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Simonetta Vespucci | Italian Renaissance Hairstyles | Project Hair

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A hairstyle from the Italian Renaissance. La Bella Simonetta Vespucci See the full story and behind the scenes @ http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/project-hair/la-donna-vespucci/ Exposition of photos: https://nicolasjurnjack.com/interviews/2017/6/12/culture-france-exposition-chteau-des-adhmar-france An elaborate Hairstyle with long hair piled high upon the head with multiple cleverly interwoven braids of different thickness, loose braids, tight braids, precious stones, gold ribbons and beads. A tribute to the unprecedented beauty! Simonetta Vespucci, renowned for being the most beautiful woman at the Florentine courts - La Bella Simonetta. Concept, Direction, Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack Film: Rui Moreira Styling: Siwha Lee Make-up: Anthony Preel Model: Alexandra Jansen Edit,Grade,Sound: Rui Moreira
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pincmin (1 year ago)
Nicolas Jurnjack Hair (8 months ago)
Dagmar Reinhard (4 years ago)
Great job!
Dagmar Reinhard (4 years ago)
Cuäntas horas de trabajo, es fabuloso!
Nicolas Jurnjack Hair (4 years ago)
Hi Dagmar, Gracias, Thank you for the compliments.  After doing the research from old paintings etc., it took an hour to create the hairstyle once we were on-set. Saludos, Nicolas
Nicolas Jurnjack Hair (4 years ago)
Renaissance Hair - La Bella Simonetta, La Donna Vespucci. New Project Hair Inspiration

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