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Going “All In” on Your Business

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Meet Tracy Dinunzio, the CEO and founder of Tradesy — a buy-and-sell marketplace for women’s fashion. Tracy is an “all in” kind of founder; she sacrificed a lot to get her business off the ground. And when Tracy initially launched her tech business, she had no previous technical experience — so convincing investors was no simple task! WayFounder CEO Damon D’Amore sits down with Tracy to learn the steps she took — from DIY customer development to social media strategies — to gain traction and build her business. What would you rent out in your house in order to fund your start-up? Let us know in the comments below! Watch more small business owners who are using new rules to succeed. Click here to see more episodes of New Rules for Business: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTkzAGkOKIh2WCiMx5Xk5bIN47FrSkAYl Get ideas for YOUR business by visiting American Express OPEN Forum: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/programhub/move-your-business-forward/?pillar=find-ways-to-innovate
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Denise Kichura (1 year ago)
Cannot reach anyone; After 2 emails no one has called but recently got a generic email -we will investigate your claim. Then got an email a couple days later, that "you were aware of the bags condition that lining had to be replaced" so they are crediting me 295.00; they misrepresented the bag as having 2 very small hole in the lining of the bag and it was in good condition (photo : lining looked clean) When I got the bag the entire bag lining was painted with thick theater makeup to give an impression it was clean lining. It began to peel off all over my personal property.. sticky beige substance was all over my hands, iPad, keys, medication bottle, phone and took time to remove it.. the store had a 3rd party ship it to me directly and I shipped the bag to the company to inspect it. They falsely represented the bag as usable and in good condition with 2 little holes. 3rd party seller: Monaco; I want my money back
Denise Kichura (1 year ago)
Also, tradesy misrepresented bag and stated bag was in “a little sticky” but in good condition .. it was not.. who wants to agree to “sticky” wet painted lining? Of course they left out that it was wet paint and it will ruin your rings when you place your hand in the bag and get all over your tech items!! These people will rob you! Make sure you use your credit card fraudulent insurance!!! Don’t trust these guys!! They know what they are doing!!!
Full Wave Rectifier (4 years ago)
Interesting technique on how to use social networking.  Tracy may be more successful consulting on her social networking technique than selling women's fashion.  Thank you for the insight.
Bazzinga! (4 years ago)
Dumbest friggin thing I've ever seen.  20%???
Peggd Incorporated (4 years ago)
This is Awesome! Damon you're an amazing host!
Kimmy Erin (4 years ago)
Amazing social networking tips!! 
Todd Steiner (4 years ago)
Informative and inspiring! Tracy, thanks much for sharing. Damon, thanks much for hosting. 
Tamaroland Pictures (4 years ago)
I learned a massive amount.Thank you for this.
Eddy Pham (4 years ago)
All in is the way to do it. 

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