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Using Rockin' Rollers for Vintage Hair Styles!

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To purchase Rockin' Rollers, visit: http://www.hrstbooks.com Music Used: Intro Song: 80085 by Hillbilly Casino Tutorial Tracks: by Blind Rage and Violence Your Last Date
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Dee Kernke (2 years ago)
I want some of these but I live in Japan. After postage through Amazon they are $64. Ridiculous!!!!
theskeletonfairy (3 years ago)
ugh. this is so fabulous! I love that you do the center part, as I have a cowlick so a center part is natural for my hair.
LisaFreemontStreet (3 years ago)
+Glitch Hexley Thanks! Glad to help.
Amanda Mac (3 years ago)
I love the vintage hair poster you have in the background where did you get it? great tutorial btw :)
LisaFreemontStreet (3 years ago)
+Amanda Mac It came from the website "vintage Hair'.
Kay L. (4 years ago)
You look like Baby from dirty dancing with this style
Hi Ashley , I purchased these , and I loved them at first . They were so comfortable , and the curls were great . But then I started having troubles after about 2 weeks . I don't know what I'm doing wrong . My hair is about the same length as your hair , and mine is also fine textured . What us happening is I am having a lot of trouble rolling them , and then once I finally get them rolled , they fall out in the night . Could you possible do a tutorial showing how you roll them ? I've looked around , and your tutorial is the only one for this product . I'm just disappointed , because they were so great at first :( Thanks for any help you can give me
Ohhhh , that would be so great , because I don't know what I'm doing wrong , and I really want to be able to use them . They are so much better then foam rollers . Thanks again :)
LisaFreemontStreet (4 years ago)
Hi Shannon...gheesh that's a pain.  I will see about doing a rolling video with them. :)
Nina Sweeney (5 years ago)
HI! Love, love, love your channel! I'm looking for some advice regarding these rollers. I just ordered them and was looking through the nifty pamphlet. There's a great pompadour style in there that I'd love to do for an upcoming wedding (I'm a bridesmaid). I'm not sure how to go about it, since my hair is very fine and thin and using the roller as filler would not work for me. Do you have any suggestions?
Nina Sweeney (5 years ago)
I, actually, did use the Rockin Roller with a lot of teasing. It worked out really well! You couldn't see the print through the hair at all. It held all day. I'm very pleased. So glad you suggested these. The set turned out lovely.
LisaFreemontStreet (5 years ago)
You can use a mesh hair rat or just tease your hair, using the same technique.  Let me know ho that works for you.
Amanda Weber (5 years ago)
So I bought these and also love them. Very comfortable to sleep in but like others who have commented I had issues with the middle section becoming thin so I emailed the company and they gave me the following instructions for caring for them: A delicate setting is fine, but wash them by themselves without other clothing being in the wash. Or just run them under the faucet, but don't ring them out to much. I wouldn't put them in the dryer for too long, but it could help plump them a little for a short time.  I also like to get their shape back by turning on my iron to full steam, laying the roller on the ironing board and without actually touching the iron to the roller, shooting lots of hot steam into the roller. It plumps them back up again really well. The steam/iron thing works AMAZING! :) :) Totally plumps them back up! 
Ashley Smith (5 years ago)
What's your lipstick shade please?
Amy Hunsaker (5 years ago)
Hi, Ashley - I bought these and for the first 2-3 times I used them, they were great - now, though, the place in the center of the rollers where I wrap my hair has gotten REALLY skinny and can't control my curl size anymore with them. Wondered if you have had the same problem - it's a shame!
Glamouracecollies (5 years ago)
I could buy them for a nice price over here in The Netherlands, I'll give it a shot today, I'm already pretty exited!! thanks for the review!
Heidi Sobotik (5 years ago)
So funny with the hairspray!
Loving the hair and lipstick! I just picked these rollers up at Walgreens! Love them! Maybe I'll be brave enough and try this center part hair style! :-) What lipstick are you wearing? 
Janel elorde (5 years ago)
you look kind of madonna in this vid !gorgeous gal u!
Sara Compassi (5 years ago)
Love the background song you were play ... The doors - love you 2 times :) keep up the good work dear
Holly C (5 years ago)
so happy u r back
Dizzyknitsandcurls (5 years ago)
Thanks so much for the quick response my hair is really short but I might try them anyway, if they don't work I'll just wait till my hair is longer
Sultana Rana (5 years ago)
Also, kudos for promoting American-made products by a small business. It's important to support craftspeople like Lauren (the gal who sells these rollers) (no, I don't know her), who provide high-quality products. Ladies, it's ok (vital, actually) to spend a few more dollars on a beauty tool to keep people like Lauren in business and available to write more great books. *steps off soapbox*
Sultana Rana (5 years ago)
Thank you for the vid! How much setting lotion do you use with these? I use Motions Extra Firm, and I think I used too much (WAY too much), because I did everything else similar to the video and ended up with unbrushable insane clown curls. I think I may have wrapped my hair too tightly as well.
Krissy Joy (5 years ago)
Those curls are so cute! I love this!
Modern Retro Gal (5 years ago)
So I had to rewatch this today. Tried watching it muted last night while hubby was watching the olympics...couldn't find my ear buds. I put on the closed captioning but ended up laughing most of the time at the craziness the cc was interpreting. At one point beer kept coming up. I figured it wasn't what you were really saying, although I know you're a huge beer connoisseur, I didn't think it was coming up during this video. ;) 
chocolab115 (5 years ago)
Do you know if she'll sell the booklet on its own? I already have the same rollers but don't want to buy the whole kit just for the booklet.
marina t (5 years ago)
you look gorgeous! :)
ravit reitman (5 years ago)
beautiful !!!!:)
Dizzyknitsandcurls (5 years ago)
That came out so cute! What is the shortest legnth you think those rollers would work on?
LisaFreemontStreet (5 years ago)
Good question...I think shoulder length is probably the shorted I'd try it with...they do slip on shorter hair. :(
Ooshy (5 years ago)
Hi! Could you possibly do a tutorial of the hairstyle in the top left of your poster in the background (the one with the bows)? It's probably quite simple to do, but I have no idea how I'd do it with a wet set. If I knew how, I'd do my hair like that every day!
LisaFreemontStreet (5 years ago)
haha...Gosh yes; that's an easy one. :)
Anna Taylor (5 years ago)
I'm so glad you found this product! I bought the drugstore brand several years ago, and never looked back. These are the only curlers I've been using, even with your tutorials (with the exception of occasional pin curling, or very specific styles as you said).
Fancylooks (5 years ago)
Oh, such a lovely look, those rollers look very interesting, I wish I didn't have to buy them online (and save of very expensive shipping from the States to Europe)
Mini Goddess (5 years ago)
Love it!
Purpleemmyjo (5 years ago)
Do you have a tutorial for your makeup in this video? Gorgeous, as always
VintageBlossom (5 years ago)
Just realised that ive been watching your videos for almost 4 years now! your still beautiful as ever and haven't aged a day! ( I still think you'd pass for being 25-30!) and also, you have inspired me so so SO much! and you also inspired me to do youtube videos! one day, I hope we shall meet, id love to talk to you someday! :) x
fatimagch (5 years ago)
Lacquerandlace (5 years ago)
Lovely as always my dear :)
BrittoLaJefa (5 years ago)
Where did you get that red brush?
MandyRascal (5 years ago)
Oh wow! Love it!
Nocturnem (5 years ago)
I ordered these the other day and I can't wait for them to get here! I love the results they gave you. My hair is a little long now and it isn't layered, but I'm hoping to get a look similar to the one I get pincurling my hair following your Veronica Lake tutorial, as the double prong clips for pincurls make it so so painful for me to sleep. Can these rollers be used as a wet set, and if so, do you prefer to use them that way or with dry hair?
TheKrissySnow (5 years ago)
Yea I waited to open my rocking rollers till I saw this! Thanks lady for this awesome video!
kammieheff (5 years ago)
Luv the makeup ;)
How to be Fancy (5 years ago)
You look amazing in this!! Also, I realized I have these rollers (well, the kind from Sally's) and now I'm so excited to try them again. xx
LisaFreemontStreet (5 years ago)
Hi guys, it was probably a processing thing. It's up now. :)
Manda Plz (5 years ago)
Your make up is spectacular in this.
Louise89 (5 years ago)
Yup, no video only sound :(
Oshid91 (5 years ago)
I don't know if its my internet/laptop messing up... but I cant see the video D: only hear it...

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