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How Venus Williams Keeps Her Business on Point

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When tennis legend Venus Williams founded her clothing brand, EleVen, she discovered that the skills she developed as a pro athlete served her equally well as an entrepreneur. The CEO and Creative Director offers candid insights on goal-setting, defining your company’s mission and building a positive workplace environment.
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Royal W (9 months ago)
We're R Ur Commercials 4 TV ❣U Go Girl ❣I Can't wait 2 see your movies 🤗 Take Ur Time Diana Ross Has been around along time doing the things she loves.🤑I believe U Will have as many children as u want they are everywhere suffering 💟God Bless U With Happiness U Have A Beautiful Llfe. The Joesphine BAKER Story She Loved The Worlds Children⚓Great Job Big Sista❣Nothing like T.T. Love ❤4 Now😊😍😎THE V BOSS !!! 🙅🏽‍♂️👭🙏👣💜🖤💟KAREEM STAYED 2 LONG?
Yusif Kwakye (1 year ago)
ravi pal (1 year ago)
Venus uh such a inspirational
Claude Policano (1 year ago)
Go vee
bmackalicious (1 year ago)
song in background ?
Zangerous Inlove (1 year ago)
Queeeen ❤❤❤
Zangerous Inlove (1 year ago)
Fabulous 😍😍😘
She is so cute and gorgeous <3

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