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10 Luxurious Prisons Only The Richest Can Afford

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Text Comments (7033)
brent james (5 hours ago)
Freedom is better
V Kit (1 day ago)
Before doing a crime In the states. Do it overseas where you can live in a prison like a King or Queen. 😂😂
Martha Schaefer (2 days ago)
What crimes exactly allow the defendant to petition to serve their time in these type of prisons. Certainly I’m all for human rights but what exactly is the punishment? The accommodations shown are probably much nicer than the homes some of them come from. It would behoove that person planning a crime to find out for sure which place they’d land in when all is said and done. Honestly a prisoner can plan their next “vacation”. One of the comments extolling the virtues of said “jails” is for adjustment purposes upon release. Why go if this is better than home? I’m American and have never been made privy to this type of accommodation. I’m thinking if you’re going to commit a crime do it in Europe. In America they like to keep the prisoners off kilter. There’s not supposed to be comfort. They lead with punishment. But as in every government facility housing people they have the right to a dentist, an ophthalmologist, a dietician with 3 squares a day, a general doctor, paid for education, and more. Sometimes it’s the first time some of the prisoners have been able to access this type of help. Well, I like the spirit behind the jail housings in Europe.
*In Germany there are only Luxurious Prisons !*
Gregory Turner (3 days ago)
And y'all think Bill Cosby can't afford to live in prison
Rod Jackson (3 days ago)
Food for thought for the USA
Njsaiorse732sean (3 days ago)
SICK parasites !!!
keon Perkins (4 days ago)
See in America the prison system is made to keep you down and bring back slavery the own you behind those walls just another number
James Daye (4 days ago)
America I'm out
James Daye (4 days ago)
Lashundra Williams (6 days ago)
How the fuck u goona let a MF lay in the sun and they probably than killed s whole family..smh .... don't how much money they have ..ratchet
Lowkey asab (6 days ago)
Taxpayers punching the air
Jackson lovelyn (6 days ago)
Please can someone arrest me to one of this place,,, am in Nigeria 😂
Tony K (6 days ago)
So which one is Donald Trump going to..??
Laquawndra Smith (7 days ago)
These prison's is for more like celebrity in stars
DEDS3C CH4NNEL (7 days ago)
Sign Me Up!
Meme Cat (9 days ago)
*but to go there, you don't have to be rich, you have to do a crime*
Sienna Thomson (9 days ago)
that was 8
Kannella T (10 days ago)
Vybz kartel are you there ?!
Kumar shingham (12 days ago)
Its better to be inside those Jails then being homeless and wandering on streets with no food to eat and no Bed to sleep.... 👍
Katy Bug (13 days ago)
Wow that’s crazy.. some even look lil nicer than some ppls homes! That’s kinda sad, but if u look at the reoffender numbers, like they mentioned, they seem to be a very low percentage.. which is great, But I would think that it would actually be pretty high, since it’s such a nice & seemingly comfortable place, I’d figure a lot ppl would WANT to even go back! Esp if they were like homeless, then that’s a pretty sweet deal! You get to make your own yummy food, watch tv, sleep on a nice bed, have your own private shower/toilet, they have lots of fun recreational activities one can do, etc!Damn some of these are literally like a college campus! ..and btw. the Swedes seem to be such nice, good ppl!!
Elliander Eldridge (13 days ago)
1:18 - I really like the idea of allowing a family to remain together while one of them is serving in Prison. Considering that social bonds and community ties are associated with low crime rates, this should be done everywhere, even when a baby is not involved. If I had a significant other in Prison, and if I had the option of living with her in a prison without myself otherwise being a prisoner, I'd totally do it. I could come and go freely, and provide emotional support, which would help in the rehabilitation of the prisoner. Obviously, privacy would have to be able to be respected, and it would require a larger space to accommodate a family, but society as a whole would benefit from such.
Wow you exist (14 days ago)
Top 10 best gulag ever
Aaron remsburg (15 days ago)
I like how none of these are american
Blox Watch (15 days ago)
This is where 6ix 9ine is :)
Hola (15 days ago)
That only the richest can afford 😂😂
Mari- lishious (15 days ago)
When you are too nice..
Mari- lishious (15 days ago)
This prison looks better than expensive private school
nuatro rosemary (15 days ago)
It's still called prison
SAX Games (16 days ago)
Lol why would someone want to break out of one of these prisons
Jenna Nadebaum (16 days ago)
I've been in jail quite a few times myself and I wish I was in 1 of these jails
srg mrtz (16 days ago)
So if your channel is called “TheRichest” can you afford this?
Sailor W (16 days ago)
Prison is for punishment not for fun
Nasira A. (16 days ago)
I wish it was like this in the USA
Karate Blader (17 days ago)
I want to live on those prisons
LaBellaVisage (18 days ago)
I live next to the leoben prison😅 (the last one)
Raffael Schützenhofer (18 days ago)
I life close to Leoben😱
Emily Sondergaard (18 days ago)
When prisons sounds better than your house Me: I would love to live there My mom: thanks, we totally don’t put a lot of work into our house or anything
officialdreymedina (18 days ago)
Can you arrest me and put me in one of those 😂😂😂
OrigiNate (18 days ago)
Sounds like at least some of them are doing something right. Norway having a 16% recidivism rate compared to the average for Europe seems to indicate that something of what they are doing is a better way of running a prison.. Seems like it's better to teach people how to not wind up in prison again, not just warehouse people in bad conditions
Brian Cash (18 days ago)
What do I have to do to get locked up?I want to go to prison!!!
Asta Hoeygaard Hansen (19 days ago)
All prisons in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are like that....
Michelle Garcia (19 days ago)
Philippines Left the World 🤣🤣
vanessa issaka (19 days ago)
This is ridiculous! They are in prison for a reason . Most are violent offenders or drug offenders. There is no way shape or form that a prison should look better than most schools and homes! It's bullshit. Why would they want to leave there .
peanut plays (19 days ago)
why would someone wanna buy a prison
Melissa loves makeup (19 days ago)
When prison looks better then home
Lamia Black (19 days ago)
Wow. Just wow
Abby'z Life (19 days ago)
Those prisons look better than my house
Dan Badia (20 days ago)
I agree with these measures, more prisons should be like that, not for the sake of the inmates to have better life that the rest of us, but to educate them and also incentivize them to get a better life once their are free. That's how you improve community and get 0% crime rate
Louie Schietse (20 days ago)
Sollentuna does not have a prison...
777 jonas (20 days ago)
cook your own food? sit on your own couch? watch tv??? NOT LEAVE!!!??? hell yeahh
Misty Cisewski (20 days ago)
I think that this is a better way to handle things than to just lock them up and if you heard the reoffending rate was very very low. After all they are humans. Also it’s amazing to see a prison that’s let’s a family stay together and rip them apart and cause so much drama and mental health issues to a young child that would more than likely be living in foster care. I say good job Europe
Just a random Kid (20 days ago)
Its better than my house
That Gay Oppar (20 days ago)
Time to go kill someone :)
notgabriellaaa (20 days ago)
Oh great! Yet another thing that Europe has exceeded America in!🙄😐😑
I'm already Tracer (20 days ago)
You pay to go to prison?
Amari Shaw (20 days ago)
And yet all overseas.....😂😂😂😭✌
Maya Bugaboo (20 days ago)
Oh so the richest can afford it oof
kitty spy (20 days ago)
If ur himeless and need a place to stay steal a choclet bar and u got a no rent month home :))
Kelisha Jones (20 days ago)
That is just dum they are locked up for a reason and that make dem bad unless the did it for self defense
Cortez Williams (20 days ago)
Bella Repka (20 days ago)
I farted
disturbedbiatch9 0 (20 days ago)
dAMN! These people are living better than free people! Dont have to work and live like that...not bad.
PvP Rat (21 days ago)
After this i wish i am in jail😂😂😂👌👌👌
Bollywood fan (21 days ago)
When prison life is better than your own
LILIE ROSE (21 days ago)
Kyle Oshea (21 days ago)
Orashio Locke (21 days ago)
Hhhheeellllllll no I'm an idiot to make a prison so pretty for wicked people who do illegal stuff not even Trump wouldn't be in such a pretty prison I'm not fool
William R. (21 days ago)
Hope trump never sees this cuz it will never happen well only maybe if your white but yeah the US needs to get with it no lie
Paige Knoth (21 days ago)
So basically if your homeless all you have to do is commit a crime and you will have a house?!?!
Bunny Forever4 (22 days ago)
I feel like they would do more crimes just to go back to that prison
Kase Burton (22 days ago)
Mango Owl (22 days ago)
Who else is scrolling through the comments on the bed? Sub my channel! I'll sub to yours!🙂
SkSa scrims & Plays (22 days ago)
I should get live sentence in prison in one of those "homes"
Emilee Shuffield (23 days ago)
Now I wanna go to prison 😑
tHoTiaNa (23 days ago)
Every prison in Norway looks like that, but okay.
Mak Mak (23 days ago)
lmao that's not a prison. That's a criminal safe house.
Mak Mak (23 days ago)
Theu should make prisons more of a learning facility. Theu can either do another crime, and go back on purpose.. or don't. I guess only blacks, Spanish and poor whites get the regular nasty treatment.
Matoka Hinson (24 days ago)
On god
Someone (24 days ago)
Wait, you get to CHOOSE your prisons?
philip japitana (24 days ago)
Pfft..my room is more of a prison than this! And im not even a criminal
Kimberly Krubyforlife (24 days ago)
Some of these look better than my house
Monica Montemayor (25 days ago)
An inmate shouldnt live so nice they should suffer.
Katakuri (25 days ago)
When the prison looks alot better thsn your house
Témitope Obinna (25 days ago)
This is far better than my apartment
Natalieナタリー (26 days ago)
Why wont they just use the money to get them out of there?There is no logic right now.
In the the main prison in Iceland “litla hraun” can you play PlayStation and go to school. There are shops inside where you can buy hamburgers and stuff like that. There are also family rooms and they order pizza ones a week. And people don’t go to prison longer then 18 years even for murder but that’s actually bad lol.
wiccan wolf (26 days ago)
I don't know how I feel about these "prisons" why do the prisoners get better accommodation the some elderly home where they are sometimes treated badly I come designer furniture really
Yfnjb (26 days ago)
They tryna trick yal😂🤦🏾‍♂️
CrackyPlayz (27 days ago)
If yore in norway you dont need to afford any luxury prsion. All the prison is already luxury. LoL
Trey Thor (27 days ago)
Any one can go their it’s not for the rich
Pali ma8 (27 days ago)
The title is so ironic
Joseph Brixter Ranchez (27 days ago)
There's a negative side to this. Homeless,poor people who can only eat every other day would rather do a crime so they can live at a nice place than struggling to live their lives. So it could increase crime rates.
ANWFan 2019 (27 days ago)
These are all located in Europe
Minecraft Person (1 month ago)
Once the prisoners are free to go they well just commit another crime to go back.
Anarchy Army176 (1 month ago)
Wish I was there...😏
Mr Killerhd (1 month ago)
Now i really want go to one of these prisons they sooo good
Droubi H (1 month ago)
Why would anyone spend his money in prisons wtf
Morgan Blanchard (1 month ago)
So you mean human rights aren’t taken away?

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