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Ellie Goulding - Lights

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Brand new album DELIRIUM out now, including LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO and the new single ON MY MIND. Buy now: iTunes: http://ell.li/DELIRIUMiTyt Amazon: http://ell.li/DELIRIUMAMZyt Official Store: http://ell.li/DELIRIUMD2Cyt Stream now: Spotify: http://ell.li/DELIRIUMSpotify Apple Music: http://ell.li/GRbRai More Ellie: http://www.elliegoulding.com http://www.facebook.com/elliegoulding http://www.twitter.com/elliegoulding http://www.instagram.com/elliegoulding https://open.spotify.com/artist/0X2BH1fck6amBIoJhDVmmJ
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Text Comments (70734)
Mr Wiggly (4 hours ago)
Nostalgia anyone?
Bobble Head (13 hours ago)
0:40 idk why but that shot has always been really cool imo with her and the tambourine
NASA limbu (1 day ago)
Hurcules 🐎
Michael De La Rosa (1 day ago)
Bruh this is that one song that can fit any decade I thought it came out this year even though I heard it 7 years ago 😂😂
madison hardeman (1 day ago)
Published in May 25 2009
Nicole Martinez (1 day ago)
i guess this was the first song of her that i've heard back in 2011..and listening this in may 2019 too
J Kojak (1 day ago)
Okay wtf I’m a heavy metal man and I like this!
Ellie Ava (1 day ago)
❤️ Oh my gosh I love your videos and your songs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rodrigo Mancha (1 day ago)
Tarrence Conyers (2 days ago)
Cuz there calling calling calling me
Idk Idk (2 days ago)
“Yassssss kevin” 🕷real ones know PERIODTTT 💅🏼
seth seth (2 days ago)
Whole video should have been her dancing with tambourine, black dress and in front of the light.
Franky Padilla (2 days ago)
The video reminds me windows 98 screen saver
Occona Vision (2 days ago)
Songs used to be great like this. Nowadays, they sound like legit people singing and humming. No wonder people play this songs still 8 years later. I still hear songs like Fight Song, Counting Stars, Lights, Roar, Bad Blood, Shake it off, and other old songs everywhere. May 20, 2019
Giniyal Kaleel (2 days ago)
The song that made her famous ! <3 <3 <3 2019!!!
Ryo Miller (2 days ago)
To those of you who think 720p 60fps gaming is stupid.... Realise that the 480p quality just enhances the glory of the song
disynthetic (2 days ago)
So many years later, I am still torn inside. I cannot make my mind up. Lights by OG Ellie or the cover by Bassnectar, I can't decide which one is more powerful. What am I doing with my life?
DarqueBeauty (2 days ago)
May/June/July/August/September/October/November/December 2019 and it's still hot.
The Dog Runner (3 days ago)
Music for betas.
Kasyn Proffitt (3 days ago)
who's here in 2019???
milky moon (3 days ago)
omg nigahiga
Bishh What (3 days ago)
Damn the old vibes 😭 I wanna go back bruh.
Hero Kid (3 days ago)
Illuminati sound engineers put this song together and made her famous because she had no real talent
Crøss. (3 days ago)
I dont remember how i found this song all i remember is when- 2011 when it came out. I remember being small i think just starting kindergarten
Paul Lapok (3 days ago)
Deutsche hier
Matěj Emmer (3 days ago)
Moje dětství to sme si ještě posílali přes bluetooth na takovej ten samsung kterej kazdej chtěl xo Někdo cz nebo sk ? 2019/20
habebtee (3 days ago)
2019 anyone
Namit Sunil (3 days ago)
If she did songs like this this now, Ariana Grande wouldn't exist
Karl Baird (3 days ago)
Wow!! What a cutie pie!!
Travis Collins (4 days ago)
Rose, Whereat are you? To wherem did you go? You cannot ascend; I have you stored on my computer. This party cannot succeed until the story’s complete. Rose, I know in my heart, you want to see me as king. I know you want to live in my home. I know you want to live in my city. How horrifying, that it has come to this. All this research ....proved true, each step.... merely for endless irrational extreme-heinous-terror, incompetent environment? Come back to me, Rose. This is not enough. (Remember that Tatu song? “....THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!” That’s how I feel, Rose. Like those two girls. “Starting now, let’s just be honest. You, and me, ....let’s make a promise.”)
nxaep (4 days ago)
azerbeijan’s eurovision song sounds so much like this
l α c е у (4 days ago)
PJepicYT (5 days ago)
Moths: **James Charles breathing**
PJepicYT (9 hours ago)
@hippity hopp His breathing in his first apology video. This comment was made before he hit that reverse card on us.
hippity hopp (14 hours ago)
What does he have to do with this
Ranity 3 (5 days ago)
What is this song even about
Kennilarsen1 (5 days ago)
I can’t believe I was 12 when I first heard this. I’m 20 now. fucking hell
Kennilarsen1 (4 days ago)
Udoby Break literally I was just sitting and this song came into my head
Udoby Break (4 days ago)
8th grade was one hell of a year.
Cristian Gol (5 days ago)
Te amo beba
Ray Martinez (5 days ago)
I wish you had a different director to this video because you could done better than this one.
Lol Lol (5 days ago)
Jakoś nie widze tu żadnego polskiego komentarza. Strasznie mnie to dziwi. Daj like jak jesteś z kraju kwitnącego cebulą😂🇵🇱
Hostile (5 days ago)
*this song*
Harrison Edwards (5 days ago)
back when people weren't identifying as whatever they want & the american government and politics wasn't a tv reality show
Once Mark Twice Ryan (5 days ago)
When everyone was still obsessed with turning the lights off
0TheMihn0 (5 days ago)
That little dance she does at the beginning of the track is very hot...that is all.
dhacaya kirton (6 days ago)
Future aruba @ the beach
dhacaya kirton (6 days ago)
On the paradise beach aruba our journey @time under aruba btfl shining son n awesome btfl poeple with hadeed
George Carlin (6 days ago)
It’s so amazing how much music has changed from the beginning of the decade to now
hailie brooke (6 days ago)
i was just thinking about this song 8 year later ... seems alr
ditro TM (6 days ago)
My childhood song Every time when i hear this i have Flashbacks I miss Good old Days 2011 Amazing 2012 Incredeble 2013 Super Amazing 2014 Nice 2015 Good 2016 Meh 2017 Sucks 2018 a little incredeble (pretty Good year) 2019 Sad
Nirka Stewart (6 days ago)
Algún 2019? Que recuerdos, Ellie siempre será la mejor 😍💕
Played this song on a game that I never heard of how many years ago on my first IPod and i finally found it in 2019 ugh I feel old and I’m a teenager!
Mystical Awakening (6 days ago)
I remember this song, Somehow
andrangerous (6 days ago)
I miss emo ellie...
Souamoll Xiong (6 days ago)
listen at speed 1.25
Estefania Victoria (7 days ago)
May, 15 2019 💙🌞
Ken Bray (7 days ago)
Takes me back to an awesome summer I spent in South Beach Miami FLA... To be exact it was 2013 ! We almost got kicked out of our hotel rooms lol,, it was the Cleavlander hotel
N E (7 days ago)
MrBloxy GamingAndMore (7 days ago)
チョチョポリス (7 days ago)
Seriously 480p
Worn Cea (7 days ago)
My brother Kendrick gave me one of thoose LCD projection Christmas lights love you Ken
TTV Insanity (8 days ago)
Finally found the name
Miguel garcia (8 days ago)
She made this song, because she used to be afraid 😨 of the dark.
Joseph Mercader (8 days ago)
0:40 “you turn the lights on and turn then back off, shining like its a light”
Giancarlo Cañizares (8 days ago)
Omar Rodriguez Lopez brought me here
Vanilson Funério (8 days ago)
Alguém do Brasil?
Mehdi Gm (8 days ago)
Mai 2019 ❤️
LimeDIY (8 days ago)
I’m here after watching Teen Spirit Movie ❤️
Cat is good (8 days ago)
epic gamer (9 days ago)
This song is as old as some fortnite players
Vivianna Terrazas (9 days ago)
I know ya'll know her dancing is weird af
f i x a t i o n (9 days ago)
i feel old
Baby V Y (9 days ago)
This song reminds me of Years and Years Howl with the electronica and melancholic vibe
Richard Guo (9 days ago)
Everytime when i watch this MV, especially when lights come from bottom , i felt like watching Ellie Guolding taking a shower. Anyone feels the same? i personally like this song tho.
prismathicc (9 days ago)
mystery bitch (9 days ago)
prismathicc (2 days ago)
the gaming channel (9 days ago)
2019 anybody?
D Algernon (10 days ago)
Muh vagina the artist.
Pablo Olivarez (10 days ago)
May 2019?
Klaus Klaus Klaus (10 days ago)
This song makes me happy.
Silver wolf (10 days ago)
When the camera is on her far away she looks like the cast of fuller house
TiFFerzZehNiNjA (11 days ago)
these are one of those songs you enjoy...but not enough to put on your ipod/mp3 player lmao
Norma Gutierrez (11 days ago)
Bethel Girma (11 days ago)
I'm in love with this song 😍
Jasper2013 Jamaa (11 days ago)
Me and mom would listen to music in her car together and we loved this kind of music. This song makes me wanna cry :'( I was only 5 :''''(((
Love this music video
Proplxty (11 days ago)
Who ever reads this comment, you an og
Dream Police (11 days ago)
This song reminds me of alien abduction... The white spot lights looks like getting beamed up...
Panda PlayZ (11 days ago)
I was 5 when this came out
marshie maromaro (11 days ago)
the light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole💡
Szczur01 (12 days ago)
Holy shit I cried
Naveed Ahmed (12 days ago)
May 10 2019 still listening 😊
Xien (12 days ago)
I was actually just thinking of Ryan so I came back to listen LOL
Akshay Saroha (12 days ago)
Perryswifts (13 days ago)
Teen spirits brought me here
Perryswifts (13 days ago)
Teen spirits brought me here
Adam (13 days ago)
Who else just watched Spring Breakers?
Bryan Anzualdo (13 days ago)
Memories in this music, when i more young
Sendy Thalia (13 days ago)
My favorite song since 2011!
dan ohyeah (13 days ago)
Her first album is far superior to everything she's done since.
Leonard Herrera (13 days ago)
Lights my favorite song I can listen to it all day

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