'd rather live in Norway prisons
DEREK ZHANG (26 days ago)
Ima get arrested there and be sentenced to life.
Shev B (26 days ago)
You know what this makes sense because when you're in that situation you're in a place that is dirty unsanitary and just on human and so when you get out you don't know how to react back into society and buy them living this way they will be able to adjust back into society and want better for their lives so I kind of understand it from that point of view but why why why
Shev B (26 days ago)
Why why why
Rosa Garcia (27 days ago)
No wonder people want to go to Prison
lenoxAve 45th (28 days ago)
69 in one of them chillen
poptrat senpai (1 month ago)
I wonder if 6ix9ine is in one of these
Parsiwi Paramaputri (1 month ago)
I would actually want to go to jail
Angela Li (1 month ago)
U dint buy prison lmao
Rhodo Shire (1 month ago)
I wish
shan1234 craig (1 month ago)
Most look better then the V.A...

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