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Brand New - Austin City Limits 2015 - Full Set

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Brand New - Austin City Limits 2015 Live-stream Sink - 0:19 Gasoline - 3:36 Millstone - 6:11 At The Bottom 11:21 You Won't Know - 15:13 Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades - 21:47 I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light... - 24:48 Okay I Believe You... But My Tommy Gun Don't - 28:30 Mixtape - 33:53 Degausser - 38:27 Jesus - 44:00 Sowing Season - 49:21
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Text Comments (775)
The beginning of Gasoline.... wtf is Vinnie doing?😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️👍🏻👌🏻💯 🎶 ⛽️
ruse_ didi (6 days ago)
Brand New vs. Taking Back Sunday who is the best?
Leonard R. Ticsay (4 days ago)
ruse_ didi yes.
Daniel (10 days ago)
Man the Accardi guy does not give a FUCK. Untuned guitar or randomly bends shit and jumps around like a moron. Real fuckin' great.
Jeremy Kuronya (15 days ago)
38:49. WTF?
504jesuslives (16 days ago)
No encore?
jerry boys (19 days ago)
Goddammit I fuckin hate this stupid band.
jerry boys (19 days ago)
They're in my top 4 (incubus, HURT, modest mouse, brand new)
Shawn Bauer (20 days ago)
this looks like therapy for jesse. its fucking amazing to see the emotion in his performance. once again. I love you jesse. ahahha <3
Terry Monse (20 days ago)
Yeah oh fuck yeah excellent performance
christina vandiver (21 days ago)
I love that he is wearing a Jerry Garcia shirt
amanda decker (22 days ago)
They played too hard. Added too many art rock feedback type extras. They forced it. Especially the lead guitarist , all those theatrics to play 2 chords he was hard to watch. Songs were too fast. Too many adlibs. The vibe was poor.
Ilzey1 (1 month ago)
35:35 guy in the blue shirt on the right really feeling it
morph640 (1 month ago)
Love brand new . That tit in the white shirt needs to join up with van halen or summat 🤷‍♂️
Unter Mensch (1 month ago)
cant believe i bought 2 of their albums, they're shite in retrospect. I know you don't care - but I spent at least £40 on them. One of the blandest gigs I've ever been to. FUCK YOU.
Bass Boop (1 month ago)
This is really bad.
AVOLITE (1 month ago)
Wow, ALL these years later and this band still .... SUCKS A FAT BAG OF DICKS. Complete ear garbage.
barbuff (1 month ago)
"paid to make you boys panic"?? someone's whipped by his wife
Scott Brennan (2 months ago)
Um this is the best Tommy Gun I've heard them play... I've seen them 4 times in person... this is it.
AVOLITE (1 month ago)
yeah, 28:58 is the BEST part.
SickMike07 (2 months ago)
Brand new was there for me since 10th grade back in 2002 but this just felt ....rushed and I wish I never watched this
Holy Shit (2 months ago)
Vinnie sure has some pretty wide eyes...o.o
Holy Shit (2 months ago)
Vinnie sure has some pretty wide eyes...o.o
Holy Shit (2 months ago)
Vinnie sure has some pretty wide eyes...o.o
mcappello30 (2 months ago)
I was going to just listen to a few songs but ended up watching the whole thing. Incredible
Joel Gilbert (2 months ago)
Im just glad i got to see them live before all the bullshit. still best band imo.
imarino13 (2 months ago)
Poor suckers that had to try & follow Brandnew.
Teh Modest Mouse (2 months ago)
Steven Crowders best band by far.
ChancePants Windham (2 months ago)
God damn vinnie quit fucking singing
Craig Berry (3 months ago)
Man...what did they do to the bridge on Sic Transit Gloria... it got weird. Still love them though.
Jon Frias (3 months ago)
Jesse Gettings (3 months ago)
They don't even play the songs that made them famous. what a group of cunts. can't believe this was once my favorite band
joe koll (3 months ago)
His scream is so underrated
Butthole Tickler (3 months ago)
Hard hearing so many great songs butchered like that
A T (3 months ago)
I’ve seen them in Denver a few times and every time he sings, “the kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are with whoever they’re there with”, you feel it in the whole place and it’s just magical
Lea Logan (3 months ago)
Sailor navy
Clara Gomes (3 months ago)
I'd be pissed if I was at this show, vocals are weird as fuck lmao
LionHeartJhny (4 months ago)
Literally the best show I have ever been to!
seven (4 months ago)
that crowd sucks I would be tearing shit up
Wu Tan Dan (4 months ago)
geez no wonder Vinny's mic was so low
Still one the best sets ever played
Scott Brennan (4 months ago)
Miss you guys.
ooga booga (4 months ago)
They're so bad live lol
A (5 months ago)
Ronnie James dio on backup vocals is kiiiinda killing this whole thing for me Hahaha
K1NGDOMCRASHER (5 months ago)
Thanks for being a fan 😢
Heath Anderson (5 months ago)
Bruh Vinnie on sic Transit has me dead af
Tommy T (5 months ago)
im view 500,000
Arsenik17 (5 months ago)
The best part of this show is the crowd, Brand New has so many good scream along lines
EmmEasyyy still (6 months ago)
dude this fucking setlist is epic
Just Girl (6 months ago)
christo farnucc (6 months ago)
a might to soft for me to pay for. next show i attend i intend on giving kids broken limbs and then winking "nothing personal, m8". keep it hardcore or write a will and die in a furnace.
K D (6 months ago)
To everyone complaining, you have to realize that you’re watching this live show through a computer or phone, it’s a completely different experience to hearing it all live. So what may seem strange to watch or hear online, might be epic to see or hear in person..
K D (6 months ago)
Weak crowd
Tyler Darvintyne (6 months ago)
I love the dude on the Low Toms 😂
Daniel Mullen Patreon (6 months ago)
Jesse's screams on Sink kick all kinds of ass
D S (6 months ago)
J.P thanks so much for the vid it was like seeing family again
Michael hammock (6 months ago)
This is the best live version of Sink.
WILSON (7 months ago)
"guys if we play everything faster we can go home sooner. Sound good? Good."
Jack Clausen (7 months ago)
At first Vin's backup vocals really bothered me but after coming back and watching this performance a few times through, I've learned to actually appreciate it lol
SchizophrenicDolphinz (7 months ago)
Sowing season is as great live as I envision
Anthony Zito (7 months ago)
Theory: late period Vin Accardi is trying to (and not exactly succeeding at) being John Frusciante. Explains the backing vocals, jumping around on stage, and heavy use of effects
Rogue Enigma (7 months ago)
I would kill to go back in time and be here
Travis Gregg (7 months ago)
Really awesome work. I love the guitar parts in "Jesus" especially. Absolutely beautiful.
ARASNshane (8 months ago)
The fact that people are shit talking Vin Accardi's performance is blowing my mind. It's fucking perfect. Maybe not in the way you wanted to hear it 10 years ago, but it's fucking raw and it's fucking real.
Samuel Neil (8 months ago)
The breakdown at 14:00 soooooo awesome
christo farnucc (9 months ago)
front man looks like my uncle who fiends for coke. i bet he's got an immaculate late model taurus with leather seats and illegal tint. fuckin great show though
christo farnucc (9 months ago)
fucking based
imarino 13 (9 months ago)
Something special about being at a Brandnew show.
and m (9 months ago)
Jesse Rocking a Jerry Garcia tee. Real recognize real
lucton (9 months ago)
Bambi Pardis (10 months ago)
How my son Christian gothic religion Trent reznors music tool sevendust more him I liked I found more thankful to my son Robby for teaching me metal
Bambi Pardis (10 months ago)
That's good they secured their identity
Bambi Pardis (10 months ago)
The lead singer reminds me of my son Robby son looks performing this song
Jobber Jones (10 months ago)
The long haired guitarist is annoying to watch. Hey man, just play the parts right.
Jobber Jones (10 months ago)
hey you know which band doesn’t need two drummers, all of them.
Electric Summer (10 months ago)
Vinnie got some soul when singin Tommy gun
Captain Howdy (10 months ago)
Any other grown men cry a little bit during Tommy Gun? Or just me? lmao
Braden Franks (20 days ago)
Almost... almost
Buddha Stalin (10 months ago)
First song sounds like a modest mouse rip off, doesnt sound like “brand new” at all, just a modest mouse song with some stupid screaming.
Buddha Stalin (10 months ago)
Didnt the lead singer get in trouble for soliciting nude photos from an underage girl?
Alex Thompson (10 months ago)
Robert Gibb (10 months ago)
Since when did Howard Stern join the band?
zhoatson (10 months ago)
Their lead guitarist legit ruined every song. His backing vocals were sooooo off and seemed like he was just playing his own show and throwing random solos in where they didn't really belong. Sad cuz this is one of my favorite bands. And I don't expect them to sound exactly like the albums but Jesus lol. Everything else was so good
Landen Sanders (1 year ago)
I wish I could see Jesse and Anthony green do something together
Dylan Howard (3 months ago)
Wow. They almost look like twins now.
Samuel Neil (1 year ago)
WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I'm 3 years late haha
RJ (1 year ago)
jesse is sexy as hell
Brendan (1 year ago)
one of my favorite videos
Joshua Jensen (1 year ago)
Can't tell if I like his vocals love or not. They are more raw but he kind of subverts the melody for raw emotion. Think I do.
JayBoi Nike (1 year ago)
At least pretend you didn’t want to get cauuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhht!
Walsh Cooper (1 year ago)
The guy who's too early at 29:27 poor dude lmaoo
tommy joseph (10 months ago)
I feel that yo
cvjetkovic filip (1 year ago)
Note to myself - never EVER EVER again read comments while watching the video. Excellent performance, no matter what you down there say. I loved how everything was off, raw and powerful.
Kitten Of The Future (1 year ago)
2:38 Perfection.
christo farnucc (1 year ago)
front man looks like he does coke habitually.
Eddie Dubs (10 months ago)
One day, one of your videos will hit ten views.
sk33t (1 year ago)
he also solicited minors for nudes habitually
No Way (1 year ago)
When I saw them live in Nola, a girl in the crowd yelled out “I love you Jesse!!” And he was like “Well, that’s weird.”
angel long (1 year ago)
man, Jesse's screams really are out of this world.
Lorenzo Desidera (1 year ago)
Absolutely mindblowing!
Robert Saldana (1 year ago)
You won't know still is one of the most haunting songs I have ever heard, and I will love it forever.
KITTY needzwateerr (1 year ago)
At 17 years old, I truly am sad that I never got to see brand new live.
Aaron Kisselbaugh (1 year ago)
Brand new is one of my favorite bands but every footage i find of them sucks. Why can't they just play the songs they recorded rather than trying to change it every performance
opticalriot (1 year ago)
I was at their first concerts, one time they came to a place near buffalo, ny and I walked right in there was no fee. I lost a shoe that night. then the next year they were headlining in Toronto.. Big change in one year
Timothy J. Roberts (1 year ago)
I wish that Jesse wouldn't treat women like he has, like Emily Driskill, (she opened up about it on Medium) because the songs are always well-written but so close to home sometimes (for him), that people think it's just writing and he gets away with thinking and acting like a childish man-boy who can keep making mistakes over and over (ones that shouldn't be repeated). I know that no one is perfect but when you've got a platform, you need to be careful. We all do. It's just weird to hear their music now.
Nicholas Rex (1 year ago)
why doesn't jesse open his eyes ashamed ?
AlexVanVuuren (1 year ago)
Love the iconic songs... why though would you race them as fast as you can? to make sure we can't enjoy them?
taveon timmons (1 year ago)
AlexVanVuuren I think it's because they were being timed. Either that or they were just energetic as fuck.
Xesi (1 year ago)

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